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Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah he

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was salat wa salam ala Milan me about my Bible. Follow me let him initiate on it rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem your corrupt Bismillah Bica Livia Hello Wakata Tara. Well after Kuru even Levinas Allah Mufasa Masako now so that Allah will

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respect your elders and brothers we begin by praising Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala sending salutations upon our beloved anemia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Alhamdulillah in this most beautiful structure. Of course, every Masjid is beautiful in its own way. Here humbly light is also together with a blessedness and humbly ladies also pleasing to the eye. And I make dua that inshallah the articulation of my message must be as beautiful as the structure.

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The message will always be beautiful. Sometimes the articulation of the message must also be beautiful. May Allah accept Inshallah, for most of us, there are two things that are requiring our attention amongst many things in today's talk. One is that next week, we are on a way is the beginning of the educational year for our children. So many of us, and our children will start off the educational year, then, of course, we know that yesterday was the beginning of the application of the South African government in the ICJ with regard to the Genocide Convention, and whether it's right is in breach of the the Genocide Convention despise we are concerned, this is an open and shut

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case. But both of these things are important and I wish that Inshallah, in the short time that we have available to be able to shed some light on both of these aspects, firstly, the aspect of next week being the beginning of the educational year. For others, you and I are aware that there is great emphasis in our reading in our religion with regard to knowledge, the first way that came down and remember that the first one it came down, after a period of what is known in the Quran has put right there working for Tata, what he means that there was

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a break in what a between the time of the salary set up and to be a cream saucer, align the six supera is call it as Petra tell him that there wasn't working for almost 600 years. And the first words that come from Allah to Allah after 600 years, for over more than 600 years, is to do with the Quran read that but of course, it also tells us about the objective of knowledge, which I will go on to make mentioned now from here flowing from this because of its importance, that the Sharia in the Muslim ummah have always placed great amount of emphasis upon knowledge.

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Maybe perhaps this is one of the time that ages that we have not been able to keep it to the extent that knowledge was regarded to be sacred as important in our history. I'll give you a small example asserting for that was a, you know, a student who came to Imam Muhammad Ali. And one day he came to me and said, I want you to teach me because I've read about your famous and Hadith. So Mohammed said My whole day is taken, I would know No Time to Teach every time of the day is taken for teaching. So when he insisted demand, Muhammad said, When I get up in the morning to make Wazoo for today's no one buy me that time, bring to me whatever you want to learn, I will teach you at the time, whatever

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little you want to learn. So as I've been Ferrazzi I used to remain awake whole night.

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So I don't miss the few moments. I used to get from Mr. Mohammed while he was making Fuzu and getting ready for

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that that is how they emphasize in the head. Value for knowledge. Maybe a cream sauce limit set caliber him me for either to Allah to Muslim, that the acquiring of knowledge is compulsory upon every Muslim that we repeat that the acquiring of knowledge is compulsory upon every Muslim. So if ever you hear someone telling you an ignorant Muslim, it's a misnomer. It's not supposed to exist. When Knowledge is power is how can you be ignorant?

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How can you be ignorant when Olivia things Ostrom has made knowledge compulsory? The question does come why

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What knowledge is compulsory? Well I am I have written and this is important for us to understand the different branches of knowledge that we have in our in our community and in the age that you and I are living in. What am I have said that for every compulsion in our deen there is a commensurate responsibility to know about that obligation. If Surat is compulsory is compulsory for you to know what is compulsory incidentally, if it is compulsory, it is compulsory for you to know when you go for Hajj, how to make it

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compulsory, not optional. If you are opening a business, it is compulsory for you to know the basic halal and haram about business. If you are getting married, it is compulsory, I'm not saying optional, it is first for you to know what is your obligation in a marriage as a husband or a wife.

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If there is something that happens out of the ordinary, then you can go to inherit but the basic rules with regard to your day to day life, about what Allah wants from you, it is compulsory for you to know it. So that is what is compulsive. Now, that in many ways today, it is accommodated in our madressa system what we known as our mucked up system. So the children go to madressa after school and they learn the basics. They learn what is for us, you know what is for us in Salah, Salah, Sarkar, hatch, and the Nikka etc in transactions today that is compulsory that today you and I we don't pay much attention to, but that is for us. As a Mormon Zulu Romani who came here in South

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Africa in the late 60s, he has made mention of a very amazing thing. He say, make the sacrifice to teach your children the basics of deep.

