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AI: Summary © The history of Islam is highlighted, including its importance in bringing out messages of love and respect to guests and its importance in showing appreciation and consideration to guests. The speakers stress the need for guests to accept Islam and bring their own dishes to entertain them, as well as the importance of feeding people and being considerate towards their guests. They also emphasize the history of Islam and its impact on behavior and behavior behavior behavior. The speakers stress the importance of not force guests to eat and not insist on certain foods, and stress the importance of showing respect when attending guests.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah Viva La Mulana Viva metabo dama de la vida kitabi when I Sharia Tabata Shariati. mavado

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shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. When a bit o m and V Ibrahim columna Vu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, mankind umino Villa he went to mill fear of failure creme de la. Oh come upon Allah His salat wa salam, respected elders and brothers we are in our life faced with different situations in all those situations.

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Islam which is a complete way of life gives us guidelines. One such situation that you and I many times are faced with is we are sometimes guests of people and sometimes we are hosts of people. And Islam has taught us that we are supposed to show respect to our guests. Via creme de la vida he was celebrated Montana you may know Billahi min after Phil yukirin vifa. He who believes in Allah and the Day of Judgment, he must show respect to his guest and he must entertain and show respect and give consideration to his madman and to his guests. In fact, we learn from the Hadith and from our teachings, that blessings is brought forth into the homes because of guests coming into the homes.

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There are many such indications from the Hadith, that the guest he comes with his own risk and he goes away giving you blessings and therefore nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it said, eat together for eating together there is blessings and he said that the food for two people is sufficient for three people. And the food for three people is sufficient for four people. There are certain villages that eight people one person it is a different matter. Nevertheless, two people's food is enough for three three is enough for four Nivea cream sauce from said we are cream sauce, even told us when you make gravy, put more water in the gravy. Why? Because you can feed the people

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in your neighborhood so hon Allah. So this is the aspect that Islam has taught us to entertain people, to host people to have madman and to have guests in our homes. Zindagi Muhammad, Allah Azza wa Santa porta Han Jin Catalan Tali Macharia

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who may say Miss Bonnie or miss Amanda Rehan cabbie hamanaka. Hey, Karima. Amanda was Joby allow us here at Parramatta had if met with a woman man key is Zachary Hadid chemotactic here associate Banda k Eman Casa moon silica to feed your guests is part of human mankind. You may know Bella he will your meal after he believes in Allah and the Day of Judgment. He will respect his guests jogar Manasa Craver Kanaka, who said was karma Allah tala burka dish to him. Now when we as Muslims invite people and we host people, we should do it as an act of devotion in which Allah subhanho wa Taala and our Islam and Eman plays an important role. Look at the Hadith which is narrated, He who

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believes in Allah, He will entertain his guests. We don't do madman Nawaz II we don't entertain people or we give people the power merely for social obligation. His permissibility I'm not saying there's not possibility to do so because of a social obligation. You know a friend that has come from overseas so you're inviting him nothing wrong. But beyond that, when we host people we do so because it is Islamic teachings. And it is a means it is not only we do it for a social obligation of furthering our network or have a business lunch or business supper for the sake of networking. When we do so we do so because it is the taleem and it is a teachings of our beloved Nivea cream

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sauce alum. It is a spiritual acts which exemplifies qualities that Allah subhanho wa Taala loves. That is why to be a cream sauce limited. There are five rights that you owe upon your brother. There are five rights that you owe upon your brother. Part of that right is when he makes you Salaam you must read

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To return the salon, when he dies, then you go to his janazah when he sneezes and says that hamdulillah you say your hammock Allah and when he gives you doubt, then you accept the doubt. When it gives you a doubt, you accept that our Now I'm not saying anything Alhamdulillah the Qurbani meat is also still fresh up is reminding you people are humbled ah carbonica goes via mitaka massacre out.

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So, anyway this is the aspect that when someone gives you a doubt, it is part of a Muslims right, that you accept that doubt. Now, this aspect I look at this beautiful underline the Holy Quran in the ayat which I've recited, and let Allah makes mention of the guests, one of whom and they feel Ebrahim o-w of Allah, tell them about the guest of Ibrahim and

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tell them about the guests of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, and what were the guests of the primary Salaam. They came in the form of human beings but they were angels, but because they came in the form of human beings What did he primary Salat? wa salam do? What rasuna Ibrahima bill Bushra carlu Salama, when the guests came they made Salam How will come to that when the guests what is the responsibility of the guests? I will make mention of it. Cada Salam on

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HLN honey, he said Salaam and he didn't delay in presenting before them arose the calf.

