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The speech of Allah


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The Holy Spirit is used in the holy Bible, with the "has" in the title indicating weakness or weaknesses. The use of "has" in the title is also common in the holy Bible, where it is used to indicate weakness or weaknesses. The title references a woman named Marie and the holy Bible, with the holy Bible being a beautiful book and having a tremendous impact on the future of humanity. The rights of the holy Bible and the church's history are also discussed, along with reciting the holy Bible to fulfill the rights of the holy Quran to be silent and listen to it properly. The importance of understanding the holy Bible and the hierarchy of the holy Quran is emphasized.

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wa Salatu was Salam, wa salam ala Nabi Avada

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a Mavado for the villa Hamina shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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al IFLA Murrah Kitab una was and now la Caleta collegian Seminole Zulu Mati And Nora Sakala hula Zeum

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My dear respected elders and brothers

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we are coming closer to the month of Ramadan.

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And one of the aspects of Ramadan

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that we seek to

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gain in Ramadan is to come closer to the column of Almighty Allah.

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And this is because Allah Tala in the Holy Quran, say Shahada, Madonna lady unzila fee Hill Quran. It is a month of Ramadan that Allah subhanho wa Taala has revealed the Holy Quran. So it is just but appropriate that we gain closeness to the column of Almighty Allah in the month in which it was revealed. The Quran is one of the great miracles of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and unsurpassed in every one of its aspects, not only on the Granvia of its words, its literary style, but also in its message in its subject. In its thi no other Kitab no other book has had such an impact in the history of humankind.

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No other guitar has had such a radical transformation in the life of millions of people who have listened to it,

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as their O'Meara Viola Allahu Anhu was on his way to when assassinate nivia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He listened to one page of the Holy Quran and he changed his entire life. And O'Meara became Farrokh by listening to one page of the Holy Quran, this is the beauty of the Holy Quran. It is this and it is much more

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we say the Kitab of Allah because Allah Tala has made mention of it if Kitab Allah but it is together with a Kitab of Almighty Allah it is a speech of Allah. It is a column of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala

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JSA keramas Allah Mubarak Kariba is Mubarak maina cake Bara muck said here he had to Allah Tala key column key Kuru but whose counselor Casey made me Allah Tada. Nice kita ko nozzle for my Khurana Majid commiserate

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Taris McAbee nasil Nahida hurtta Rasi eight mukamal kitab is Kitab name Corrado loco zindagi OMA Illa in caliphate academia

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and this is such an amazing Kitab that it has many many benefits. One of the benefits it is it is revealed by our Creator because it is revealed by our Creator.

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Allah knows us in and out. So Allah knows our weakness and Allah makes mention of our weakness in the Holy Quran. He makes mention of our strengths also, he says how many times he makes mentioned with regard to the strength of human being, human being is Mutata human beings fears Allah subhanho wa Taala in Alladhina JACC Shona poem, but also makes mention of the weakness and look at how beautiful it makes mention of our weakness, holy cow Insano a jeweler, Allah has created you in haste, you are you like his actual boss

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or Jessie how do we see how many times we are so prone towards his work Daniel Insano, Santa Clara Shea in Jeddah human being jagaran where he likes arguments. So when we see human beings arguing in reality is what Allah makes mentioned our weakness in the Holy Quran. Now, why Allah knows us Allah makes mention of our weakness in the Holy Quran, he makes mention of our strength in the Holy Quran. This is such a Kitab that no falsehood and contradiction can enter into the Holy Quran. A fella Yetta peroneal Quran don't you ponder over the Holy Quran? Quran to put the double mihika can tell when Okay, can I mean India Rila had it been from anyone besides Allah? La Jolla do Fiesta Laffan

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Kathira you would have found contradiction

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You would have found inconsistencies because it comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala no contradiction, no inconsistency because it is a column of our great Allah subhanho wa Taala it is a column of Allah azza wa jal, it throws any sheds light on the history of nations. He tells us about the history of the past, but it is not a book of history. It sheds light on a variety of sciences, but it is not a book of science. It is not poetry, despite its captivating charm and elegance. Look at how when you read what to heart look at how you read when that's me either Haha, what a beautiful elegance, what a beautiful captivating rhythm that is. It is almost like it is like how poetry and poems F conduct

