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The importance of learning in Islam is highlighted, particularly for children. The Mahdi's teachings and shaping of the way children learn about Islam are emphasized. The use of the "empowering factor" in education is emphasized, particularly in the context of "empowering factor" and "empowering factor." The importance of history and understanding deity is also emphasized.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Haryana kill me Heba ilmi while if we Heba the karate, was salat wa salam ala Rasulillah, Gambia, you will mursaleen while he was having was seldom at the Sleeman Kathira and cathedra a MOBA dofollow bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem ikura this Mira beacon lady a follow up phone after insert I mean Allah we'll call it Allah. Cool hell yes they will Adina yeah Allah Munna welder in Allah and they won't set up Allah will

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respect your Alma elders and brothers, mothers and sisters. We begin by placing Almighty Allah sending salutations upon our beloved Libya Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a time of the year when you see that many of the educational institutes have opened days. So you find many adverts at this time in social media calling parents to come and see the educational institutes. So that means that parents have been called to make a decision with regard to their children's education for the coming year. And I felt that this might be an ideal topic for today. Given that people will be starting to make decisions in this regard. We are all aware that Islam has placed great emphasis

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upon education. Maulana Abul Hassan maybe Rahim Allah one of the greatest thinkers in the Islamic sense in our Islamic community in the past few decades says that the first one that came after a considerable period of time, the time between a salary Salam and maybe a crimson Islam from the Quran is known as footrot the way the time in which he was suspended, it is a greatest amount of time between the unbelievable salat wa salam. And after such a great amount of time. When the first one he came, it says deterra read, which was an emphasis and an indication and inclination towards education. Allah in the Quran says full hurry yester will Adina yeah Allah moon, when Allah, Allah

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Allah moon, obviously those who have knowledge are not equal to those who do not have knowledge. A person without knowledge is like someone walking along a track in complete darkness, most likely he steps will falter and he can easily be deceived by Satan or take the wrong path. Knowledge is so essential. So we need to understand this particular aspect. That knowledge and just to give you an example, because of this, there was an unprecedented enthusiasm for knowledge in the Islamic Ummah. Give you an example as had been for

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came to the very famous student of Imam Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah Imam Muhammad and said, I've come from fine white to come and learn something from you. Now that times are Allama. And of course, maybe in today's time, to a certain extent, the Halima also have a very busy schedule, the diaries are quite full. So Imam Mohammed said that listen, I don't have time all my whole day is taken, when he insisted, Imam Muhammad said, When I get up for tahajjud, prayers, and I made wazoo, that time, there is no one with me. Whatever you want to learn, come to me at that time. I said before I said, I used to remain awake whole night, that I must not miss the golden opportunity of learning from

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Imam Muhammad, why he gets up what tahajjud and he teaches me something so I should take my kit up. And I used to go and say, teach me at this time. That was the enthusiasm for knowledge nebbia cream sauce limited, we are all well aware

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that the acquiring of knowledge is compulsory upon each and every Muslim.

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Muslim, it is a compulsory when you read this hadith he tells you an ignorant Muslim is a misnomer. You cannot when knowledge is compulsory, then to say that is an ignorant Muslim is a misnomer, then how can it be compulsory and yet you are ignorant? The one question does come up that what is what is compulsory? So I got a PhD in chemical engineering, do I fit the bill in this particular Hadith tell me for

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Muslim acquiring of knowledge is compulsory. I got a PhD surely I have fulfilled what Nabisco said is compulsory upon me so I've got a degree I got a degree FSF face that at five you know, so you get all these type of degrees which are there so does it mean that I got a degree I fulfilled what Nabil Karim sauce Limited is compulsory upon me Not quite. Sometimes you might have a degree in a particular field what is meant by knowledge been compulsory. All Am I have written, what every obligation in religion

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comes at commensurate responsibility to know

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About that obligation. So if highchairs follows upon you and you are going for Hajj, you need to know at least the basic etiquette or the basic program of Hutch. The might be certain times that we have situations that come upon you in Hajj which are extra ordinary, then you refer to an alum, but at least the basic messiah of what you need to know you are opening up a business. It is compulsory, I'm saying it is first for you to know the basic messiah of business. In a time of Umar Radi Allahu anhu, it was not permissible for a person to trade in Medina until he knew the basic Islamic requirements of halal and haram before he did business. So that is what is known, is compulsory. So

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we need to know the basic mosyle of our day to day life. Today, fortunately, unfortunately, we make this particular Basic Education only applicable to our children. And I'm not saying that it's not important. It is extremely important that we we teach our our children and of course, in South Africa, we have a situation where we have the mechanical system, where children come to madressa. Unfortunately, with the net new urban trend in our communities, people are going out in different places to go and live in the going into different apartments and do different complexes. So people perhaps are not as going to madressa is the way they used to. But this is something that have kept

