Ebrahim Bham – Evaluation And Accountability Of Our Deeds

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The importance of understanding one's deeds is emphasized in the book The Successful Desks by Franklin de Courtois. The book provides insight into the historical context of Islam and how it relates to deeds. It also discusses how deeds may be measured using tools and suggests that measuring them using them is possible. The transcript ends with a brief advertisement for a book called "by the way of the Halima."
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Alhamdulillah Allah hilmi bada ilmi Well, if we buy the karate wa salatu wa salam O Allah Cyril ambia, even more serene, while he was happy, was seldom at the Sleeman coffee run kathira Amadou favela Jimenez, shaytani, r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem well was no Yamaha

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Do you know

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Sarah colloquialism

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respected elders and brothers.

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During the course of this week, I spoke to many business people. And they were saying that they are very, very busy.

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And ask them the reason why they are busy. They say it is the end of the financial year, we are taking stock, and we are presenting our financials.

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And then of course, those who are accountants, they were even more busier.

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And when you ask them why they were busy, they were preparing the financials. And to present before SARS, and take people's businesses and look at the profit and loss ratio, to be able to present to SAS to see whether there has been a loss, whether there has been a gain and what type of tax regime you have to pay. So this was generally anyone who is in business would identify with a situation where people were saying, This is the end of the financial year. And people were very busy. And they were doing this I spoke to accountant this morning, I asked him what to do. He said, Well, we do the financials, we determine profit and loss to present to SARS. And then of course we identify our tax

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regime. Now with due respect to all the accountants who might be in our gathering, they say an accountant is someone who solves a problem you didn't even know you head in a language you don't understand. They say that's an accountant. But of course they play a very important role in our community and our society. So I thought that today I will speak on this topic, but not on taking stock of your assets or of the what you've got in your shop the stock that you got in your shop and the Maha Sabha and also the aspect of taking stock or taking stock of your deeds and also the aspect of accountability Not in front of sales, but in front of Allah subhana wa tada

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and as an animal what Allah has told us that we have to account for our deeds in front of Almighty Allah and our Sharia has taught us to take stock of your deeds here in this world before Allah tala take stock of your deeds in the after. His have taken on board set

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up nest salana. He served Lynam as members through temple, Taka, Salah Sol, conifer Noxon Sunday. He slept slammin, so Chuck is bad PR and marketing. Captain America has

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allowed me to say her symbol and fusa unto her symbol, take stock and evaluate your deeds before Allah tala will take stock of your deeds. But when Allah tala will take stock of your teeth, it'll be too late you can change your deeds. So take your stock of your deeds now. before Allah tala take stock of your deeds when Allah tala take stock of your deeds, you only have to give himself you can change what is good and bad, whatever you have done, you have to live with that particular aspect. Therefore, in our in our history, they used to be one of our great scholars. He was known as a llama Mojave. His name was Mojave. And the reason why he was known as Mojave was, he used to be very, very

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strict on taking account of his deeds. One day Omar caught up on the member. And when he got up on the member, he said, Omar, you were nothing before you became amuro meaning you are so insignificant that your Auntie's used to send you to go and sell dates and other methods. And when you came back to them, they used to say, Omar You don't even know how to sell items. And he said that and he got down

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to Ronnie said, Omar, what have you done? Other than this, you know, in a way belittling yourself What have you done? You went to go and tell people on this member that you are not a good salesman when you were small care fighter who or what have you benefit of the Rockman certain people came as a delegation. They praise me and I started feeling good about myself.

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Have I started feeling good about myself? I felt a sense of pride. I went to go and rectify my pride. I went to go and sell him on Walmart this was your highlight before you became amirul mumineen do not become proud look at the stock of what how he took stock of his deeds. Here this is such an important thing is Islam hamir Rosanna Abner mahasarakham Nikita Kim carta as a woman of the allow Tanaka inshallah apne hamal como hacer la Allah tala tomorrow

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in our in our Fridays many times we read some sub Bhisma and hello Taka and towards the end of heart attack it is a beautiful verse in Elena

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from my inner Elena hisako hamari pass

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or hum he sub linear

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you are going to come back to us and we are going to account and take account of your deeds. What would Allah tala take account of our deeds what deeds will it take to align the Holy Quran has made mentioned? For example, in the 15 superar of the Holy Quran in surah, Bani Israel in some owl basara well for

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kulula ikaika na hula, hula, your yearning, your see your thoughts? hula hula, hula hula, Allah will question you on the day of Tiamat.

