Mirza Yawar Baig – Lessons from the Anbiya #05 – Nuh A.S Part 3

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of forgiveness and finding a solution to addiction problems. They stress the need for forgiveness and for individuals to seek charity as a means of apologizing. The speakers also emphasize the importance of protecting individuals from evil behavior and not giving up on one's work. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to show resilience and not give up on their work.
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala l mursaleen. Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just live in Kaziranga Sierra Nevada.

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We continue with the story of new Ali Salaam and the lessons that we learn from that story. May Allah subhanho wa Taala cause this to be a means of great hire and Baraka for us insha Allah

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and enable us to learn from the story of the of his great Nabhi Allah as I'm one of the old Assam in allambie new Ali Salaam,

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brothers and sisters, I remind myself when you that Allah subhanaw taala sent the MBL mo Salam for us to learn from them. And Allah subhanaw taala told us their stories so that we can learn from them. So let us use that as a great blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala and learn from the stories of his MBA mussalam. Now, the story of niveles Salaam is a story of perseverance of persistence, perseverance, continuously working only and only for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala delusional Noah was not doing it for in order to become popular, he was not doing it because somebody else was

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praising him. Nobody was praising him he was actually getting flack on all sides yet. He never gave up his message he never gave a message he continued to give to convey his message in the best possible manner without letting up. The last words I mentioned this to the people mentioned this mentioned what the people said to him. The people said Carlos Leon o cada Delta Fox cerca de la patina Viva La in corn in Kentucky, Minnesota teen Carla in Nevada t combi Hila insha mama and to me magazine, Allah subhanaw taala said

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the warden would not know what is haram, Allah said that they said meaning the enemies of Allah salam, the people who are opposing him is that Oh no, you have disputed with us and much have you prolong this dispute with us now bring upon us what you threaten us with if you are truthful. And he said oh only Allah will bring the punishment on you, if he will, and then you will not escape. This is also the way of people where when they do not have any logical argument, you know, when they when they cannot dispute with you on the basis of logic on the basis of knowledge.

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they start attacking right so they start attacking and this is what they did they started threatening him We will do this and that. And they said all right. So you say that if we do something wrong, then Allah will punish us. So tell a lot of managers. Now this is the the ultimate sign of arrogance. May Allah subhanaw taala save us from arrogance, where they say, let's bring that punishment. Let's see what the punishment is. And no Elisa Lam is saying to them what

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Allah inspired him to say and he said, Allah will punish you, when he wants to punish you.

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I can't bring the punishment or I can't stop the punishment once Allah subhanaw taala brings a punishment. And if the punishment comes, then you will not escape.

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This is the this is the nature of people that with their tongue, sometimes they say things which, which are bad, but with their actions. They say things which are worse.

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I'm looking at the back because there's a bird calling and I'm trying to figure out which one it is.

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It's the Robins are two rabbits. And

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one seems to be angry with the other.

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It looks to be like a domestic dispute.

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Logic there's so much

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data and displays Voila.

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There are these trees behind me which

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which are very thick. And I'm sure these birds have made the nest in that tree and looks like some domestic problem that's happened anyway.

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Same story everywhere I guess.

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So no one is added to this. They are threatening him they say they can't dispute with his words, because they know what he's saying is the truth but their ego will not allow them to accept the truth award nor a salami saying and that's why the ego is such a horrible thing that we will keep on feeding it, it becomes stronger and stronger. And it can only take you to one place and that's the place we don't want to go to. So

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this is what they did. Now in the process. Also Allah subhanaw taala brought different tests and punishments

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Small ones on them so that they would turn towards Allah subhanaw taala musika no minella Villa Dona Dona la ville acaba de la la mujer Yun Allah tells us that sometimes Allah sends a small punishment in order to turn us towards him, it's like a mother slapping the hand of the child who wants to reach out and put his hand in the fire because he knows that if the hand if the child puts his hand in the fire, then you're going to get burned and that is going to be very painful. So she will slap his wrist so that he will stop doing that. The slap itself is painful, no doubt but it's not as painful as the burn of the fire would have been.

