Yasir Qadhi – Towards Understanding Surah Yusuf – 20

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The Surah desired by Allah is a holy message that is recognized as a holy act. It is a message of Islam that is not just a blind faith, but a holy act. It is also a message of luxury and luxury in the sense of pleasure. The importance of the Surah in the western world is discussed, including its connection to the church and the belief that Islam is a holy act. The importance of reciting the verse "the" in various ways is emphasized, including in court systems and in writing a story to inform spiritual connections.
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hamdulillah Isla is niram

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Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Camden County, Ebony Allah Bullock

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Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. I welcome you to the final episode of what has been a beautiful and fascinating journey towards understanding so use of this is your host Jesse quality. Also we have finished the actual story of use of and his father and brothers. Today we will discuss the conclusion of the sutra and its relevance in the context of the story. Stay with us. Look on the canopy.

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sobre como la he was about a catchable Welcome to the final episode of our series towards understanding surah Yusuf. We have concluded the story itself of use of and Jaco Valley has set up and what is left now is the conclusion of the sutra and the verses that Allah subhana wa tada chose to and the sort of width so as usual will recite with the verses themselves. Today our recitation will be from verse 105, all the way to the end of the pseudo which is verse 111.

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In these concluding verses of surah Yusuf alayhi salam, Allah subhana wa tada mentions a number of interesting facts. This section starts off by the verse worker, a young man is in facility, what are the maroon? How numerous are the signs and the miracles? How many are the quantity of the miracles that they pass by? in the heavens and the earth? And they totally ignore these miracles? Has it ever occurred to you how ridiculous it is? When an atheist asked what is the evidence of God, when everything around him shouts out the evidence of God? Has it ever occurred to you How foolish it sounds? When a person says How do I know that these prophets of God are true? When we see the

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remnants still of the enemies of the prophets? Look at the tombs of the Pharaoh. Look at all of these fancy civilizations that tourist industry runs and thrives on? Where are the people now? Where are they now? After Allah subhana wa tada has caused them to perish. So Allah says, look at the quantity of science that they simply ignore. They don't even appreciate they don't even realize the relics are still there. look now at the kingdom of Egypt, when these mighty Pharaohs ruled and the Kings ruled, the remnants are still there. But lo and behold, the people and the civilization, the culture and the religion, all of it has disappeared. Why? Such as the will of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So Allah says, Don't you pay heed to the signs around you day in and day out? You see them, and yet you ignore them. And Allah gives us the reason why, what do you mean accelero, whom biLlahi Illa whom push recon. Most of them believe in Allah. Most of them have some type of faith in Allah. But the problem is, they commit shift along with that faith. In other words, it's not that they reject God. atheists have always been a minority of mankind. Why? Because man by his nature believes in a god, man by his nature, Allah azza wa jal created us with something called the fifth law. And the fitrah affirms the belief of God. So it's not that they deny God, the problem comes, most of mankind

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believe in God, but they worship other than God. So look at the Christians, they worship a prophet of God called Jesus Christ. Look at so many other religions, if you ask them who created you, they will say, God, well, then why do you worship others besides God? Unfortunately, we also have segments of Muslim society. They believe God created them, Allah created them, but they believe we have to go through the saints, we have to go through the righteous and the pious people, we have to go through the earlier to reach Allah and this is dead faults. Allah says this is nothing but should. Allah says, Amina and that Dr. Asha tominaga. Bella, do they feel safe and secure that the

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last year which is a punishment from Allah subhanho wa Taala will come? That is, that is something to strike them with fear something to annihilate them, to homosexuality?

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Or that may be the day of judgment itself will come suddenly, and they have no clue. In other words, look around you. How many are the punishments of a lot that come? And even in our times, every few days, we hear about some type of major catastrophe, an earthquake or a flood or a tsunami wave or this or that, how do you know that maybe the next time it strikes, it might not strike at you? Are you ready to face death? Are you ready to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala? How are you so secure in the world that you live in? And even if a calamity does not come, how about the calamity of death? And that is a calamity that every single person will inevitably face. Allah subhana wa Taala tells the

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prophets isn't to say, Bull has the ability to say this is my path. This is my way. What is it? a guru Illa Allah, I call to Allah. I tell people to worship Allah and believe it Allah, Allah Basia Ratan. I do this upon a clear knowledge. It is not just blind faith. It is not just because I heard it is because I know

