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That was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva

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La Mulana Viva Viva La Motta vadoma de la kita Baba kitabi

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Allah Sheree Tabata Shariati.

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mavado favela Jimenez shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Rahim in Nevada law homina Nevada Hello Allah. Allah Allah Zim.

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My dear respected elders and brothers

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from time to time as we are aware,

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together with relevant topics, we also speak on events and personalities of the past.

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And the intention is to be inspired by the lives to be able to put it into practice. There is a reason why we speak about events of the past not to

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have memories of the glory without putting it into practice, because that would be meaningless. It would have no meaning. The only reason we do so is that we benefit from the past and we speak about them, so that we can put it into practice, someone has very beautifully said that you cannot plan for the future, but in the present,

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you cannot plan for the future, but in the present and you cannot benefit from the present, but by looking at the past,

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you cannot bear you cannot plan for the future. But now, you can plan for the future in the future then it would be a failure and you cannot plan in the present but by looking at the past therefore laterra says locker canopy Casa see him Ebro to Lee oral album. Very early in the incidents that we make mention of in the Quran. There are lessons for people who have intelligence. Now the person that I would like to speak about today, although previously whenever we have spoken, we have by and large spoken about

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the MB Alamo Salatu was salam, our beloved nivia, cream sauce alum and the Sahaba Vikram Ridwan Allahu taala, no madman, and no doubt they are the beacons of Hidayat, they are the greatest people whom we can draw inspiration from.

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However, today I would like to speak about the Tabby

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and very seldom we have done so that someone who was after the time of the Sahaba and perhaps they are very few people outside the Sahaba who have had such an impact upon human morality upon human values upon a ruler the way there was like this person, the person whom I'm referring to Omar bin Abdulaziz Rama Talalay Omar bin Abdulaziz Rahmatullah Ali was a tremendous in a unique person.

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He was born in the 61st year after his re making it just about 50 years after the death of our beloved nebbia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. His father was a person who was in Egypt. He was the viceroy or the governor of one of the omiya, the healer Khalifa in Egypt. His mother was may ask him on may ask him, and she was the grand daughter of the first Omar

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Abdul Aziz Abdul Allah is known as Omar the second, his mother was the granddaughter of the first Omar Omar Anahata roseola Toronto,

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and is a very interesting incident, which relates to his lineage.

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And I think we made mention of this incident Marina tavano One day while going out to look at the the state of his, the welfare of his citizens overheard a conversation. The conversation was like the mother telling the daughter, add water to the milk, it will increase the volume of the milk, we will have more milk to sell, more profit to be made. The daughter said how can we do so? We will be deceiving people. We would be selling milk that is diluted with water and people won't make out the difference. And don't you know, humor The halifa has prohibited that people must deceive customers.

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So the mother said Why are you worried about Omar Omar is not here to see us. So the daughter said never mind humor. The Lord of humor is here to see

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Yes, even if Omar is not here kumaras Lord and Omar Allah is here to see us. Omar overheard this conversation he was so impressed by the piety and intelligence of this daughter, that the next day, he sent a proposal for this daughter for his son's marriage, his son was a symbol of the yellow triangle. Now, it's from such such parents that you have such great lineage. You see, when the parents are pious, then it impacts positively upon the children. Now that is why he proposed to this woman and from this particular language and from this marriage and union you know came Omar bin Abdulaziz Rahim Allah and that is why it is said in one Hadith nebia, Karim sauce limited, oh

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people, when you are when you are obedient to me or a veto, I become happy. And let the law says and when I become happy by your obedience, the effect of my ob effect of my happiness lasts for seven generations, that if you are obedient, then the effect of your obedience will last for seven generations. And when you are disobedient, the impact of that particular disobedience also lasts for seven generations. That when you are obedient, these Baraka in your next seven generations. And when you are disobedient, the Baraka that would have come upon your children, if you would have been obedient, they would lose out upon that and there will be no Baraka in your next seven generations.

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So from this union, came Omar bin Abdulaziz Rama Fulani, Omar Abdul Aziz Rasul Allah His father passed away at the age of 20. And they after his uncle Abdul Malik bin Marwan, who was the halifa of the time, he called him and he told him to get married to his daughter, Fatima, so Fatima was his cousin. And it was also the daughter of the halifa of the time, who the halifa bin Abdul Malik bin Marwan the after, after Malik after he got married after a few years, Abdul Malik bin Marwan passed away and his son Willie became the halifa. Keep in mind there is a time of the oma yet where kingship and rulership was hereditary, the monarchy system, where after the father died, the son

