Definition of Sin in Islam, Christianity and Hinduism

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Now we begin our question answer session with a mic on my left hand.

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Any brother, specially non Muslim brother who would like to ask a question may feel free to come and ask a question.

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Spoken Next up, my name is V balasubramaniam. I would like to ask a question, what is the definition of sin in Islam? What are the various kinds of sins? How is this definition different from that given in Hinduism, Christianity and other religions? Thank you for the question that what is the definition of sin in Islam? And how does it differ from the definition in Hinduism and Christianity? In short, sin means disobeying the commandment of Almighty God, if whatever Almighty God says, and if we go against it, it's a sin. For example, Almighty God says that you should pray. If you don't pray, you're doing a sin. If Almighty God says don't have alcohol, and if you have alcohol, you're

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doing a sin. So disobeying the commandment of Almighty God, in short, is a sin. And this sin has a similar definition in all the religions, including Hinduism and Christianity have done so the question