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So they would get you know, various tests and punishment and when they got that they knew why it was happening. They will come around into the valley Salaam and they would say please make dua for us as we are we are having this difficulty. We have this disease. We have this we have that. And he always said to them for bulldoze stuff rapa camino, Karna fara. Usually sama la comida de cumbia mwalimu Bonnie, welcome Jana de la cuchara. No, Elisa Lam said as forgiveness from Europe. He said he's saying to Allah subhanaw taala This is why he's making noise during a live story. And he said all I said to them as forgiveness from Europe, verily he is most forgiving off forgiving, he will send

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rent to you in abundance, and He will give you increase in wealth and children and bestow on you gardens and bestow on you rivers. Now, important thing to understand is no change without change.

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Things do not change. Unless we change ourselves. Good conditions do not turn to bad until we first

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bring in the bad conditions ourselves. Similarly bad conditions do not become good. Unless we change ourselves. Both of these are are equally true. May Allah subhanaw taala save us from ourselves. I think that is the door that I always make May Allah save us from ourselves. Because this is what we do. We are the ones who bring upon ourselves these problems and we ask Allah to save us from these problems and for ourselves. I'm reminded of the story of Hassan bursary Rasul Allah in this context, where he was with his students and a man came to him. And he said,

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he said that we have

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we have a drought in our area, and there is no rain. And we are all suffering there are no other animals are dying.

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We are running short of food, there's a famine, husband mirandola. They said, make stuff up.

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Then after some time, another person came and he's complaining of poverty. He said, I'm a very poor man, I'm destitute.

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You know, I don't know we have no means. So please, what should I do

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to make us different. And then another man came and he said, I have no children, my wife and I, we are desperate for children. What must we do? He said, Make us therefore has a better handle on himself, you must understand is a is one of the greatest taboo.

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Some people have written that he as a as an infant Rasul, Allah says Allah, he saw the Vasa setup as an infant rahsaan went to his, his place where he was born. And they also said that, that in his infancy, he was he was a little child

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may have been a few months old, maybe a year old or something, when there was some water which also sort of had drank and put down and hasn't really died, drank from that water. And when they told us about it, now is no Salaam said Allah subhanaw taala will fill his heart with him, which will give him knowledge. And hamdulillah This is true, he was also a student of, of I live in avatar delanco. So it was a great he was among the greatest ottavio so here is a story where he these three people came to him with three different things, one talking about famine, another one talking about not having children. Third one talking about poverty, all asking for solutions, and he gives them

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gives them the same solution.

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So his turn to his students were with him. And they asked him they said, You gave all of these people the same solution, which is to make a stockpile.

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So they said you give them the same solution, you told them to repent. You didn't you know, apparently three different problems, but the solution you are giving is the same. So how is that possible? has said to them, but also stuck in who can afford

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Usually Somalia comida but you'll need to Colombian Voluma bunny Where's Allah? Come Janata? Kumara my double sisters Today we are living in a state where we are locked down thanks to this Coronavirus What must we do? The

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same thing make us depart Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is the one to relieve us from our suffering he is the one to He is the one who sent the problem he is the one who will send the solution, but it depends on us if we want the solution we have to make is the part on us rather than making stuff consists of First of all, being conscious of what you are making so far for. So, look at our let us look at our own lives. Let us see what in my life amounts to disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala whatever that might be. Allah subhanaw taala told us to live our lives according to the Sunnah of his hubby Muhammad Rasul Allah subhanaw taala are we doing that, if you are not doing

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that, then we need to do it. So therefore let us look at our lives. Let us look at what we do in our lives. Let us look at how we earn where we spend what we eat, how we treat people, our habits, let us look at our our reactions and situations. Let us look at our acquire our file, look at our speech and work and correct it and list the ways in which we disobey Allah subhanaw taala then for each of them, we must feel bad in our hearts. We must genuinely genuinely regret doing that thing, which was the disobedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah forgive us? We were doing it despite the fact that we knew it is disobedience. And we are not disobeying Allah subhanaw taala out of ignorance,

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May Allah forgive us, we disobey Allah subhanaw taala knowingly and that is very, very, very shameful.

