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This Talk occurred in London on Saturday 22nd October 2011 at the Al Buruj Press Conference titled MAN’S GREATEST ENEMY: A DISEASED HEART with other Guest Speakers including Shaykh Suliman Ghani, Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad and the 85 Year Old Senior Scholar Shaykh Ya’qub al-Kaawi al-Qasmi.

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The importance of achieving a strong heart to avoid rape and conflict is emphasized in Islam, with the negative being a result of a deep understanding of the Sharia and the positive being a result of a deep understanding of the Sharia. The roadmap for Islam is discussed, with the negative being a result of a deep understanding of the Sharia and the positive being a result of a deep understanding of the Sharia. The importance of having a strong mind to be confident in the future is emphasized.

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shape on your body

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FML sharika, Lahu sadara, Houdini Islamia, Juana nunim Robbie,

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the cleaner,

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caffeine, Bala, movie, soda LA,

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the respected brothers

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and sisters, we've come here and you've taken your time out to discuss about the conditions of our hearts

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and to start off with the diseased heart, or the wretched, heart wretched. So,

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to understand that, you've got to understand what does the Quran say but the heart the Quran has used the term it is used several terms.

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And one specific one that it has used is the column or the loop.

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Now, what is the what is what is this because there are several references throughout the Quran about the Hulu

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called literally if you look in the translations, you will see the heart.

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But it's not just the heart, because if you actually go to the dictionary in English, you'll find that the heart is that part within the chest, if you were to tear open the chest, you will find a morsel of flesh inside there. And that literally that piece might be called the heart. But there is something beyond that, which Islam refers to.

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It is that place, yes, it is that place. But it's not that physical heart that we're referring to, we're referring to a place within the within the chest and within or around the heart, that holds our emotions, holds our feelings, it holds our mindset, it holds our inclinations, it holds the way we want to when we want to make a Nia when one make an intention, it's in there from that part we make an intention, it hold within the harsh area or the inner fear of Allah subhanaw taala it may sometimes have Sakina, which is tranquility when someone's really calm collected or someone's feeling really, you can feel cool inside here in your heart. And and we've had these feelings when

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you feel really, really joyful, when you feel happy, you get a state of an emotion, sometimes you feel that what the parent has described Bob, but be human, the whole earth has become constraint upon them. And the hearts become very much sort of in a mode of feeling that things are sort of closing upon it. So that is that is the feeling what are the what are these things that are like describing the core and these are feelings, feelings inside the heart, if you were to literally do a heart transplant and take this heart out and put into another body and take that heart and put into your body. And if you were to have, you know, a life after that with a new heart, it wouldn't mean

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that all your conditions would would move to the other person, you'd still maintain your condition. So we're talking about non tangible feelings and emotions within a person.

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So you know, this is this very same same thing that a person might might feel that they feel angry, they feel sort of, they might even have a good, a high amount of of free thought of Allah subhanaw taala consciousness of Allah to the extent that it saves them from sin, to the extent that makes them go towards virtuous acts. And and I'll give you the references inshallah, from that from the Holy Quran to some of these things. This is the very place that a person can get the feeling that they don't want to practice the Sharia, or they don't like it, or they're not inclined towards it, or they understand it but they want to reject it, or they understand it and they love it that is

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also inside them. All of these things are inside the column. All of these things are inside the heart NIDA, Allah His Messenger sallallahu Alessandra have told us about these states, this is the very state where you will have what is

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is an is when a person has knowledge of the scene and they take that inside and then they will start to process that with the actual and the intellect and then come to some judgments about the unseen world and believe in those that is called Yahoo, that is when they when they have a good deep understanding of the deen and again, the heart will do that.

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Heart is the one that eventually makes the judgment of whether to actually lie or actually tell the truth as in the Hadees, where a lot has been said that a person going to Xena he will be taken by the eye first and the ears and the tongue the hand the feet and finally says, He says, Hello boohoo you suck Dooku um, you can do who is hot leader except to continue and to act that and to act upon something which allows forbidden to break that law or it is hard to reject that. So it's a hard that actually does that. Now, this is what we're talking about, we're talking about not the elbow, the heart, not the heart, the state of this is always changing. This is one principle you've got to

