Ebrahim Bham – Hadrat Zubair bin Awwaam

Ebrahim Bham
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hamdu lillahi Allah hilmi Heba hilmi well if we bought the qudra tea, or salat wa salam O Allah Cyril ambia, even more serene,

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and he was happy with Salah Mata Sleeman kathira ameba ruffolo Villa

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rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem wasabia una una manera muhajir de no one saw one Latina

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Avila Juan humara Juan wa Taala woman Jana Rita cerita Holla Holla Holla Dena via

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SATA colonialism, respected elders and brothers

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from time to time in our Juma foodbuzz.

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We speak about different personalities and normally we speak when we discuss those personalities. We speak about some of the Sahaba Ekrem rizwana Allahu taala and who majima in because Allah subhanho wa Taala

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in the ayat which I have recited has made them the barrier, another barrier the criteria for good by saying those who are in the vanguard, amongst the Mahajan green and the answer, Latina tuber whom and those who follow them in goodness. So Allah has told us to follow them. And Aled said raviolo.

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Allah is happy with them till the Day of Judgment. So this is a very Mubarak in a blessed group of people who are the, the criteria for good and by following them the way nebia Kareem saw solemn has told us that there are like stars, each and every Sahabi is like a star in terms of his guidance. And today the Sahaba that I would like to speak on is a very eminent and a very great Sahabi and his name is jubair ibni Iwamura the Allahu Turan so bear with me a warm, was very closely related to our beloved Nivea cream sauce alum. He was from amongst the Quraysh Sahaba Guevara May Allah tala niihama Quran Mata Ki hora hora spray or Allah tala Nikita rifki or Allah subhanho wa Taala Yami Chi

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ki nakshatra bijela rp virus per hoga for Allah tala says that bring the man as a man Lao justice Sahaba. Eman Leah. Raj Javi kabara hamfest cara cara

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de la Toronto was Qureshi. He was the paternal cousin of Nivea cream sauce from his mother was Sophia Binti Abdul muttalib. Who was the and the, what we will say poopy boy, he has a paternal aunt of our beloved Nivea cream sauce from the Father sister. This was from which background he came from, had his mother was the paternal aunt of our beloved nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And from his very young age, he was inclined towards righteousness. And at the young age of 15, he accepted Islam. According to some narrations, he was a fifth or the sixth person to accept Islam. So he was amongst those who are right in the forefront of accepting Islam and those who accepted Islam

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in the early stages. They have even a greater rank amongst the Sahaba compared to those who brought him on later on. And he was amongst those who was according to say, who sobre de la mano, the eminent Avi who says, the first person to unsheath, a sword for the sake of Islam was very near the Ultron. And he was early teens. And one day, the news spread in makaha karma that nebia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam had been attacked, and maybe a cream sauce lamb had been harmed. So he took out his sword, and he ran out of his home to go and do something about it. And he came to know that it was false, and maybe a cream sauce and told him you are young, early, late teens, what would you

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have done? And he said he had a son life, I knew that they would harm you. And I come to know there was a truth. I wouldn't have worried I would have gone to war with the entire Makkah irrespective of what happened to me. So the first person to unsheath his sword, for the sake of Islam, was Tibet, even our now this was to be one of his hallmarks and characteristics. his bravery and courage in the battlefields were even revealed a lot was known for certain traits and one of his traits was his bravery in the Battle of butter. He was a young Sahabi at that time, or it may be before the Battle of butter.