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the Muslim South African Muslim community in put said that by and large a South African Muslims were always, you know, admired because of the commitment to religion. And the McNab system played an important role in that. And it is something that I'm going to emphasize from this particular member that we have to keep that emphasis waiting to see that our children go to McDonald's, that they go in and understand and we give to give it importance that they don't miss out on this primary Islamic education because it is first aid. It is compulsory for you to know the basic mosyle of your of your deen and your religion. You know, as it Mahnomen Jordan Romani, who came to South Africa in the late

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60s, he used to say make sacrifices for the basic education of your children, otherwise risk apostasy risks that your children are going to become more tense and alter the fold of Islam Allama Iqbal you all know perhaps, if I say the same, what are you saying? So let me give you an example of a poet philosopher, and a poet philosopher by Exxon's adapt, but perhaps one of the greatest thinkers in the last century in our in our in our Muslim Ummah. I recall, you know, one, one person who was an imam in Mayfair Maji for a great amount of time, Carrie Rasheeda is married. Now you want they told me he said, I can't read the poetry of Allama Iqbal alone at night. So I said why? He

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said, I'll scream. So I said why he said there is so much of passion and depth in his poetry Allama Iqbal went to Spain in 1932. When he came back, he told the Muslims of India I plead with you to keep these madrasahs running. Perhaps maybe before that, he never gave me the importance. And he said, I have seen what will be the result of you not giving your children primary Muslim education. I've seen what has happened in Spain, that there is nothing but the Alhambra Palace, or the masjid in Cordoba is a museum that has been left from eight or 900 years of Muslim role and Muslim presence. And he said, If you don't want to teach your children in primary Islamic education, other

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than the red 40, India, perhaps the same thing will happen to you. And I make this plea that given the importance that he deserves, that we go a step further. That doesn't mean that primary Islamic education, or the learning of Islam must only be for children. What about adults?

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I mean, there is a very famous, you know, statement in Arabic, plural elemental Medina Latin, acquire knowledge from the cradle to the grave, various attributes is perhaps not a hadith, but one I read that it is also attributed to Muhammad, Muhammad and Kalaloch. But this is a reality. You know, our our senior citizens have got a very important role to play. You know, and one of the things is we must we must see to it that we continue learning how is our team till the late it has always been this way. You know, there's always our they say that one person I in an elderly person went to the doctor, and he went to the doctor and he said, I got I get a lot of headaches. So the

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doctor said, Paul age, so he said, my chest is failing, and I get pneumonia. Often he said old age. So he said, my knees is painting. So he said old age. So he got very angry with a doctor. He said, I didn't come here for you to come and tell me you

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So I got all age and everything is because of old age and he started breaking the doctor and the doctor says that is also old age. So yes we but we have to keep in mind what is our situation? Let's look at our our history. You know, our human sorry the allotter know, insisted upon taking part in the Conquer conquering of Constantinople. He was 80 years of age. Today he lives buried in Istanbul. It is made mentioned with regard to Salim infection, he became became an imam of Hadith at the age of 90. In recent times, Omastar fought against the Italian colonialists. He was 50 years of age when he fought against them. What are we doing in with our age? So learning deen is not only for small

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children put them in matter what about yourself and trail Hamdulillah you have so many opportunities. The Gemma former South Africa has got a four year course an online course for you to understand the basics of knowledge. To learn knowledge is compulsory from the cradle to the grave, we have to keep that in mind. And data in the Holy Quran also makes mention fanola Nefab important if you look at the men whom refer to Leon, the Fatah Wolf, in dealing with a beautiful verse in every verse of the Quran is beautiful. They should be a group amongst you in the room that acquires expertise in fic. There's no look at the reading of it. It's such an amazing thing.

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So the first tells us that there should be a group amongst you who become experts an in depth knowledge indeed.

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So this verse teaches us two things. That in depth knowledge of deen is not going to be upon every person is not first in upon every person. It's first upon the community. If you in your community don't have an in depth nor a palette to be able to refer to for your questions of tea. The entire community is going to be praying with you and

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they're going to be sinful. So look at the verse For Lola naffaa Rahman, Khalifa ricotta men whom they should be amongst you a group who earn become in depth knowledge of the deen that also tells you that not everyone is going to become an ally.

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So there is going to be a deed for people in different fields of life. Which brings us to the Express aspect of what today we regard as knowledge for people to go to university, etc. Now, what does Islam say about that? I would like to read to you something that Imam Ghazali Rahmatullah Lee, one of our great scholars of the past has made mentioned and he says, every branch of knowledge,

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which is indispensable for the welfare of mankind, it is for a Zacky fire for the Ummah to acquire that knowledge.

