Abdul Nasir Jangda – Tafseer Of Surah Yaseen Ayahs 48-50

Abdul Nasir Jangda
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim see

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way or

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other is yourself to your own at

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the gym

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Chava. Today we'll be selling item 4849 and 50.

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So as we were talking about yesterday with the three if we studied yesterday where the beginning or the first part of the conclusion of the second part of the sort of the second passage within the sutra. So once again to briefly recap, just so it doesn't get confusing, the first part of the sutra focuses heavily on rissalah, the concept of prophethood. And messenger, the second part of the suit of the second passage that we've been setting over the last few days, or the last week or so, is focusing on the concept of though hate the central focus of the central and most important concept of terrain, the oneness of Allah. And the three if you studied yesterday, or the beginning of the or

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the first part of the conclusion of that passage, and we saw how it was kind of wrapping things up, the three that we're going to study today, 4849 and 50. conclude this passage, and inshallah from tomorrow, we'll be starting a new message that's going to focus on the life of the hereafter. So the last passage that we studied yesterday's portion, it talked about how when these people are told to, to live a life of consciousness awareness of what they're doing that so that they can receive the mercy of the law. And now whenever assigned from the miraculous signs of a law, whenever it came to them, they only responded with one thing. And that was intentional, deliberate, arrogance, and they

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were complete, they completely ignored it. And they completely just walked away from it, they wanted nothing to do with it. And then the last part of yesterday's lesson we talked about is number 47, in which when they're told to spend from that which is provided for you, the people who disbelieve or are ungrateful, the saints are the ones who have believed, should we feed the people that our fellow wanted them to be fed, he would have fed them himself in a movie. And now it shows the arrogance of these people, the stubbornness of these people, and how when there is a persistence of on this obedience, on gratefulness, and this belief, it kind of leads to even the brain really not

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functioning, people start to say unreasonable things, they start to speak in very inappropriate tones and manner. And so it kind of shows where their disbelief where their Kufa has taken them, that has taken them literally to the depths of stupidity, foolishness. And now in today's passage, ilustrado. Donna doesn't discuss how their logic is faulty, and how they're this this premise that they are acting on that how this is completely false and doesn't make any sense. Allah subhanaw taala lets it speak for itself that it is so foolish. It is so senseless, and it is so blatantly disobedient and disrespectful that it speaks for itself. Now, what happens is that when they reach

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this point of arrogance, stubbornness, and they're being reminded what I have to learn,

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well, I have to learn once a while I learned to love them.

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When they're being reminded over and over and over again, in different ways. And they continue to respond with one way, arrogance, stubbornness, ignorance, and they continue to respond and react in this manner.

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Eventually an issue is one a warning is issued.

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Eventually a warning is issued to them. Listen, you need to you need to change your ways. You need to realize the error of your wings. Otherwise the punishment of a law could befall you. Something horrible could come to you. You'll have the answer. You have to deal with the consequences of your choices and your actions.

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When this warning is given to them.

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Once again their arrogance their stubbornness, their Khufu doesn't allow them to heed the message. To hear the wake up call. They respond with even more arrogance.

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They respond with even more mockery way and so I number 48 a last one that says wait hold on and what do you what do they say? And now that not all what they are saying right now but what will they continue to say? It's move on to the present and future tense verb. So what are they saying they are saying and they will continue to say Yo una Mata Hubba wha When will this promise come? as wide as promised? This is warning letter When is it going to come out? What is this warning? When is this is promised going to arrive in Clinton saga. If you are actually telling the truth. In WooThemes other thing if you are really actually truthful people, your honest people like you say you are your

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people have this high morality. Remember, we talked about the morality. Your people have such high standards and high such high morals and ethics and faith and belief and practice in social conduct. Wow. Phil is a great people winces promise. When is it going to go? You see the the arrogance, the conceit, the mocking.

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And so where's this promise?

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Last February with Thomas says that I am number 49 a very stern warning. My young Luna illa wahida

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they are not waiting in line except for slay head that remember I explained the meaning of say hello previously Say hi means like a blast like a shriek like a loud sound. A piercing? Definitely.

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Loud Sound. Why either one, one loud explosion one loud sound like that.

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That will take them they'll * them up while

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while while they are arguing and debating. While they're fighting and arguing and debating and confronting. They will * them, it will take them in the blink of an eye. Now let me explain to scientists for a moment. You remember that the previous passage also ended on the same note, when it talked about them refusing and rejecting the messengers and killing that man that spoke on behalf of the messengers and supported the messengers. What did Allah subhanaw taala say that a London made some huge elaborate arrangement in preparation for their destruction. No ilustrado minds are not allowed for me meme and body image.