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So let's get out of this. We do not and we will not and we should not disobey Allah subhanaw taala knowingly. So regret that secondly, where that action which is regrettable for which we are repenting for which we are seeking allows forgiveness, whether that action amount was

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whether action involved

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taking away or violating somebody else's rights, we need to go and apologize to that person and seek that person's forgiveness first, because Rasulullah Sallam said that Allah subhanaw taala will not forgive the slave until the slave forgives him. Meaning that if I have violated somebody, right, if I have hurt somebody that I must seek that person's forgiveness, if I want a lot of forgiving, and then again, please understand, don't send out a WhatsApp message say, in case I did something, do you forgive me? No.

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That's adding insult to injury? Did you do or did you not do if you did, then you seek forgiveness from that specific person for that specific thing. Don't just be send a lazy message saying if I did something, forgive me no sorry. That that is that doesn't work. So seek forgiveness from the person who you wronged seek seek forgiveness from the person whose rights you violated. And the third thing is

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to give charity as a token of your

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your regret, give charity, give money in money or whatever, give charity because it's the fire and charity cool the anger of Allah subhanaw taala A man came to the masjid said an alley of Elena was sitting there. And this man came and he said, Allah forgive me, Allah forgive me. He called me. He's the one when he said to him, this is not how you seek forgiveness. And he explained to him exactly what I said which is, he said to him, first and foremost, feel bad in your heart. ask Allah to forgive you that if it is something where you harm somebody, go seek that person's forgiveness. And then give something in charity and then ask Allah to forgive you. Allah will forgive inshallah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala promised to forgive us Alhamdulillah This is not a matter of doubt. This is something which Allah subhanaw taala promised to do. And inshallah Allah, Allah subhanaw taala. His promises are all true.

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But the issue is, we need to seek forgiveness, unless righted I mentioned in pseudocode first of firo so matobo la in Nairobi, curry boo Mooji he Allah subhanaw taala said, Ask him, Allah ask Allah ask him therefore to forgive you your sins, and then turn towards him in repentance. For very my rub is ever near responding to the call of whoever called unto them. My brothers sisters. I remind myself when you

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Listen, Toba is still quiet and tober. First of all, I'm a lot smarter First of all, so moto really. So ask the forgiveness of Allah, and then turn towards Allah subhanaw taala is something that we forget and we don't do and that's why forgiveness May Allah May Allah protect us from ourselves, Allah if we are forgiven, because if you think about this, you are seeking forgiveness from something and then you go back to doing the same thing. So really, what does that say about our sincerity when we were seeking forgiveness? If it is something that I really hated so much, then how can I go back to that? I'm saying that no, no, I have been doing wrong all my life. I have now

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realized that I hate it. I have I'm regretful I should never have done this kind of thing in the first place.

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Then what, then I will never do it again. Because if I am saying that I have done this I've regretful zones over. And then I go back to doing the same thing again. That really was I regretful, I mean, you know, what am I talking about? I'm saying I'm regretful but then I do the same thing again. So really, let us look at our lives. lives much change as a result of forgiveness lives must change as a result of repentance. Lives must change, and then Allah subhanaw taala inshallah will forgive us.

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No one is allowed.

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Then reminded the his people about the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala, he said moloko blood Blatter, una de la hirakata, pata halakhah Kumara Toro gave Haleakala Hassan semi Joaquin de Vaca, Vidal camara de hinano rajala shumsa sera de la comunidad de Nevada su Marie de COVID ha, while you hurry up Harada Allahu Allah La como la de Soto letus lu minha su bulan fija in sorta know Allah subhanaw taala mentioned these I had, where no one is that I may say to people, what is the matter with you What is wrong with you, you have to do not fear a loss punishment that you do not that you are not grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala and you do not