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Allah will question you about what you see what you hear what you think Allah will question you. Don't think you can get away? Yes, sometimes you can get away you say I was looking the cyber you were looking the other side. We can get away with it here you can get away with it. Allah will question you. Allah says we're all for Bill.

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you fulfill your commitments. Yesterday, you can make a commitment you can make a deal. And then afterwards, you realize the deal is not something then you forget your deal. You forget your commitment. You forget your word. You can forget about it, and you can get away with it in the courts. And you can get away with it here in this world with regard to telling a person that I will give you so much for this good and then you don't give him but what Allah Allah says in the Quran. For bill

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complete your commitments in

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Ghana, I'm a homeschooler. And now we'll question you about the commitments you made in this world. And now we'll question you Ah, Quran marriage.

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God, I'm dead. Thompson sepka is

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in fact every favor Allah gives you Allah will question you know, via Karim Salzman one day went out of his house, and when he came out of his house, he was hungry. Abubakar also came out of the house, Omar also came out of the house, all both of them were hungry. All of them were hungry. He said Where do we go go to Abu even sorry, went to Abu when sorry, the incident is a long one. I'm going to cut it short.

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He was so happy. He presented in front of nebbia cream sauce from three different types of Kudu Ruta, Tamar, boosa, Ruta fresh schedule, busara, half, half right, half dry, dry Kudu, then he snorted a lemon, and he told his wife he editable flour, make bread, and he slaughtered the left and they roasted the lamb, and presented before novia krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam, then the base awesome before he said take little bit of food give it to Fatima. She hasn't eaten for three days. Then when we saw cillum eight finish, he said the maroon we're Ruta boon. kobus. We're Busan.

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We're HUBZone. Allah has given us router, Tamara busara, bread and meat. So mulatos aluna Yama is in.

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Allah will question you about what he has given you. After eating for three days he said Allah will question you, but what size will ask Allah Allah will question you about our deeds on the day of kiama. Then amongst the things that what Allah has made mentioned, here for example, you can hide, you can get away, you can make them different you can have open, you can have open put it under the mattress, put it under the carpet, put it under the cushion in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala you cannot hide. Why Why will you not be able to hide? further almajiri mina mush 15 me Murphy Oh Lord, Yahweh Allah tena Molly hodel kita. When the people who have done wrong see the deeds in front of

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them, when they see the book of deeds in front of them, they will say Molly huddle Akita what type of records is kept, what type of records Allah has kept, Molly huddle keytab now you got

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it is

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Not left out anything major, anything minor enlasa it is recorded everything. Yeah in this particular world you can get away with your accounts in the day of kiama you can get away with your accounts. Allah your own flesh will testify against you that I have done such and such a thing. Therefore be careful with regard to it. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala look at what Allah has told us, he has told us what he is going to ask about I just gave you a few examples in the Quran. And Allah has also told us what will be the first thing he will ask us about on a day of our Omar who has he will be he'll have to do multi Amati Salah in our Salah had Salah has family The first thing Allah

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will question you on the day of Yama will be your Sadat either Salah if that is found to be correct inshallah Ahmad will also be found to be correct. If that is corrupt, every all other deeds will also be found to be corrupt corrupt. First in Allah will question you about will be about Salat. Therefore it comes in a hadith sensibility

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a God will say to inshallah

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receive a failure to

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do so harmonica success or pass Hanukkah income. So the first thing it comes in one Hadith Allahu alayhi wa sallam will say oh gee, Brian O'Malley can look at the person with regard to his Salah.

