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I will share his journey that took him to Egypt. And it's very important to note that the fit of Imam Shafi went

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through two main phases during his lifetime. He travelled to Baghdad and Iraq. And he also had books there, which demonstrated his opinions on film, and also all matters. And this was later known as Al Khadim, the old school of thought. Then he traveled to Egypt. He met with new scholars there, and he accessed new pots of knowledge. And so again, he authored books, which demonstrated his opinions on Fifth and also matters which was later known as unmanageable Jedi in the new school of thought,

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where he adjusts some of his previous positions on matters, but he affirmed most of the old ones.

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Now, having said this, this is not to say that the new school of thought that he brought together in Egypt means that he has abrogated the previous one from Iraq. No, it's just that the Shafi jurist will usually consider that the official position of the Shafi school lies in the newer opinions, which culminated in his books at rissalah. And moving on from this discussion,

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let us go on to speak about the praise, which the scholars of Islam heaped on Imam Shafi

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his teacher, Muslim, immuno harlot as its ng the Mufti of Mecca, he gave him ijazah permission a license to issue fatwa verdicts when he was just 15 years of age. And he said to him, after you have Abdullah adelakun and 250 issue verdicts or father of Abdullah issue verdicts because the time has come for you to do so, Allahu Akbar

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and that will throw another leading scholar and a contemporary he said Mara I Tomislav Shafi was left seeking, he said I have never in my life seen a person like a chef. Yeah, he nor has a chef any ever seen a person like himself.

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And Muhammad Imran ignore Abdul Hakim, he said that I have never seen a person like a chef right.

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And then he explains he says that the students of Hadith would come to him. And they would ask him about the most intricate matters of Hadith. And he would guide them to the secrets of knowledge which they had never heard of before. These are the students of Hadith themselves, He will teach them things that they had no idea of before. So they would leave and they would be amazed. He said, Then the students of fic both the students who are in agreement with Imam Shafi and in disagreement with him, they would come to his gatherings and they would live in a state of absolute submission.

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And similarly, the students of language would present the man with Chef a with poetry and he would decode it for them and help them understand it. He was he was a one man University Subhanallah

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In fact, the levels of productivity in his life. It made it so clear that he was a man whom Allah had blessed with respect to his health and his mind and his knowledge and his time. Yoda signal Abdullah Allah, he said that kind of Shafi I knew Yoda Anchieta that mean God what is a chef he used to complete the authoring of a whole book between the early morning hours and overtime noon, noon being the time where a lot of people unfortunately nowadays wake up. By that time, I see are very happy just authoring a book, The Art Allah may Allah Almighty awakeness. The biggest amounts of praise, however, heaped on even Bucha very well, perhaps by the great Imam Muhammad Muhammad, who

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studied directly beneath that Shafi for many years. Imam Muhammad never once forgot a Shafia his influence over him

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and Imam Muhammad would say Mama said I hadn't met Mr. Ratan wala column and in LA when he Shafi if you're on a team and there isn't anyone who has touched a pen or a paper, except that a chef he somehow has virtue over him for it.

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And when email Ahmed's son said to his father, Father, what type of person was a chef?

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I hear you making so much to ask for him. And I heard he said you have a oh my son.

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Kind of Chef very UK chef silly dunya what can I fear till embedded vulnerability has been I mean, fundamentally healthy. We had any mean confident Oh, I well.

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He said oh, he said my son, a chef, a chef. He was like the sun for the world.

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And like wellbeing, health for the body.

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Can there be a replacement for either Allah. In fact the MT Muhammad would make dua for a Shoshone in his Salah for around 40 consecutive years. And Imam Muhammad would cite the narration of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who said in Allah, yeah, bathroom Hill Almighty Allah ROTC coolie me at the Senate in menu jet de Rula Hadith where the prophet said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah Almighty will bring about for this Muslim owner at the end of each 100 years, a person who will renew their religion for it, revive it. So Mohammed would say, Omar Abdullah Aziz was the revivalist and the first 100 years and as Shafi was the revivalist at the end of the second

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Allahu Akbar, what do we know about the worship of Imam Shafi?

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The Imam was a devout worshipper of Allah.

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In fact, Arabia, one of the most famous of his students, he said that a chef

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would complete the RE citation of the Quran from cover to cover a staggering 60 times in the month of Ramadan 60 times the month of Ramadan. And as Al Madani, he said all of his recitation at night would be during salah.

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Sleep No, Ali, and Krawiec. He said that I spent more than one night with a chef and he would pray for around a third of the night.