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hope for reward from Allah subhanaw taala you don't obey him You don't you don't worship him. What kind of people are you? He said, while Allah created you in stages, don't you see how Allah created the seven heavens one above the another one above the other and made the moon a light there in and made the sun a lamp. And Allah brought you forth from the dust of the earth. Afterwards he will return you into it and bring you forth again on the Day of Resurrection. And Allah made for you the earth widespread that you may go about daring on broad roads. Just now the earth has been constricted for us. Yes, now we the earth has shrunk. For us. There is nowhere to go. We're stuck in

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the house, thanks to the Coronavirus Allah subhanaw taala is showing us that this earth is wide for you. If I want it to be wide for you, if I want this earth to be constructed for you, I can construct the earth there is no problem I don't have a problem constructed We are the same Earth remains the same in terms of its dimensions. When we say constructing the earth, it doesn't mean that something is going to happen to the dimensions of the earth. The dimensions remain the same, but the earth created for you, because you will be

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Allah subhanaw taala would shift the means for you to travel in the earth, Allah subhanaw taala will shut the means for you to travel in the earth and the earth will be constructed for this is what Allah Subhana Allah can do. This is how Allah subhanaw taala can show his

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other than his bow and his glory and majesty, for anyone who is in doubt, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from ourselves, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from doing things which bring about our own.

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Bring up with bring difficulties onto ourselves. Because Allah subhanaw taala will, can can do this, my brothers or sisters, imagine what a Salah was doing this. And he demanding the peace reminding the people of the glory of Allah, the majesty of Allah, he's reminding them of the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has blessed him with. He's reminding them again and again. And he's telling them seek forgiveness. You know, be kind of be considerate, and worship Allah subhanho wa Taala Don't, don't be rebellious and don't rebel against the one who to whom you owe everything that you have. I mean there is nothing that you have which you which came from anywhere else. Everything you

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have is from Allah subhanaw taala. So tag Allah Subhana Allah is saying this again and again.

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And for how long for 950 years. Then after 950 years, Noah

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ceramsite varkala hora de la de la la la the mean Alka fury now the inaka in our home yodel. Lou, are you back while I will fire on gaffar rubber fairly every day every Monday holla at me, nan wilhelmine? Me minute. When does he dissolve Amina illa tabara. Imagine his patience and his resilience for 950 years of constant rejection of people abusing him maligning him, people troubling him in all kinds of ways. Despite that he did not leave his job and his job, what was he trying to do? Was he trying to steal from them? Was he trying to take away something from them? Or was he trying to help them? Was he trying to be good to them was he trying to do something for them, that

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would be a benefit for them in the dunya welaka. This is the

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tragedy of the

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human race, that Allah subhanaw taala said that there's not been a single one of our messengers who was denied, who wasn't who wasn't oppressed, who wasn't tortured. And all of that, why? Because they want the best buddy, imagine how contrary and how.

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How negative people can be May Allah protect us. The idea of learning all this is because in the world of data, when you come across difficulties, and so on, so forth, we don't lose, we don't lose.

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We don't lose hope. We don't lose enthusiasm. We don't lose our, our our desire to do good for everyone who lives on the face of the earth, people don't see that it is good for them. But it is good for them, because this came from Allah subhanaw taala. And our job is to continue our work, my brother and sisters, the only way we can do that

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is if we ourselves are only concerned with the pleasure of Allah. And that if we are doing this work of the hour only for the pleasure of Allah. If you are doing it for any other reason, if you are doing it as a means of sustenance for yourself, never, ever take money for the

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games. I'm sorry, I keep on

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having to repeat again and again, never take money for the work of the right, find a different source of income. And then you do the power. Don't say I don't have money. How can I do that? for free, all you need to do is to is to is to show a good example to people which is in your own life, and to invite people for which all you need is your time, and that you don't need money. Nobody says dues are all over the world do where you can do and that is enough for you. Right? Nobody told you to go to the whole world do where you can do and that is sufficient for you never take money because the mBiA mussalam never took money

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now, so when he said the story is teaching us that resilience comes from seeking,

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seeking the pleasure of Allah alone, not anybody, not anyone or anything else. If we fall into that trap of seeking the pleasure of people of looking for likes on Facebook or looking for hits on YouTube, or looking for people to say Oh, Mashallah, you know, great person, die of Allah, Allah for the first time, first and foremost, most likely it will destroy your near it will destroy your class, which means that all your effort of thou has gone into the garbage can. We don't want to do that. Second thing is that the people's people's

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approval is fickle, too, they will approve of you today and tomorrow, they won't approve of you for whatever reason, right? They don't like your face anymore. So that is why work only and only for the pleasure of Allah, as his MBA mussalam did. And as this beautiful example of what he said, we have when when he said I'm doing for not for one or two years for 950 years.