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This is basura addabbo zeroed in on a woman at Barney eye, and all those who follow me are upon this path was to hand Allah Subhana. Allah means Allah is Exalted above any evil. Subhana. Allah means Allah is glorified above having a son or above having a daughter are above having a partner or above having any other beings that is worthy of worship. So Han Allah means Allah is too holy, to have any evil attributed to him. Nothing but good, nothing but Hydra, Hydra. kulu be a dick, like the prophets or some said, all good belongs to you was Subhana Allah He was an amino mushrikeen and I am not of those who worship others besides Allah. So here, the message of Islam is summarized. The

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message of Islam is given in one sentence called Heidi's ability in Allah, this is my road, I have a road, you have your paths, I have my path, and you have your pets. What is my path? I call to Allah, not just me, but all those who follow me. So the path of the followers of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is to call mankind to the worship of Allah. How is it done? I had a bossy rotten with a firm knowledge. Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, if you want to be a follower of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, You too must call to Allah upon a firm knowledge, whenever you find the person calling to himself. Whenever you find a person saying, believe in me, or just follow

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me, don't ask why I am your boss, I am your leader, I am your religious guide. Anytime you find a spiritual guide, who doesn't bring you back to Allah realize something is wrong, something is wrong, because that is not the prophetic methodology. Here is the prophet and he is telling people to go to Allah. How about somebody who claims to be a follower of the Prophet? And he says, follow my tariqa follow my way. What type of person is this? We follow the way of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that is to worship Allah alone. This is my path I call people to the worship of Allah. Anytime you find a person telling people to worship Allah, know that this is a man upon the path of

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and anytime you find a person telling you to follow his study of God and His path, then know that this is a man who has not followed the path of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah says, women are seldom in communica ilari, Jilin, no helium, and we have not set before you any person except that he was a man whom We inspired min Allah, Allah from the people of the village, from the people of the cities. Now what is this got to do with anything?

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The point of this that a lot of what that is saying is that

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the people of Mecca were surprised that God has sent them a messenger, Allah azza wa jal has sent them a prophet. So Allah subhana wa tada says, What is there to be surprised about? We have always sent before you so many prophets, and all of them were men regionalen mean lol Cora from city cities and villages, the prophets, the prophets of Allah, all of them were men. Now, some people claim that there were other prophets that were women, such as Medina Malik has said, but this is not the correct opinion. The correct opinion is that all the prophets of Allah from Adam up until the Prophet Mohammed Salah they were men and also they were from villages and towns, they were not from

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the desert they were not from the Bedouin people. We need to take a short break when we come back we will talk about the final verses of the sutra please stay with us learn further. Cana de cosas de Maria

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de o de

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la cada una de cosas de

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Welcome back. So we were discussing the theological issue of the sending of prophets. And Allah subhana wa tada reminds the people of Mecca. Why are you so surprised when a messenger has come? that meets the criteria, and that meets the conditions that all of the prophets before have also met. There's nothing surprising here that they come with a book from God they come with the path of worshipping Allah alone. Anytime you find a person telling you to worship Allah alone, this is that he is following the messengers. And Allah says we have sent before you, all of them they were regionalen no Illa him with Allah. They were men who We inspired directly from the peoples of the

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villages and the peoples of the cities. Now, as we said, some minority of scholars thought that there might have been some female prophets such as mudumalai has said them, but it appears that most of them and others of that nature they were the perfect women, but they were not

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profits and to be perfect is not necessarily to be a profit you can be a very righteous and pious person. But podium was not inspired by Allah subhana wa Tada. Rather, it was her son 37, who was inspired. So Allah azza wa jal, it is a son of Allah that the prophets have always been men. And also Allah says from the people of the towns, ie, that they are living and raised in villages in cities and towns, not living away from civilization, or like the Bedouins live, and why does Allah subhanho wa Taala say this, because most likely, some of the scholars say that the better winds generally speaking to this day, they are not a refined, civilized, cultured civilization or people

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rather, they have course manners, they have in them harshness, they haven't been arrogant, and this is necessary for their own survival. Not that it is wrong. It is expected that a better one is like that. Because you have to be like that when you're living in the desert, and you're going from place to place finding your food and water. This is the nature of the Bedouin, and this is not the nature of the prophets of Allah. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, all of the prophets have been from the cities and the towns and the villages, ie they have been raised in a culture and a civilization that allows them to experience a softer and a more gentle side of life. And that is the nature of the

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prophets. Allah says fmds ito fill out? Do they not travel in the earth? For jambu? cave, I can ask people to let him accompany him, and they see what happened to those who work before them.