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So when the mailman comes, then you entertain him. Right? the mailman comes up visitor comes to entertain him. He primary Salatu was Salam without them asking he presented before their meals and what a beautiful meal he presented before them afectan tough and he put it in a roasted coffee in front of them. Nowadays many times it so happens that when people come then we normally we try to say I'm sure you only have eaten income. Now, before the guests there's a Bradley's Salatu was Salam put forward the meals. Now that is an aspect that we are supposed to do. Now in the days that were gone by guests were seen as a bounty for which the host was ever grateful. He used to look upon it

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as an image of Almighty Allah that I have got guests that have come. They were people who when they many for many days when there was no guests in the house, they used to get perturbed and that Allah is depriving me of blessings. I mean, many times we grew up in country towns. Now it was a norm in the country town, that if a person who is out of town comes for Sahaja Salat in the masjid. I don't think any country town would have allowed that particular guest, a person who was a stranger to go away from there without having meals with someone from the locality. It was a no I do not know in today's time whether that exists or not. You know, it is something that we need to bring about.

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Because when we look at what the Sharia tells us, it is part and parcel of what it is the qualities which Allah subhanaw taala loves and together was that together with giving down and bringing people into your homes because the means of blessings. It's a means of goodness. You know that aspect of feeding people is such a great such a great act.

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Allah Karina Holy Quran says, I tell Larry yoga DVD in for radical Veolia team

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have you seen those who deny religion? I'm not gonna say no cookie cutter didn't didn't call a Manta, who don't believe in Dean who rejected now you and I will say Who are those people? Perhaps it is people who don't read Salah. It is people who don't give Zakat what Allah tala says for Haleakala de

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la Tamil miskeen there are people who don't who repel the offense.

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they repel the orphans yet in Cooper,

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or gtmo to presume content, and they don't encourage the feeding of the poor or caribou coconut Nicola Abdullahi Salam radi Allahu taala, who says that he heard about maybe a creme de la jolla wa sallam. He was a prominent I think it was a blindness salon Selma, Salama cemani Farsi one of the two in the game and many acronyms awesome came from Mecca to Medina. They came to meet me or Kareem sallahu wa sallam, because they had heard about maybe sauce lab. They wanted to accept Islam, and they said let it go and see what maybe saw Selim says in the first words and they'll be occurring sauce them said when he came to Medina, he went up to Salah

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wa Salatu was Salam. ala nasoni

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salam, O people spread the Salam among co Salam cramco or low coconut Low, low coconut to feed people

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and be good to your relatives and reach out in the early hours of the morning when people are sleeping. You will go into gender. Align the Holy Quran in Surah Surah definitely says masala Kofi soccer

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The people of Ghana will be asked why are you in jahannam? kavala communal mousseline? Well I'm Nicola mo miskeen. We do not read salatu salam

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or I'm a local canon a very vocal canon a killer. We can feed the poor people.

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statistic says that every day this is a recent statistics 870 million people go to sleep hungry.

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Every day 870 million apsos susceptor low scepter Latrobe, her rose bouquet jacana was 170 million people go to sleep hungry. And when we look at what the encouragement of feeding the poor is a cream saucer method, the best of charities is to feed a hungry person. The best of charities is to feed a hungry person. We as Muslims, and this is our our type of teachings we should be in the forefront with regard to it. Then together with that there are certain types of etiquette not only the importance, their etiquette that Islam has taught us with regard to being a host and to be a guest. One of the etiquette with regard to being a host is to be considerate, and respect your guests.

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Also, you know, be understand the nature and the temperament of your guests. Be considerate, and understand the temperament of your guests and deal with him accordingly. We make mention of this beautiful incident that may be occurring. Jocelyn was one day sitting in his house he was sitting informally and made mention of it in various occasion. Here it is, on this particular occasion, know the temperament of your guests. So let me say so masterfully informally, his gloomily was lifted up slightly up towards the knees, right? And let me saw cinema sitting and abubaker came in one came to visit me southcombe set in the same way. Omar came to visit he sat in the same way the door knocked

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on the third time. Oh is it off man? Maybe I gotta put his coat terracotta right put his loom gear right, put his donkey down. And then he welcomed with man. I shadowed a lot on witnesses that jasola a worker came home or came you set like that was man came to set differently. You put your quota right you put your luggage down jasola Why is it? Why shouldn't I show modesty to a person, even the angel show modesty. He knew his temperament. He dealt with his temperament. And someone comes in as your guest and he's got certain etiquette he's got certain temperament don't complain deal with him according to that. This is a student of our beloved Nivea cream sauce. And when particular guests

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come, be open, you know don't don't deliberately like to turn away visitors. Tell the child my father say he is not here to all the no famous one that we have made mentioned. Now just bear in mind the beauty of Islam and the Quran. The Holy Quran says when a person comes in, he is supposed to take permission for you to enter. When in theory.

