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Okay, I tell you what Habibi when we talk of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I once told you that my hero is Abu Bakr Siddiq of the Allah. Let me explain a few things. When I studied his life, initially, from his companionship and friendship with Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam do, you know, he cared for all of his friends, and he is the one who brought in most of the 10, who are Alibaba sharina bilgin. He is the one who wrote them into the deen, because he worked on them, he trained with them, he used to, you know, he had this idea. And he implemented it, when he cared for his best friends and the others look at what he did to

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know about how they love and how he actually purchased him. Not just him, but a few others as well. He used his money in order to to show them he's concerned and he was doing it recently. They came to the dean, he engaged them. And so this inspires me a lot, how he actually worked on his friends to bring them to the team. When I first started, I used to keep a record of the people who have reverted to Islam on you know, with me, like they I have helped them to say the Shahada, so to speak, I used to keep a record of it. And when I saw the list one day, I said, You know what, I don't want to keep a record of this. Let's find out on the Day of Judgment, how many and who they

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were. Because what's the point of having a record and talking about, oh, there were so many hundreds, so many 1000 so many, etc. When you don't even know if I was exempted or not. Let's leave the list. Let's do the work. Allah will show you the result of it on the day of the book. That book meaning the book on the right of the book on the left, May Allah give us our books on the right