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AI: Summary © The Bible is often considered to be the universal source of worship, with various interpretations and parables mentioned. The importance of the heart and soul are discussed, as well as the need for caution and awareness of events happening across the world. The importance of establishing connections with a law and being mindful of one's talents is emphasized, along with the need to be aware of negative consequences of not having a connection with Allah.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Allah Hamdi in Al Hamdulillah YOLO B and Coloma Rosa,

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me shadow team MOBA Raka you call to me? shadow Timo Baraka to say tonight tuna tuna la tional thing

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All praise is due to a loss of Hannah which either we praise Him and we seek his help. And we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our actions. Indeed, whomever Allah subhana wa tada guides, none can misguide. And whomever Allah misguides none can guide him back to the straight path. I bear witness and I testify that there's no deity worthy of worship other than Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final prophet and his most perfect worshiper. No, my dear brothers and sisters, that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has commanded us to fear Him and to have consciousness of him for he says, Yeah, you 100

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Athena motoko la halco tokachi wala to mutanda 11 to Muslim moon, or people or mankind or believers, Fear Allah azza wa jal and be conscious of him the way that he deserves and do not die except in the state of Islam. As to what follows my dear brothers and sisters in Islam. If you look at the beautiful verses of the Quran, you find that the one verse that has received the most commentary in our entire 14 and a half centuries of history, the one verse that has generated more Tafseer literature than any other verse is the famous verse of suta Nur called the verse of light iron door, which goes along who knew somehow it will, Allah is the light of the heavens and earth. This one

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ayah has generated treatises, Yamamoto has already wrote an entire booklet on it, it has generated so much differences of opinion and so much rich literature about how to understand it. And in today's brief kotoba in shallow data, I want to summarize one basic understanding with the caveat that this is just one interpretation. There are many dozens of other in fact paradigms, how do we interpret this verse, but to know something is better than to know nothing? So in today's brief, I want to go over this verse so that inshallah tada we have a deeper appreciation of it. The verse of course, we have all heard it is recited so frequently in the Salawat. It's a very beautiful verse,

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Allah Who knew somehow what he will out? Allah is the ruler of the heavens and earth. What does it mean that Allah is the ruler of the heavens and earth? There are three interpretations given, number one, Allah is the Creator of the lights of the heaven and earth. In other words, a lot more no wood is similar to an Earth. Every light that you see a lot of gifted us it's an Of course this is something that is explicit in the Quran. Allah says in the Quran, Lazarus Julie shamcey what comedy was to do the lady holla cohoon don't prostrate to the Sun and Moon rather prostrate to Allah subhana wa Taala who created them? And Allah azza wa jal reminds us in the Koran, or a to menjaga

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Allahu Allah como Laila sarmad and Isla yom Okayama men Allahu lado La Jolla Tikkun Biblia if Allah immerse you in

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perpetual darkness which God besides a law would give you a light and if Allah immerse you in perpetual light, who could bless you with darkness, one mil Rama t Giacomo, Laila one hour of His mercy of his blessings, he has gifted you the night and the day, he has given you darkness and light so that you can be active in one and sleep in the other. So the first interpretation, Allah is the one who created the light of the heavens and earth, and this is a valid interpretation, all three are valid By the way, the second interpretation, the Nord here Allahu semi walk us out, is not the physical light of the eyes. It is the spiritual light of the soul, ie Allahu Allah to Allah. Allah

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guides people to the truth, because the truth is called Noor and the Quran is called nor and Islam is called nor one Zenn la comme Noora Medina. So when Allah is the one who is saying he is notice and I want to find out he is saying he is the one who guides people, you reach your home in Novato Mati either No, he is the one who guides people from darknesses of injustice darknesses of oppression darknesses of schilke, to the light of tawheed, to the light of the kalama. So the second meaning of Allahu nudo semi was out is that Allah is the one who blesses with the spiritual light of the soul. So the first is the physical light of the eyes. And the second, the spiritual light of the