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Otherwise waste, then determine mortals turning away from religion. Either you make the sacrifice for them to learn that lesson. Otherwise, you run the risk of them turning away from Islam anomaly bar when in 1932, to Spain. So that time of course, when he went, he had a particular mindset when he came back, his mindset changed a lot. So he wrote after he came back from Spain, he said, please see tweet that you send your children to this madrasas. I have seen the result, when you forsake sending your children to these basic primary educational facilities. What will happen? I have seen what happened in Spain, other than Granada and Cordoba, the beautiful structures that are there as

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monuments and museums, there is no sign of Islam. Why? Because there was no knowledge. So understand the importance and what is for us, for us is to know what Allah wants from you in every given situation. Now, today you want when I are well aware that when we talk about education, we talk about our children going to school, and our children way to colleges and universities. What does Islam say with regard to it? It's important for us to understand it is not haram. It is not haram for us to learn those particular contemporary education. Imam.

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The very great scholar has made mention

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every branch of knowledge which is indispensable for the welfare of mankind.

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It is for a certifier for the woman to equate

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its first certifier for the woman who was my age. And he said to me, Well, he saw like accounting and medicine.

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Today, if we're not going to learn the skills and disciplines, we are going to be at a disadvantage. Already we are seeing that Muslims are at a disadvantage, because we have not given sufficient

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importance and emphasis on upon our children as a community to be able to learn these skills. There was a time when Muslims were in the forefront when Anna Rashid Ahmed Rahmatullah,

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who used to teach Hadith in downtown Dubai, one day a person came to him and he told him he said, someone of mines has passed away. Why don't you make the sun so up? Why don't you give him some swag for the lessons you are teaching? So he just taught could be, could be is that what we as Musa as Malama do in terms of philosophy, and logic? So he said, I give the reward of the lesson of logic and philosophy, which I've taught to your mother whom relative, so he was surprised. He said, I would have expected that you give me the reward of Quran and Hadith through telling me your thought, logic and mantich and you are giving me the reward. He says everything that you do with a proper

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intention and the proper methodology that is deep.

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So if you're willing to say

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study medicine and accounting with a proper methodology with a proper intention and doing it to save humanity that becomes deep. And let us look at our history, my dear instructor brothers, that when we look at our history, we find that you know, Muslims were at the forefront of all disciplines, moved to tattoo mosquitoes money, gave a talk in one of the very

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influential educational institutes known as Aloe Vera Institute in Karachi, some years back, and he said when Pakistan was formed, they were three educational models in front.

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So one was download Gilbert, fully religious. One was an eagle University, fully contemporary, a university and one was not one little bit of both. So he said his father was Tisha Kalani emphasized and as the Pakistani authorities with regard to the educational system, to adopt the system of the Tehran University in North Africa. And move to South goes on to say that in my research, I found that the Taylor one university is not only the first university in Islam, it's the first university in human history. He said in that particular university, that people were teaching fifth, Sera Hadith, together with mathematics, astronomy, and logic and philosophy in one Institute under one

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They were doing that and he goes on to make mentioned he said, Give me a photo on a player who's Kezia years taught there. And even today, when you go to those places, the places where they taught in one Institute

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are still preserved, the person's spoken he taught, he taught, he taught them in one Institute under one roof. Now why it hasn't happened i That is a long story. But I will just give you an example. Hidden in the face, for example, was the first person to observe the parliamentary emotion of the blood in the in the body, who was it in a face? It is attributed to William Harvey William Harvey came 300 years after

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I gave this talk one day overseas. And one doctor came he said in a medical journey, it was made mentioned that William Harvey was the first person to observe the permanently set parliamentary motion, no motion in the body. He said, I corrected it. And in the next particular, you know, medical that journal, they corrected that evening offense was the first list. And I don't want to go much into it, because I can give you many examples. And when we can go on to say that whether it be it may hold on in port and philosophy and history in sociology. He wrote a book known as the terrible giver. He was the first sociologist you know what a sociologist who studies society and

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takes lessons with regard to the ups and downs of society, how a society rises and how it declines. He wrote it doubled 17 volumes, and his preface his introduction to that is in one volume, the introduction to the Kitab Oliva Arnold Toynbee the British historian had written about the taboo, he says the greatest work of its kind by any person in any time in any place, the greatest work of its time with regard to sociology any, you know, studying system society, whether it be you know, deadly sin AI medicine, I will face this, who was the first person to do the cataract operation, I went to Grenada and I saw that particular surgical instrument that they use was the very same that was used