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He migrated to ever senior because of the persecution of the people of Makkah. And when he was in our senior a very great lesson for all of us a new scheme, that Najafi who was adjust to ruler, he was going to war with another ruler. Both were non Muslims at that time. But the Sahaba were worried that Naja, she must not lose. Because Naja, she was a just ruler. So they sent Zubair if Nia hombre de Allahu anhu to go and see the outcome of the battle. And mention is made that he had to cross a path of water, you know, whether it be the Nile or whatever it was, because to see what was happening in that battle. So so bear with me, they put a rubber around him. So this particular

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aspect of using a tube to to to swim was was very famous that time. So they put a tube around him wrapped around him. He swam to go and see what was happening in that battle. And he came back and he told us

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they're glad tidings Allah has granted in a joshy victory. What what you learn from here that even announced non Muslims, there are people who are closer towards justice, there is nothing wrong for Muslims to side with them. Amongst non Muslims, there will be people who will be more closer towards justice compared to others. Now you're the Sahaba were wishing for the victory of Naja she who was a non Muslim, but because he was just they were making sure that he was gaining victory. Look at you understand what the importance of justice is. This was to bury him he came back to MCI mahkamah. And then he migrated when they migrated to Madina, munawwara the Jews of Medina started saying because

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initially the most of the people who migrated from Makkah, they there was no birth that took place amongst them. The people of Marina told him that there is a curse upon you that you will not get any children. Yeah. And then amongst the first male child to be born to the Maha jurien was from Zubair raviolo Tran whose family his wife was whom a smart mentor, a smart bent abacha, the daughter of Abu Bakar villalta know what an amazing great genealogy and lineage and background he has his father in law, his cousin nebia cream sauce, father in law, avocado villatoro. So Abdullah bin Zubair got born there was the beer amongst the people of the Makkah On what basis that year what the people had said

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that you are not going to get in children at the natella had granted as Abdullah bin jubair so to bear with a warm was amongst those people that in the Battle of butter he took part and he wore a Yellow Turban. He wore a Yellow Turban to wear different types of turban the Sahaba did so is nothing wrong in wearing different colors of turban so

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even a woman wore Yellow Turban in the Battle of butter to fight and they after look at the honor Allah tala had granted him. Allah subhanho wa Taala according to the Quranic ayat, when Allah tala sent the angels to fight on behalf of the Muslims, or la cadena ser como la toma de la he's the Coralie momineen Allah Yaqui accom au mitaka Morocco combi Salah Satya nerfing mineral mala ikkaku so we mean, Allah sin 3000 Malaika to fight in the Battle of butter, they all wore Yellow Turbans. They were yellow devils to fight on behalf of the Muslims. Then in a battle of who had another incident happened, that maybe a Korean sauce, took out his sword and said, who will fight with my

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sword. But one of the things for you to fight with my sword is you have to fulfill the rights of my sword. So some of the Salah said here are Sula, what is the right of the sword you will fight solely for the sake of Allah. You won't say for your bravery, you will fight with certain ethics and various Sahaba put up their hand and said jasola give us your sword. One of them was very near one, but maybe a cream sauce Allah gave it to Abu Jana Abu Jana took the sort of Nivea cream sauce from the very near hombre de la to said I wanted to see why did maybe a cream sauce them give me so to appeal to Jana instead of me. I'm the cousin. So he said I went after and I realized why innovia

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cream sauce alum gave the Soto Buddha Jana, he was so brave in the battlefield. Wherever he came across, he was able to overcome them. Maybe Kareem saw serum he Zubair and Abu Jana used to walk with a certain gate, they used to walk with a certain attitude in the battlefield and maybe a cream sauce from said in normal circumstances. This particular gate in this way you walk in is not loved by Allah. But because it is in a better field. It is done for the sake of Allah. Allah loves it and loves it and he

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Said I followed her boo, boo, Jana and Janice to the to the sword. Once he came past hindi, hindi was who the wife of Abu sufian, who was the leader of the Quran at that time, he said I took out my sword was about to strike her. I saw it was a woman. I pulled it back as soon as possible to China. Why didn't you finish off? He said the sort of Nivea cream sauce. He's not worthy of killing a woman not worth you of killing a woman in the battlefield. So abou Jana was given this, and in this particular battles very near one Ravi Ultron, who played a very decisive role. I share with you a lot of news to tell her family members and Latinas Jabu Lila he was a sole member the masaba

