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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was salam wa salam ala Nabi Avada. A mother to photo Villa Jimenez shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Rahim

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comin iottie halco somehow it will

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work killer for Al cinetic como el agua de comme sakala will azeem.

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My dear respected elders and brothers Islam emphasizes universe universal brotherhood brotherhood

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and Muslim Brotherhood of all its adherence.

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It does not believe that respect and honor.

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And special status is accorded to people according to the

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wealth according to their social status, according to the geographical locations.

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Let me give you an example. Many times in our understanding, we feel

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that the centers of Islam are he jazz, a mecca, Medina, the Arab world or India, Pakistan.

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Now this has had an impact. For example, in Dawa in Africa, we feel that Islam, the markers in the center of Islam, is India, Pakistan, or in Arab Arab world,

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not realizing that

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Islam in Africa has a tremendous history,

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a history that we can safely say that our understanding that only Arab world or India Pakistan is a center for Islam is not correct. Because Islam is not tied to any one geographical location. It is something that happens in every way Islam is for everyone. For all people, and for all locations. Islam appneta mom man, a warlock India alum gear. Who What? cassava data him I'm a boy,

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Mr. suswa oromia semester, heck is Islam? Gotta look at first

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or a scary one. Okay. Sati Muslim amcat aka Islam, Marcus Jazeera.

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India Pakistan. Yes, damn, c'mon.

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Lick annamma Yeah, la Pataki, Berea awesome African Africa map, Islam to shaandaar terrorismo, Judah,

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this whole particular aspect, for example, the African continent of people of Africa, can justly feel proud that three of the first seven people to accept Islam, we're from Africa. Right. Then from the soil of Africa came the first matter. A married Nasser and sumaiya. They were from Africa, right? And the land of LLN of Africa, was the land where the Sahaba first made hegira to

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the first king, the first ruler to accept Islam was also from Africa. Now, where do we have this whole particular perception that Islam is the markers of Islam, or the center of Islam is the Arab world of India, Pakistan.

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The first people to give protection to Muslims, were people of Africa. Islam came into Africa, even before it came to Madina munawwara but yet we never look upon Africa as a center of Islam. And many times we find that the local people, they tell us, or they don't us that Islam is the Indian religion, or is an Arab religion. This is because of our wrong understanding, and giving that particular perception.

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Panasonic musalman omega tingkatan. Look, Africa South Africa committee say Islam a subset Bella Shahid, where Africa service amine kitara, musalman, Capella hijet way, subset, Bella musalman, honey Cha, a free casita. There is a book that inshallah will be published very soon. That gives

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a history of over

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Sahaba been from Africa,

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over 30 Sahaba been from Africa, and how many great prominent people were from Africa. To give you an example, I will just give you a few examples we from this member we have spoken privilege previously of was a beloved of the amount and who can deny the superiority in the sacrifice and the efforts of his beloved the ultra

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for Islam Subhan Allah today when we want to talk and want to give an example of sacrifice for the sake of being the first example that come in front of us, or amongst the first example that come in front of us, is the example of a beloved of the Allahu taala. Because he was poor, because he came from a background that was not well known. And he was not influential. The people of Arabia took out all the frustrations upon him, and they beat him up, and they kept him in the desert said, and they kept a huge boulder upon him. And while they were doing all this, he remained even more steadfast. And he was saying, I had heard the word I heard I heard from beloved theologian who used to, you

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know, pierce the horizons of of Makkah. And this became the example of people who want to sacrifice for the sake of Deen Subhan Allah And because of this, Allah subhana wa tada and our beloved Livia krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam gave a special rent and a special honor to

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the Sahaba used to look upon him. The via Kareem salsa Monday came to me and said, Oh, Bilal, what action Do you do that because of which you walk on this earth, in your footsteps are heard in general. And as a beloved Viola Thomas, a piano solo I can't think of any good action of minds. The only thing I can think is I always stay what guru may

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not be accurate himself. Some notes are below your case, a mantra Hey, cap, Johanna abbiati happy demeanor or worse when I'm at a gym that man said to me.

