Ebrahim Bham – Cultivating Positivity #6

Ebrahim Bham
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna v Avada a maga do photo Villa humanus shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem for Serbia becoming the Arabic I was still in no Ghana,

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sort of colloquialism respected viewers and listeners We begin by praising Almighty Allah for the many favors Allah has bestowed upon us. We send salutations upon our beloved nivia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam This is our last program for our Ramadan and the series that we have done May Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted May Allah tala make it beneficial for you and I and we make dua that Allah subhana wa Taala accepted and we can inculcate those things that we have been able to speak about in here about in the month of Ramadan. We know that this has been a Ramadan like no other. We have never ever experienced Ramadan like this. We are our normal activities in Ramadan going to the

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masjid for iftaar and tarawih Juma was curtailed. Now this is something that was not in our control. And it is important for us that there are certain things that are not in our control. We leave it in the hands of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala Allah knows the reasons we cannot completely understand and fathom the reasons what we are supposed to do is to do the best under the situation that we find ourselves in and we hope inshallah, that we have been able to do so it's always good when we do end of something to end off with what Nivea cream sauce the man said in a hadith Allah man obaidul hopefully what Raja Eman is suspended and Eman is between open Allah has mercy and fear between hope

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and fear. The real cream sauce from one day came to a person who was on his deathbed and asked him how do you feel? And he said yeah, Rasul Allah, I'm afraid of my son's pipe, but I am expectant of Allah's mercy. Now via cream sauce can praise Him and said, No men, leaves this world with these two qualities. But Allah subhanho wa Taala will grant him immunity from his fears, and will give him what he expects. If the data was money one of our great scholars has made mentioned in one of his books of Tafseer, when he said that wherever after Salat reads as far as the federal law stuff in Alaska fetullah then does Alhamdulillah he breaks the back of Satan and the devil. Why? Because he

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has combined these two things. He has combined fear Allah I perform salad, I'm not sure whether it is going to be acceptable by you or not. I'm not sure whether you will be accepting it or not. But at the same time, he is also thankful that Allah has given us the ability to do so. So we don't only say as the far after salat, we also say Alhamdulillah, Allah could not Allah Allah could have taken away that ability for us. But we in this particular way, we also sell 100 Allah because Allah has given us the ability. And this particular aspect of fear prevents us from pride upon our ibaadat in righteousness. We don't know whether Allah is going to accept or not. Therefore we have no right to

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feel proud and arrogant with regard to our ibaadat. So this is one aspect with regard to the ending of of anything, which is to end on fear that maybe our deeds are not worth your presenting before mighty Allah. It inculcates humility, it doesn't allow pride and arrogance to get within us. That also we have expectations of Allah subhanho wa Taala has mercy. The last two days we have been speaking about Allah Allah has mercy. But in this regard, we also like to end off Ramadan in expecting and that Allah has mercy and acceptance, there is no guarantee. But we expected why Allah Allah says, in law law, you do a general mazzini and law never allows anyone's effort to go to

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waste. It's a Muslim. There's an amazing narration that it is said that Abu lahab because he expressed happiness on the birth of Namibia, Kareem saw some he freed his slave girl who came and give him the news. Because of that even because he is this time to the fire of janome as mentioned in Surah lahab but because of this one small detail of his some form of liquid will be placed in his mouth on a given interval.

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If Allah could take that into account, why and we have this expectation, why won't Allah tala take into account the striving of people who have strove during the month of Ramadan to keep fast to return we make the LAO it may Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted in sha Allah and in this particular regard is a very beautiful balance. You know Sufi tales tells us many great things. So she has sorry Rama tulalip has made mention of this incident. And this incident is a person a very

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pious person used to get up every morning for tahajjud prayers. And, and after 30 years of performing tahajjud prayers. Now these type of Tales could be real could be hypothetical to give a lesson. like to share a lesson after 30 years One day while getting up according to his normal custom to get up for tahajjud prayers. While he was making Wazoo he heard an unseen voice saying that you're 30 years of tahajjud has not been accepted because it has not been performed in a correct manner. So the person he continued making boo. The second day he heard the same unseen voice telling your tahajjud has not been accepted. The third day he heard the very same voice, your

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tahajjud has not been accepted. So he continued, but the person who was pouring his water for who said as

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if Allah subhana wa Taala has not accepted your hatchet for 30 years. Why do you continue striving to get up in the early hours in the morning? Why don't you just leave it as a lost cause and continue? Why are you continuing? So given amazing reply, he said that

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I can leave that door when there is another option to go to another door besides the door. Show me another door besides the door for mighty Allah subhana wa Tada. I have got no door. So even if apparently I'm rejected, I'm going to knock at the very same door again and again. And then Shadi Rahmatullah Persian poet, then said, then voice came cumulus

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nested can use map and digger nested that now the voice change and the voice said that worth your 30 years of paper it was not worth you have been accepted because it was not done correctly or for whatever reason. But your statement today there is no one will see can no other door other than the door for mighty Allah, because of us and Latinas except that you're 30 years of humanity. So when we conclude, we also say Allah, whatever we had done, we had done it for your sake, it might not have been worth your presenting in your court. It was done. There was no reason for us to get up in a facility and then do our fast but because of a lotta less love, but because of the commands of

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Allah, and in this particular way, we do what has it Ibrahim Alayhi salat wa salam did after he completed the building of the Kaaba when he said, No pinata coppermine Allah accept from us You are all hearing and all seeing and you know, at the back of me you will find,

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you know, a frame of surah to NASA. And I read this in the beginning of the of today's program, when Kareem said a lot while he was telling me this verse in the surah was revealed to be occurring so Muslim said that my mission seems to be coming to fruition, coming to completion. And Allah has told me that on the end of a mission and an accomplishment and a coming to the end of something, I'm supposed to do two things for some behind the Rebecca Westerfield praise Allah and seek the forgiveness of Almighty Allah and cream sauce lemmings to recite this frequently after the revelation of the surah Subhana Allah He will be humble he has the federal law to Winnie it is with

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this that we conclude inshallah the month of Ramadan May Allah subhana wa Taala forgive our shortcomings in a lotta except a little bit of endeavors that we have done and crown it with acceptance and success. Well hold on and reliability

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