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today it was used by and I can go on mentioned with regard to it, Massoud in, in geography, and all in every aspect in astronomy, etc. Muslims were in the forefront. Now, Haytham in astronomy Massoud in environment in history, geography in Houston philosophy hipness was the first person who tried to do the, you know, flying one of them is place. Now, after understanding this with regard to what is for us, and what is presently Fila. How Muslims must be good in both the fields. And in all the disciplines as history had gone testimony that Muslims were in the forefront. There are certain concerns that we have with regard to it. What are the concerns? First is that today, in the

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institutions that in these things that are taught, we find certain things that are of concern. Now, if we had been in the forefront,

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we would have been able to address those concerns. If we had set up our own universities, the way Tehran University was set up by Muslims, the way in the time of, you know, the ambassador's Muslims were in the forefront and they set up Babel sigma, the House of Wisdom in Baghdad, and Baghdad was a center of knowledge. If we send it out to you, it might be more

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To have this concerns

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but because we have not been able to do it,

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we have these concerns that in these particular institutions, you find things that are told that are against abortion. And you have the environment that is not according to our Sharia. Now, what do we do with regard to history? Now, the point is, there are many things that are there that are of concern, how do we do it? What do we do with regard to it, we bring the two together and we get the balance. The balance is, we take what is good with regard to those disciplines. And we as parents, as community, we return and we train our children to be able to serve debt which is beneficial debt, which is correct from that which is incorrect, and therefore it is possible. That is why there is

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such a big responsibility upon parents in the community.

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I read one book one day parenting isn't for cowards, you will have to get involved in the education of your children, to be able to see what is beneficial and what is harmful, to be able to see that what they get is beneficial, and they stay away from the harmful in our in our days of history with regard to our time, if you look for example, in causally who started off algebra, he is known as the father of algebra, algebra, he writes the introduction to his algebra book, you wouldn't make a difference, whether it is an introduction to algebra or introduction for DD book speaks about Allah, our knowledge, my dear respected brothers, that we repeat this again and again, our knowledge

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whatever type of knowledge must not take us away from Almighty Allah it must bring us closer towards oh my goodness, Allah I mean everybody here the learners are those who's who come through cell

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science or anything is supposed to make us realize the greatness of Allah Tala. A person who studies medicine must be able to see what Allah has kept in the human body, which Allah Allah says in the beautiful super in the Quran, salary him is enough, in fact, he will be unforeseen. I will show you my signs in your own self in your own body.

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Everything must make us come closer towards Almighty Allah otherwise, what is the use? If our knowledge doesn't bring us closer to Almighty Allah? What am I will be used to give this beautiful example. You see a group of students one day went for a picnic. So when they went to picnic, and we see when people go for the next what happens they become like, you know, a little bit free. Look at what happened in Durban. You won't know what happened anyway, in social media, may Allah protect our youngsters, you can do it without getting involved in unnecessary rowdiness. So then also when the students were, they took a boat ride and they started making a mockery of the boat rider. So they

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told him, you know, geography. So he said, What is geography? I don't even know geography, I don't even know what it means. So he said 25% of your life is gone. Then they say, you know, history. So he said, I don't know history. I only know the history of my father and my grandfather. He said, after life is gone. Then they say, you know, Max, he said, No, I only know how much I must take from you more than that. I don't know. This is 75% of your life is gone. Then a wave came and the boat was starting to stumble. So you say you know how to swim. They said no, they say your whole life is going to tell you 75% is what's going to happen to us. If Allah Tala asked us questions on the day

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of Yama, Who is Allah in the covered Mara book? Medina, can you say I don't know. So the purpose of education is to bring you Proseccos Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. And that is why it's so important that we take an active role with regard to what is compulsory, what is permitted, and sometimes even for certified today, parents have to play that role. For example, in school, what are they teaching in comprehensive sexual education? You know, we went through trouble as a chairman, and what did we find that they do tell you that you know, it's best to abstain from getting involved in adultery before marriage, but if you get involved, it is okay. So it is put forward as what is an

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acceptable alternative. If us parents are not going to get involved in that, who's going to teach your children with regard to it that it is not an acceptable alternative? It is not an acceptable alternative. So my dear respected brothers that is why my uncle Eileen and first edition, he has written in his book he says that anyone who learns contemporary knowledge, it is important for him to keep Targu can relationship with Islamic books and Islamic scholars.