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accept, because the nature of that the name of it means to change, Allah has used several words that are linked to that he has said yet a column or he has said fita looby him in the in the movements in the changes, unless again kalibo, they will, they will fall back on this move towards this. So this movement is called now why is this hard core column is because either you're in a state of fear, or you're in a state of amnesty in a state of peace, either your heart is in a state of tranquility, or in a state of sort of moving moving about that that's where the rulers Lawson says in a hadith he says, Well, if mama had caffeine FC occurring earlier, Allah He knows that the nature of sin is

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something that will that will with a move inside your chest mean that the heart is not contained by you're uneasy about it, and you would not want others to find out about it. So these are the states of the of the mind or the inner self that a person has. Now, the movement, if you if we take an example of maths now, if you try to make to make you understand this quite clearly and easily, because I've only got, you know, literally about 15 minutes for my talk.

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If we take maps, and we say zero is the state of neither you are, you know, you are not towards the diseased heart. No Are you to the rectified heart.

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So basically, you're right in the middle, you're right in the middle, let's take that at zero, you will then find that you can take it if you want to go towards the disease side, you can take it towards the minus. And if you want to go towards direct towards rectification towards virtue and so on, you can take it towards the plus. So you've got announced zero there and then you've got plus one plus two plus three and so on all the way to about plus five plus six plus seven. And on this side on the negative side, you've got from zero you've got minus one minus two minus three minus one all the way to towards minus seven. Now the plus side shala, Shahab, Lucky Murat and Shadi the

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other, the other chef chef Jacobi coming there to talk to you more about the plus side. And I've been given the topic about the minus side. Now, I will sort of make certain references to the plus side as we as we talk, but just to start off with,

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we'll start you know, we all have hearts are in the middle and things will affect our heart condition. One of the things that will affect us immediately is the contact number as soon as we come in contact with people, as soon as you come in contact with people. That is the first mode of effect. And if you look at the son of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, you will find that his first Suna was to actually stay away from people when he started from other Hara when he started from the cave. Rasulullah sallallahu is one of the first things you have

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to be that Habiba el Hala, one of the first things that was made lovable to the professor Larson was just to stay to himself, and to be in secrets to be in a quiet place to be away from people. This is a hadith in Bukhari. So Rasulullah sallallahu went in and in that cave, and that's where he got his, his inspiration of the wahi. Because to to, to be in to be in a state where a person, you know, finds that they want to be away from people, you then have the chance to have that rectification because to be with people, especially to be with people who have got a diseased heart themselves, or I've got actions that are diseased, they will automatically have an effect on you. And the only way

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to make some rectification and the only way to shift towards the to the right side towards the positive side is to use the vicar of Allah that is the only thing and is repetitive inside the Hadith and inside the Quran as well. So when Rasulullah sallallahu Listen, he says the Contra Hadees are Muslim. He says that in the

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Last for the last half equally yummy tomorrow. He says that I seek forgiveness from my Allah from my Lord, I seek forgiveness from him 100 times a day is the Sahara Desert Muslim. And he says in a separate narration Muslim, he says we're in a hula Johan wanna call me, what happens is that there's a kind of the kind of some kind of dust that settles from the people who are around me. And the action that they're doing because Rasulullah sallallahu mahad is absolutely pure, and he's not going to get any impure at all. And we're not going to say that he's moving towards the negative side. But what happens is, even though he's so pure, the people around him and he, you know, he's sitting

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with, he's sitting with the Muslims fine, but then the moon African, the Hebrews are coming and meeting him, he's sitting around and the Jews are coming around him and the Christians are coming to meet him and the, and those who are machines and policies are meeting him and those who are ignorant and the Bedouins are meeting him and all day he surrounded with these people and as he is with them, he says like you want me there's a kind of a settling of a dust on my heart. So therefore I seek forgiveness from Allah to remove this, just to polish it. It's almost like you know, at home, you might have a shelf. And you know, every day if you really like cleaning, then you really look

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closely you can see there's a very, very thin layer, you know, dust or the bit of dust or something and you just cleaning, that kind of cleaning rasuna Salas was referring to when he's talking about doing this. Now he's not doing it just for himself, and he doesn't necessarily have to do he's doing it as a teaching for us that we must also do that. That is the father of seek forgiveness from a life two things is the foreign Toba to seek forgiveness from Allah and how to return back to him. That is what what Toba is so state of mind that came back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is in terms of the first effects now there is an ayah that refers to this. And it says in Surah

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Surah Kahf.