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Let me repeat that again. Every branch of knowledge which is indispensable for the welfare of the Ummah,

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he it is Farah Zeki fire for the Amma to acquire that an initial hotel room he makes mentioned. Tip Be Well, it's up, like medicine and accounting.

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If we don't have people who are doctors in our community, then we are going to be prejudiced, we are going to be at a disadvantage. If you look at the situation in the world today, Muslim countries don't have technology, they don't have armor, they are dependent upon other people. I use sometimes people saying, well, what's wrong if you take it from another, from another community is permissible for you to take it from another community even if they're not Muslims? Well, you are going to be prejudiced. And the day you need it most, you will find that you will not be given to you. It has happened in our countries. It has happened that when you need it, the armor armor, it was not that

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human have you allowed us to say that Muslims must be self sufficient in certain things.

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So this is what our alumni have told us. They might be different views with regard to it, but it is what I always understood from our reading. Thus we find that there was money on a for great scholars makes an amazing thing. He said that, at the time of partition when Pakistan became an Islamic state, his father was asked upon to say that how do we do the educational system for Pakistan? So unlike what people would say that, that his father had said, he didn't tell the people to to do that in the Pakistan state they must only be a dark room. He said he gave the example of Tehran University, which was one of the first universities and he makes mention he said in that particular

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university at once, there was a political dune iPlay rushed in April dual teaching sociology ignore rushed teaching philosophy. Kavita years I've been teaching them and you see even today they sports are determined in that particular university. This is where they used to sit, and this is what I used to teach in one university

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In the Islamic history, there were people who were teaching different disciplines of deity in one Institute. Now, why this has gone into a dichotomous situation Allah knows. I'm not there as a, you know, a sociologist to say why this particular method is one, maybe then when I'm I thought that, you know, people are only going towards contemporary knowledge you're not keeping the deal so they have kept the deal preserved. I'm not I'm not arguing with regard to I'm giving you a lesson in history. This is what it was. So this is what perhaps we have to understand. One of our great scholars was born and Russia does not convey Rahmatullah Lee. So one day in the data room, someone

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came I just listened to this. Someone came and said, my one of my forefathers or one of my close family members have passed on, make a salad Philip,

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make something up for the rule of the deceased person. So he said, I've just taught this lesson in logic and giving the power to your near and dear one.

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So he was like amazed I would have expected Quran and Hadith to be given as a swami telling me logic, he said, this is also part of the

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so this is what and we look at Muslim contribution. Muslims were in the forefront. In the Haitham wrote a treatise on the Milky Way galaxy well, before people were aware with regard to him, it is said that he was the first person to do a cataract operation. So this was interassay Rahmatullah ly racist, carried out the first experimentation on the most hygienic place to build a hospital. The Encyclopedia Britannica that time of course, everyone knew about the Encyclopedia Britannica. Now everyone knows Odisha Google, but be as it may the time people used to look upon it as an authoritative source. He said the most trust worthy statements on smallpox, come from the ninth

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century Muslim scholar raises Imam Razi Rahmatullah Li, he will do in philosophy. Right, his history father of many disciplines rune Kitab will ever in 17 volumes, his mocha Dhamma is a preface to that is a voluminous book, Arnold Toynbee very rare read his book customer says, the greatest work ever produced by any person in any time in history.

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Even if a sociologist, the greatest work created by Mary any mind in any time in any place, the Quran speaks of astronomy, and we can understand why he speaks about astronomy. Because Allah in the Quran says we will be naturally

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you know, fine, your directions through the means of astronomy. People were, you know, corner gape with regard to the Webb telescope. And it was really amazing. When I looked at some of the pictures, he was amazing. Light travels at 186,000 miles per second.

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At that particular speed they found from the Webb telescope, certainly, you know, solar is out there in the solar system. The light is reached here after 13 point 5 billion years, traveling 186,000 miles per second. It descended in the light of the nearest star comes to you after four years. Right now, in this particular astronomy, Ahmed al Farzan, he was one of the famous astronomers in the ninth century in the universe was a famous astronomer. There are three craters that are in the moon named after Muslim astronomers. One is the alpha alpha runnahs Crater. One is after IGNOU universe and he's one after my moon. Number one was not an astronomer, but he was the ruler that gave rise to

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you know, knowledge in different fields. Therefore, there was a traitor named after you. So this I'm just giving you an example of how Muslims were in the forefront. Haytham in astronomy and was moody in in environment etc in geography in near Houston philosophy. And I can go on making mention with regard to it, I want to make mention of a talk and I said evening this was the first person to understand the parliamentary motions, the parliamentary branch observations. And when I gave a talk one one person came to me So as Dr. You said, there was a medical journal and mentioned was made that it was attributed to William Harvey but William Harvey came 300 years after evening of his so I