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When I moved to Korea to purchase his freedom, in his different rewires with regard to how much and someone told me worker you gave so much money for a slave that doesn't have that value. And Mr. McCarthy latona said, even if I had to pay 100 gold coins to free him, I would have done so.

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Even if I had to pay 100 gold coins to free him. And as a woman, we used to say, our master Abubakar, our master worker who freed our master Billund,

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our master Abu Bakar, who freed our master, as a beloved beloved with the Allah who have shut up shocky worship theater. Let me sell some said the first from ever senior Bilal substep la Amara to musalman Africa was a bill altia junonia mazarin keep our

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common cassava whiskey but lemme kiss torossian Lowery's Karasu Allahu Allah wa sallam net one kita silky.

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The one day after the resorcinol passed away so much love. He couldn't give up. He said, How can I give us when I come to shadow?

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I always used to say shut

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up and wait for Nafisa slim to come from his own. Now when I give when I give us an hour I'm going to give us an I won't be able to manage to give us only two times he gave us an afternoon resource that was passing away once in Jerusalem. And one lady came back to Medina when he was staying in Syria. You know, he saw a dream he saw something. How is it that we have forgotten us completely he came to Madeira, the people of Medina. They insisted he must give to us when he gave us he says in the time of the Rizal slums passing away they never saw such weeping on the people of Medina because they read Greek all the time of novia Kareem salsa level the ultimate the first I've ever seen Yeah.

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Then there are so many other people who we don't even know about. Osama bin zeta Viola Hooton, who, whose father was sold in slavery. The adopted son of our beloved Nivea cream sauce hasn't allowed him to grow up in the presence of Nafisa Salaam. He was dark in complexion. He was dark in complexion, but his heart was full of new and Baraka. So much so that maybe a cream sauce in one day Tara said eyeshadow viola, Oh, I love Oussama because I love

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Oh, I shall love Wu sama because I love him. Subhan Allah has mo sama bin Zayed

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a good Chihuahua Africa Sita magoun Kadena sofo, shafter keops. Allahu

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Allah with that I'm hustle for Maya k Wu sama, sama Hopper, co. uk, UK mucho Mahabharata.

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Now there was an interesting aspect with regard to sama bin Zayed such a great sahami despite his background, now via cream sauce in full time, aka Osama bin Zayed on his camera.

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Osama bin Zayed was under Kamala, Mr. cillum well in the time of atomica and this was Osama bin Zayed Rafi Allahu anhu. One day, you know,

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nebia Kareem Sandstrom appointed him ahead of an army, which included Abu Bakr and Omar.

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When he was only in the late teens or early 20s. He became the head in the gender of an army, Libya, Kareem said Allah

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Holly was put in when when the people came and they complained about him. You know novia krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, You complain about his leadership, the way you complain about the leadership of his father. They did niharika and his father also was worth you have leadership and who sama is also worth you have leadership. Zetas niharika you will recall nebbia Kareem salsa made him the leader of the army in Jamia Mota and he became martyred in Junga Mata in the Battle of Mata. This is as I said, when he harissa he sank Osama bin Zayed.

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Subhan Allah, such great, so much of great respect and honor for Osama bin Zayed has allowed us to give Osama bin Zayed more money greatest stipend from the baitul mal than his own son Abdullayev now. So I've told him I said, I equal to him, Why are you giving him more stipend? What did Omar say? Oh, my son. His father was more Beloved, to Allah Rasool than your father. And Oussama was more beloved to Allah. Then you are, I'm giving preference to the Beloved of Rasulullah than my own Beloved. I'm giving preference to the beloved Lazarus. Then you are my beloved. You are my son. But Osama bin Zayed was more beloved to Libya. Kareem salsa. novia Kareem silom call him my beloved,