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And then when he said I made his

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mela protect us understand that when the time come for the punishment of Allah Allah, Allah is the one who inspires and bear to make these doors to Allah Noah Salaam said my Rob, don't leave any one of the disbelievers on the earth. If you leave them they will mislead your slaves and they will beget none but wicked disbelievers. Myra forgive me and my parents and anyone who enters my role as a believer and all the believing men and women and to and to those early move to the oppressors grabbed no increase but destruction. Allah subhanho wa Taala comforted him, Allah subhanho wa Taala said to him

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Oh, here Elan ever Oh Hiya. Illa know him. Unknown who lay you mean I mean gamigo in mankad mana fala Tabata is be maka and we have Allah. Allah said it was inspired to know now

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Have your people will believe except those who have believed already. So do not be sad because of what they do because of what they used to do. So I have the last word that also comforts the hearts of his MBA alumnus Allah, Allah said to Allah Masha Allah subhana wa nangka visit aka Lydian Casa Hirakawa find like a duck for intervalos reuse around in Nevada, for either for or defensible way a lot of bigger follow up. Allah subhanaw taala converted is Navys Allah Salah, and he promised his his help. And he said that with the

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with the difficulty comes the ease. And we are hamdulillah We ask Allah subhanaw taala for this. And then the last one that showed one is around what to do.

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I love that and construct the ship under our eyes, meaning in my sight and with our inspiration and address me not on behalf of those who did wrong, they are surely to be drawn. And as he was constructing the ship, whenever the chief so his people passed by him, they mocked him. He said if you mock at us, so do we mock at you likewise for your mocking, and you will know who it is on whom will come atrovent that will cover him with disgrace and on whom will a last on whom will fall a lasting torment. Now this is again it's a big lesson for us. May Allah protect us from ourselves and from his anger and enable us to do that which is pleasing to Him always inshallah, the lesson here

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is that when Allah Allah wants to save somebody, Allah Subhana data creates the means to save and Allah subhanho wa Taala saves that person. Using the means the very means that Allah created to destroy somebody else. Allah makes those means the way of saving the person who wants to save

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as I've said before, Allah subhanaw taala did not say we were Emilie Salah by putting out the fire he made the fire the savior of primary Salah Allah did not save normally Salam by

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by flattening the seas he didn't save nobody Salaam by removing the storm or by by by removing the flood, Allah caused the flood and the waves of the ocean to be the saviors of varicella. Because the however aquatalia Bella, nothing comes except by the will of Allah Subhana Allah and Allah does not need the means the suburb, the US Bab are all what Allah has created, he is the most of the Buddha's back. Now brothers sisters, unfortunately, people of the dunya can only see what is before their eyes, they are stuck in material. And so they only see that they do not see the hidden system, which is in Allah subhanaw taala. Hence, what you are seeing is this is the result of what is happening

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Right It's like, it's like when we use our software, what you do with your mouse, or what you do with some keyboard strokes, produces a result elsewhere. Now if somebody sees net result, this is what is magic. It's magic is the result of what somebody has done on the keyboard or using the mouse, right? It's like the poverty, you see the puppet moving, and the actual person is moving the puppet is the puppeteer, the puppet cannot move on its own. So also this dunya where Nothing happens without the Hakama without the will and without the

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without the order of Allah subhanaw taala everything happens only because Allah orders it. And this is something that we need to understand. Now if you understand that, believe me the first result of understanding this is complete and total peace of mind. That is the reason why Allah Allah Vz karela hit that final globe, Allah said there is very there is peace of mind is tranquility, there is a hole in the seeker of Allah, because then the person understands that whatever is happening is the mercy of