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soul. Both meanings are valid, obviously, the third interpretation, Allahu nulu, semi what you want out, who are Allah Hakata Allah is the Lord of the heavens and earth, and the names of Allah is new to sumati will and Allah is new to sumati will, and we affirm it without thinking how and this is also a correct interpretation because of the names of Allah is new to semi watty without and we can call upon a law and say yeah, Nora sama what you will out because of the names of Allah is notice about what he went out. So Allah is new to somehow what you will not in a manner we don't think about, nor are we obliged to question, nor even can our brains and our intellect comprehend. And

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this is something that has also proven in the sun as well. In the famous hadith of Buddha fit when our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was taken to Israel, El Mirage, and he came back down without a fight he the famous Sahaba he said, the famous Hadith in Sahih, Muslim yat rasulillah hell or Arabic or messenger of Allah, did you see your Lord Allah? Did you see him? Did you see a lot? It's a question on the minds of the Sahaba when you went up there, you had a private conversation. Did you see Allah yada suta Allah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam responded? No.

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There was light. How could I see him? There was light. How could I see him? You know, we are so weak. So panela if we don't have light, we are blinded. And if we have too much light, we are blinded. That's why when they go when the regimes want to torture somebody they shine light into their eyes, right? Because then you're blinded. If you're driving on the highway, the other guy's has a full beam. You get angry. I can't see anything too much light blinds us. We cannot see anything. When the profitsystem went up there. He said there was light everywhere. What could I see? What light did he see? Did he see a lot of xojo? No, because law to the record of saltwater collapse

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or no eyes can encompass a lot, a lot encompasses eyes, we will not see a lot in this dunya our prophets are seldom said and documented on or have become hesitant to move to you will not see your Lord until you die in the accurate that is one we hope to see Allah Subhana which Allah May Allah make us amongst those people but in this dunya in this life, we will not see a lot what did our Prophet sallallahu slmc Hadith in Sahih Muslim and other had he tells us our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in a long Hadith the phrase we're interested in, hey job or who nor lo kashia. Who the rocket super hard to watch he he meant he was a Roman Holiday. A laws he job is nor Allah has a

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hijab. Allah has a hijab. This isn't the Hadith, but you see the hijab that our sisters wear is a hijab that blocks light it is a job that covers it is a hay job that prevents light a loss Hey job is light Hey job Oh no, Allah has taken a hedge up that hay job that covering it is light and if he were to lift that covering Why has taken a hedge up the head he tells us low cash offer who if allow her to lift that hey job, rocket super hard to watch he he the rays of light that come from his face. So we'll have we say in Arabic super hard to chumps the rays of the sun. So we'll have are the rays of light that come. So the rays of light that would emanate from his face would be so powerful,

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they would destroy everything that the eyes can see which means the entire creation

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We know this from the story of Musa alayhis salaam, right hon ln terani what I can do real Jabari finish Sakura McCann Office of Attorney General Rabu Jabari Giada, who can walk around Moses via the mountain cannot bear to see Allah azzawajal How can a methoxy Allah so as a mercy to them, Look, Allah has lived, Allah has covered himself with a veil, and the veil is a veil of light. So when our Prophet says and went up to Israel in Mirage, and he spoke with Allah directly, he went to a place where God could gather Baba kasino at dinner, he was closer to even to Bo's length, he went up to a place, even jabril could not go and he was in the presence of a law, and he was in the presence of

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the Hey job of a law, but he did not see Allah subhanho wa Taala he did not see a law. That's why when without asked him, did you see a lot, he said, What new era there was light, how could I see him and the light that he saw was the light of the hijab of Allah Subhana which Allah so Allah who knows somehow what he was, Allah is the Buddha semi what you will now have these three interpretations, all three are valid, however, it is the second one that plays the motif of the verse of Iota nor it is the second one in which node becomes symbolic of Allah hedaya, in which node is the node of the man and the node of the hub. Why? Because even abovesaid and to see the poverty

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it is narrated that this ayah is a method, it's a parable. This idea is a metaphor. It's a symbolism of the new of a man, that a lot of places in the middle of the movement. So the whole idea alone is similar to an old is about what it is the new of a man, the knower of the kelemen, the knower of Islam, that Allah subhanho wa Taala places in the heart of the believer, and this is the paradigm that I will give the hood but from do realize a footnote here, a lot of different paradigms are available. So many others of us are given in this book, but we will stick with what had been busted and give a basic level interpretation based upon the fact that this verse is a metaphor of the rule