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Allah subhanaw taala has said this is number 18, verse 28, Allah has said what to the prophets Allah says well as to

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and it's not just to him is to us prime primarily is to him but really it's for us.

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In surah, Toka,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us about the company that we have. And he addresses and says what

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the cleaner with taba who can

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do not subdue to the person, do not fall under that person, do not start to become a beacon to that person. Do not become a person who is a follower of this person that I'm talking about. Now, Allah says who man often Allah whose heart I have made absent minded, whose heart is away from my remembrance, whose heart is in forgetfulness of myself, and the cleaner, whatever Ahava who and this person follows his desires or she follows her desires now is very specific in this ayah that Allah says, Don't be in this company, because by being in this company, obviously, one will start to do what Allah says to do zenithal higher dunya Do you want to start to become a person who wants the

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the owner of this world

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what Allah says, what why does he say that? He says that because of the company of these people this will happen. So in contrast to that, this is obviously this is you could say minus one minus one is when a person is staying in the company of guff law, saying the company of being absent minded from a law or being absent minded themselves. And there are many things that can accompany something which you don't have to physically have with a person today, the company could be on through the TV could be through through the computer, it could be through the satellite, whatever that company is, if it is a person in their living room with the people that they're watching day in, day out, they

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are becoming in the company of those people, if there are people that have very specific settings, that if you spend your company amongst the people who continue just to laugh, then you will be in that mood, your heart or your call, the stage of it will be that you would want to be in that company you will like that. So if you stay in the company of those people who are continuously going towards him, then you will you will find that your inclination will be towards them. Now in contrast to this four plus one in the same eye, you will see that Allah says to the professionalism primarily, and he says to us was big enough second, Marla dee da da, da da, da da da da da, da da da

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da, da da. da Cunha. Allah says, hold yourself on to these people in the company of these people, which people, the ones who call their load by day and by night by morning and by evening. They are continuously calling in their in his remembrance. You read in our chat, their only concern is to get the pleasure of Allah. They want the reader of Allah and they want is pleasure. Pleasure.

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Well, I thought Weiner can let not your eyes stray away from them. Let not your eyes stray away from the den, he said today in the dunya. Because if your eyes stray away from these people, then what do you want to be affected by the animals of this world and so on, and the eye finishes off by telling the province a lot and telling us as well not to be in the company of the one whose heart has been taken into into a world of us in the loss of a loved victim. Now, what is important here is that

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was told specifically from this ayah, that in his masking, that he must be with these people in a hadith a Muslim Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He says, when you pass by, when you pass by the gardens of Jannah, then take most advantage of those and spend your time roaming around them. So they said, messenger of Allah, where are these gardens of Jana gardens of Paradise. So Rasulullah sallallahu, this Sahih Hadith, authentic hadith the Muslim, he says, the healer Polycom, he says, the circles of the remembrance of God inside the musket, these are the gardens of Paradise. So what he is asked to do is to and he was told

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specifically not to, not to be distracted by all these other duties from this, this one thing which is to stay in their presence to spend time with them. Now, it's very interesting that this Sahih Muslim, about the healer politically says, A circles, circles of Vicar of remembrance of Allah, but did you actually go to many massages, you will not find this sooner that is alive, where rasulillah Harrison has actually been told to spend time and to stay with them and to hold himself in their company. So that is again a remedy of the one who might be in Bad Company, the remedy is to find good company and specifically to try to find the people who are the people are not only those who

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can guide them in terms of knowledge, but those who can guide them in terms of the remembrance of Allah now, please, I just want to take a minute saying this, but it's a very important part, which is that we have many people who who are the people of knowledge, but they are deprived from the from the victim and we are people of Zika but the deprived of an island. And where Eman

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shafia Rahim Allah he has some that very well, that in this religion to be able to progress what we talking about to be able to progress towards the positive. You need both things and he says, He says Saki Han was Sufi and welcome laser. wahida it says whether it's a jurist, a person with just knowledge, or sufian, or whether it's a person of the vicar and Sufism or personal spirituality, don't we don't end up being one of them for in new ally iaca and he says, By Allah I'm making, I'm telling you that by Allah I am advising your ensemble. I'm making advice giving you advice. He says, For that garage alone, he says this man here who is what who is the lucky who has knowledge who can

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who can quote to you from Buhari from Muslim from the Quran, Hassan he can give you the knowledge lemmya boo, boo Taka his heart hasn't tasted taqwa or the real consciousness of Allah yet, because it's void from viken. It's void from the remembrance of Allah abundance remembrance of Allah. So he says, Look at this man. The one is the lucky he has got specific knowledge and specialist knowledge. But his heart is something that hasn't tasted taqwa. dakka dakka hulan workiva.