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Don't you see all of the relics of the ancient civilizations? Where are they now. And this is a verse that shows us whenever we see or we physically go to a place that has the remnants of a previous civilization, or we see such remnants on on documentaries and television, we should feel and appreciate the power of Allah and the eternity of Allah. These civilizations were so mighty and powerful in their day and age, if you were to have told one of them, that your civilization will be no more that these buildings you live in these palaces that you consider to be the best of palaces, they will be nothing but relics that people will come and visit, they would have scoffed and laughed

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at you. They would have said How could this city be destroyed? How could this civilization come to an end? But look, every single civilization on Earth has a temporary time? The greatest civilizations they leave their relics, but they themselves go away? So Allah subhana wa Allah says, Don't you think about this, oh people of Mecca, all mankind, that do you think you will live forever? Do you think you will have an eternity and today we have nations and states they consider themselves to be the most mighty and the most powerful, the superpowers on Earth. Indeed, they might be superpowers on Earth, but their time is temporary. And it is only a matter of time before other

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nations will come and replace them. And these nations will have nothing but relics that other civilizations will come and they will say Oh look, this was the civilization of this superpower. This was where such and such a king or such and such a queen or such as a president lived once upon a time such as the son of Allah. No civilization lasts forever. No Empire is eternal. Only Allah subhanho wa Taala remains. That being the case, then Allah subhana wa tada says, shouldn't you think? Shouldn't you ponder? Shouldn't you realize that your life is temporary? Hence, worship Allah to achieve the blessings of Allah in the hereafter? And Allah says, what a doubt would accurately

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hyrulean a taco. So the abode of the Hereafter is better. These apples that you live in are temporary, it is the life of the hereafter that is better. fl atacado. Don't you think about this, don't you ponder over it. 11 goes on, and he says hetta in the state as a rasuluh until finally, when the messengers give up hope.

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Well, one new unknown Kuzey boo. And they, the people thought that they were lied to. Now, this verse has two recitations to it. And we didn't talk too much about the recitation of the Quran. But there are various ways that the prophets are some would recite the Koran, and that these recitations are preserved in various what we call today, para ad, or various ways of reciting and Akira differ in certain words here and there. And sometimes these differences have differences in meanings. So this first actually has two different ways to recite it that the Prophet system used to recite it. One of them is well, one new unknown other cuisine. And the second one, well, one new under home pod

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cozy boo with a shutdown on D, that and the meaning changes accordingly. The common recitation, which is the recitation that most of my viewers will be familiar with, is well, one new unknown called cozy boo. And that is how most of the questions that they will be familiar with are printed some of the printings of the coroner or other characters such as those printed in North Africa and Algeria, in Morocco, in some countries, they are printed in a different recitation mode, and so they have in it one

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Under under good zebu, what is the difference of meaning?

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The difference of meaning if you recite it, we'll have one new unknown for the coup de boo. Then the translation becomes, the people thought that the promise of the prophets was false. The people thought that they had been lied to. The people thought the prophets came with falsehood. Whereas the other interpretation is woven into unknown other could zebu. The prophets thought that the people had rejected them. The prophets thought that the people had rejected them. Whereas the first reading, the people thought the prophets came with false with both readings are correct. There's not not such thing as an incorrect reading. So both meanings apply. Allah says, when the prophets gave

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up hope of their people converting and the prophets thought that they had been rejected Jah homeless Runa our help came to them, according to this reading, when the prophets gave up hope of their people converting and the prophets thought that the people had rejected them. That is when our help came from Joe Nostrand. strona,

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funny GM inertia, and we saved who we pleased and weak willed. So Allah azza wa jal is consoling the prophets of Allah, why do you send them? Don't think that Allah will abandon you? Yes, your people have rejected you. Yes, your people have denied you. But Allah help will come and you shall be the supreme over them. And that is exactly what happened after the revelation of this verse by only a few months, literally, a few months, maybe 20 months, the hijra occurred, and the prophets will also immigrated from Mecca to Medina, and a new phase and a new chapter began in the history of Islam, which culminated in the taking over of Mecca and the supremacy of the religion of Islam, according

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to the other interpretation, that when the prophets gave up hope of their people accepting and the people themselves thought that these prophets came with falsehood, there is no punishment. That is when the punishment of a law comes while you're up to bat Suna, Daniel Cole mill muslimeen. And our punishment will not be averted will not be saved from a disbelieving and an evil group of people, those who are Muslims, those who are evil, the punishment of a law will come to them. And a lot finishes this tool by a very beautiful reminder. Allah says Lapa they can fit across also him Reba to Al Bab very early in their stories. Allah says kasasa him many stories. And this shows us there