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homolka, that after the Battle of warhead, although the Sahaba were greatly wounded at that time, unless you know what Allah told him that the Quraysh want to come back to finish you off, get ready for another war 70 Sahaba got ready. And amongst them was our worker and Zubair. So I showed the other news to tell our family members that take glad tidings that in this ayah our family members I mentioned, and one of them was aware of the yellow terminal, and one of them was a worker, her father. And then he continued in this vein, and one of the great things that happened to him was in the Battle of trench brothers, we have to hear this, as as we are allowed to know was the Battle of

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trench was a very trying time for the Muslims. One hand they had to face the allies. On the other hand, the binaries or the Jewish tribe, were conspired with the allies to try and harm the Muslim so the Muslims were in the middle, caught between the allies on one side and the Jewish tribe from inside Medina synnovia. Kareem saw some said, who will go and give me the report of what the Jewish tribe of binaries are doing. So So where are the Latino volunteer?

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So when he volunteered, he came back and he gave a report. So maybe aquariums or Allahu Allah wa Salaam gave him glad tidings to things that we saw some said that when he came back and he said jasola, this is what they are doing. Maybe a cream stars who said feedback, Hubby, me, May my parents be sacrificed for you. How fortunate were the Sahaba that nebia Kareem saw Selim tells them May my parents we sacrifice and then he said one thing liquidly matahari Well, how are we as well, each and every month he has a special helper, a special disciple. And that person in my oma is Zubair

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disciple, we say how are you sorry, so that was

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that he had his disciple. He has his close companions, close companions means those who, who helped the cause and atrocities in a Quran in surah, La Jolla on sukham. If you help the cause of Allah, Allah will help you. And this was very funny. He helped the cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala. at such a time, he was amongst those who went to go in, in different different difficult situations, go and find out with regard to what's happening, and they'll be occurring source them, gave him to glad tidings for coffee, and then maybe a cream sauce and I'm told him what an amazing thing, each and every one but he has a special helper. And in this moment, it is Roberto de Alarcon. He also took

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part in Fatah maka, and he actually at the time of Fatah, maka, he was in charge, and he was the general of one of the friends that went into Makkah to gain victory for the Muslims. And he was amongst those who took part in the Battle of butter, and who was also part of the Treaty of Arabia, and being part of the glad tidings about which nebbia cream sauce limit said, lay the whole and narrow Roger on shahida button, I will hold a beer, a person who either took part in butter or was part of the beta reborn in hood a beer will not enter janam they will definitely go to Genet. So very near one reveal Otto was amongst those. Then he was as I said, he was known for his bravery,

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not only the type of Navy Sawsan and beyond that also. So in Yarmouk, which was a very decisive battle against the Romans. So very near one reveal often was in the midst of it. So one, some of the people told him, let us go and fight against the Romans, and you'll be the head of it. And some he said, I will be the head, I will go and fight against me, but will you stay with me? He said, Yes. He said, I see. In Zubair, even a woman of the Latino took about 40 of them and went right into the midst of the Romans. And he came right through on the other side, piercing the ranks. And when he looked around, there was no one who was with him. He went through the ranks of the Romans on his

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own, and that is why he was known for his bravery in the Battle of better there was a person by the name of that accomplish. He was so well um, other than the two very narrow slips of his eyes, nothing could be seen. He was completely covered in iron and in armor, and so very near one of the

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Along with such decisiveness and what such bravery and what strength pierced that particular portion, that small slip in such a way that the sword when the right through and came out on the other side, and then when in the battle when the Muslims were fighting against the Egyptians, and they were short of number, so they wrote to me photography a lot and we need a we need reinforcements. So Maria Loughton, who send them only 4000 people that you could get them. But what an amazing thing he said, I am sending 4000 people, but they are being hated by four Sahaba. And one of them is very, a warm one is about a summit who's buried on one of the doors of mature material