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He says, You're the one who's a spiritual person, the Sufi, the whatever you want to call them have the current abundance of liquor, but they don't have the real knowledge of Islam. He says he's an ignorant person. How can an ignorant person find the pathway? So what we are told to do is with our knowledge, we are supposed to have the cadastro Allah says in the Holy Quran, he says first and when he tells us to go and ask somebody about the religion, instead of saying fast, I don't mean to ask the people of knowledge, if you don't know he says, as fast as victory asked the people of victory, the people of remembrance, if you do not know why, because he is not just saying that people have

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victory or not people that he's saying that he has given, given the priority to the vicar inside them over their enemies, given the priority of the remembrance of God over their knowledge. So, he says go to the people who are the people of my remembrance, so that you may get you may get a correct fatwa a correct a correct answer to the to the question that you have. Nevertheless, this was minus one which is a reflection of lies absent mindedness and staying in the company of those people will only take a person minus one now what

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happens then is a person might then sin, this is minus two, the second station of the second part of the heart being diseased is to move from minus one to minus two. And what is that? That is when a heart has got it. Now what is Islam isn't simply looking at translations, it will tell you that it is a sin. But if you look into the look into the lexicon, you will find that it says that ism is something which a person is is carrying with themselves.

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They're carrying with themselves. And what is doing to them is that it's slowing them down.

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So it's something you got with you that's slowing you down. Now, if you were in a race, if you're in a race, you don't want beanbags to be tied around you. Allah says Donovan sabich una hieratic de la come race one another towards the hierarchy towards the good that I've kept towards virtue and so on. But a person who's got bands around them tied to their legs tied to their to their ankles, they're going to be moving, but they're going to be moving slowly. And you know, they're not going to be moving that fast. Now there's a an ayah, in Surah Al Baqarah.

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This is number two, verse number 283. A lot talks about the the heart that is sinful. So it says, In who follow the heart now is sinful, or the heart now is carrying something which is slowing them down. Now it's interesting to look at that verse. What is Allah talking about here? Why is it that they're sinful? And what is the slowing them down? in that part of the verse you will see investment 282 and 283. Ally's talking about transactions? Yeah, you will let me know you believe that I intimidating, you making transactions and start writing it down. And he continues, how to write it down what kind of witnesses you should have, and so on and so forth. until he gets the party says,

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Okay, if you haven't got anything written down, then you can have a verbal agreement between yourself, if you're making a transaction, if you trust each other, that's fine. But then Allah says, Walla tech to me says, Don't hide a witness or a witnessing statement when it comes to you telling the truth. And Allah says, woman,

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whoever will hide the truth, and not mentioned the witness, that there was a barter there was a transaction and they're not there this moment. Now they were there, they were a witness, or they know of a witness in person who witnessed this transaction, and they just not mentioning it. Now, they're not lying is that this is the thing. They're not lying, but they're not telling the truth. To lie is this is a clear major sin, but not tell the truth is when you need to tell the truth is awful. Sin is also sinful. But obviously the two things are different, because the one who blatantly lies is is more of a criminal than the one who just hides the truth and ends up you know, not being

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part of it, whatever is going on. But Allah says that whoever does this for in

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his heart is something that is now sinful. Now, this, this part, if you look in another part of the Quran, you will find that there is a there is a kind of a another part to this, which is when a person sins, they will now become sinful in a repetitive manner. Repetitive manner is not going to be minus three. So where's this reference this reference is in the Quran. This is not a monastery should be looked at as specifically with with the heart not only becoming burdensome or slow, but now you're looking at the heart becoming rusty, the term rusty is being used. This is in the Holy Quran.