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whether it is difficult or whether it's easy, it is the mercy of Allah because God will fire in the hand of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala does things or allows things to happen, because in that that is hard for you. The person understands that the material things including the difficulties that the person may find themselves in including any problems that the person may find themselves in and not problems in themselves. This is the result of something and Allah subhanaw taala has the power to change it and lava gentlemen shala

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will will will produce the system's now people who are rooted in materialism who cannot see this. They do not see the Hidden Hand

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And what is happening. So the the the the opposition of no Elisa lab, they mocked him, and they laughed at him because there was no flood. And when he was building the ship, there was no flood. But we know that what was going to happen is a new Dallas valterra is going to send something vandalizing build the ship builder ship. And that's why even in life

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preparation, you know, the people who who succeed are the people who anticipate opportunities, or anticipate problems and prepare for them before that opportunity or problem comes, because then that opportunity or problem

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is they are ready to face it when it comes. But when they are preparing for it, people can be laughing at you doesn't matter, let them laugh, because you know what you are doing. And you know why you are doing that, you are not doing that. For the pleasure of people, I wanted to become a leadership trainer.

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And therefore, from 1983 to 1994. All those years, I had a full time job. But in addition to the full time job, what I did was I was preparing to be a two I was learning to begin to be a trainer. So in that whole period, I spent every single cent I didn't spend, I didn't buy a handkerchief, I spent every single cent that I earned my salary was next to nothing, I was getting $850 in that whole period, my salary started from $850 rupees 850 rupees per month, and went up to 1100 rupees per month, that was my salary. And in that period, this time talking about from 83 to 94. In that period 1985, I got married Alhamdulillah I have a wife who was a huge supporter. And so she also

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helped me throughout this without her help, it would not have it wouldn't have happened. But I'm saying there was two of two of us living together.

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And it was, you know, this period, every cent I had was spent in books. And in traveling third class trained wooden plank for a seat, two places where people were willing to allow me to come and watch them teach a class, because there is no formal course to be taken to learn how to be a trainer, and how to design courses and so on, you have to learn from people. I took people as mentors, I, I went to them, I persuaded them to be my mentors, I did whatever I needed to do. I didn't go to them and say, you know, you should be a manager, I want you to be my mentor. But I hope you are not a by a person who makes money out of this. I just I want you to share your hard earned life experience with

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me for nothing. And if you think I'm joking, this is the kind of emails that I get once in a while. from people who are born losers who want me I will write to me and say, I want you to share your hard earned life experience with me for nothing. And if you and if you think if you ask for any money, if you charge a fee or something, then you are only in it for the money. And I have no respect for you're going to believe me this this is this is the nature of people, law, whatever. Anyway. So I didn't do any of that. I respected the people who taught me.

00:33:17 --> 00:34:01

I went to them I traveled anywhere I needed to travel in the I have stayed in hotels, you would not cannot dog and believe me, I missed that kind of whatever study, I have traveled third class trip, I have, you know, sometimes I had to skip meals because there's no time to go and eat. I did all of that. And then I wanted to get an MBA. So for my executive MBA, I had no money. So I borrowed money from my for my company, my company said we'll give you leave without pay. Right? And then we will, they asked for a loan, they gave me a loan. And I borrowed that money from the company I took leave without pay, and I still didn't have money to pay the fee for the Executive MBA course in I am

00:34:01 --> 00:34:16

amdavad. And so I sold my car, and I sold the car and I made up that fees and I paid the paid the money didn't doesn't come for free. And that whole period from 1983 94. I didn't take a single days vacation.

00:34:17 --> 00:34:54

all through the year, I used to get 35 days vacation from the company, that 35 days vacation I spent in this in learning and learning how to how to teach and every weekend and we had only one day we used to work for six days a week, not five days. And that one day Sunday, I would spend teaching and learning and trying to do that. Seriously, my brothers and sisters, you have to invest in yourself. If you really want something, you have to invest in yourself. It doesn't come free to nobody. It doesn't come free to anybody. So it's very important. And this is what

00:34:56 --> 00:34:58

we are learning from the lives of the

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00:35:01 --> 00:35:17

to know Ali Salah is explaining this insane to the people and when he is preparing, there is nothing to see. So similarly when I was studying and I was doing all this, my friends, they had, you know, very active club lives. They were working.