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except one is Muslim up in mullet and one is medallion, a sweater and each one of them is equivalent to 1000 warriors. Which one of them I'm sending you 4004 of them. As such, they are in charge of the entire army. But each and every one of them in a battlefield is equivalent to 1000. So very near one of your loved one was amongst those. Among these qualities before we go towards the end of his life was that he was very, very generous. So there was known for his generosity. Seven of the major Sahaba, including the library Massoud who they five Nia, man, they made him the custodians of their children, if anything happened to them, and after they passed away. This was because of his

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generosity. I just look at this brothers, we need to take lessons I'm only speaking about his greatness. How many people today would look after the children of another person? How many people

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but year because they know that this person is known for his generosity. Sahaba used to leave him as a guardian. If anything happened to us, we look after our children. You know, this was the beauty of Islam. Before Islam, the people used to party the daughters alive. And then after the Battle of haftar. The I think it was after the conquest of Makkah. There was a daughter of Hamza he allowed the daughter of the law to remain behind in McComb Chroma she passed, he passed away in three Sahaba fought to look after the daughters of Hamza. This is what Islam brings about. That it was a time when you used to bury your daughter's alive. Nowadays a time when Sahaba are fighting to look after

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the daughter not of their own, but the daughter of someone else. This is the beauty of Islamic law that we have to learn from the Sahaba crumb with one hula hitter. He was known for his generosity. And then afterwards, he continued in this vein, until a very tragic situation appeared. And one of the great you know, when we speak about history, when we speak about the good aspects, we sometimes also have to confront the unpleasant aspects of our history. And one of them presence aspect of history has been not when the right fights wrong. When the right fights wrong, that is normal is going to happen. Kolja and Haku was a Huckleberry Finn in Alberta, Canada who have that right

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fighting wrong has always been the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala hardcore botica cache mccosh hamesha saraha or rahega chiamata. But the tragedy of history is when truth fights truth. The tragedy is not when true fights false hood that is going to happen. But the tragedy of history is when truth fights truth. And this has happened. It has happened in our history, it is continues to be happening. And one of the aspects was after the martyrdom and the assassination and the killing and being the martyrdom of as it was one of the lotano it was a very trying time upon the Sahaba Saba found it very difficult. On one hand was osmani Rani, who was in charge of an entire Empire.

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Few rebels came into Madina munawwara he could have dealt with him the way he wanted because he had the power, he had the power to rule over the Persian and Roman Empire. But because he had heard from reoccurring source alum, who said, once blood is spilled amongst the oma, it will remain like that till the Day of Judgment. And one stays this unity in the ranks of the disunity will remain till the Day of chairman. So he did not want to be the one principal but when he used to say, and when people used to say we will bring an army that will protect you. He used to say I don't want Muslims to be a shield for me. I will be a shield for them. Let me die, but don't let the Muslims die. And he was

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martyred despite the fact that he was a ruler of the of the Roman and Persian empire that time. So when he was martyred, he had a very great impact upon the Sahaba. So some of the Sahaba because the killers of of man hit a Mel committed themselves into the main body of the Muslims and was allowed to know

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So they went in they said that no, we have to take revenge against them. So some of them tell her and Zubair and has an idea of the way in which from which they went to Basra. They collected an army to put pressure upon Allah, Allahu anhu, that he must take immediate action against the killers of man. Oliver villatoro had been appointed the halifa as the halifa. He needed discipline, and he needed the allegiance of other Muslims. So he went to a meet them in Basra. Initially, he said that I'm going to meet them for the intention of gaining peace has an evening rally, his son said, Oh, my father, don't go, Oh, my father don't go I just fear something. I have an apprehension that

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something good is not gonna come out of this. And he said, No, I'm the halifa. I have to take responsibility. When they when there has an alibi, the auto said and Taka Murthy allowed him to go and speak without having to bear and then he came to them and said a little Viola also wants to take action against the people who have who have harmed us Monrovia Latino, he is a he's a greatest believer that time. He also wants to take action, but give him time to bring control. Bring in trying to bring stability. You cannot bring justice into a world when these days chaos. in chaos whenever there is chaos. Remember the people who are evil, they are the ones who benefit from the