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In surah, number 83. Muto 15, verse number 14, where Allah says now he's going to another state now, he's saying that he says colourable, Ronna, Allah palaui mechanics even he says that these people that have got rust on their hearts because of the actions that they've done, they've committed continuously so when a person has seen and they've sinned again and they've seen again and again and again, Allah says just before that it says more attending a theme, they have started to go beyond my my barriers my my Hadoop or my

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my lines that I've told them not to cross the cross them several times. And I think they are now becoming in a sinful nature losses now they have started to get rust on the heart. This is a natural process that will take place if anyone continues to become sinful. Obviously what is the way out the way out is to do wicked does interesting Hades in Muslim where Sula sallallahu Sallam he says that when a person commits a sin then there is an angel that will throw and spot the heart

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to put onto the heart, what a black dot they will just just just throw it onto the

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Heart, when a person sins again, they will do the same thing when a person sins again, they will do the same thing until the heart will start to become black. Now we're not talking about literal heart again, here we're talking about, there's a second side and spiritually, that is what's happening. But he says in the same Hadees, that if a person does a good deed, then Nikita be looked at by law, the angel will then put a dot onto the heart as spot on to that is white. And it starts the move from black to you can imagine dark gray or gray and then slowly towards light white to something and then in a sparse black, sparkling, bright white. So you've got this transaction that all of us are

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going through because either we ceiling and we're moving towards the miners are we making we do virtuous acts, so therefore we moving towards the plus, but anyone who's in minus three will have to move to minus two, and then come to minus one and then come to zero and then come two plus one plus two and so on. So if any one of us is not really feeling like the sweetness of email, you're not feeling an inclination towards something. So what you got to understand these four these things, you got to be in the plus four to feel a good feeling towards a lot with vigor to the Quran to tilava and so on. A person has to be in way into the plus. Now, here Allah says, Allah says that the

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colourable Ronna, they've got rust in the house so the Hadith, in in Timothy were prophets, Allah, Allah, Solomon says that everything has has a detergent, everything as detailed, and he says, He says that metal gets corroded with water because it will be rusty. But he says it has got a way of you know, you've got a way of taking that rust off. And he says that the heart gets corroded also. And he says, to get the corrosion off the heart to get the rest of the hottest v crew law. It says that the detergent of the heart is the remembrance of Allah.

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The orlimar have said that this isn't, is when a person is looking at hide and shove, they're looking at good and they're looking at evil, but they really are becoming becoming blind from what is wrong. And what is right. Now this is very interesting sudomotor 15, because what's happening here is not just about hiding the truth, here, the person is in the marketplace, and is literally cheating. So the is that the suta starts off with weidel moto 15 and Latina on the phone. So in the in the marketplace and when when somebody is when they want something of someone, they want it in full amounts, they want the full money, when they're giving something back to them as a product,

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they're giving a product that is faulty or slightly faulty, but the hiding it or the making a measurement. So for example, five kilos of something that measuring it, but they basically just flicking something up with it with their thumb, just just lightly holding it high. So that you know it shows that it's five kilos, but it's really not five kilos. So you have this person that is actually cheating deliberately in the market, and therefore they've got now rust on their hearts. Now, this was minus three. If the person in one of the deeds that they're doing, they are not only continue, they continue in this manner,

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what will happen is that they will, they will start to go towards crosswalk, they will now start to go to the heart that is becoming hard. Now, I said to you that minus one which is ruffler, which is something which I personally is in, in an absent minded state. Allah says no, the opposite to that is to be in a good company. When a person is of minus two, and they've got a sinful heart. The opposite of that is is to start speaking the truth. The opposite of that is to be open and honest. And and you looking at ayah of Surah Baqarah, you will find that a lot talks about good dealings of men who are absolutely honest and they want to be fair in their trade, being fair being honest, be

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having that other than justice, this is the opposite. This is like being plus to

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having that minus three of Ron or having rust on their hearts. If you look into the Quran, you will find that what a law talks about in opposite to that in that same sort of thing he talks about, he talks about the people who receive his their full job, there are people who are who are who are committing sins on a regular basis, but then equals the opposite people abroad the people of virtue. And if you want to see virtue, you turn to Surah Baqarah. In the Holy Quran in the second Surah you will find that a lot talks about a number of virtues that a person can do and this would be plus three if you want to. If a person wants to be in a plus three, they would naturally be wanting to do

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some of these deeds. Allah says that in Surah Baqarah verse number 177 Allah says listen to Aloo

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Allah Kindleberger Allah says