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And I never saw him recite more than 50 verses That's it 50 verses reciting them carefully. But if he did recite extra, it would be 100 verses of the Quran. And whenever he would recite it is about Allah's mercy.

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He would beg Allah Almighty for His mercy and for the believers. And whenever he would come across an Ayah from the Quran that speaks of punishment, he would implore Allah for protection for himself. And for the believers.

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I will be here, another one of his students, he said that a Sheffy has divided his night into three parts. The first was for writing.

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The second third was for Salah for prayer.

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And the third was for sleep.

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And the chef Yeah, he also said that I have not eaten to my full for the last 16 years of my life

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with the exception exception to just one time that I ate my full so I put my finger in my mouth and I vomited. He said this is because being full causes laziness. It hardens the heart limits your sharpness in brings sleepiness and it weakens your worship your Allah amazing.

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What do we know of Imam Bucha is consciousness of Elias Dukkha this is a topic which continues to reappear Subhanallah in the lives of the magnificent

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because they could never have reached such levels of productivity that we speak about a marvel over an achievement without Allah's divine assistance. And this divine assistance could never have been achieved without the high levels of worship and consciousness of Allah. See how it's all linked? It's not just they were amazing people who worked hard, they put an effort so Allah help them. So if you end up not again narrated once a Prophetic narration, speaking about hearts often called fear and lovin hoping Allah Shafi heard it and he passed out, they looked at his motionless body, and they said he has died. And Sophia and he said in Mata, Mata of blue valleys, if he has died, then

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the greatest human being of his era has just died at Hamdulillah, he had not died.

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Your wish I would also keep a walking stick with him in his hand, and he was not a weak man, he was strong, but if you keep a weakness walking stick, they said, Why do you do that? He said, Leave me out the other guru. I need Moussaieff urine so that I always remember that I am in this world traveler. I'm a traveler in this world don't get too attached.

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And despite all what he had achieved in his life, even with chef here he remained as one of the most humble of human beings. And even with Chef Gary would say, out of the whole nurse Yokohama, Mala Rocco, Rocco, will axon fund la manera top level, the highest person in status is he who believes he has an act. And the most virtuous of all people is he who believes that he has done a lot of

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self admiration is something a chef and he wanted to treat it himself. And should this illness of self admiration be treated in the life of a person, then this person has automatically treated 10s upon 10s of side effects that can be

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potentially show up because of self admiration. I mean, think about it. One of the main reasons why

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somebody will struggle to accept advice number one, or will refuse to collaborate with others on a shared Muslim project, or refuses to accept an apology or refuses to offer an apology or insists on revenge, or aspires for more than revenge when someone does wrong to him, or refuses to walk away from a heated debate that's clearly not getting anywhere, or is unable to submit to an opinion that is better than his or number nine backstabs people or keeps dropping negative comments about other Muslims or number 10 is ruthless and reckless whenever supposedly refuting an innovation or any type of sin. One of the main reasons why we behave in this way

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boils down to this secret illness that we are talking about now, that hides so discreetly in the hearts of many,

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the illness of allowable self admiration. Now I ask a question here. What is it that causes people to feel self impressed? This illness that a chef a wanted to remove from his life, and he had every reason to feel self impressed, but he didn't? What is it that causes people to feel self impressed? assess it, and you will realize we have no grounds? I mean, maybe it's due to your knowledge. If it's due to your knowledge, then remember that there came a time in your life childhood when you didn't know. And if you live long enough, again, you will end up not knowing.

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And also have you not considered just how much you do not know and will never know, as Allah subhanaw taala said, well, now ot two minute AMI Illa Cadila and of knowledge, or mankind, you have only been given a letter.

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Maybe it's not the knowledge that's causing this urge the self impressed feeling? Maybe it's your authority, maybe it's your standing within the community. Maybe it's your position of influence, you're an influencer, that's causing you to feel self impressed. Well, if that's the case, ask yourself the question.

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If you were on the verge of dying from thirst, would you not give up all of those positions for a single cup of water?

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The answer is yes. Then you will say this to yourself, how worthless is authority, which in reality is not even worth a cup of water.

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Maybe it's not your authority, maybe it's your money, your savings, your cause that's causing you self admiration, will realize that if that is the case, that is one of the worst causes of pride. Because some of the finest human beings who we know today who have ever walked in the face of the earth, they were richer than you and me. So how can you accept this as a criteria of greatness for yourself money.

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And then on top of that, you got to remember that the eventual outcome of money is one of two.

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It's either a voluntary distribution through charity or it is a forceful distribution through death, it has to leave you so on what basis can wealth give birth to self admiration? If it has to bid you farewell? Sooner or later? Maybe it's your strength is now the one. Maybe it's your physique that's causing you self admiration?