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made an arrow to the to the medical journal and they corrected it. So this is something that is on record. Now the point is, where do we go from here? Just remember why all of this is always pleased is an objective of Islamic knowledge. Islamic knowledge is not an objective in itself. It's a means towards an objective. What is the means? What is the objective of Islam in knowledge to recognize Allah subhanaw taala

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in America and to serve humanity in Mr. Yaksha Allah I mean everybody here, you will never get a better definition of knowledge. The weird letter puts it in the 22nd Jews of the Holy Quran, the Allah ma are those who fear Allah. Now, can you just take an example with regard to a person who says I'm a PhD

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And there are a lot of examples with regard to it. And you asked Him Who created you? And he says, I'm in doubt with regard to that. Whereas you have a small Muslim child, a five year old child who created who you will say, you will immediately salivate at me. Now who's got more knowledge? That person who has a PhD who is doubtful with regard to who is traitor is or the one who is a five year old child who doesn't have a PhD, but he says Marla treated me. So the first person I go to I use a definition, he is an Informed Electorate.

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He doesn't know his own creator. So there is an objective in Islam with regard to education. Education is supposed to bring you closer towards Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. What will be the position of a person who knows much about the worldly matters, but he doesn't know about Astra Jana Manasa Hera mineral hierarchy dunya woman

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and I just want to make maybe take another two or three minutes of your time with your permission. Muhammad Hassan Rahim Allah gives us an example of a person who know who goes with a boat right? And he goes with the boat right? And therefore university student three four university students, they take the boat person for a ride and they start mocking at him. So, while they take in you may say Do you know anything about geography? What is geography? I don't know. She said a quarter of your life is gone after a while they say do you know history? You say I know the history of my grandparents I know nothing more than that, you see, when half of your life is gone, and after a while someone said

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you know maths. So, I know how much to take from you from this particular boat right I know nothing more than that, this is three quarters of your life is gone. And all of a sudden the wave comes and it becomes now imminent that the boat is about to drown or the boat is about to sink and they will most likely drown. So he said he any of you know how to swim?

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They say no, when you say your entire life is one.

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I mean when the day of geometry if you don't know the questions, the lie is gonna ask you What about all the other disciplines that you knew.

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So we must understand, and let me say we learn, we earn and we take knowledge to serve not too early.

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Unfortunately, this has gone out of the window. You know, there used to be a poet, a very famous Muslim poet, by name Akbar Allah Abadi. He used to do a lot of poetry in satire. Now, he said something in with respect to all the doctors who are related what he had said in poetry. He says molekule more John Torpy day, doctors peaceful naturally.

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Those who don't understand that molecule mode might leave your your life and give you a few seconds more chance doctor is not going to leave his fees. I'm not saying the doctors will not take the piece premises at the end of the day. It's not only about money, Nabil Kareem saw some sought a last protection. That's actually too near

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Illumina, oh Allah do not make this material world the reason why we gain knowledge.

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Let me conclude by saying that one important part is, as parents we need to take an active part in our children's education, be active parents know what they are learning. In, for example, the CST with regard to the comprehensive sexuality education, us we sit and we talk to them, we talk to them, and they said, Yes, we have made mentioned that abstinence is the first option for Muslim youth and Muslim children.

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What they don't tell you is that protected sex is presented as a respectful and responsible second option.

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I beg your pardon, it's not for us a responsible option. It's not a respected option. Do you know about it, are you prepared to speak to your children about it? So when we when we go, this is what we are supposed to do? Yes, we want to learn this other branches of knowledge. But with these conditions, you know, sometimes it is said that, you know, these environments in the university and educational institutes are so bad that sometimes people use this example is like, you know, putting out a person in the rain and not expecting him to get wet. That is how people see that going through university. So the environment is actually calling upon people to get involved in fitness, and get

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involved in things that aren't Islamic. So it is like sending out the person in the rain and expecting you not to get wet. It was this I will conclude I will say that no, go there. But give our children the umbrella that they don't get to it. Because at 102 Lorraine and faster ISA is made mentioned that Muslim children must go to universities for the Muslim relationship with Rama and with the Islamic books, so that while they learn the other disciplines, they are not taken aback by the battle or the falsehood or the environmental challenges that will come with acquiring those important branches and disciplines of knowledge. I hope I've been able to say something in

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No in a way that covers every aspect that is related to knowledge. So I have tried in mahatmas in the limited time that I've been given that that was a topic