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Malacca was say Salah is correct. And then sometimes they will say yeah, Allah is Salah is not correct. These it is not completely correct. It is some shortcomings in it. Maybe a Karim saw some said Allah will say look in his look in his in our fill, look in his Nuffield Salah maybe in depth, he's got enough Nuffield, it will be able to complete his for us. I'm gonna filter paper.

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We don't even read now when you read in the field, what sometimes what is our forests, our forests are not complete, not completed, properly done. Maybe you do Nuffield by you doing the field a little and we saw some said in a Hadith, Allah will tell the angels take his nephele and complete is for us. The first thing Allah will critique your question about you is with regard to salat, then, amazingly, you know, here in this exam, you know, if you do an exam in this world, Will anyone ever tell you the questions

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to commit to any award Montaigne

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will ever ask you? No, no, they won't ask you. Another law in a nyas told us what questions he is going to ask us on the day of Tiamat.

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what questions Allah says that the mere cream sauce limit said five questions a human being will have to ask before he became how without which you will not be able to even move even an inch. What did you do with your life? What did you do when you were young? What did how did you accumulate your wealth? How did you spend your wealth? apni Zindagi Kesava Satya apne Jelani me APNIC Katya appname maliko Kiss.

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Kiss Tara says

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How much did you practice upon what you knew? five questions Allah will ask us brothers Can I tell you something more? And now has given us the questions. Allah has given us the right answers.

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Allah has given us the questions Allah has given us the right answers. If now after knowing the questions, knowing the answers, if you fail, how foolish Will you be?

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How foolish can a person be I gave you the questions about which I'm going to ask you on the day of Tiamat I told you

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he was good deeds will be more he will be successful woman her Fatma zero for when I can live in a festival and he was good deeds is less he is a loser. I told you that this is the question that will bring you success. These are the things that if you do you will be unsuccessful, you will be a failure. If you go and fail after this How foolish.

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Therefore ask Allah tala for easy reckoning. ask Allah tala for easy reckoning. nebia Karim salsa Mr Magoo. Allahumma Hasina sera one day I shall

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Allah you asking for easy reckoning. But how is it possible? When you also told us Manu Tisha

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that if Allah scrutinize your deeds you will get punishment you definitely will get punishment.

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What it means it looks contradictory Oh yeah. What's the meaning of this source give a beautiful reply gave a beautiful reply when it has the content also he gave me this he said you know if sighs just look at your books generally and they give it a pass is good but if they ask you this 100 when you spend ways a voucher, then it becomes very difficult to answer very difficult to answer. Let me share some said make dua Allah tala only gloss over your deeds. Because if Allah tala were to say, I gave you so much, how much did you do in return you will fail.

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So ask Allah for an easy reckoning. ask Allah Allah does blossom, our deeds don't take very strict account of our deeds. Yeah. And then our Allah say

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the IRS says Well, yeah, well was no Yama.

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Allah has made mentioned that Allah subhanho wa Taala will weigh our deeds on the day of Tiamat. So how would Allah tala take account of our deeds? Were another olma was in 11 established big, big scales on the day of Tiamat? How will it scales be? How would Allah subhanho wa Taala we did in the past they used to be a sec known as the mortars, the lights, the mortars he likes to say that no Allah one way our deeds because deeds don't have substance

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hamacas it

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was cuckoo, he wasn't near How do you do something that you can put in a scale you got a one bow soap you can put it on a scale it shall show you so much.

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There is no there is no there is no substance of this How is Allah tala going to no way did it is something that cannot be weighed them what is the light used to say that nowadays is very easy for us to understand. Contemporary signs have made it easy for us to measure various things we measure the temperature of our body, there is no substance or the temperature, we measure the temperature of the what what the weather is, we will measure various things without it being substance. So Muhammad Ali Al savani, the very famous morpha serene, you know, in contemporary times, he said it is not an elite Elite theological issue to weigh deeds, good deeds and sense concretely contemporary science

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is able to measure temperature winds rains, so how could Allah who has more power than that he is unable to measure people's deeds he will measure people's deeds. Now how will Allah tala measure people's deed? How will he make How will in one way our deeds, what am I have given us three three ways. The 1am I have said three ways Allah will measure people's deeds. One one rewired makes mention, Allah will place you on the scale.