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analysis we don't send it down from people like this. They're not worth the trouble. In Canada.

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It was nothing but one loud piercing sound that literally made their heads explode.

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They were just put out like that, like you put out a candle, *,

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So similarly, allies, and in this with that same note that they can continue to disobey disbelief, ignore or reject refuse the clear evidence, signs of a law that are all around them. They can continue to do.

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But Allah says my eluna they say when is the promise coming? We're waiting bring it. Allah says they're waiting for nothing. But that one loud piercing, deafening explosion sound.

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Dakota will * them up, they'll be done in a in an instant? Well, while they're just standing around fighting and talking and arguing with each other, the same arrogance, the same argument that they're presenting the same mocking and cheering and this behavior, they'll literally be standing there engaging in misbehavior. And as they speak, boom, what at once it will occur, and they'll be done in an instant.

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And somehow wanting their lost power to other users in the construction in the language of desire. When he talks about them, they are not waiting, he does not take my order. He says my younger, there's a difference. They both come from the same route. And interlock means to wait for something

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young, that comes from another, which the root of the word actually means to look. And it can also be used in the meaning of waiting for something. But it means more. So when you are waiting for something by looking at it. Like literally you're just watching.

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Just watching it approach. You know, when you're waiting for a train, you're sitting there waiting, but you can start to see it from half a mile away. And just keep watching it. Just sitting there watching it. So it's almost like you see it coming. So annaleigh might

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literally just be standing.

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They'll just be standing there. It'll be right there in front of their faces, because it's their own actions that are that this is a result of consequences. And we'll be standing there arguing and debating the way they're doing with the messengers. The way they're refuting this, the clear proofs of lost power and his oneness. And while they're they're arguing and debating and speaking in this manner.

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Like that they're done. They're completely gone.

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That one piercing sound and they're done for

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me on a dosia Allah spirit, Allah says they will not be able to, they will not have the ability to don't see it and don't see a means to basically will something like a last will a last testament, sort of like your final words, your final wish,

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what is your dying wish.

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And this is something very profound the lessons, they won't even have the opportunity, they won't have the ability to make a last dial will to be able to just say something to someone that just please watch out for this, or take care of this or just nothing, they won't have a chance to say anything. And I want you to think about what that means.

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First of all, it shows how unfulfilled their life was.

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They refuse they rejected, they didn't believe why because they wanted to live it up in this life. But their life was so unfulfilled, that they weren't even able to make a dying wish a last request.

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They weren't able to make a last will. They wouldn't say anything before they die. Nothing so unfulfilled. Not only that, but there's something else to think about. You know, when somebody is convicted of a crime, and they're sentenced to death.

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They're sentenced to death, they get the death penalty. He's on death row. This person's going to he's a no criminal, convicted criminal, and he's going to be executed for his crime.

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Does anyone that to speak think about it if it's a serial killer,

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if it's a serial murderer, * killer, to some horrible scum of a human being.

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But even that guy doesn't get a last dying request.

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Yeah, they live and talk to a priest. They left me with some of his family members. They asked him what you'd like to eat for his last meal. And when they have them strapped up in the execution chamber.

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They even let him say last few words. Anything you want to say?

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You want to apologize to the family you want to say anything? I mean, even somebody in that position gets to say something has some last time requests of will these people not even that much for adults? What am I being of your own, and nor are they returning back to their family?

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They will not return back home to their family. They won't get to see their family again. That's it, they're done.

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So this is Allah subhanaw taala talking about the result, the consequences, the outcome of these people? What is going to happen? What is going to transpire with these people very similar to the fate of the people that we talked about? who refused? who rejected the messengers in Ghana? laughs and Hunter wahida failure kamijo yeah has certain other team members soon.

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So similarly, here last night hotel is letting us know that these people as well, that myeloma Illa say

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that they are similarly going to just one sound one piercings out. And that's it. While they're still standing around, arguing and debating with each other, and arguing about what did I do up to this demand the apparent, refusing to believe in that which was beneficial for them, they did themselves and this is a consequence or result of their own choice in their own actions. May Allah protect us all. So this concludes the second passage inshallah, from tomorrow we'll start the,

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the next passage which will be focusing on the life of the hereafter in some kind of way. You will

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