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became the king and after he died, then his son became the king. So in this particular way, Abdul Malik pinworm, Marwan died, his son Walid became the halifa, after Walid after will lead, the his son Sulaiman became the halifa. When Sulaiman became ill, Suleiman realized that he did not have any young children. He did not have any young, I mean, he did not have any grown up children. So he even lamented the fact on his deathbed. Fortunately, for those who have grown up children when they die, fortunate are those who have grown up children when they die. So not knowing who to appoint as a halifa. Various as happened companions. They told him that why don't you appoint your brother in

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law? Why don't you appoint your brother in law, your sister's husband, Dr. Aziz, and especially there was one person by the name of Harbin, Richie, who he was the one who he he was the one who told Solomon Abdul Malik that why don't you become the one who will appoint someone and inshallah he will bring hair and he will become good. His name was Robin heiwa. Why don't you appoint him? So Solomon appointed Omar Abdulaziz Raja Khalifa now, just before he became the halifa Let me make mention. In the time of Walid he was appointed as the governor of Medina, so before his appointment as a halifa. He was the governor of Medina for some time. Now there are two reports about Omar bin

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Abdulaziz Rama to lollies life before assuming Beloved, there are two reports, which speaks about how he was before he was a philosopher. When he was the governor of Medina. One reports suggest that he was also given too extravagant ways he was also extravagant. He was also given to the luxurious way of life, which was the 40 of the ruling class of the time. And the remarkable change that came upon him came upon him after he left. Like for example, it is said that when he was made the governor of Medina, he came to Medina with luggage that was put on the camels to talk about overweight when you go and travel nowadays in airplanes, he said that he had 30 camels that brought

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his luggage to Medina Sharif, he had a tailor. The tailor says that before assuming Hereford

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I used to make a quarter of Omar bin Abdulaziz, the cloth of which used to be 400 theorems 400 silver coins to make one quarter and even with 400 theorems, that one quarter, he used to say that it is not fine enough it is not good enough get me a better quarter gave me a better trough. He said after he became the halifa then I used to make him a quarter was cloth that used to count and used to cost 14 dioramas was 400 theorems and weighs 14 theorems. And that 14 theorems he used to say it is too extravagant after he became the Khalifa. So just keep this in mind as we go along. It is also made mentioned that, you know he had this particular situation and one incident that had a very

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great impact upon Omar bin Abdulaziz was hope a bin Abdullah bin Zubair, the son of a very, very prominent halifa. very prominent savvy. You know, when he was making the extension they were making the extension of the merger and so Habib came to him and said, Omar, don't touch the private quarters of Nivea cream sauce from the house we are nebbia cream sauce lamb left, don't touch that in the extension. So because he criticized Walid and the halifa of the time, Walid told his governor in Medina, Omar bin Abdulaziz punish Habib. So what He punished who pay what 40 lashes and he doused him in cold water in winter, and who babe passed away because of that particular punishment. And

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Omar Rahmatullah. Later on in his life he used to cry tears, and he says, who's going to help me against who babe on the day of Tiamat that I unjustly punished him, which led to his death? who is willing to answer on my behalf against Kobe won the day of gamut. So, this was his, as he was a governor. These other reports and also suggest that while he was given to this extravagant ways, there is no doubt that he was also endowed with unique character and piety of specific mention of specific references made that he was very close to the aroma of the time, like for example and has been money coviello through the famous Avi came to Medina when he was the governor and he lets a lot

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and and has been Malik said I never saw anyone's namaz in the time that we are living in that resemble the the numbers of Nivea cream sauce Islam resemble the Salat of Nivea cream sauce along the way. Omar

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Ali Salah resembles that of our beloved nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. maravilhosa nettv Rahim Allah however, writes a very amazing thing he said, except for his integrity, his character, there was nothing to suggest in his life, that he was the Stein to become a remarkable human being the first revival in the Islamic history. There was nothing to suggest that in his life, but you see, there's an amazing aspect that you always got to keep in mind. Many times the potential of a person needs a moment of truth to bloom. Many times the potential of a person needs a moment of truth to bloom and keep in mind, responsibility and authority. Now, each and every one we have some

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sort of responsibility and authority. Sometimes we are parents, sometimes we are bosses. Sometimes we are employer's responsibility and authority brothers can bring out the best and the worst in a human being.

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responsibility and authority sometimes brings out the best sometimes it brings out the worst in a human being. Therefore we should always be careful with responsibility and authority that Allah make it make it be good for me. So responsibility and authority can bring out the best in human beings and it can bring out the worst in human beings. The time of in the place of Omar Omar bin Abdulaziz he brought out the best in him. So man Allah how he brought out the best in him. It is amazing how they say power corrupts that we become a part of a philosopher today. They say you know they say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. But Hello my dear respect brothers just as

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power corrupts weakness also perhaps. That is why that is why in our Hadith, when nebia krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam warn people about wealth. He also warned people about poverty.