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poetry, but it is not poetry says Allah in the Holy Quran. For ma who have you Colin Shaiya

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This is not the work of any poet says he is the column of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala so what is it Yahuwah Mubarak Kitab tarihi walk yard kabayan turtlehead licking yet Tari Kitab nahi he assigns kick it up now Hanukkah bow Judah Muttalib sciencey paratrooper Roshni delta, this Masha Irana I'm Jasmine hair. Maria kisi Shire Qadiani it is not poetry despite his captivating elegance and rhythm. Now what is it? As of the Holy Quran, the Quran will introduce itself as of the Holy Quran. When was the Quran revealed? Quran say Pooja Quran Johanna Crider asked of the Quran when will you reveal shahada, Ramadan and Livi on Zillow fee Hill Quran. It was a month of the Holy Quran

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that Allah Tala revealed me. What was the night in unzer. Now houfy Leila tilaka I was revealing the night of Leela to Qatar, where were you before you came into this Quran? This world? Well, who are Quran Majeed? Philo him muffles Zamin men, whatever they say.

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No Mr. Foos, meta, Abkhazia because

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10 Zero min Hakeem in Hamid So one who is full of wisdom, the one who is full of praise. Tenzin Amina Rahmani Raheem, the one who is most Merciful, the one who is most gracious he is the one who said me. How did he send you from the heavens into the earth? How did you say you know Allah be here Ruhul Amin he sent me through as a Gemini really Salatu was Salam wauconda who was

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was salam, the CO he was a powerful engine, in death in harsh he was close to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala Buddha in sama Amin were mudita for one but he was trustworthy. He was close to Almighty Allah Therefore Allah used him to bring Allah Tala has Kalam into the earth. So he brought it upon whom did he bring it and call upon the heart of

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who did he bring it to? upon the heart of maybe occur in South Salem, New Zilla Allah Muhammad, who will Huck he came upon Muhammad and it was a truth. And why did he come? Why did he come? I read the ayat to give a small indication with regard to the objectives of the Holy Quran.

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Kitab would answer now he Lake Region nurse Amina Zulu Mattila nor Allah has revealed the Holy Quran to take people away from darkness into light. Zuma SANIKA Alkire neutrophilia Jana, yay Quran come away from the fall away from the darkness of Cofer into the light of human away from the darkness of transgression into the light of

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obedience of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala away from the darkness of doubt, into the light of conviction and yet even away from the darkness of shaitaan into the light of the obedience of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala This is the Holy Quran. And the Quran is even much more than that My dear respected brothers, it makes mention on a variety of things, how beautifuly Allah Tala makes mention of various things in the Holy Quran. It makes mention of astronomy. And let Allah in the Holy Quran says, Allah Allah, Allah subhana wa tintable aka Allah has created the heavens in seven stages. How Allah has done it Allah knows but Allah makes mentioned seven stages seven heavens Allah

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Tala has created then Allah Tala makes mention of the earth who Allah Who am Berta Camino, rd Nevada, I have spread out the earth, despite the earth being round. Allah has spread it out in such a way that it looks firm. It looks straight, you don't find any particular type of

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changes in the firmament

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And in the stages and in the in the in the way of war of the earth. It is completely firm. It is completely straight. Allah makes mentioned with regard to the mountains look at our pitifully Allah says we're mineralogy Bonn and amongst the mountains Judah room bead we have red mountains are homegrown mock telephone Alwan haha, and you have snow capped mountains, wasabi Massoud and you have mountains which are completely dark in color. Where does it come from? Allah subhanahu wa taala is the one who has granted Allah makes mention of Lita Alamo added a sin in our job to teach you mathematics and politics mentioned with regard to the Holy Quran cool zero we'll go into the earth

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funds okay for Ghana half the battle arena in Kabbalah him travel and take lessons from wherever you travel. Allah makes mention of such great signs Allah makes mention of the bee. Now I don't have the time to make mention of it but just give you one small example are Ohara Buka Allah, Allah Tala, emphasized upon the bee three things and in Turkey, the mineralogy barley buta that it must make it homes in the mountains. O Hara Bukola nonionic demonology Bali buta Wamena. Cherie woman Marie soon and makes it home and makes it house in a particular type of shape, exceptional type of shape shape, that is the ideal shape for it to store the honey. Any other particular shape. butanna been able to