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And Allah will automatically by placing you under scale will know how much good deeds you have done and how much evil deeds you have done.

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Therefore, it comes in a hadith. A slum said a man will come on the day of Tiamat he will have a very big physique, but he didn't do good deeds when he is placed on the scale. There will be nothing on the scale of his good deeds and the nervous system read the following okay mula homeo. Multi Amati was the many people will come they will have no weight in the deeds, they will have no weight. And there is an idea that have to live in a Massoud reveal on one day he was climbing down a tree so he was climbing down a tree people started laughing him because his legs was very thin. So when his legs were very thin people say to get out and he is that Mr. Aslam said don't laugh at a blah will

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lie he when he is placed on the scale.

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He will be more weightier than the amount of Ohio you will be more weightier than the amount of Ohio he will be more weightier than the mountain. It means a lower place the human being on the scale. Wondering why it makes mention that no

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Allah will please the book of deeds general wasn't that was made when I would do kitabi Kira Mancha to be licked a water and it wasn't good either. Allah will put that on the scale. What what is what is the evidence of the very famous hadith of Hadith abitata What is it is a pita cannibis awesome said one person will come in front of Allah another day of care but just bear with me a little finish this had if I want to finish this particular aspect. So this when he places he will come in Sinhala I've got no good deeds don't disgrace me put me in jail.

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Don't disgrace me. So Allah will say no today no one will be put in Jana mantella is proper he served. So all his evil deeds will be put and taken out his book of deeds which is written caramon Khatibi and they will be volumes and volumes of evils, volumes and volumes of evil will be placed on the scale of his sons. And they will be one small

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sheet cheat one small paper place on the scale of his good deeds. On that was the rattler ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah. That's more

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paper will outweigh all his evil deeds.

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It's more paper will outweigh them but just bear in mind, he

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said, according to some there will be two sides to weigh one weighing to weigh whether you have a man or no man and the other

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for the sit down

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and the other one will we our deeds. So one will weigh our Eman whether you have him I don't know him and the other one will weigh whether you have evil different that's a different and the other one will say Allah will weigh and give substance to your deeds and Allah will wait are there are many other men in Africa in Europe or females and

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then we saw some said the weightiest thing to be weighed on the scale of your good deeds will be coloca Hassan, so it shows that your deeds will be weighed. And Allah zahavi has made mention of an amazing statement. He said allowing the day of Tiamat will weigh the blood of the martyrs and Allah will waive the ink of the scholars, the ink of the Halima and the ink of the Allah will wave more heavier than the blood of the martyrs. So it shows that our deeds will be weighed. Allah will give it substance at a lower weight. There are many a hadith with regard to it. Surah Baqarah will take a dive huge form, whoever eats will take a huge form in altering the scale of his good deeds. So it

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shows our deeds will be missed. Can we conclude with one beautiful saying of a mom Sophia and authority to give us hope?

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To give us hope, let me conclude this talk.

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So Fiona 30 Rahmatullah said, ma Haku Ah, Allah He salby illa Abba waihi in the

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other Hammurabi, min Houma. Since I, I will not like

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I will not like

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that even my parents take account of my deeds on the day of kiama

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I won't want my parents to take his arm of me on the day of care but I would prefer that Allah take account of my deeds, because Allah is more merciful than my parents. What a beautiful way to edit Allah will take his up. But look at what Sophia has already said, I want to take account of my deeds. I don't even want my parents to take account of my deeds, because unless Allah is taking account of deeds will be more merciful than my parents. Love Maha signa history yesira brothers it has all makers do up here as we get in this whole particular thing stocktaking and we are taking our you know, with regard to our financials, that does also remember we have to take stock of our deeds,

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and we have to account our deeds in front of Allah, Allah make it easy. We have to do that.

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