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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Mala maybe about

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Amara Ruffo Villa Jimenez shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem la Houma is our Tijuana. One Aveda Houma Lama Dr. Thoreau said Nicola will awesome.

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My dear respected elders and brothers would Amma on this occasion, normally speak on various topics and various themes that they adopt. Sometimes they speak on historical events relating to the sale of our beloved Nivea cream saucer them to draw a lesson from that. Allah says in the Quran Wakulla Nico soiree coming number heroes holy man with a b2b for Adam. Allah has made mention of the lessons and the stories of the Gambia to strengthen your resolve to strengthen your Eman. Sometimes Allama speak upon motivation of good action good qualities. Sometimes they speak about staying away from undesirable attributes and qualities like pride, dishonesty, etc. And sometimes there is a recent

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phenomena that happens and the Obamas touch upon that particular phenomena, giving an Islamic perspective with regard to that which has become common in the news. And all of these are important, who should never undermine any of these, each and every one of this serves a very important role to keep the Ummah upon the teachings of the Quran and Hadith. I recall once we went to NC as it Mufti Mahmoud Abraham Telerik, the great scholar, and there was

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debate, and there was a discussion with regard to the Juma talk, whether it should be held in one of the masajid or not. So as it Mufti Mahmoud sobre, Talalay pleaded for the retention of the Duma token saying that is many times, the only link many people have with Dean. So this is a very important part of our keeping our relationship with our dean. Today, I want to speak upon a phenomenon, which has come about a lot in the in the media. And that is the findings of the James Webb telescope. And I'm sure people who follow the media would have understood and understand what I'm saying there has been a great for him, there has been a great type of waves in the media in the

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scientific community with regard to the findings of the James Webb telescope. It has provided us with the deepest and sharpest infrared images of the outside, and the world in the horizon, and the distant universe. It has given us images and pictures that has never been seen before. It has been heralded as a major event in astronomy. Now, most viewers were left astounded by what they had seen. In particular, there was one particular image, which was the pictures of the Southern Ring Nebula in which the star was destroyed. Right. And that created the wave and just remember what we are seeing is not what we are seeing now, what the scientists tell us and I will come to explain to us what

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Allah subhanaw taala does knowledge and power is far more greater and exceeds what they have told us. They tell us that what they have seen, they have found images that are 13 billion light years away from the earth and light travels at a at a speed of 186,000 miles per second. And what they have seen is 13 billion light years away. So what they're seeing is not what they're seeing now. It is something that happened 13 billion years ago. But now let us take lessons from here. And I want to give three important lessons. One is we we get astounded. We get a little bit taken aback by what they have shown us although we are supposed to see the greatness of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala in

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this which we don't see. But firstly, let me start off by saying that Muslims in the past and unfortunately we have not kept up with the trend, much to our detriment, had been in the forefront of technology and progress. You know, we talk about today the Western world being in the forefront of science and technology. It is well known that it was the Muslims who had given rise to the European renascence people like James Draper, etc etc.

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They would have been no renascence had it not been for Islam and the Muslims. Muslims were in the people were the people who showed the European and took them away from the Dark Ages. Europe was in a state that they could not even cleanse themselves. They never knew about bathing. They used to take a bath once a year, at a time when Cordova was alight with no rights on the on this on the streets of Cordova. The cities of Paris in London were in abject darkness. This is how the Muslims were in the forefront Muslim astronomers Muslim physicians, Imam Razi Rahmatullah Lee was the first person to show people where is the exact in the best spot to conduct and to construct a hospital.

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The Encyclopedia Britannica says that we learn from raises the first time in the ninth century with regard to smallpox. The world learned first time with regard to smallpox from the ninth century Muslim physician, Imam Razi Rahmatullah. Ali, if you hold on was a philosopher historian. He was the first person to write about social social beings, how do you interact social sociology, he wrote a book known as Kitab Eva 17 volumes, the preface of it the Macatawa is one for one big volume on the totem beam, the British historian when he read the Kitab EBA, and he read the book of people who do not have to learn he had said, the greatest work of it's the greatest work produced by human beings

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in any time in any age. This was a Muslim physician, a Muslim historian, a Muslim sociologist by the name of Dharma Kalani, even a Matata Rahmatullah Lee wrote a riff about his travel. He in His time, when it was not so easy to travel, he traveled 75,000 miles. Can you imagine how much I'm a miles would have been accumulated if there was any particular loyalty program at the time. But of course, that time was of course he'd never thought.