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are many stories within the story, right? We can follow each of these stories we can follow the story of use of we're going to follow the story of Yaqoob we can follow the story of the brothers, all of these different stories, the story of the wife of Aziz, the story of Aziz himself. Allah says in each of these stories, there is an era there is a wisdom and appointed benefit for those who think about it. And that is why the story of use of is a story that needs to be discussed, and needs to be pondered over and needs to be contemplated. Every single Muslim should read this story and think about it and benefit from it. And remember, the beginning was in the stories are benefits for

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those who asked. All you need to do is to show inquisitiveness and curiosity, and you will benefit from the story. And the more your knowledge increases. The more that you understand your religion, the more you understand Arabic and the sciences or on the more you will benefit from this story, Makana Hadith, and you've done all these are not tales that were invented. This is not falsehood. These are not fables that you tell your children. These are true stories. When I can does the color the beignet, they hear these stories affirm that which came before it, what have seen the coalition and the Quran itself is a clarification of all things. Well, who then what are your comment, you

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know, and the Quran is a guidance and a mercy for all those who believe. So Allah subhanho wa Taala concludes this surah by telling us these stories are not fables. They are not just things that that we just tell you for no reason. Rather, these stories confirm who you are. They confirm the book, they confirm the very fact that you're a prophet of God, how? Because you had no knowledge of these stories. You didn't know what happened. and ended up another verse, Allah says, You weren't present with Moses when when he was under to the center. In another verse, Allah says you weren't present when Zachary and his people argued over Imodium, you weren't there. And in this sort of Allah says

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you weren't present when the brothers of Yusuf were arguing over how to kill him and what best to do to him. So the fact that you were not present and yet you know, these intimate details is a clear indication and sign that this must have come from Allah Subhana what Allah and Allah concludes this surah and these stories by reminding us that all of these

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Benefits are present in it, that it is a guidance and it is a mercy and it is something of benefit for those who believe. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, the story of use of Allah His Salaam is a very moving story. It is a story that every single human being can connect with on many levels, mothers can connect with it and fathers can connect with it, or friends can connect with a kings can connect with it. Every single person can connect with the story of use of family history, on many different levels. There is so much benefit in the story, we can go on and on and on talking about the benefits of the story. Take, for example, the Prophet jackalberry his salon and the patience

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that he displayed and the trust that he had in Allah. And also every father will feel the pain and anguish that yaku feels how much he loved his son, and he was separated and departed from his son for so many years. And yet he remained optimistic My son will come back to me how about the brothers of use of look at the sins that they had done? they plotted and planned to kill their own brother, and they didn't kill him, but they threw him in a well and yet Allah forgives them eventually, if Allah can forgive them, surely he can forgive all of us for our sins, if we repent and turn to Allah, and of course, the most important character, the prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salaam, the fundamental

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theme of the story. If you are true to Allah, Allah will be true to you. Put your trust in Allah, worship Allah properly, be righteous and pious, and you will get the blessings of Allah in this world and the hereafter. Such My dear brothers and sisters, is the story of use of writing his setup, indeed, in their stories are much benefit for those who ponder over it. I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala allows us to be amongst those who read these stories, who understand them, who contemplate them, and most importantly, who benefit from them. May Allah subhana wa tada make us live and die as Muslims, and may He make us amongst the ranks of the righteous and the martyrs and

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the pious and the prophets will argue with that one and then hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallam about a calamity Mohammed Ali

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Baba catchable lafonda Ghana fee.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses the conclusion of Surah Yusuf and the relevance of the Surah in the context of the story. Verses 105 to 111 of Surah Yusuf are recited.

  • How many miracles and signs are present in front of us to ascertain the bounties given to us by Allah SWT, yet we completely ignore? Why do we do this? Not that they deny God, but they worship other than Allah SWT.
  • Do they feel safe and secure in this world when we hear and witness the numerous punishments of Allah SWT on a daily basis?
  • The followers of the Prophet ﷺ will follow the call to Allah alone with a firm knowledge.
  • Why are we surprised when we have Messengers coming from time to time to spread the message of Islam, the Book of Allah and the Oneness of Allah SWT?
  • The abode of the Hereafter is better than anything else of this temporary world.
  • In the stories of Surah Yusuf, there is a wisdom and a point of benefit for the one who seeks to benefit from them.these are true stories and affirm that which came before it. 
  • The Qur’an is a guidance and a mercy for those who believe.

What are the values to be imbibed and inculcated from this magnificent story? Listen intently.


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