00:35:18 --> 00:35:34

They were working in the, you know, they had the club bills that they paid, and sometimes they ran out of money because they had these club bills, mercifully I didn't have any of that. And also they were people who

00:35:36 --> 00:35:37

you know,

00:35:38 --> 00:35:58

some of them bought new cars. There was a time when color televisions were first came into India as everybody had a color television except me. Nobody laughed at me to my face. Angela lies even with a new car. But people we are back I know people used to say, you know, this guy doesn't do anything he doesn't go today Alhamdulillah many of them

00:36:01 --> 00:36:38

especially after retirement, I have been able to help them to get jobs or to do something with their lives because there was no preparation. Now here. I'm explained to you that no Elisa labs case was the when he was preparing when he was making his boat. People laughed at him and mocked at him and then of course Allah subhanaw taala then came on last command Hata is Raja moranbah phoropter neuropil na Mele fi Min coulees Oj in his naini halakhah illman sobre la la colo woman, ma ma ma, ma ma Who? Khalid

00:36:39 --> 00:36:55

Allah subhanaw taala said, and so it was till then there came our command, and the oven gushed forth, water like fountains from the earth. And we said, embark in your boat, embark in the vote,

00:36:56 --> 00:37:11

to have each kind male and female of the animals and your family except those except him against whom the word has already gone forth. And those who believe and none believe with him, except a few. Now,

00:37:12 --> 00:38:06

they say that after 950 years, newer a Salam had between seven to 80. Believers, can you believe it? If it is seven, it wasn't even one per century. Right? Allah Allah Hafiz. If it was seven, it was not even one per century, even if it was 80. It was what it was 10% or less than 10 per century. So voila, see the procedures. So how does he continue his his work in the face of discouragement. We give up he didn't give up my brothers sisters, I asked Allah subhanaw taala to help us to do that which is pleasing to Him and to save us from that which is which is not pleasing to Him. We must ask ourselves this question, a question and say that, you know Allah subhanaw taala grants us

00:38:07 --> 00:38:48

gives us work to do. And this work especially the work of Tao is a blessing and a mercy from Allah subhanaw taala is not something that you're not in a favor to Allah subhanaw taala it is something that Allah has granted us it is the work of the Gambia we thank Allah subhanaw taala enormous Lee for helping us and for doing this for us. And we must do this with perseverance, keeping our side only and only on the mercy and on the pleasure of Allah alone, nothing else. ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with you and never to be displeased. We will continue with this class inshallah after Ramadan. For this for now, the lessons from this number one is to seek forgiveness from Allah

00:38:48 --> 00:39:30

subhanaw taala. To repent and seek forgiveness from this matter, the second one, to continue to do our work with persistence, seeking only the pleasure of Allah nothing else. And the number 31 is to ensure that we prepare for our occur and don't worry about what people think and people say and whether when you are preparing for the accident, people are laughing at you and not laughing at you makes no difference. Let people laugh. Let them not have you're not doing it for them. So as far as you are concerned, you don't care one way or the other. You're doing it for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah do it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala with the class with complete sincerity. ask

00:39:30 --> 00:39:59

Allah Subhana Allah to be pleased with you. I ask Allah to give you the best Ramadan that you can put you possibly got in your life. ask Allah to open the doors of His mercy and grace for you. ask Allah to relieve you are from this suffering of Coronavirus. ask Allah to make this lockdown a means of completely changing our lives and making us obedient to Him and making us highly successful in the dunya lockira was Allah Allah Allah Allah Bukhari while he was a he has made the Romantic era

00:40:00 --> 00:40:09

Meanwhile hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato and Ramadan Kareem to you in advance in sha Allah. Allah Pharaoh Salam Alaikum

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