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Well, if that's the one thing about the fact that animals, including donkeys, and bulls and cows, are far stronger than you will ever be, and can carry more weight than you can ever carry. So how can we as upright intelligent human beings feel self impressed because of a quality that is found in greater quantities in an intelligent creatures? Does it make sense? Finally, if perhaps it's your picturesque beauty, and your spellbinding appearance, that's causing you self admiration?

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Then please think for a moment how you looked. When you emerged from the womb of your mother. How did you look? Think again, how you should look not too long after you die? How should you look? Well, the scientists they see that 24 to 72 hours after death, your internal organs they begin to decompose three to five days afterwards, the body starts to bloat and blood containing foam starts leaking from the mouth and the nose and then eight to 10 days into your death the body turns into green that it turns red and then blood is decomposing and the organs in the abdomen are now accumulating gas. And then after the passage of several weeks, the nails the teeth they begin to

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fall out of your face and then the passage of one month after your death, the body starts to liquefy.

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We have no grounds to feel self impressed. But to glorify Allah in humility, and despite him

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whichever one possessing all of the means for self admiration, His concern was always the raising of the banner of Islam, not his own brand, his own name his own page.

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In fact, a Shafi would say in his own words, either 50 or 100, he can

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first call Redonda dotloop, Wi Fi ina interlab Wi Fi, a bobbin turtlehead he said, if you fear that your good deeds will be affected by self admiration, just do this. A Shefter He said, Remember the pleasure of whom it is whom you are seeking, meaning Allah and unremember which reward you are aspiring for eating Paradise, and remember which punishment it is that you fear, meaning the Hellfire a Shafi then concludes from an *a rafidah Lika Sakura, hang down. And whoever thinks of these matters, his deeds will all of a sudden seem a lot more insignificant.

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In fact, a Shafi was never heard raising his voice during the debate.

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And his intention was never to crush his opponent in the debate. This has to be compared, by the way to some of the most trivial conversations that take place between friends and family, where egos and self admiration and arrogance is just so admissible in their words in their reactions in their facial expressions, in their objections in their interruptions.

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Not you know, Shafi in English, if any he wants to read this, and this is one of my favorite statements attributed to the man. He said man other two hadn't gotten in the head up to a new OFAC, you said that? Well, you aren't. We are gonna holy, I mean, Allah He Whitefield in every debate of mine.

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My wish was always that Allah Almighty helps my opponent guides him and that Allah would preserve him and God to him. I think he said, while not another two, I had an Illawarra lamb Valley V and Allahu Akbar, Allah Lissoni. Only Saudi, and in all of my debates, I have never cared about whether the truth becomes apparent through me or through him. I don't care. As long as the truth becomes apparent. Why not another two I hadn't had up to unusably and I have never, in all of my debates, debated with someone and wanted my adversary to make a mistake. That never happened. Why not another two I hadn't hadn't caliber in them and endlessly ha. And never did I debate anyone for the purpose

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of overcoming him. The only intention was advice.

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High high levels, brothers and sisters, may Allah allow us to send them

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in yet another statement of Obama's Shafi which shows his pure mindset, so humbleness, and how he was a person who Subhan Allah had simply taken himself out of the equation, just wants Allah to be glorified, for goodness sake, not himself,

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a chef and he would say, What did to and then as a tandem, who has an end? One or usable, Layyah shaped women who,

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for all, Giovanni one

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I wish that people could have learned this knowledge without any of it being attributed to me.

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So Allah subhanaw taala with real broadly, and so Allah subhanaw taala would reward me for it without the need of people's praise.

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I want to share with you a few of the statements of Imam Shafi the first statement you may wish to have right he said tolerable AMI after Dolman Salatin nephila, the pursuit of knowledge is better than voluntary Salah Yeah, this needs to be qualified this statement but genuinely speaking, he said the pursuit of knowledge

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it's better more virtuous than voluntary Salah and a chef a would also say this is another statement of his whoever comes to a gathering of knowledge without a pen and paper is like the one who goes to use a mill without wheat. So Angela.

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And Imam Shafi, he would say in a profound statement. He said, Man Don Lemon Khurana album at the metal whoever learns the Quran is worth will increase. Why my mother I feel fear that he never will adapt who and whoever studies Fick highlighted haram his status increases. Woman Don Lemon yoga or whoever studies the Arabic language, his demeanor would begin to soften.

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Woman that level he said that just EULA Yoho at whoever studies mathematics, his opinions become precise. Woman cuttable Hadith can we adhere to who and whoever writes Hadith? His arguments become strong. And then he concludes women let me also let them get back home and move on and whoever does not guard himself from sins. That is knowledge will be of absolutely no use to him.