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of law that he places in the hearts of the believer, based upon that we move on methadone already he can be shot and famous by el mismo huizhou ga three things are mentioned the civil tude of his light, meaning the light of a man now, because that's where we're going with the simile today of the light of a man in the heart of the believer, methadone od he kamisha cotton fee hammer spa and then his wife is to Georgia three things are mentioned Michigan, but what is Michigan, Michigan is a crevice or a niche that is dug into the wall to put a candle. In the good old days when they didn't have any electricity, they would have candles they would have lanterns and to make the lantern

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maximizes benefit, they would have knishes crevices put into the walls and if you go to any old Masjid in the world, you will find those crevices they would put the candle there so that the light is reflected back so that it is protected from the elements and the wind. That is the mascot. The mascot has the misfire The mizpah has the candle The mizpah has the lantern, the mizpah is inside the the Sujata Sujata is the the the crystal Sujata is the glass By the way, notice advanced bollock or Arabic here allow one from the outer to the inner to the middle, he didn't go from the outer to the middle to the inner allow went from the outer jump to the middle, and sorry, jumped to the

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center then went out. And this is called lt fat or your mind is paying attention. It's not going the way that you would think you would go so that you pay more attention what's going on. So the point is a lot is saying there's three things here, there's a niche, and then there's a glass, and then there's a light or a candle inside the glass, right? This is the example what do these three symbolize once again, there are 25 opinions, but for the sake of our codebook one of the main opinions which is shallow seems very, very simple and straightforward. The mascot is the chest of the believer, the chest and the zoo, Georgia, the crystal is the heart and the candle is the man

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that is in the heart. Okay, so the candle represents the man. And the crystal or the glass represents the club. And the Mischka represents the chest that is protecting the earth. And this is such a powerful metaphor, because we believe that the repository of a man is in the club, our Profit System tap to shoulder and he said his heart and he said a taco Hakuna a taco ha hoonah a taco Hakuna This is where taco comes. And Allah says in the Quran. For in Tamil Nadu Well I can tell Aloo bility for sure. This does not blind the eyes. It blinds the heart that is in the chest. The repository of Eman is the URL and the URL is in the chest. So this whole metaphor is the metaphor of

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the light of a love that is placed in the color of

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believer, and especially number one, the caliber of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The primary metaphor here is the color of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even though at some level, all the bulbs of the believers can be included in this metaphor. So Allah is telling us that the heart is compared to a zoo Georgia, it is compared to a crystal it is compared to a glass. And what a powerful metaphor when a law called the heart glass, what a powerful metaphor. Why? Because glass comes in various shapes and sizes, glass comes in many different varieties. You have glass, that is see through and you have glass that is opaque, and you have glass that gives you the

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opposite image you see yourself a mirror. So to are the hearts of the people. There are people whose hearts are pure, you see through them, their actions demonstrate their reality. They're simple people good people, you have those who they're a little bit different. What they portray is different than what is inside of them. So they have a covering. And then you have an area to Billa we seek Allah's refuge, the pure Moana, his outer is completely opposite to his inner, his outer has complete opposite to what the inner is, as well. Some glass is fragile, and some glass is hard. So to is the heart. Some hearts are so fragile, something small, something trivial, and the heart might

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break. And other hearts are so hard thammakaset boo boo Mumbai de la liga for here girl, hey Giada to shadow casa, some glasses so hard if you hit somebody might die with that glass. So to Allah is saying some hearts are so hard that they're harder than rock. They're harder than rock. No matter what you do. The cold never becomes soft. So Subhana Allah Allah is comparing the job to a zoo judge because the judges comes in different shapes and sizes, different varieties. So Georgia comes some soft, some heart some see through some translucent, so to the job of the people is different. Not everybody is the same. The pure the person, the pure the heart, the pure the human will shine out,

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and that that is the caliber of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then Allah says Allah miswak was a zoo judge coca boondall read the glass itself. Now even Abbas said, this metaphor is to the Prophet sallallahu I sent him his heart. The primary reference here is the caliber of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, those recharges the glass itself can go kaboom. Dorian itself is like a star that is giving off light. Even before the candle is placed in the lantern. The lantern is already alight. The lantern is so pure, the glass is so pure, the case is so pure. And this is the caliber of our Prophet system before the man came down from Allah subhanho wa Taala his