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Even the Haysom in astronomy Muskogee in environment idrisi In geography idrisi was a person who was called by the Sicilian government to draw up a world map, it is known that the first world map that was thrown up was by Andreessen in the roastin philosophy even if you're not involved in flying, in fact, the airport in Baghdad is still known under the name of ebony furnace. Since we are talking about the James Webb telescope. Of course, it has to do with astronomy, Muslims have been in the forefront of astronomy, and that has been for various reasons. It is a known fact that Muslims were the first people to navigate and map out the stars. And one of the reasons with regard to that was

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that Muslims had an interest in mapping out the stars to travel to reach the destination. So Allah Tala in the Holy Quran says was the merchant who made the rule from the stars do you come to know your destination, Muslims also came to look at the horizon and the stars to find out the direction of the Qibla because they always had an interest to know which direction they must perform the salah. They also had a reason to know about the stars, because of the direction of the Qibla. And also because to navigate the way through the desert and also to understand the exact time of the prayers, which used to be according to the stars in the moon, so Muslims are in the forefront, and

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that is why you will find that, due to this, most of the stars, they named an Arabic most of the stars today have numeral names, but those particular stars which have names, all of them are in Arabic. Two thirds of this known stars, which have been named have been named in Arabic by Muslims. It was Alfred Rouhani, who was the first and the famous Muslim astronomer in the ninth century. In the in the moon there is a crater which is named after him. Al Farhan has a crater named after him if you use Rama Pillai was also another great Muslim astronomer. There is a crater in the moon named after it in the universe. It is said about him that he was ahead of his time. There is a crater in

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the moon named under the great Muslim abovesaid ruler by the name of Alma moon, although he was not an astronomer, but he gave rise to technology and progress and astronomy. Therefore, there is a crater in the moon known as Alma moon, named after him because of the great patronage he gave to astronomy and technology in progress. Mohammed alfuzosin was the first Muslim physician astronomer to create an astro robe to be able to navigate and study this

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that there was a very famous Muslim woman by the name of Maria. She was known under the Astra Astra Rubia Maria Estrada Obeah, because she had come to be an expert in the Astro log in understanding and navigating and studying the stars. So now, why we make mention with regard to it, as I say two thirds of the names of the stars are Arabic names, and among them was named Deborah Deborah means to follow and the reason why it was known as to follow it was very close to the star cluster star cluster Lee realice. Therefore, it came to be known as Al algebra. So many other names of the stars are known and the Arabic names, how are we making mentioned with regard to this? The main aspect

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with regard to is for us firstly, to understand that Muslims have never been in the past, averse to studying progress in technology, we had been in the forefront. It is to our detriment that we are not studying it, we are not kept up to the trends, much to our detriment, that now we are dependent upon other people. So when we complain about other people's finding, well, we have to be blamed because we are not kept up with those findings. That is one of one of the aspects

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that we have to come to don't know with regard to it. Then it also tells us that we are supposed to be in the forefront of learning various disciplines. Imam Ghazali Rama Tolani

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the famous Muslim alum in his magnum opus, in Al Aloma Dean, Imam Ghazali Rahmatullah. They said, Any knowledge which it is indispensable to the welfare of mankind, it is further Keifa for the Muslims to acquire that knowledge Kippy Well, he's up and he writes, like medicine and accounting. What does he write it is first a key fire for the Muslim ummah to acquire that knowledge. If Muslims don't acquire that knowledge, we all collectively will be sinners.

