Friday Jumuah Khutbah – September 24, 2021

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We have to start

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Where are they from Welcome to walking over capital

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in the handler nightmare the woman asked me you know when so

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whenever we learn inventory and fusina on inside RTR Marina, my fellow Villa woman usually the other one I said

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want to under Mohammed and

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someone who either up early or something you are sending just leave and can do either the lawn will see from one of see we talk a lot here is Elijah. Come up baba baba subhana wa gerada bandoleros we'll be learning all emoji in this meal.

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Yeah, yohannes interco comala g Hanukkah akumina sin wahida wahana caminos o jaha rabbet them in Houma region and Kathy around manisa watercolor Lady

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aluna Lee will occur in Nepal How can I hide a fever, my brothers and sisters, today we keep it light and easy. Shah Welcome to Allah. We will learn about the name of Allah subhana wa Jalla Alamo hailed

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Mohit, as one of the names of a wall is mentioned a few times in the forum as almost half of what Allah says will count on love equally shaking your head. And I was fully aware of everything also kind of went to and it also says in sort of early on in the one of the mayor.

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Surely Allah is fully aware of all that they do.

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So what does this name of Amina and Maria is the all encompassing as in the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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encompasses all that happens. He is aware of every single thing that is apparent, and every single thing that is hidden. He knows what we feel. He knows what we think he knows what we see. He knows what we conceal in the depths of our hearts and our minds are more healed.

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As the name of Allah Subhana, which Allah is one that we should not feel, is fearful upon us. Sometimes when he hears that Allah knows everything, we start to think, oh, Allah knows my deepest secrets. Yes. And that's why as Muslims we know that we stay away from doing things that we shouldn't be doing. Because Allah is aware of it, and we will have to give account for it. But if we think of this name of Allah, Subhana Allah and Mohit when someone is feeling low, when someone is feeling down, when someone feels depressed, don't feel alone. No, understand that the more he feels what you are knows what you feel. He understands the hardship that we're going through. And he knows

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very well what to take from our lives that will make things better, or to give to us in our lives that will make things better.

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And we'll learn about those names almost kind of with Anna inshallah, next week, how Allah takes from our lives certain things, he removes them. And Allah subhanho wa Taala gives to us in our lives, certain things that we need or wish for,

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or things that may become difficult for us as a challenge and a test. But today, we understand that Allah Subhana, Allah is and Morty, and he knows the struggles that we go through a parent, someone who is a parent to children, at times, we feel like we don't know how to really be a parent.

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Almost every single one of us as a parent, we've probably reached a point in time in our Parenthood, where we thought to ourselves, am I doing the right thing

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was I cut out to be a mother was I cut out to be a father, is this something that I can actually handle, but we have to understand that also can which I know will not put us in that situation. And allow us to be parents, if we were not able to fulfill that role as a parent. And so when hamdulillah Wherever we go, so we know that Allah Subhana, Allah is there.

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At the same time, we try to become better believers.

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As human beings, whether we are adults or children, whether it is or working, whether we are parents or children, it doesn't matter. We all try to become better people. And we strive to become better believers. Our encouragement is to continue pushing forward because Morehead knows our struggles. He knows when you give 25 cents of Southern when it's all that you have in your savings. He knows when someone gets 1000 of their of their wealth in southern one, they have 20 million in savings. Allah so kindly China, as Mohammed is aware of everything. He understands the struggles that we go through. And therefore it's important for us to understand him as a more He is the one who is aware

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and never leaves us alone, never abandons us. And we have to ask ourselves this question, how do we want and we're here to recognize us.

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If we are good,

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he recognizes us as good people. If we do bad and evil, Allah recognizes us as sinners. And so his knowledge, don't think of it as all of us keeping tabs on everything. Think of it as what title do I want to be recognized by from Allah subhanho attack?

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Or by our last panel, what data? Do I want to stand before a law on the day of judgment? And I am known as a good strong believer, or do I want to stand before Allah Subhana Allah as the complete opposite.

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So I'm more he is aware of all that we do. And we see others struggling in their lives. And at times, we don't know what to do for them. And we simply raise our hands and we feel at times that raising our hands and making do out to a lot isn't enough. And this is why people become over passionate, overzealous, they say do our art how we've been making your art is no change coming to you know, family or people back home or in other countries. They say we make to our day and night and nothing has happened. And then they start sending money and sending money and they say you know what? We're making sure I'm sending money and nothing's happening. I need to go over there and look

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after my family. I need to go over there and take care of things.