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art was already pure, his heart was giving out light even before the candle the Quran came down that is the first 40 years of his life right so a zoo charger the lights are sorry, the the the fragile glass itself and the hot cocoa bondo region itself was like a shining star doesn't mean necessarily the light the lights going to come more, but the heart is already pure. Now. The question arises, where is this lantern getting its oil from because every Lantern, every candle has wax. Every lantern has paraffin, it has some oil, where is the oil coming from? Allah says in the Quran, you call the woman shedule Ratan mobile rocketing, they tune it in luxuriate in wala orbia the oil is

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being extracted, because every candle needs an oil, the oil is being extracted from a genre that is bless it. It is neither East nor West it's not of this dunya this shujaa this tree is not to this world. It is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And one interpretation which seems to be the very good one, this shujaa is the ledger of Eman because Allah says in the Quran and until okay for Dada Allahu method and kennametal de Botton kashia giora tiempo, Allah gives the example of the ledger of being La Ilaha Illa law of the ledger of being the origin of the ledger being a large revelation. So Allah is saying the oil of this lamp is coming from Allah is ye from the heavens, and that's why he

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is saying the tree is neither East nor Western. You're not going to find that tree. It is an olive tree. Why Olive because all those symbolizes Jerusalem, and the majority of profits of a lot walked and lived in Jerusalem, hundreds of prophets of Allah Jerusalem is associated with the land of profits out there Mubarak, Alabama does, and so Jerusalem is represented here in the symbolizing that this is the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala you will call human shegerian Mobile rocket and say to Latin law shall th and voila cobia the oil that is being exchanged.

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From the tree of Eman the tree of the Koran the tree of Allah's revelation, then Allah subhana wa tada says yakka do say to her you will be who will follow them. Tim says who now the oil that is being extracted from this tree is so beautiful and blessed and pure, that this oil is giving out light without the candle even touching it. The oil itself is giving out light it doesn't need the candle. So now Allah has said there's the candle giving out light. There's the bulb that's giving out light. There's the oil that's giving out light. And this is the Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet system. What's going to happen when the oil that is set to light and the heart that is a

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light with the nude of Allah, what's going to happen when the enlightened oil meets the enlightened neutron Allah no light expounded to light, light to the power of light, light, compounded with light. There's nothing but light neuron other node, you have the node of the color of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. You have the node of the purity of his cloud, you have the neural coming from Allah, the Koran, all of this coming together. Then Allah says no neither nor light upon light. Yeah, de la who Lino de Manya Sha, Allah guides to his light. This goes back remember the three interpretations we said number two seems to be the motif of this verse. Now we see why. Yeah, de la

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who Lino de Allah hedaya Allah guidance to his light. Allah is the one who guides people to light. Yeah, the law who denuded him and Yasha Allah guides people to this light whomever he wants, what we call variable law and unfettered in US will load the coalition Adam and Allah gives parables to mankind, and Allah azza wa jal is aware of everything. This is a beautiful metaphor of a man in the heart of the believer, it is such a powerful metaphor that should make us think about this reality. And we conclude this first hope, by reminding ourselves that, in fact, we want to achieve this light, we want this light in this dunya and in the era, we want light upon light, we want us to have

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this light in this dunya and that light is Allah hedaya and we want to have this light in the cupboard, because our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the abode of walmartone, many uttara Allah Allah, most of the graves are dark and dank. And one of the daughters of the Prophet system our love No widow borana we want kookaburra to be mono water, we want light in the cupboard, and on the Day of Judgment, all light will be extinguished. And then Allah azza wa jal will tell the people go to gender, how will they go to Gen and cross the Surat when there is no light? Allah subhana wa Taala says in the Quran, that they themselves that that the believers will see yes, neuro

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home baignade he will be a man him their bodies will start giving out light and they will see light as far as they can see. And they will say Rob banner ads Milena neuron well fildena our law perfect our light and allow us to be forgiven. So we want know how do we get nor much can be said simplistically, again time is always limited and against us. Number one, the biggest source of nor the versus self tells us the Quran. The Quran because Allah calls it the shogunate to mubaraka Tenzin that's the Quran. That's the number one source of North reading the Quran memorizing the Quran, acting upon the Quran being associated with the Quran and the people of the Quran. That is