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What is virtue virtue is my name and I believe one who believes in Allah. He believes in the last day, while Monica angels while keytab the books when they begin the prophets who attend Malala have been and are the love of God, they give wealth that will go back to their close ones, to the orphans when Messiah came to those who needed oneness I mean to the traveler was even those who come to ask them well, for those who need to be freed slaves welcome Salah during the performance of our artists aka giving the soccer one moon abbiati himself is the opposite, they will make sure that they are keeping their promise. So on the opposite side of ministry, you got people who are breaking promises

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who are not really looking at the promise here you've got people who are keeping the promises either when they make it or savina feel better. There are people who will generally have several patience when it comes to afflictions when it comes to even good moments. It can lead in a Sadako these people are truthful ones, those were lions on the opposite side minus three lions plus three up to two people are like takuna losses. These are the people of taqwa These are the people who are my consciousness, whereas those people are the people who are you know, in a sinful sort of state of nature. Now we come to minus four which is cassava, cassava is when the heart has got rusty and then

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the person continues to be sinful, and the heart then becomes hard. Now, the reference for this you will find in a few places the poor and one of the places in Surah Al Hadi, which is the 57 suit of the Holy Quran. And we look at verse number 15, verse number 16, and so on. Verse number 16. Rather, you will find that Allah says that fatahna Allah human Emmet Shaka Zulu, the hearts became hard and now they started to learn to stay on this earth. They wanted their lives to be longer, and in separate parts of the Quran, you'll see reference like radula hayati dunya, they are completely pleased with being in this world they like to be here they are attached to this world they have love

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for this world. Now love of this world is actually a disease of dunya love of this world is actually a disease and obviously the opposite of this would be the love the Acura the opposite of this also is in this this part of the potential hydrolases lm Yanina Latina Amano and Tasha kulu Michaela woman as elemental how Allah says hasn't the time come for those who believe that the hearts become humble hearts become inclined to hearts become those that are that accept, accept the Quran for living. They accept the remembrance of Allah they accept whatever has been revealed to them. Now this is something that the hearts are always sort of thinking about deeply inside. So this is the

00:32:43--> 00:32:55

opposite is plus four but minus four is what Allah explained that another part of the Holy Quran in surah baqarah he says, Summa kosaku medallic then the hearts became hard.

00:32:56--> 00:33:40

Now, these people whose hearts are hard in here, in the one the people who have minus three around they were called full job, there are people who are sinful. These people who are called cattlemen facetune Allah says most of them they are both facets. Now facet is a person who has not only gone beyond the limits, but they're continuous. In a continuously they are breaking the laws of God when it comes to even facet as another references Surah Baqarah you will find unlicensed una de la embody Misaki they will even break the law of God after they've actually made the covenant with Allah. And another part in a Surah Baqarah. Allah makes references to those Jewish people in the past who had

00:33:40--> 00:34:22

known the truth, understood the truth of the Torah knew that they're supposed to copy it correctly, but they started to hide certain parts when they copied it. So Allah says avodat norrona you mula katakana for a premium? Yes founder kurama lafuma una Mata Mata Luna Alamo they change deliberately the new Zoo when it comes comes to the revelation of God they don't just accept the hearts are not not you know affirming to this but they are they want to just get rid of certain parts of the Torah. So what they did is they started to make you know make copies of new Torah but they left certain parts of the old Torah out and they left certain parts they twisted it they turned to you have the

00:34:22--> 00:34:59

funeral Kelly my mother and Allah says what Jana kulu asya I left I made their hearts become hard because now they're not you're not dealing with us the sin with people you're dealing with a sin with the revelation of God or you're dealing with a major sin that is beyond what what normal people do now it's interesting that in both parts here you've got Harsha kulu, mythical line manager and aloha that they are becoming inclined towards the the the revelation of what is there and that makes becoming humble in front of it, and the others are misconstruing sort of changing, deliberately altering the words of God

00:35:00--> 00:35:13

loss is the heart, our heart. Now, the opposite of itself this is who should plus four will be those people who are kushina Allah says Allah Dena yagoona anomala por aqui him

00:35:15--> 00:35:36

those who have full conviction that they are going to meet their load on the Day of Judgment now this is the opposite possible will be those people who in their Salah for example they've got Cujo in the Salah, they are there within their Salah, they have got the mind the hearts the hearts are towards Allah. Allah says Allah Allah, Allah, Allah to him harsher on those whose hearts are

00:35:37--> 00:35:49

completely humble and submitted to Allah, their minds are to Allah thinking of Allah when they're actually in their Salah. Now that was minus four if you go to minus five