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Do we fully trust the unwary is aware

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because if we did, we would leave our time.

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with Allah and know that he will take care of everything akula probably had to stop the robot first have to know

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allows people to live in San Diego suddenly more llv who can even have normal soda to sleep slean

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my brothers and sisters, as we conclude with one more reminder,

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the reminder to purify our intentions with regards to everything and anything that we do.

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For more, he is the one that we please

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if we are looking for a promotion, if we are looking for a marriage proposal, if we are looking for a good university to go to, if we are looking for trying to be on a sports team, if we are trying to impress others, that will be our downfall.

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Our purpose is to please a loss accountable and to have that and in the process of pleasing Allah, we seek the promotion, through flows through the pleasure of Allah, we seek becoming, you know, an amazing sports player, or getting into an amazing university or the University of our choice, or pleasing our parents or trying to get married, whatever the case is, whatever we're going through in life, we do it for the sake of pleasing Allah, for more hate is aware. And the worst of the worst things that we can do, is to do, or I should say, one of the worst things now the worst of the worst, one of the worst things that we can do is to do something for the pleasure of other than a

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loss of cannaboids. For this falls under the minor types of ship, things that can be linked to worshipping other than Allah, which is to put our pleasure in the hearts of others. As in we tried to please other people, I am perfecting my prayer because so and so brother is watching. I'm perfecting my grades because you know, I need to get this scholarship, not because we want it from a Muslim, but because of some other purpose. And that's where sometimes there's a fine line that we need to define between pleasing Allah and pleasing the creation. And so remember that and more he is aware of average, do what we do for the sake of Allah and we will always be successful in this life.

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And in the hereafter. We conclude by sending Peace and blessings upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a loss of community had access before and in America who use a lunarlon levy. Yeah, you are living on Friday, he was suddenly

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a lot more solid he was selling

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most of the reselling along Isaac is learning almost anything along is now in almost any

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manner welcome now also

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Obama Vatican FET you know within yada yada but I learned a lot matamata when Sony hire me, please put Baraka in our lives and make it easy for us to impress you and you alone alone please make it easy for us to perfect and correct our intentions and to always do what is right to according to you know love these make it easy for us to follow your commands and the son of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah please make us from amongst those who are sincere and genuine and submit to none other other than you. Yeah, well please make it easy for our family members to learn this Deen through us and to spread it so that we acquire rewards through them. Yeah love these make everything

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that we do a means of attaining a higher level of Paradise and make it easy for us to be from amongst those who follow and convey the message of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam all of these make it easy for all the people all the brothers and sisters of ours in various countries around the world that are suffering and struggling and going through difficulties and hardships. They all love Please remove that difficulty and hardship come upon them. unlock these grant ears to all those that are going through hardship. Please grant help to all those that are suffering with illness. Allah please cure those that are that are feeling pain and feeling some sort of displeasure in their

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bodies. Allah please make it easy for us to always seek your pleasure and to be patient with it. Whatever hardship you deal our way. I mean you have a bit of enemy in the wall here and we'll be happy well you're certainly what eater is in the court about my own heart and infection will move anyone buggy. There is a cooler

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volume. One the rule we studied

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please make sure your cell phones are on silent.

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A lot of

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you already know

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can you hear

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me all want to

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say oh

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boy you need to know

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what are you doing to meet me The woman said he said 30

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you're still

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on the team.

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smarter to

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sending your own

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Love, Love.

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logging in to

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me in females

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we all

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Rubio Benin fedeli new female

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on the show

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Long blog

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send em where are they equal more

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center more highly documented.

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Brothers and sisters for your cooperation and help is always coming and going through parking lots

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to remember to donate generously on your way out also, tomorrow from 12 to three we have our barbecue here at the masjid and so we invite you to attend that. And for the youth program, Registration is open as well. So you can visit the mustard website, which is www dot qcnet milton.com. And you can register your teenagers for that youth programming job all the data that takes place on Saturdays and Sundays, both for boys as well as girls.

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I'll get

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a word

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