The Productive Muslim Podcast – Season 2 Ep 4

The Productive Muslim Podcast
AI: Summary © The host of a podcast introduces season two of the podcast, which will be a daily podcast to help participants prepare for upcoming events. The podcast will feature action tasks and daily tasks, and participants can participate by leaving comments on the show notes. The goal is to help participants improve their physical fitness and social environment in preparation for needed events.
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You're listening to the productive Muslim podcast season two episode four

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Assalamu alaikum productive Muslims. Welcome to the show. I'm your host me for my roof and I am here with Season Two of the podcast. So in this season we'll be having the pre Ramadan boot camp. These are going to be daily podcast to help you best prepare for this month. And with each of these podcasts, we're going to be having action tasks. So please do participate by leaving a comment on our show notes and you can access them by heading over to productive Muslim slash Season Two

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cemani comm This is the founder productive I hope you enjoyed this episode for productive Muslim podcasting. I want to take 30 seconds your time and invite you to a productive model an online course. This is your one stop course to all the practical tips you need to overcome your Amazon challenges and dramatically improve your Amazon experience spiritually physically and socially. If you're interested, hop on to productive Muslim and subscribe online today. Once you join the course you'll have access to all our other courses, a private Facebook group where we can have group discussions, book club and many more. I hope to see you there join us today at

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productive Muslim

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Now let's get started with today's episode. So today's episode, we're going to be speaking about the physical fitness test. So as you know yesterday we went over the spiritual fitness test. So this was a bar test that you can take in order to see where you are spiritually. Now in today's test, it's going to be similar it's going to be a test about where you are on a physical fitness level. Now for today's test, you can be able to access it over at our show notes. And the specific Show Notes for this episode is productive Boston slash s to e4. So that stands for season two, Episode Four. And there you can be able to find out a test to help you know where you are physically right

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now. Now it's just to remind you the purpose of this test is to help trigger your thinking about how well you're going with regards to balancing your body mind, soul and social environment in preparation for Ramadan. So please do take note of any questions that make you realize a particular area that you need working and share your thoughts and comments in our show notes. So I look forward to reading your comments and until then remember, work hard and be sincere

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