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store the honey and why the mountaintops because the A is very pure there and it will be able to produce honey. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Go and suck from the nectar, go in suck from the nectar of the flowers and then produce honey. And the scientists tells you that to make one pound of honey. Sometimes a bee has to suck the nectar of some copula under 1000 flowers to make one pound of honey. But look at the beauty. Summa Kulemin Cooley Thammarat first looking super Arabica arugula, Allah makes mention of the Female Bee all the aspects with regard to the bee Allah makes mention of it um the female female term. Today's scientists tell us it is a female bee that produces the honey

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Allah made mention of this 1400 years ago

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as this is a Holy Quran, it is this and it is much more. Now we can go on making mention with regard to the various aspects with regard to the Holy Quran. But one aspect is what are the rights of the Holy Quran after making mention of the beauty of the Holy Quran? What what is it that we owe to the Holy Quran, it is beautiful, we can talk about the beauty for a very long period of time and you will still not come to the end of the beauty of the Quran. But what is the rights that you and I owe to the Holy Quran, the column of Almighty Allah, and whether we like it or not my dear respected brothers, the fact of the matter. The Quran is not only something that lies in the shells of our

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misogyny, or lies in the shelf of all of our homes. It has a tremendous impact upon our future. tremendous impact upon our deen, tremendous impact upon

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Navy crimson Allah Allah wa sallam said, stay close to the Holy Quran. Either it will intercede for you or against you on the body of

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Quran Casa Taluk. I'm here to ask case after hokhmah your accuracy love Go ahead.

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So either you you keep close to it and it gives evidence in your favor. All the other biller you don't keep close to it, and it gives evidence against you. Now what is the rights the first thing that we make mention of is to bring a man upon every aspect that is written in the Holy Quran?

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Her cheese topper Eman Nana's. aronia Joe CIOB paranhos. Topper, Eman Nana's.

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Many times we can practice upon everything. Sometimes it is not possible for us to practice because of circumstances, but we bring him on upon it. Allah says we're sorry, we're sorry for two factor we're idioma the one who steals his hands must be cut. It's a clear converse in the Holy Quran cannot be practiced because it needs authority. But do we believe in it? Yes, we believe in it is compulsory for you to believe in it.

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Right? So believe in every ayat of the Holy Quran, every command of the Holy Quran. That's the first thing. The second thing is to listen to the Holy Quran. Brothers LISTENING to the Holy Quran is also right, that we owe to the Holy Quran. Allah Tala in the Holy Quran says

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for Bathsheba, Allah Lena yes Tammy Oh Nicola for your own Oksana Willa acre Latina whom Allah and give glad tidings to my bondsman who LISTEN to the Holy Quran the way it is supposed to be listened to

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they fulfill the right of listening. They listen to it attentively. Well poriyal Quran first Tamil una who answer to when the Quran is recited, it is compulsory for you to be silent and to listen. When am I have written to read the Quran is Mr. Herb

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but to listen to the Holy Quran when it is recited is watching when you when the Quran is being recited you can go and say I'm listening to it by the way, either you listen to it or you put it off and this brothers in taraweeh is something that we have to fulfill this right there or we have Quran mission 1020 Okay bar chaka

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chaka chaka Johanna.

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Yeah, it's not the way forward to today to fulfill the rights of the Holy Quran. If you want to listen to Tara with and listen to it correctly and properly, is one of the rights of the Holy Quran to listen to the Holy Quran, maybe a cream salsa one day course by Abu Libelium sutra, the Altano or Abdullah read the Quran for me until I read the Quran for me. And I said, Yasuo Allah, must I read it for you to you Alikum until and the Quran was revealed to you must add to you. And wa Kareem saw some said today I want to listen to the Holy Quran. The reoccurring saw setup. Listen to the live Massoud reading the Holy Quran until he came to a stage I don't have the time to make mention of it.