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If someone comes to you and seek permission to enter, and you tell him by I would love to have you but I'm just about to go out now. I'm just about to go out. Or I'm in a situation that I'm sitting with my family discussing something I can't accommodate you for to go back it is better for you. The person of the house has got the right to tell a visitor that normally I'd like to visit I would like you to come I got certain tacos or hybrid certain needs, I can accommodate you now come at another time. Allah Allah in the Holy Quran says this, don't lie to be able to get away from visitors. Rather be upfront. And we communicate. These are the examples that are allatra to take into account.

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And part of this is encourage your guests to eat but do not push them to eat, do not insist or force them to eat. This is also one of the things I look at that Hyatt which I recited. Whenever I'm Elisa was Salam guest came he presented in front of them affected in a rotator cuff. But for my lamesa Lamar ideum lattissima Hinako

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so then when he saw they were interested, they couldn't eat our food. So they didn't eat. So he started feeling disappointed. He said Why are you not eating? So when the guest doesn't eat, it is part of the host responsibility. Why are you not eating? Can I prepare something else which is according to you and it but don't force him? Sometimes people forced that person so much to eat. And then remember, you know, he might just throw up and spoil your entire you know, sofa the there's a hadith of Nevis awesome. So Allah, Karim sauces in one day, gave Abu huraira Viola ambu milk to drink and

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When he gave him to drink, he gave him a Bora. You said you are very hungry drink or Bora Bora drink, and he drank. And then I said, Oh no, you have Allah by the one who sent you with the truth, I have no more room for any more now, I have enough, I have drank enough. So you can encourage people to eat which is a good thing, but to not force or impose upon them, which goes beyond them take into consideration the situation with regard to your your guest. Sometimes, for example, he might not he might be, you know, having crazy or he might not be able to eat certain foods, understand, don't insist upon him that he must eat them. So while you are being considered to not

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impose aspects, and when, for example, when we do give an invitation, when we do give general type of invitations, via Kareem salsa Lamb has warned us the missiles, Lama said bits cell walima the worst of polymers is that when you invite the rich, and you leave around the poor, the worst of walima is the only invite the rich and the wealthy and you leave behind the poor maybe occur himself said it is a waste of money man, who should never ever get into the situation. We only want a certain class of people to come to our functions. And

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those are not the type of things that maybe a conventional Lavalle wasallam has taught us.

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Then maybe a criminal law while he was a stolen respectable guest even if for example, he's your he's your enemy. One day has an eyeshadow. The Latina says a person came and maybe a cream sauce and said oh Ayesha, this person has done such and such a thing. He speaks bad about Islam, he speaks bad about me. And he abuses me. And when he came via Korean sauce, I greeted him with respect. And then we saw some printed in like a guest. And then we saw some deep everything what was you know, associated what was expected of a host? And when he went away, has it I should say the

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questions also achieve how many things we learned. He understood Allah, you just said when he came that this person speaks better about Islam and the Muslims. And when he came, you showed him so much of you know respect. Who Ayesha the worst of people arose in the eyes of Allah, the people stay away from them because of the vulgarity.

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The worst of people are those that people don't like to go and visit that this guy will abuse me the worst of people that why so he came to me as as a guest, I must show him sure certain types of so even if a person is your enemy, when he comes into your home, then you are duty bound to show some form of respect. Stick away the button is whatever the button is, is you can keep that issues. But when it comes to your home showing respect, then together with that just as the etiquette with regard to the host, they are also etiquette with regard to the guest. He's also supposed to do so man Kami che k mess BAM Kota cliff.