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this was Osama ebsa Rafi Allahu taala, who is a very interesting incident. Osama bin Zayed was dark in complexion. His father is at the heart. Ultra was lightened complexion. Arabs were very, very sensitive with regard to lineage. So they taunted this whole particular lineage. They said what type of lineage is this? They cast doubt on the lineage of Osama bin Zayed with regard to his father's at niharika, who was lighting complexion, Osama bin Zayed was darker in complexion. One day, Moses with justice was an expert in linage. The whole of Arabia looked upon him as an expert in lineage. He saw Osama bin Zayed sleeping with his father. The face was covered. The legs were uncovered. And we just

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said, we just said these two feet. They come from one stock

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or those ADP haritha was light in color. He was dark in color. He said they come from one stock nebbia Kareem sell some because of why the credentials to turn became so happy. He came to Charlotte to Latina. He said Why do you know what happened today? We just says board bail board testimony that's Osama bin Laden ends at bNy Harris, he come from one stock, the starting of the lineage. He put an end to it. And because he was so well respected when he said he was an expert in his field, the Arabs listened to him. So sometimes you need to listen to an expert in his field. This was maybe a cream sauce them taught us he took into account what Moses had to say. Then you have not only

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there you have Salim, the freed slave of who they feel who's a photo of yellow Toronto, Salim, he was a freed slave. He also came from the same background of Africa, Salim the free tape slave of who they found, despite his background, he had such love for the Holy Quran that he achieved great amount of you know great amount of respect and honor. So in this particular way, I made mentioned with regard to I share with you Hello as Salim huzefa key as

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appname Pastor munzer Kiba Jude Quran ki mohabbat ki which is a Cosmo camera.

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O'Meara Viola onko Khalifa namsa

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go gotta Salim the screensaver Hussein. Despite his background, a slave background, right? He because he had love for the Quran. He achieved such great rank. One day as it I shall have the ultimate came back a little bit late for home. So nebia Kareem saw some said, who I share why you late home. She said hello Sula. I heard someone's karate. I couldn't resist. I just stood and I listened to this beautiful recitation. So maybe I can install some said whose recitation was it? She said, I don't know, to both maybe sauce and I shut your mouth ultimate way to go and listen, it was Salim, the freed slave of huzefa who was reading the Holy Quran. And they both nebbia himself set up

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an eyeshadow Viola what they used to they were sitting and listening to the Holy Quran of Salim, the freed slave of who they who came from Africa.

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And do you know what happened to this person? On his deathbed Kumara theologian who was asked nominator halifa, nominator halifa after you have now passed away who's going to become the Khalifa. So he gave several names one he said, If Abu Zubaydah era was alive today, I would have made him the halifa. And then he said, because nobody saw slim said that liquidly omoton amin, amin haha Hello.

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Each and every oma

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as a trustee, and the trustee of this combat is a movie diagnose, if nobody saw cinema if Allah would have asked me why you appointed him, I said, let me saw slim said he's a trustee of the soma.

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And then Omar said, If Salim was alive today, if Salim was alive today, I would have no we needed him to be the halifa A freed slave. I would have said Sally must become the halifa because I heard maybe a cream sauce them said Salim is the greatest love for Allah. If Allah were to ask me on the day of Yama, who did you appoint as a halifa? I would have said I appointed a person who maybe saw some serious loved one now, person who came from a slave background.

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This was these were only people whom we talked about who were slaves, then you had in a joshy. Now joshy is the title. The week a certain kisara is the title of the rulers of Persia and Roma. The Jesse is a title of the king of Abyssinia. His name was us. He was very young when his father passed away. Then there's a whole long history with regard to it somehow, despite his young age, he became the king of epicene. Yeah, the same one I don't have time to make mention, when the Muslims came because of persecution. Nobody saw some said go to Abyssinia go to Africa is a place that just king who is there and he will look after you He will give you protection.

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When they came the Qureshi also came and the Quran said don't give them protection, they have run away from us, send them back to Makkah. And as I said, I will not I will not send them back until I listened to them. As a jakirah theologian who gave us tremendous speech, which is well documented in history don't have the time he changed. He said we were the worst of people. We became the best of people because of nebbia. Kareem saw some stitching. And then as Mark said, you will remain here I will give you protection. I will not send you You're the first king to give protection to the people of Muslims. Most Muslims are from Africa.