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He said, Don't you know, he said, I don't fear. I don't fear poverty as much as I feel wealth for this woman. Because wealth will become freely available for this woman and they will be destroyed the way the people of the previous boomers were destroyed when they had excessive wealth. Then he also said cattle for croa akuna cofra that many times he said poverty leads to Kufa. Now today much of our much of our fitna in today's time

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Jealous jealousy, pettiness, lack of tolerance, disagreements arguments well as it is because of our weakness. When the Muslim Ummah was strong, it had tolerance. When the Muslim woman is weak, it has got no tolerance. And this is something that you can bear out from the history of Islam. Nevertheless, Omar bin Abdulaziz Rahmatullah Li becomes the halifa when he is choosen, the people bring him upon the pulpit, palpate forcibly, reluctantly, he wasn't prepared to come. They put him upon the shoulders and they bring him upon the member. He speaks to the people and said, Oh, people, I have come here without my permission without me wanting it. I don't want to become the halifa. You

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take it away from you wonder Have you become the halifa they all insist that you must become the halifa Robinho a were the one who proposed his name said I was reluctant that while I propose his name, will he become a good halifa? You know, he said, my fears were put to rest when the first letter he wrote to the provincial governors. He wrote to them anyone who is unjust, I'm going to remove him. You know, this is a remarkable this. Perhaps.

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Despite its shortness, he was only a halifa for two years and five months is hard to imagine the impact of his rule in Islamic history. Omar's rule became the yardstick against which all future rulers were to be measured. And unfortunately, we got to say all of them failed against that particular yardstick. Among the things that were remarkable, the first thing he did all governors who are unjust, he removed them. The second thing he did, he told his wife Fatima, his wife, Fatima was also a very amazing woman. I heard for mana. Obaidullah. sobre la la. He said in our history, there is only one woman in Islamic history is only one woman whose husband was a ruler of the

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disease. Her father was a ruler, and her four brothers were rulers. This was Fatima. He said our history there's only one woman, husband ruler, Father, ruler, four brothers rulers. He said that when he became the Khalifa, he said he told her all this jewelry and valuables you got the father and brothers might have been given you when they were Halifax. But it came from the Bay tomorrow. Either you return it or either you go out of Monica. She said no, I will return it. So she returned everything back to the bay tomorrow. He said that such was his simplicity. While we'll assume that we are him over law said his simplicity was something that even monks could not achieve. Even monks

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could not achieve nevermind the rulers of the time. Such was his simplicity, that he did not allow any luxury even in his own house. While he was a halifa. One day he noticed his daughter's

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while eating they were covering their mouth. So he said oh my daughter's Why are you covering your mouth? They said today there was nothing but onions in the house and therefore we ate onions and is emitting a particular type of foul smell. So he said oh my daughter's. I could also have

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given you assumptions meal. But I don't want Jana for myself. I don't want by giving you an extravagant way of life and taking advantage of my beloved, give you extravagance, and thereafter I will be consigned to janam the woman of the time understood that remember Sally Rahmatullah Lee used to say that the woman of the time the pious in the pious era, when they used to send the husbands to work, they used to say that lesson bring risk, but don't bring haram bring risk. Don't bring haram into our house. We can bear hunger. We can bear the fire of janome bring raise but bring parallel risk. If you don't get along, raise don't bring it we can bear hunger but we can be Haram. And when

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we eat Haram, he brings the fire of gentlemen, is there such homes households like that in today's time? Anyway, I'm going to make mention that time has already elapsed, maybe we might have to leave especially some of the reformation of Omar. What we don't realize is that Malala was the first person who compiled a hadith of Nivea cream sauce on him. He was a first revival in Islam many things with regard to his beloved inshallah we will make mention, but I think together with his khilafah let me just end up with one incident of his piety, his fear of Allah.

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Two weeks ago, we spoke about the love of Allah, and no doubt whatsoever that that is also supposed to be in our life, that we are supposed to love Allah. But our love of Allah must always be balanced with a few of Allah His greatness. Allah man obaidul yazeed bin Hoshi. He's one of the contemporaries of Omar bin Abdul Aziz.

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He used to see Omar bin Abdulaziz used to fear Allah so much. It seemed that Jonathan janome was only created for him. He used to fear gentlemen, he used to desire gender so much and fear janam so much. It seemed that Jonathan janam only created for him. His wife Fatima says that sometimes

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during the night

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Omar used to fear Allah and he used to twitch and he used to twitch like a like a bird used to teach in his bed, like a bird, out of the fear of Allah and the family used to worry whether he will make it alive till the time of fudger that used to be his fear of Allah. So, this was a remarkable human being and these are some of aspects of his life that we have made mention of today. inshallah, if Allah gives us the ability, in the future also we will speak about other aspects of his life may allow you may make us full of such great people in all aspects of a life and bring it into our life was through Darwin and