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He never ever gives inconvenience with regard to the to the host, it is good to give, even if you are a guest, that you must give inconvenience to your host, for example, amongst the thing is, you know, give your host an accurate and an estimate time of your arrival. You know, if you ask for example, coming at least inform the person who are coming. Now there are situations sometimes that you can visit someone spontaneously, I'm not saying it's wrong, sometimes a person is sick, you are passing by his house to say, Please, I would like to come and see you. So there's nothing wrong with it. But if you are going to be coming to a person expecting to be, you know, treated well expected

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to have meals expected to stay at a person's place, then it is ethical that you inform the person what you are doing. That is the right way with regard to doing it. And if for example, you are running late, then you also tell him, I mean it is right right at you tell a person I'm coming after Zoho, and you come in at four o'clock and you said technically it is still after sore is still not asserted. After all you have you have given him that relief with regard to that one two hours that He is waiting for you he could have done something else. So part of the etiquette of the guest is to be able to tell people with regard to when he is he coming to inform his host with regard to his

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accurate time of arrival and if he is late, because of some reason he informs the host accordingly and he must stick to his appointment. Then Islam has also taught when he comes he must initiate what Salaam laquered Hello boo boo to competitors Tanisha to sell the Medallia in a person comes to another person's home. He first seek permission and he makes Salaam to the people. That is what Allah Allah in the Holy Quran has told us one day a person came in the gathering of Nivea cream sauce them in the room of Nassau Salaam without seeking permission and without making

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salam wa sallam said go out that nebby of Allahu wa rahmatullah Allah mean to teach him a lesson said go out and seek permission and then come and then be occurring. Salim said, the right way of seeking permission when you come into another person's house is a salam wa Alaykum It is so and so I wish to cut in one day a person came in and he knocked on the door, maybe saw some navy seals and said Who is it? He said me? He said means whenever he saw something Me, me, me, who is me? How am I supposed to know who is me, introduce yourself with your name, unless you are shy of your name. Introduce yourself with regard to you know the customs of your of your host. He for example, you

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come in, he is a person, if you are sleeping over someone and he is a person who gets up early, and he wants to go early, then you respect the customer, the person who is your your host, you you change yourself accordingly. You make arrangements accordingly with regard to that you don't so respect the customs of your host. Be considerate with regard to your to your host. Be considerate. And one of the things that we have to make mention is unless something is an open display that you could see, or you could comment on, don't go about snooping into the houses of people, even if you are guests, Who gave you the right to go and open someone's cupboard, or who gives you the right to

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go and open someone's drawer without permission. One day a person may occur in sauce themselves. If a person looks into the house of another person without permission, and this person out of anger throws a stone at him. And he injures his eyes. Normally, if you injure someone, there is retaliation, you have to go to Islam says either he can give you the same form of how much you have given him, he can give you back to retaliate. Or you can he can ask a certain sum of money, right as a DA whatever it is. But in this instance, if you are snooping, and you are looking into the house of someone without permission, and he throws you with a stone, he doesn't have to give you anything

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set at a place and set in a way that you don't slip into the houses of people are looking for example, there are people who are in panda who are modestly dressed, don't sit in, go and gaze and stay over there it is against etiquettes. Some of the aspects is do not overstay do not overstay. They see visitors always give pleasure, some by arrival, some by departure. Visitors always give me it was Benjamin Franklin who says fish and visitors stink after three days. So that our nebia cream sauce lemma said in a hadith that is also said in a hadith that when a visitor come to you for one day, you give him the best. One day you go out of the norm. And within three days of between one day

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and three days you give him what you eat. The first day the best. between two and three, you give him what to eat. After three days you are not obliged, whatever if you give him after three days, it is your charity.

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You are not bound after three days. Look at the beauty of our beloved Livia creamy sauce when you are eating at someone's place, and let me conclude there are many aspects that was there. But I will just conclude with us. The baker himself Solomon said that and part of it is when you eat at someone's placed the need to make dua for them. Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah Allah after in the Kumasi, moon, that is a beautiful door to read when you someone has hosted you, you make dua for him, may meet always be that the people who have Rosa they break Rosa at your desktop furniture table. May the pious people eat at your home Subhan Allah, may Allah Allah is Rama and Baraka be upon you Allahumma barik

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ala Muhammad, Allah bless the people who have fed us, Allah forgive them, Allah have mercy upon them, allow them at a time and he was the man sacani wanna give them food to eat, we have given me food to eat, give them to drink, who have given me to drink. These are the etiquettes that Islam has taught us. So in this room, I felt that we should talk about something that normally we are normally faced with. But many times we don't know the importance and the etiquettes Nevertheless, there was a topic of understanding and making amends.