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That when Abdullah said I went to look at Nivea cream sauce, he was crying until his beard became wet by listening to the Holy Quran. So one of the rights of the Holy Quran is to listen to the Quran and listen correctly and properly. And another right with regard to the Holy Quran is to recite the Holy Quran because this is very important. Many times people say we recite we don't understand yes, it's good to understand and I will make mention of it as a next right. But even to recite without understanding this blessing, because this is not ordinary book that you have to understand it before you benefit. This is the column of Allah and the column of Allah when you read it, you get the

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baraka and the blessing of the speech of Allah Tala. You are not reading an ordinary book. And for every letter you read Allah subhanahu wa taala will give you the reward with regard to it. We all know the famous hadith of our beloved maybe a cream sauce, that maybe a cream sauce alum said that for every letter that you read in the Holy Quran, Allah Tala will reward you. One good deed and every good deed is multiplied by 10. For every letter that you read, Allah Tala will give you rewards for every letter, not word. We sometimes say one word of the Quran, not a word. And then there is awesome said I don't say Alif Lam Meem olive la meme is a word. A leaf is one letter. Love

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is another letter. meme is another letter. If you read Alif Laam Meem you get for every letter, you get 10 rewards. Normally we don't like to take the name of shaytan we don't like to take the name of bliss. No one likes to take the name of bliss. But if you read with Kunal Malaita is truly Adam bliss as part of the Holy Quran by reading a bliss you get 50 rewards? Yeah Allah

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shaytan a bliss Kojima perchard Rihanna was our mentor. Because why team part of the Holy Quran? Nemea Kareem SallAllahu sallam said one day he said that the hearts become restless did it become spiritually rusted? Us the outcome is that will Hadid Sahaba said jasola How much we renew our heart. So to be a cream sauce and say two things to remember death often and read the Holy Quran. What pluma who here Lake is a command of Allah recite what Allah Tala has revealed, then of course understand the Holy Quran, but understand it not in our prism in the prism of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Understand it in the prism of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. Nowadays we want to understand Quran in our understanding, understand it, what Allah wants to tell us. And lastly, we have to make a man upon the Holy Quran hierarchy dominance Allahu Mubarak factor the oh, this is the Kitab which ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala has revealed for the following the Allah Contura mu that Allah has have mercy upon you, you know reading the Holy Quran and without making our upon it is like reading the menu of a very beautiful restaurant without eating the other things. Oh, what a beautiful dish but you haven't eaten the dish. And the understanding the beauty of the Holy Quran is to make up the how the Sahaba

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economic Ridhwan Allah He turns in the Quran had such an impact upon them. Say it image wherever the Altana one day read this is 20 times and he was crying as he was reading what the Coolio Montura Jonah feel Allah fear the day when you will return?

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Whose deal said Raja up la Tanaka SAMNANG hustle Cujo. Chioggia fear la man

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Allah will put you in front of him, as it was anybody is. He became a great Sufi, but who was he? He was a Darko

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who's anybody is was a professional thief, such a thief, such a Darko, such a gangster that when he came into a village, everyone just left the village by you can fight with Hussein. He is so notorious. So one day he came into a village and he saw one house, the light is still on.

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And he went for anger into that house. How dare they still remain when they know I'm telling? And there was a young girl who was really an ayat of the Holy Quran

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and remya and he levena Ahmed who untuck Shah kuruva Hoon

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Lizzie Carrie Lam as a time not come for believers to fear Allah.

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kiya work Nii aka Johanna Mormon Allah Tala cell Hoff Hoff Hawker Johanna Allah Tala Katie baqarah he just stood stunned.

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He made Toba he went away. People said for sale is coming for sale is coming for sale has changed his life. One verse of the Holy Quran

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as the owner of the Altana one day was angry. So in his anger, he was rushing towards someone.

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He was rushing towards someone out of anger. So the person was worried that Omar his anger, he might go and hit the person. He read one iota of the Holy Quran, who they are for what a motivator or why did the ninja healing? be forgiving? Stay away from those people who are ignorant.

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The Sahaba said Omar was angry here hurdle if he sat down

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this is the impact the Quran has upon people. May Allah make it such that the Quran has a similar impact upon us and made us Ramadan be the one that we gained closeness to the column of Almighty Allah was good with our knowledge.

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