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the number one source of Rule number two of the sources of note is signer and sadhaka. This will also give us new on the day of judgment and in our cover salah and sadhaka. Number three specifically a number of things have been mentioned as being linked with nor and of them is coming to the masajid for solid solfeggio and salata, Alicia our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Bashir al Masha inna feel volum be nude Meo Malka, Yama give glad tidings to those who are walking in the darkness of the night and the days and the early mornings. Those who come to the darkness in the darkness to the masjid give them glad tidings that they will have full light on Judgement Day

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praying fudger in jamara at in the masjid praying at Isha when it is all dark, everybody is going to sleep and you make it a point to want to come pray fudger now obviously brothers and sisters, let me ask you honestly, the one who comes prays budget in the masjid. What is his level of demand going to be right? It's a symbolism here. Do you think the one who prays for budget in the masjid will then be backbiting and stabbing others throughout the day? The one who prays fudge it in the masjid has established a level of Eman the level of taqwa Bashir will Misha inophyllum be noted Tammy Yama, Yama. The point is to summarize, every good deed is a type of node. Every good deed is a type of

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node that will benefit us in this dunya and in the copper and in the

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out here and of course making dua to Allah subhana wa tada to perfect our light that is also one of the ways we can perfect our light. May Allah Subhana Allah bless me and you with and through the Quran. May He make us of those who is versus they understand and who implement is held on and held on throughout our lifespan. I ask Allah forgiveness, you as well asked for his food, the ramen

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Alhamdulillah Why hadn't I had a summit la de la Mila, mula tolomeo colo loco when I had to

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do Muslims, let me break away from the first part of the hood but and just remind myself and all of you that the incidents of the last 1520 years across the globe, they should be a source of concern and alarm for all of us. And I say this not to be the bearer of dreadful news or to make us a sense of dread or gloominess. That's not our *ty I know.

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I say this so that we should be prepared if and when situations change. Look at what is happening across the oma look at the situation in Burma. in Kashmir, the velocity situation has gone from bad to much worse in so many ways. Look at what is happening in the ancestral homeland of myself, many of us in India right now, the rise of this Neo fascist anti Islamic strain across the globe. In the Western world, presidential candidates are being elected on the stage and platform of Islamophobia. This is unprecedented politicians across Europe in my own land of America. This is now a slogan they use Islam hates us, and they're elected because of the sentiment. Dear Muslims, we never have the

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luxury of living aloof lives. But especially now, especially now, the situation seems very tense across the globe, we our religion, our faith is the center of the news and almost every single incident taking place. Much can be said time is always limited. I simply want us to be cognizant and aware that things are happening. situation is changing. So many lands 510 years ago, were at peace, and now they're in Civil War. Syria is the prime example. Yemen is another example no one could ever imagine a decade ago that Syria would be the situation it is in now over a million and a half killed over 10 million expelled. May Allah have mercy on the people of Syria and all of the Muslim woman

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across the world who could have imagined this is going to happen. Nobody could have predicted this. The Syrian people were living relatively different lives than they are living now. They would never have imagined what guarantee do we have that what is happening there is not going to happen at other places in the world. Dear Muslims, we never have the luxury of being disconnected from a law but especially now, how can we be blind to what the what is happening in the world today? How can we pretend as if everything is casual and normal, this is not normal, and the way things are heading, Allah knows best it might get much, much, much worse before it gets better. Allah knows best we

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asked for less protection, but the way things are heading, it does not bode everything positively. But dear Muslims, never lose hope. My purpose here is not to bring dread and gloom. gloom. My purpose here is to bring awareness to bring a sense of cognitive recognition that this is not normal, we need to do something. Now what do we need to do that is a whole long topic and whatnot. But just to just give you some main points. First and foremost, the most important thing we need to do in the face of all of what's happening in the world. Number one, we need to establish a connection with a law in our personal lives. In Thun sobre, la Yun soracom. If you do not have a