00:35:50--> 00:36:35

there is a blindness, a blindness of the heart. And a lot talks about that in the Holy Quran in the 17th part the whole Quran in surah, Hajj 22nd surah verse number 46. Allah says that the eyes really don't get blind. The real thing that is getting blind is the heart. The real thing that gets blind is the hardest working Tama kulu Latif is sudo those those those hearts there they becoming absolutely blind to my message because now you have gone so fine sitting and objecting or doing something wrong and rejecting the message that now you actually become blind to the truth. Now what is what is blindness? blindness is that the truth is there and you don't see blindness, a blind man

00:36:36--> 00:37:19

would not be able to see what is there in front of him right now. Whether it was a door or whether it was something else a wall until he actually puts a stick there. And then he makes out what is in front of him the same way with these people blind hearts, but they've still got remedy. This is the thing. This is now minus five. But they've got remedy but opportunity for remedy. What is the opportunity for remedy in that same IRA in investment about 46 of surah number 22 Allah says I've had to fill out Fattah coonan kulu Yaki Luna, Bihar, why don't why don't they traverse the travel on the wider bring themselves out of this community start seeing new things out there sassing my signs

00:37:19--> 00:38:03

out there and maybe they made some they may get hearts that will start to, you know, to understand to use the intellect correctly, this is in the same verse. So there is still scope for these people to make a reversal. And what you find opposite to this in plus five plus five are those people who are Basilan. basura is something where a person has an as an insight and Allah subhanaw taala mentions this because what happens is on this side, the shaytan probably doesn't even need to do anything in minus five, that blind to the truth is so backward on on what they're doing. But on the other side is so difficult for the shaytan to do something and if you look in sudo to aarav, the

00:38:03--> 00:38:03


00:38:04--> 00:38:49

surah of the Quran and you look in verse number 202 101 in the levina tocado Vanguard, taqwa and those who got my consciousness, either my seven five mesh a fun when a whole group of devils come to them and try to afflict them to the Kuru, they get a remembrance fade out soon, and then they have an insight into their condition. They're able to protect themselves from the influence of the shaytan they have basura they have an inner sight of what they need to do at that time. So for example, going straight to the lava lantern or doing something that the shaytan will not be able to overpower them. Now when you go from minus five now towards minus six, you have something now what

00:38:49--> 00:39:31

happens is they're not just blind, but Allah will actually put a lid onto the heart there is actually lit under the heart is called Akina or Kim. Now Akina they say is a guitar or they say in Arabic witchy, which is a lid. So you've got a pot if you've got a pot and you want to cover the pot, you just put a lid on it, so there's nothing else going inside them. Now, Allah says in the Holy Quran with Jana, Allah kulu Aki Netanyahu, Allah says in Surah, number six verse number 25, that I then put a lid on to their hearts that they do not get the message or they now will not be able to have that deep understanding of the of the of the religion. Now, opposite to this in

00:39:31--> 00:39:55

plastics you will find that allies always talk about is talking about deep understanding. Now, this is a very clear example is of tabula rasa Humala And in contrast to that, Abuja, now Abu Jamal was clearly on akkineni they said themselves Palutena Wolf, our hearts don't accept this. We've got some kind of barrier between this and the message and in Surah number

00:39:57--> 00:39:59

in Surah, anon, which is the sixth

00:40:00--> 00:40:45

Surah verse number 122, you will see that our man can animate and farheena neura. Allah is the one who was who was dead then I gave him life and I put him on to a neural light, which is knowledge. And he walks between people with this slide is in the same with the one who is in darknesses common method who feels umatilla vihara jemena. He's not going to come out of that. Now this is the contrast of the true two of plus six and minus six, whereas the minus six they have got a lid onto their hearts. So now it's actually becoming secure away from the truth. Whereas plus, plus six, you've got sharp, you've got an opening where Allah says familiarity dilemma yada yada yada role in

00:40:45--> 00:41:16

Islam, Whosoever Allah wants, they will he will open his heart towards Islam and this is specifically they say was revealed full for the condition of Ramallah tabula rasa. And you find in the studio to Zuma in the 39th Sutra of the Holy Quran very interesting. ayah Allah says FM insha Allah azza wa jal Islam, what about the one whose heart Allah has opened to Islam and he is on on some knowledge from his Lord. So this is four plus six is when they get specific knowledge from Allah.