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Then he can go ahead in going to university etc. And I find it

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Don't think sometimes they don't want to get done with it. But what do you know you must do? So we we start with the community, we as parents, if we want our children, we have to do it. Because if you're not going to be in these disciplines, we are going to be disadvantaged, we are going to be deprived. I will I see people saying that Big Pharma is doing this and Big Pharma is doing this lesson, what are you doing? You are 2 billion Muslims, what are you doing? Why are you blaming them and you haven't been able to do anything? Where are you in the equation? Why can you teach medicine according to go to according to our standards, according to our values, then we complain?

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Look at the abdomen for facility. So we as Muslims got a very big role with regard to really starts from the mind. It starts from us, let our children learn. Firstly, as I said, What is for us. Keep in mind the entire probe that I have given you what is for us, that becomes the basis of learning our university education, but university education, take what is good stay away from evil.

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And we have to become that because if you're not doing that, you are going to be disadvantaged. So that is with regard to the educational year that is coming into place next week. And I just thought I will speak to it. And now just two or three minutes Inshallah, let me speak with regard to the South African governments application towards the SNA, the International Court of Justice, ICT fellows, you and I are awake with regard to what is happening in Gaza, it has caused us immense speed. Sometimes you don't even have the courage to speak about it. It is so painful. And really what is even more painful is our helplessness. What is even more painful is our helplessness. But it

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has happened it is not something that is new. When the veteran saw Selim gave his invitation to Islam, Muslims were weak. And because Muslims were weak, the influential and the powerful people in the operation, they tend against the weak Muslims. We all know about the family of the asset. Sumaiya his wife, abou Johanna took a spear and he trained in a mantra. And she was the first person to achieve martyrdom in our history. And then we actually saw snow fell demons face pain, and yet he was helpless. He couldn't do anything at that time. So he used to go pass the February of the acid initial status of your

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whole family on the acid make stellar for intermodal, Jana, our place of meeting and the place of return that Allah has promised us.

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We got no doubt whatsoever that the people we have died in, were martyred in in Gaza. They are shaheed they are definitely successful.

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One of the Sahaba has a moment of the alarm clock, in the time of Muhammad, when the police told the Muslims that things are equal. You want him brother, we want him.

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So let me attend to those who said tell him things are not equal to Atlanta, the Atlanta future

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things are not equal. The people who are dying by our side agenda t's the people who died by your side or in Jannah things are not equal. However, it gives us great amount of pain despite us giving them the reassurance Italian gender and the demise of summer etc. The right thing in it would have been that Muslims were powerful enough to prevent oppression and injustice against all its adherence.

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Me Me that they come that we are powerful enough to protect all of our Muslim Ummah, wherever they are in difficulty. They may Allah make it such that he can come. You know, when Muslims were powerful, three Muslim woman were abducted by the Roman Empire. And as they were taken in abduction, they say Well notice Mr. Omotoso, we are UPL pursue her they're supposed to be the Muslim Quarter. So modesty was not a such a great ruler in our history. But when you heard that, he wrote a letter to the Roman Empire to free these three women. Otherwise, I'm sending an army. By the time the first portion of the army reaches you, the last portion was still believing

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to free three Muslim woman. Today 53,000 of our Muslim brothers and sisters have been killed, we can't do nothing, despite being 1.6 billion.

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So, there could have been the idea, but in the absence of the ID, all of these different

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means that are adopted,

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it is a means to ease and lessen the pressure and this means must be welcomed.

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Let me also meditate that from time because the time type, Malta was in the hands of the non Muslim when they were powerful, it took the protection of goods in been adding he say oh working give me protection under the protection of an influential non Muslim if you're carrying sauce containment to monka to protect himself and Assad.

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So whatever whatever means are adopted to lesson we welcome it in this particular regard, despite us having difference of opinion on other matters of governance, we applaud the South African government, what they have done, it's worth you have admiration. They have given a ray of hope to the whole world. They have made Muslim countries, you know, bow down in shame that they were the people who have gotten at this particular metaphase apprehension. I did a small video with regard to whether it will succeed or not. Things might not be able to be, you know, dealt with but with Justice Owens morality, it might be looked upon with regard to politics, but whatever it is, a step

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has been taken, it has brought the general side and the oppression on the world stage. And we, as Muslims applaud that, and we support it and we make dua that made us be a means of protecting of the destiny, no pressure, although we keep in mind what is the ideal for us from day one?