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Another one of Imam Shafi statements and this is a couplet of poetry that is famously attributed to him guiding the student of knowledge as per what he needs to achieve in turn it to become a student of knowledge. He said actually, lentil and Hamer in that we see that in certain we can't have celiac be by Ernie my brother, you will never gain knowledge in the absence of six tools. I shall inform you of them in detail. I think he said, The cartoon Watson watch the hidden what Bulava was about to study what to loser money, number one sharpness, eagerness, sacrifice, and means of wealth and the companionship of a scholar and a large length of time.

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What do we know about the death of Imam Shafi?

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After his second visit to Iraq, a chef he decided to make his way to Egypt in the year 199, after the hijra, they said to him, why are you going to Egypt, the leaving us He said to them, who now called Egypt will be the place of my Diags panelized as if Allah taught him something, arrived at Egypt, and he began to suffer from hemorrhoids. And the bleeding just didn't stop. In fact, at times he would be writing and blood would be flowing from his feet and from his toes. But he stayed active. He remained active, however, because he knew that there's only one chance to plant the seeds of good deeds as an act, but the hemorrhaging fatigued him till he finally found himself finally

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breathing his best.

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And as he was going through the throes of death, one of his students in masani entered upon a chef and he said to him, oh, Imam, how are you feeling?

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And even with Chef and he said to him, as back to me the dunya Rahila it looks like I will be departing from the world today. Well, equality Mutharika and bidding farewell to my friends while you're up be moolah and finally meeting my lord, while I did he also Euro he either agenda that he felt was that Oh, honey, you don't know if it was me. And I do not know whether my soul will be taken to paradise so that I should congratulate it. Whether my son will be driven to help so that I should mourn it.

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And then a chef and he broke down into heavy weeping. And then he began to recite his famous copies of poetry, imploring Allah subhanho wa taala, where he said, while I'm Casa Appleby, Wubba mother, Hebei, Jahan to Raja II, Dona Africa should lemma time over money then be caught on to who will be Africa rugby, Ghana, who can Alabama where he says that my heart has become hardened, and my paths have become so narrow. And during that time, I took my hope in your pardon, oh Allah as my opening and escape. He said, My sins have seemed so great. But when I compared them to your forgiveness, Oh Allah, I found that your forgiveness to be far greater than them.

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Hang on, let me come across that these words belong to a person who had lived a life of sins and addictions, time wasting, the laying of Salah procrastination play. That wasn't the case. These words and their likes were coming from people who had lives of piety and worship and teaching and repentance. But what made them so fearful and so conscious was that they realized that during those dying moments, this is when it could all go wrong. Because what is the situation of a person who fasts a whole day, but then nibbles on something minutes before sunset is fast is null and void.

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And similarly, what is the situation of a person who prays a long prayer Salah and then in the end remembers that he was not actually in a state of war, before giving his prayer is what null and void.

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And similarly, there may be a person who leads a long life of outward righteousness,

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outward worship, but during those closing moments, everything could change and that hidden defect shows up and it prevents you from dying as a Muslim. We have no guarantees on how our ending shall be upon Islam or other than Islam. But we do have indications and I want to share with you one of those indications.

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mentioned by Mr. Tanaka theodosis tafsir he said

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Hatfield or al Islami very highly so hottie come was salah, later moved to LA he, he said take care of your duties as Muslims during your times, other health and well being. If you have any desire to die upon Islam, then Imam McCarthy's

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in Al Karim are the gerada who will be Karami under Humann Asha Hannah che in murder allergy woman Murtala Xiang in boisar, Allah He, he said because Allah, the Most Generous has once again displayed to us His infinite generosity and Allah has decreed that whoever lives upon something will die upon that thing, and whoever dies upon something will be resurrected upon the same thing.

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That is your indication.

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Finally, on the last night of the month of Rajab, in the New Year 204, after the hijab in Egypt, emammal Shafi soul who had returned back to its creator, at the age of 54 years old Arabia, even Musharraf, a student he said I saw a selfie in a dream after he died I said to him further of Abdullah masala Allah will be counted Allah receive you what happened when you met Allah? A chef? Yeah, and you said agilus Any Allah corsi in MediaHub wonderful Rolla Yun look are rotten. Allah sat me on a throne of gold and he poured over me the purest of pearls Allahu Akbar Allah may Allah Subhana Allah have mercy upon the great Imam Shafi making have mercy upon us and allow us and our

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project is to follow upon his legacy and to live a life of vision setting and highest aspirations would have to be like a blood I mean