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Can you imagine what what am I have written, they have written with regard to it. And if we are not in the forefront with regard to it, we are going to be in a in a in a disadvantage as individuals as a community, but most important more than that, this is one aspect that we are supposed to be in the forefront but there is a purpose. We don't learn knowledge without a purpose. There is always a purpose with regard to our knowledge, and what is the purpose of our knowledge, the purpose of our knowledge is to come closer towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran says in Mr. Yaksha, Allah Hammond everybody here Allah, so Allah Ma and the learned or

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not those who have degrees etc. The Alama and the learned are those who feel ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Knowledge is supposed to bring you closer towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. The nature of these findings is for you to come closer towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala a proper study of science would make you appreciate the grandiose the majesty and the greatness of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala and to understand the limitations of human knowledge and abilities. Today, our science education, in its best form gives exactly the opposite meaning and the exactly the opposite message. And today we cannot differentiate between the reality scientific reality and the views and

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opinions of a scientists. And this has become one of the tragedies science is supposed to bring us closer towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. We have to teach science to tell our people and tell our children tell the community to understand the greatness of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala in the marvel of science, in the amount of what Allah subhanahu wa taala has created, says Allah in the Holy Quran in a few Holika sama what what? What a lovely lady wouldn't have the highest in the album in the creation of the heavens and earth in the changing of day into night and night and today. In the old album, there are signs for people of intellect. As Elijah the ultimate was one

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they asked that, oh, I shall tell us something about our beloved and to be a cream sauce Salam. She said what was not amazing about our beloved maybe source them one day he came home after he shined he said give me permission to remember my Allah. And as I said, by all means, and maybe a cream sauce them recited this ayat. Right? In physiologica. As a shepherd, Hadith as a mom as a courier SAP Rahmatullah Alicia hadith is written under the common three or one of these,

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a hadith which tells us to contemplate and to ponder over the creation of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. It makes a such fascinating reading as it mana Scheffler it has, he says, maybe a cream sauce and one day a crow approached a group of Sahaba and he asked him What are you talking about? They say we are talking about the greatness of Angela's creation. We are contemplating and deliberating about restoration. So let me encourage

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Sawsan him told him don't ever deliberate on the thought of Almighty Allah, on the being of Allah you would never be able to understand Allah. He is beyond comprehension. By all means deliberate. And consider the creation of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala can see the imprint of Allah Tala in the creation of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala has a cheerful that he says a man has a career sir Brompton Ali writes, abou narrates the incident, in a narration from Abu Huraira the Allahu Terrano a Sahabi one day sitting on his roof, what do you look up to engaged up towards the heavens, and you when you look toward gaze up towards the heavens, in a desert, you will feed see a very clear, you

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know, of the stars compared to what we are doing in lights and living in your urban area. And he looked up towards the heavens and earth and he looked up at all those skies and he looked at all the stars and he said, Oh Allah, this is all your creation. Who Allah forgive me for you have me understanding this is your creation. The hadith makes mentioned let ALLAH forgive him.

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Allah forgive him to look at the stars and to be able to look at the beauty of the stars and see that in front of Allah subhanaw taala and then as a check with the family further goes on to make mention of the same of Anasazi Allahu Anhu that meditation over the creation of Allah. To understand the greatness of Allah is better than yours of

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the respect of others we are supposed to see in all this, the greatness of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. Now Houma is somewhat

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warmer, warmer, warmer data to another belongs whatever is in the heavens, whatever is in the earth, whatever is between the heavens and earth. So let's align the a two part of the Holy Quran makes mentioned so beautifully, but Shams will come up when mudroom was

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the Sun, the Moon was Shams welcome one, no doom the stars Musa adorn the commands of Almighty Allah, Allah.

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To Allah belongs the creation of all of these celestial bodies to Allah belongs the command over all these bodies each and everything is subservient to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala when such great you know such great you know the moon the star and the sun is subservient to Almighty Allah subhanaw taala how much more important it is for us to be subservient to Almighty Allah subhanaw taala Allah Tala in the Holy Quran says man,

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Allah he will Kira What is wrong with you you don't turn to Almighty Allah subhana wa Tada says a line Surah Yusuf in the last ruku What can a min ayat in sama whatever your maroon ally over whom and

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how many of the of the signs of Allah you pass by? The date comes into night the night comes today which Allah Allah says is a sign for people of intellect. Have you ever thought of Allah Tala? When this when after the nighttime the sunrises which Allah says pull out of European falak? Have you ever thought about Allah subhanho wa Taala and you don't you just took it as a matter of routine. When Allah Allah tells you it's a sign for people of intellect to realize the greatness of Almighty Allah. Then we look at the vastness of Allah subhanho wa Taala as creation with the respect of others, it will blow your mind away to understand the greatness of a little aspiration. Traveling at