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And he was amazing purpose and

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a smart Africa krcl bachata Do you know Mr. Monaco, panauti or musalman beware.

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But musalman beware, he became a Muslim afterwards. And he was amongst those is a very interesting incident and listen to this mighty respect of others. Once there was someone who rebelled against us, his name was asthma. So because they rebelled, he had to fight with them. And the fighting was across a body of water. Sousou barium near Toronto swam across the body of water to go and see the war. And they said the Muslims used to make dua for him and Allah gives him victory, although that time was not a Muslim. So sometimes you can support a particular non Muslim over another non Muslim because this non non Muslim is more closer to you and he's more just so Muslim is made dua for him

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that he must achieve victory. And the Sahaba said we never ever felt more happier in mo Sr. When as Maha he achieved victory over the other non Muslim or the person who rebelled against him

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as well Mr. Marathi alchemilla wife was for some time, the best country we lived in. The best neighbor we had was asthma. And Natasha Subhan Allah. This is this is our history, my dear respect to others, we forget and because of all forgetting when we create wrong perceptions, we have wrong prejudices. The same the same, he afterwards wouldn't be a cream sauce lamb wrote him a letter, this person became a Muslim, or somehow became a Muslim Subhanallah he sent he sent gifts to Nivea cream saw someone rewired say he sent some of his people and there is one rewired, some Olam I have made mentioned with regard to the authenticity of it that some of the people who may send they fought

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with nebbia cream sauce, they made Jihad with no Viagra himself.

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And then afterwards, he sent so much gifts and eventually he became a Muslim. And then when he became a Muslim, when he passed away now via Karim sauce Islam did something that he didn't do for any other savvy, maybe a cream sauce low mid high bananas animals when, in absence in his absence, maybe a cream sauce him called the people in Medina and maybe a Kareem Salah while he was selling made Subhan Allah made him janasena must for him. So this is

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Natasha Marina via Karim sauce from day 1k ry banana masa janessa janessa paracas en casa Bakshi Faris lumbee oh teacherly Jackie, hey, I'm just giving you this example with regard to prominent people from the African continent who has given such great service to our Deen, how is this that we have the situation that the markers of Islam, the center of Islam is only Arabia only indo Pak sub continent, it is something that we need to get away from. Then let us give you one example and I will conclude even amongst woman, her Baraka who became a late and then today named as Huma, Ayman, she was amongst those who are taken captive by Abraham when he when he when he came and he conquered

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or he tried to conquer

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Maka and he came in destroy the karma and the Baitullah she was a left over from there. She became a Muslim. And she she was the she was the the seven of Abdullah the father of Nivea cream sauce Islam. After Bella passed away She looked after our beloved Nivea cream sauce, maybe a cream sauce let me say my mother,

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Mary walidah from Africa. My mother, when Livia krimson lawless lives mother passed away me a man brought nebia Karim sallahu wa sallam from where he passed away in Angola into mocha mocha Rama. She got married once the husband passed away. Nubia. Kareem Sal slim said, Whoever wants to get married to a woman of jamna. Whoever wants to get married to a woman of Jannah let him get married to a man and who got married to her. They didn't

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say to him he got married to a man and from there came Osama bin Laden.

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My dear respected brothers, what this particular It teaches us What a great lesson he teaches us the teaching the lesson is, let us stay away from prejudice. Let us Don't look down upon people embrace one another in brotherhood, the way Islam has taught us taught us and in this particular way, we will be able to strengthen Muslim Brotherhood in Sub Saharan a sub sector significa kisi ko haka. rockiness as a matter of Islam by Chara, I keep an upper her egg do stay ko such a deal Santa's slim, correct. Let us strengthen our brotherhood by embracing all people. And there is no such thing that only one particular piece people, only one particular geographic geographical location is going

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to taluk with Islam, Islam came for everyone. And Islam came for all people, for all locations, and for the entire world. It is for us to take this message to all people of the world and to all locations. Walk through that one