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connection with Allah, and if I do not have a connection with Allah, then there is no point in life itself. If we have a law hamdulillah we don't need anything else. And if we don't have a law that we have, nothing has to be Allahu wa near Milwaukee. If we have Allah subhanho wa Taala hamdulillah. So we need to get our rituals in order. We need to be saying our saw the Watchtower of God, our Koran, we need to start raising the bar of our own religiosity. Make sure that we have enough spiritual awareness. Make sure that we have enough Eman and taqwa to face the years ahead of us because without that alone with Stan, there is no hope. Number two after that we need to start being aware

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of what's going on. start understanding don't live aloof lives. This is our oma our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, if one finger of the of the body of the tumors in hurt, the whole body is in pain. We don't just have a finger we have a major hemorrhage across our entire body. We have cuts and wounds that might be

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Do mortal but they are not mortal because Allah azza wa jal protect the oma we're always going to be here until judgment and hamdulillah but any other doctor, if he were to look at the status of the oma, they might give the verdict that said, yeah and at the end is near, it's not near because Allah will protect this oma until Judgment Day and hamdulillah we know this, but look at what is happening. Be aware, start following the news. Understand that things are changing. And then number three, and I'll leave it vague and open because again, every one of us has a talent. Every one of us has a passion. We need to do something with our talents and passion for the room, whether it is

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social media, whether it is social work, whether it is volunteering in the messages, we need to do something have a higher purpose in life than just going to work and earning money and eating and drinking and procreating. We are not animals where human beings have a higher goal. Don't just have a goal to live for the sake of living. Do something for Allah subhana wa tada that will be eternal. Now what that is only you know, because you have talents I don't have and I have talents you don't have we all have different talents. Every one of us can contribute positively to the oma don't just think there's only one thing that I can do. No, every one of us look at the Sahaba they had a boo

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Herrera who was not a warrior. He was a memorizer of Hadid. They had hardly nobody who barely memorize the juice of the Quran. But what he did for the oma the Quran could not do they had obeyed and kept they had so many of the Sahaba they had his son even sabbat who was a poet, he was not a person who did anything, no money, no jihad. That's not his. He was a poet and artist, and he helped Islam in ways that even obachan irmo could not do. Everyone has a talent, find your talent, nurture that talent and then under the umbrella of the oma contribute something so that insha Allah, Allah you can say on Judgement Day, Oh Allah, I couldn't do XYZ but I could do ABC This is what I did.

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This is the talent you gave me a law This is what I did. And perhaps insha Allah tada perhaps in that will be our salvation will be our protection from the the problems of gamma and also will form meanings in our lives because that's what life is all about contributing positively for the higher cause. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us with all that we do. I'm making their eyes to say I mean, although we ask that you do not leave any sin of ours except that you forgive it to a law and any sickness of ours except that you have cured it or a law and any disease of ours except you have eliminated or a law and any debt of ours except that you have repaid it or a law and any missing

00:32:26--> 00:33:02

person except that he comes back safely Oh Allah, Oh Allah we ask that you bless this oma and protect this Oh Allah. Oh Allah make this oma blessed and peaceful Oh ALLAH and protect it from all those who desire for it evil Oh Allah. Oh Allah make us all instruments of good Oh Allah. Oh Allah allow others to see the beauty of Islam through our actions or law or Allah allow us to be keys that open up doors of good in front of others over law and our law we seek refuge from the key being keys that open up doors of evil Oh Allah. Oh Allah bless us and our children after us with a love of the Quran. Oh Allah. Oh Allah allow our children and grandchildren to pray regularly. Make them love the

00:33:02--> 00:33:39

Quran. Oh Allah, make them love Allah Allah make them love to hate Oh Allah, Oh Allah protect our children and their children after them from the environment that we're in a will law unto hydron half we don't want our hammer raha mean, dear Muslims, Allah has advised you with an advice that he began with himself and then he commanded the angels to themselves. And then he told us to do it ourselves. For he says in the Quran in the law woman, it could be your saloon either nebby Yeah, you unloading amanu sallu alayhi wasallam with us Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik with an abductor Asuka Mohammedan while early he was a big marine rebuttal law in the law of mobility with

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air standing with

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actual moon caribou belly. Machado Kuru. Kuru. Kuru. Kuru. Yes. What did they call it? a kebab. Okay Masada

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in Fei

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