Zahir Mahmood – The Second House of Abu Dharr – Shaykh

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The segment describes the myth of Islam and the importance of staying in a house for eternity. The segment also describes the struggles of a Islamist, Omar, who faces accusations of lying and owes money to a former employee, Zohan. The segment ends with a discussion of the importance of staying in a house for eternity.
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So one man put one person came to a booth or the alarm when he saw his house and he said, so Amazon

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with all your goods

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in a ways all your furniture is very simple.

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He said, I have another house. The guy said you have another house? He said, Yes, he said, and all my possessions I've sent forward, said with that house.

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Now I honestly marveled at these narrations. Because so Pamela Robinson, Allah Allah wa sallam said to a Buddha, if you see people building on the mountain of Silla, then don't stay in Medina is better you move out to Medina. I imagine. The Messenger of Allah came back today.

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And he went to the haramain Sharifi

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and soon as you walk in the province and Malala is a humble biller, the ilala massages were unbelievable Villa de la jolla, swaha, the most beloved places to Allah, other Masjid in the most despised places, other marketplaces, and out of the most beloved machines are the Herman Sharifi and soon as you walk out of the Haram al Sharif a What do you see? Mashallah. KFC, McDonald's?

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You know, read

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all the latest brands, and the longest queue Oh, yeah, the UK guys and the Westerners, longest queues in KFC long. And imagine this is the most beloved place and what do you see, you know, the, the most advanced kind of forms of hegemony, Western hegemony, in a place which capitalism

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in the most Mubarak phrase that there is.

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So abuser of the Allahu now he leaves, Medina, and he goes to stay in the robber.

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And abusers house in Ramallah was very simple, because the Buddha was the Buddha. So one man but one person came to a booth or the alarm when he saw his house and he said, said I was done

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with all your goods

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in a ways all your furniture is very simple.

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He said, I have another house because you have another house. He said, Yes. He said, and all my possessions I've sent forward said where's that house?

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He said the house is in the

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is a nice house in the hill and I've said everything there. And he said, you know, the owner of this house is not gonna allow me to stay here for very long, but the owner of that house will allow me to stay there for eternity. And you know what they brought me back to the, to the message of Allah, Allah, Allah Allah was on when

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he came into the house of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he looked around and there's hardly anything there there's a few water skins

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and there's a few other things in the message of Allah is lying down. And Omar looks around and Omar keys up.

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And the Messenger of Allah said, Omar, what's wrong? And the problem and Amaro the Allahu said, O Messenger of Allah, look at the case law and the case law, the leader of the Romans and the Persians. Look at the lifestyle look at their lifestyle. Look at the lavish nature in which they live in message of Allah, you are the Beloved of Allah. And look what you have.

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La ilaha illa Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting down, and he sat up.

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And the math that he was lying on was so rough, that it left an imprint on the side of the Messenger of Allah. And he said, Oh,

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even you

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owe me,

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Omar, even you don't understand. My example is like a traveler who rests under a tree for a little while, and then he moves on to his eternal abode. And when I read this duration of a Buddha mythos,

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I said, Gee, people at the mercy of Allah created the Sahaba were generally Zohan they were generally people who lived a life of abstinence, but that was on a different level.

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