00:41:17--> 00:41:45

The Alliance clearly had this he had a knowledge which most common people didn't have. And Allah says after that, that he says for when little casita kulu Villa, Allah, to the ones whose hearts have become hard for my remembrance, again, will remind you that the remembrance of Allah is the thing that will shift us from the negative to the positive. So that is to do and, and again, every time alignment is a key now kin in in minus about minus six, he always says if

00:41:46--> 00:42:11

they don't have the alcohol, they don't have that deep understanding of Islam. Now, as I said earlier, the roadmap said that either for Gaza, or that understanding deep understanding is when a person looks at the showerhead when they look at what is present and they're able to understand the why they're able to understand the unseen, unseen world and make makes true conviction about that, oh, they say it's a deep understanding of the Sharia. And there's a hadith of

00:42:12--> 00:42:57

Bokhari that that, that is explained. This is explained by whereas lasala Harrison when he talks about people in jail, and they say all of you the best, he says Dr. Okun the best of you in the days of ignorance here autoconfig jania here. He says the best of you in ignorant days can be the best in Islam to either * who when they get to this stage of deep understanding of Islam. Now the last stage last stage, there's two words used for you know, for an which is minus seven, which is Poker, or Hutton. Poker is a seal that is sealed off. Now with the last one. Akina does the lid lid, you can pull it back off, and you can still put something else inside it. But Hotham is when it's

00:42:57--> 00:43:28

completely sealed around. And Allah has said in the in the beginning of the Quran, he says in Surah Baqarah verse number seven, he says, In the letter, he says Houghton Allahu Allah, Allah has sealed their hearts while assembling the seal that hearing while I'm sorry Misha on the on the eyes There is a veil cast veil, what is a Latin Allah saying in Allah vena cava these people they are those people who have gone so far so far savasana Allah, it is the same and the

00:43:29--> 00:44:00

Prophet if you want them or whether you don't want them, let me know these people are not going to believe this is that people have had to move up completely sealed themselves, seal that had the heart seal why as a result of what they've done, now the opposite to this, you will find that you know Allah seven plus six is called a sharp, Allah has opened the heart fully. And you will find that opposite to do to this as well and to some of the other things that Allah said tuber tourism the word in the Holy Quran in in,

00:44:01--> 00:44:10

in the 14th Jews in the 14th Jews in Surah number 16 verse number

00:44:11--> 00:44:25

100 and he will find a license by law to be Masami Masada him that their hearts have been closed off. They've been sealed of an opposite duties if you just look to as before that Allah says Allah

00:44:27--> 00:44:59

Allah says there's not only a shot there's unknown and open whacking man Shara holla drone yo open their hearts to Islam, but Allah has made their hearts completely content with the man they don't need any conviction at all with their Deen and with their belief in Islam. So Allah says they have got this call Boone mind in their heart is absolutely with it may not. And this is where Ibrahim alayhis salam had said he has said to allow Allah Show me how you will bring the dead back to life again Allah says why

00:45:00--> 00:45:24

Saying this Ibrahim lm to mean do you not believe he's in a well actually upma in Appleby so I can get to the last stage of that plus seven to that final thing that when you see in the shadow when you when you go into that stage where you've got so much of overwhelming of inshallah the other shoe who talk about this, then then you you get to the stage where you know you there is absolutely no rape or there is there is no

00:45:26--> 00:45:31

conflict in the heart at all. And if you look in the same sort of back in the beginning,

00:45:32--> 00:46:14

he talks about the people of the best of them attack and he gives them a word which he does not give except a few other times apart and he says what will accurate even you know they have complete conviction in the accuracy in the next slide is up when a solokha does find it praying the believing this this revelation they giving and so on. They are guidance with me Robbie him muffler home, they have got success, but a very, very special thing he says about the nice, loud Iver fi who then there's absolutely no doubt, no doubt for these people inside. And they are the people who have been guided because they have got the taqwa this taco which has got a tan, which has got that full

00:46:14--> 00:46:23

conviction. May Allah subhanaw taala give me give all of us to to feed to if we are in the darkness or any of these

00:46:24--> 00:46:33

minuses that I've mentioned a lot take us towards a plus. May Allah make us the people of virtue May Allah give us that enlightening and make me he opened our hearts as I can love