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chaos, let alone have a lot to know bring calm and stability, then inshallah he will take action against the people who have harmed squander the ultimo Callaghan's event has actually allowed him a great sigh of relief instead of hamdulillah. That's exactly what we want. And they both went into the camps thinking that hungry Lada is peace. But the next day How could this the people who had killed with Monrovia Latino, they realize that this is going to happen? If there is no war there is no chaos they are going to benefit. So what they did a portion of them went to attack the the army of illyria Latino another portion of the when to attack the army of hazard Ayesha has a tell her and

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Zubair Viola who Tran who and in this particular way, despite the fact that they had gone to bring about reconciliation to address a difficult situation. It ended up in a war between Sahaba crumbly one hula hoop,

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which was done and it was instigated by the monastics in the hypocrites. We learn also many things. One of the things that we learned from you is that many times you can start something with sincerity, but we don't know what is going to be the end result. So sometimes, when you start off something, also look at the conclusion, what's going to happen, because sometimes you might feel I'm acting against something that is wrong, but you might end up making it even more worse. And also remember, don't ever create a situation where enemies can take advantage of your situation. Never allow a situation to happen, where enemies can take advantage of a situation where we allow them

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know when they saw the fighting, they were so taken aback, I shall not be allowed to cry and said, I went there with the intention of bringing about Sula and reconciliation amongst the Muslims. I never ever thought that the Muslims will fight against one another and that also Sahaba crumb with one law he or she used to cry.

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He was reminded that maybe a cream sauce from one day told him that you will fight with a literally ultra liberal theologian who will be more closer to the truth. He was through. He went through from then he went away and he ran away from the battlefield and on his way, on his way, there was a person by the name of Mr. Bean germanos, who went with him and while he was reading serata cut off his head and thinking that Oliver villatoro had fought against Zubair he will be happy to get his head he went to present his head to the old terminal. And when he presented the hit to ali ali started crying. He took the sort of Sumerian said this sword used to fight against the enemies of

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Nabi sallallahu wasallam. Today I have to be amongst those to see the sort of superior hombre theater in front of me, the head of a leader in front of me, and he said nobody saw slow one day told me Oh Ali, a day will come when someone will come and tell you that he kills well, then give that person the tidings of janome go Jana, Mr. Stein for you. And remember, although these days they were they they came into a situation which was instigated with a traffic jam you Timothy makes mention of a hadith that maybe a cream salesman was once on the Mount of Hera when they were six a hubba, hubba worker, Omar Hassan Ali, and among them was Abu Bakr Ratan was not amongst them. Oh, he

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was and then Karl Heinz were in the vehicle himself. Some said when he started rumbling said be quiet, be stable, on you is acidic, and there are five shades. So

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regarding all of them is Shaheed even if Zubair even gelato, and that happens, where it'll have been Obaidullah last day lives in what we will call a fight which was between Muslims, but they knew it was correct. It was because of the instigation of the benefits and the hypocrites and this is a very near one of the

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No lost his life in the Battle of the camel. But he remains amongst those who never occur himself slum had given bled tidings of gender. His life is an exemplary life, if you read read the life of his, you know two sons, and he used to keep the names of his sons upon the name of the people who had lost their lives and sacrifice the life in the path of Almighty Allah. So he kept his son's name Abdullah bin Zubair, and the name of Abdullah bin Josh, who was martyred in the Battle of who had

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been Zubair, very great, very great people. If you read the life, it's absolutely astounding. And Bill Zubair, he kept it under the name of gulabi Massoud who was martyred in the Battle of huning. So in this way, he had remarkable sons his life is so exemplary May Allah subhanaw taala grant him the greatest rank in Jannah Allah subhanho wa Taala elevated status May Allah subhanaw taala have been able to follow in the footsteps of not only him, all of us have a camera at one time as well.

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