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186,000 miles per second, you know, light travels a debt. Do you know how I heard as if mana deluded? I'm actually the founder of our madressa. And he used to say Subhan Allah, do you understand traveling and underneath the 6000 miles per second, it takes the light of the nearest star, four years to reach the Earth four and a half years, four and a half years. The light that you are seeing of the star nowadays is not something that you are seeing immediately. It's a light that emanated four years ago and you are seeing it now. This particular James Webb Telescope are seeing light which happened 13 billion years ago. Can you imagine the greatness in the vastness of Almighty

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is creation. Of course, part of what the scientists have created is the Deep Space, which steeps phase one which takes pictures and images of the fall of planets. It is said that this particular this particular deep, deep, deep space module which we have created, which takes pictures if it has to travel to the nearest staff, us taking pictures if it has to travel physically to the nearest star, it would take that deep space

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at 1000 years to read the nearest star.

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It will take it at 1000 years to reach the nearest star.

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Can you imagine the vastness of what Allah Tala has created this is for us to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala then of course what does it teach us? It also teaches us to remember the greatness of Allah and our insignificance sometimes you think I'm because here we are also someone you Allah, what is our reality compared to the vastness of it?

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That Allah's creation, what is our reality compared to the greatness of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. Yet human being takes pride. Sometimes he doesn't realize his reality. He doesn't realize he's insignificant compared to what Allah subhanaw taala creates. And you hear him saying, maybe I'm also someone, don't to hear someone in argument saying don't know who I am. Do you know who you are, you are compared to the greatness of Allah's creation, I just gave you a small understanding of how insignificant you are to the vassals of Allah stration. And this what I'm saying is only what human being a foundation ERATION which I read about just just last night, that Theresa May said, whatever

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is in the heavens and earth, whatever is in the heavens, and what they have only found out is only in the first what they can see alone the Quran says Allah Allah.

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Allah is created seven heavens and seven Earth, they have not even come to understand what is in this galaxy, which has some billion stars who have not been able to come to the realization of this galaxy. Nevermind the galaxies and the heavens beyond maybe a cream sauce limit set in a hadith that the vastness of the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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compared to Allah subhanho wa Taala is like a mustard seed in your hands. What is the reality of a small Mustard Seed compared to your body and your your, your presence? Nebia Karim So Islam said the entire creation of an Rattata compared to his like once more mustard seed compared to the greatness of Allah. Therefore we must understand our significance or maybe our insignificance compared to Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. Just remember this.

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Greatness only suits and

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greatness only suits Allah, therefore to be a cream sauce limited. I'll keep the hour a day when asthma to Azhari maybe a cream sauce said greatness is my garment. Pride is my sheet. Greatness is my garment. Pride is my sheet. Whoever competes with me with greatness and pride. I will destroy pride in greatness only suits Allah subhanho wa Taala we are Kareem said Allah while he was still on one day said, Do you know who are the people of Ghana? Do you know who are the people of Ghana Sahaba said Yara salah, Allahu wa rasuluh Allah, Allah and His Rasul knows best, maybe a cream saw some said, could do that if

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every person who regards himself as humble and insignificant, he will be amongst the people have the resources and say Do you know who are the people of Jahannam maybe a cream sauce slumped and said hello to Linda was every proud and arrogant person will be in Ghana. Whoever has a mustard seed of pride will not enter into all of this which have made mentioned Yes, it is something that is quite amazing. But beyond that, beyond amazing. Beyond all of this is the greatness of Allah Tala, which is even more amazing. Talking about the wonders of science and forgetting Allah subhanho wa Taala is like someone who strikes gold while mining and then talks about the shovel and forgets about the

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goal. How can we forget Allah subhanho wa Taala in the midst of all of these things, in fact that will strengthen our belief in conviction in the greatness of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. May Allah subhanaw taala give us a topic of understanding we'll have to do that one.

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Just one small announcement in this particular regard. You know, we all look Allah has given us so many different means of education and the respect of others. We have done on rooms we have mocked ups that Jimmy Salama have also set up on something with regard to online or, or physical education. There are certain semesters for your cause with regard to educating ourselves with the basics of Islamic education. We humbly request the people there are details with regard to it on the budget board, or they can inquire from the Jimmy column. May Allah subhanaw taala give us a topic of understanding