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In Alhamdulillah, washoku Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah vida de he was so Huberty, he won.

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A lot of bullets sent a perfect religion.

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And he azzawajal sent a perfect mechanism for the preservation of the religion.

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And a component of that mechanism is the pole of a lot of blazer where the gear for in the Koran found meaning and remind cause reminders of beneficial to the believers. And reminders are such a significant part of the deen the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with regards to the reminders of the day of Joomla says that if a person misses three consecutive Fridays, as in misses three consecutive weeks of reminders, the sufficient for his heart to be sealed with the seal of hypocrisy and my allowed save me a new from it. But when remind this come in the face of the reminders humankind are divided into four categories. Now introspect and see which one you fall into

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a low protect one and all the other. The worst lowest category

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is the category of the hardened polytheists and pagans of old and they will people who could not stand reminders, they were allergic to it. They used to run from it as the Koran says from lahoma I need karate more other lien. Why do they flee from reminders and no home home or almost done Fira? Father rut Minh suara as though they are donkeys running from lions while home row general Hey Marie, welcome to Angel habashi acid

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and hammer home or you know plural of donkey. So like donkeys running away from lions.

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And this is the worst of the categories to be above this better than this but still in danger is the category of the hypocrites. They are people who can stay in an environment in which a reminder is being given.

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But that comes into one the and out of the other. They don't register it they don't contemplate on it. They don't act on it. It is just like water rolling off a duck's back.

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So, their situation as the Quran says, you know they come to a gathering listen to it, and as they step out, our loony levena outta line Meza Paula nifa Ola ecal levena taba Allahu Allah boo boo him just stepping out of a reminder session they used to say, what did he just say?

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So Allah Buddha says, their hearts have been sealed. So this is the second category. The one above this better than these two are those who will only listen to remind this effort comes from a certain type of people from the click, you know, and this is the sickness that some of the Quraysh had. And they used to say, Lola and Mozilla has an either or Julie minelute, Togliatti neovim. Only if this score on had been revealed on one of the great men from these two great cities, then we would have taken it. So a lot of blazer says a homey oxymoron or Arabic Are you the ones who divide and distribute the favors of the Lord. As an I give knowledge to whom I want, I give guidance to whom I

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want, I send revelation to whom I want. I have chosen this Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and this is my choice and my prerogative. So this is the situation of those who have illnesses in their hearts. But the best category of people are the ones who listened

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A reminder and digest that contemplated and action the best of it. So they here and then do the best part of that speech. So a lot of bullet size about them for bashira birdie and levena. Yes stemmy una cola for tabea una Oksana Ola eco la Vina Haider, Houma, la give glad tidings to my servants who hear the reminder. And then an act on the good of that reminder. These are the ones who are guided, and these are the ones who are people of intelligence. My a lot of Buddhas make me and you have the people whom Allah gives glad tidings to and of those who are guided and those who are intelligent, was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh