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Basmalah _ Part II

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cemani go to Marquette. Oh

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallam vida Shafi will appear you will go serene. The vgn our Habibi, now Akala T is ioannina

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la vida and he was happy of sarathi bottom on this lien my back.

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You begin by praising Allah subhana wa tada we ask him for his help, we ask him to open dose of beneficial knowledge for all of us. And we asked him to send his choices of blessings and salutations upon the final messenger, our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family members, his companions and all those who preyed upon his path with utmost sincerity activity of

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any brothers and sisters.

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We are discussing the tip seal of best men, we are in the state of supreme Fatiha and we're discussing the seal of best men. In other words that the fear of missing man.

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So we started with a state of dismay, lack of my name. And today we're going to be discussing the meaning of the word rock man and of our team.

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We're going to also be touching on loves volgende. Allah loves Bolger Allah,

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a lot.

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This powerful,

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powerful name of law.

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So the word of Allah,

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you have certain scholars were of the opinion that this particular word is a contraction of El de la, in the Arabic language Illa Han meaning God, La Ilaha. God, Al Qaeda, meaning the God.

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And there are other scholars who are of the opinion that know the word Allah is not a contraction of ILA, because if that was the case, then you say, yeah, a lot. Yeah, Allah would bring would be grammatically wrong.

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Because when it's a rule in grammar, that when you when you bring in

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the the locative form, yeah, the term or the word after it, you can't have an Alec lamb, for example. You have a Rob

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Okay, Rob, but you cannot say, yeah, Rob, Rob. No, it's Yeah. But with a love, if it were to be a contraction, and if Elif lamb

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was brought before he left one there, yeah, a lot but dramatically

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wrong. There are other scholars who are of the opinion that averted the term the word Allah is a proper name, it is a proper noun applied to a lot, not derived from anything, and the LD le flam is inseparable from it, you cannot separate it from it. And as for the word La Land, there is a different word, but as for a law, it is a proper noun, a proper name that is exclusively for Allah. So kind of what the higher it is, for the being who exists by himself. The one who comprises of all attributes of perfection, a proper name a lot a proper name, denoting the true God of us.

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Now, this name a lot points out towards all of the smaller fish that the glorious and Beautiful Names of Allah Subhana

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Eliza, he says in the normal form, when Illa hit a smell, Krishna, to Allah belongs the most beautiful of names has now in the superlative form, the most beautiful of names. And Allah says it's up to Hashem will love one lady love ilaha illa while Malik and many cool po do Seuss,

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Manoel, more Hi Amy.

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And when he couldn't do so said we'll

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just move that can be super hard on long super hard on law

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hola hola de la ilaha illa well Malik al Malik and produce a Salaam. These are the names of Allah subhanho wa jal. So the name of the produce is from a law, not the other way around. Al Malik is from Allah not the other way around gathers a lot is not from our produce and medic is not from a lie is not from Al Malik the Radha and Malik is from Allah, Allah produce is from Allah.

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And now as for the names of man and avahi, to beautiful lossky in the great names of Allah Subhana.

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Now, these two names, they denote the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala they denote the mercy of a lack of certainty. But do you have differences between these two names? There are some scholars who opine that Rockman the the term rock man of the neighbor of man is more general than the name of Raheem, sort of man, a lot is a man with dunia well after

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a lot is a rough man in a dunya. And and

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so, there is this this, the attribute of mercy is genuine is prevalent and present in this world as well as the hereafter. As for him they go on to say that Rahim and Astra that Rahim is the special kind of mercy that is reserved for Alaska, for the believers in the hereafter.

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Even at does a lot a lot more. And Homer, he is reported to have

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defined or highlighted something very beautiful in regards to our man and about him, he is reported to have said that they are two

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names that are three that are the beautiful and soft, they are two soft names, and one of them is softer than the other. One of them is more merciful than the other.

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So this is best for the loved one who is interpretation. But like I said, there are other interpretations where there are scholars who have said that a rough man refers to Allah Subhana points Allah showing his mercy to the entirety of his creation at all times. Why is a Rahim the first to this special type of mercy that is reserved for the believers as opposed to the what can be mininova Hema, as you can see, these opinions are not from the pockets of the scholars and they go back to the poor and they go back to the center. What can I be meaning about him and I love talks about the believers Allah has used Islam or he. So this this indicates this illustrates Allah knows

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best but this illustrates this indicates that Rahim talks about a special type of mercy that is reserved for the believers. And there are also scholars who are of the opinion that a rough man

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refers to the vastness of alliance of others mercy was a Rahim refers to the effect on the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala the effect of the mercy of Allah kind of words either on his creation. So from this, which we understand is a Walkman is the owner of mercy of mercy that the envelopes and covers his entire creation. And as for Rahim, it basically refers to the action of showing mercy because rough man

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is on the, you know, the phylon scale in the Arabic language, which which shows exaggeration, which shows excessiveness when you say someone is a vocal bot in the Arabic language. This person is in a rage in a fit of rage is trying to rage and then you say up to shine. Someone who is extremely thirsty. Joanne you're ravenous. You're famished, you're hungry, very hungry, basically, you know, So likewise a rock man. It's not just any mercy. It's this exaggerated and excessive form of mercy. So that, on the other hand are here

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is in upon the the fire yield scale, which basically refers to the dual of an action. So Rahim refers to be action.

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The action of showing mercy Rockman indicates the vastness of the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah and that presence of the vastness of the mercy of Allah azza wa jal was Rahim illustrates the, the action of showing mercy unto His creation. Now with regards to the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala Eliza Jenny says the novel

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put the body in a stopwatch, Allah and forsaken la takuna to

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say, oh, Mohammed's and allama told him, yeah, he needed a sort of wildlife to say, with regard to the slaves, who have gone against themselves have transgressed against themselves, law.

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Do not lose hope, do not despair. Do not give up on the mercy of a lawsuit.

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In another place, Allah says water mighty was the ad coalition. And my mercy

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in my mercy was that collection encompasses everything the rest of our lives.

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We have an authentic hadith that has been recorded. The Book of Remember to hire a Muslim I have a lot of obrera are the Bible and he makes mention, and I've been worried about the alarming part. For Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Lama Coble law will help

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get a fee kitabi for in there with open arch, in the

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one event called the V

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sub overlaid on the Obama era post the message on the left side is

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where a lot completed the creation he wrote in his book with him upon the throne.

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In muddy indeed, My Mercy prevails over my anger, the mercy of a mosque.

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And then there are beautiful narrations from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam illustrating the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And given that we're talking about the meaning of it,

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we need to we need to show them you know, after this episode mean to be fill our hearts and to be filled with hope,

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towards the mercy of Allah

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make it is so merciful, again to hurry that has been recorded the book of a non Muslim

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law of all whatever the last one again, he say that the best little less analysis report upset Allah has 100 parts of mercy of which he said down one between the jinn between the mankind the animals and the insects, by means of which they are compassionate and merciful towards one another.

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And by means of which wild animals are kind merciful to their offspring is this one part that you see manifesting across the creation of Alliance evident that mercy between two spouses, the mercy between a mother and her child, between a father and his child, between siblings, between family members, between relatives between friends

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in amidst mankind

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um, it's the animal kingdom. Um, it's Jin Chi.

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You see, when you look at the animal kingdom, between the fish, the wild animals, the mammals, the cold blooded reptiles, whichever direction you look, you see mercy manifesting and this is through this one part and the proper sizing goes on to say, and Allah has kept back 99 pots of mercy with which to be merciful unto his slaves on the day of care.

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Just imagine that one pot and we see so much of mercy manifesting around us in our own lives and around us. Then just imagine 99 more pots A lot has kept with him

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to shower and show

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his slaves on the day of gamma. Mel must handle that it is our affairs of that day me.

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Another handy

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Once again recorded the Book of Mormon or a non Muslim, all authentic or happy about the loved one, he mentions that I'm giving you just a headache and paraphrasing. So some of the Sahaba they were they were there. And there is this woman that they observed. She had lost her child.

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And she was looking for her child, practically she was looking for a child.

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And then perhaps you are about to help her. And then suddenly, they spot the woman, finally her child, they see that she has spotted her child.

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And now, it's so beautiful, right? You see all these emotions.

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Earlier, there was worry. etched on her face, she was anxiously looking for a child. Now you can see relief washing across the face. She's so relieved to have found her child.

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She she hugs the child and means a child to her bosom, and starts to nurse her child. The doctor said along the way, he was observing this emotional spectacle.

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He asks the companions, do you think this woman would throw her child

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into the fire?

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They all responded,

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no, she would not.

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If she was able to stop it, she would not she will not do such a thing. The prophets are allamani radios. And

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that illustrates, he drives home such a powerful point at this juncture.

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You know, his teaching was so illustrated.

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He he, he sees that opportunity. But there was so much of emotion captured in that spectacle to drive a home a strong point. He says, Allah is more merciful, and to his servants than a mother is to her child. So if you can see this, this love and mercy that is manifesting between this mother and her child. Now, you should know that Allah is many more times more merciful unto his slaves and servants than this mother is towards her child.

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Medina brother, my dear sister, I think. So imagine,

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if you were told this is just an exam, if you were told the other day of the AMA, you are going to be taken into account, or you are going to be judged by your mother.

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Would you not be relieved? Once you feel relaxed, and once you feel confident? Why because you have so much of trust in your mothers loves you so much of trust in your mother's mercy.

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If that is the case with your brother, or sister, you need to

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be much more relieved, and much more at ease. Not that you're going to be taking the mercy of Allah subhanho data for granted. But who is the one who is going to be judging you or that FM? Who is the one who is going to take you into account on loss of

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the perfect being? Who never

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goes back on his word woman or stop Amina, but here's the truthful being the one who is so many, many, many more times more merciful than your own mother, he is the one who is going to be taking you into a company to do

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so do not lose hope in the mercy of loss.

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You may have drifted away, turn back to him. Turn back to him. He's waiting for you to turn back to him. He's waiting to forgive you of your savings. He is waiting to shower you with his Massey and Philip yubikeys Massey, so turn back to him awesome.

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So I'd like to go on to share another hallein.

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And this one has been recorded by if I'm not mistaken, Mr. rahimullah in his Muslim.

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The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he describes and I'm paraphrasing the words have come up while and he said

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these words. He said a lot of it and he will send them talks about this individual. Now once Allah subhanho data has finished judging mankind, there will be an individual who will be who will be commanded to be taken to the fire of Johanna.

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Now as he is being taken away, you keep turning back and looking. You keep turning back.

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And then Allah subhanho wa Taala will ask why did you turn around Why did you keep looking back and then this man will cry out

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I was hoping

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that you will admit me into Jenna that you will admit into paradise. And then at that juncture,

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Allah will command for him to be taken to Jenna, for him to be taken to paradise. And then he will say,

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alarm ADB, glory, fire, Glorified and Exalted, has given me so much that if I were to feed all of the inhabitants of Jenna, all of the people of Paradise, it would not detract at all from what I had, it would not reduce at all from what I have, because I've been blessed so much about so much, but a lot of headwinds and whenever the prophets of Allah mentioned this incident, happiness could be seen on the face of the prophets Allah.

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Now at this juncture, I recall Another innovation.

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I've mentioned this perhaps in a previous video, this one is recorded in the book of non Muslim Rahim Allah, Abdullah, have an episode of the last one who he makes mention, where the prophets Elijah was reported to have said, that the last person to enter palace will be a man who will work once stumbled once, and he would even glares by the fire once and once he gets past it, he will turn to it and he will say, bless it be the one lesson be Allah subhanho wa Taala, the one who has saved me from you, Allah has given me something that he has not given to the first and the last. Why would he say this because he would consider himself so fortunate. so fortunate to have escaped from the

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blazing Inferno of Johanna. And at this juncture, a tree will be raised up for him, and he will cry out all law, oh, Lord, bring me closer to this tree. So that I might share that it's shared is that I can drink of its water. The way this this tree with a fountain perhaps flowing by the three, understand the cry of the Allah will be closer to the screen, so that I might share a tiny bit shade. So that can bring up this water, loss of kind of words. And I would say, Yeah, but then also Nevada. Perhaps if I were to grant you your wish, if I were to give you that, you will ask me for something else. In other words, you might

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take the fact that I have granted your wish for granted and you keep asking me for something else.

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And at this juncture, Allah subhanho wa Taala be excused him, and he will be brought near to the tree. And he will shirt that in his shed and he will

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drink of its water because the manual craft and others have more data informs him that you know, you will ask me for something it's there.

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Now once he is by that tree, another free will be writing stuff for him that will be more beautiful than the first one. And now you click adiala bring me closer to this feature that I might think of its water as I may rest my chain.

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And then it will be said by them. They do not promise that you could not ask me for anything else. But here you are now you're asking me something else. And at this juncture, he will promise again he will beg and plead and he will be excused he will be brought near that tree

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and houses resting under the tree and drinking from the cool waters that are running beneath the tree.

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But the tree will be raised up for him just by the good surgeon. And this will be the most beautiful of treats.

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Now a law that looked at the nature of man's

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codea on law bring me closer to this tree so that I'm at shelter in its shape so that I can drink have explored

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a love and address his slave who served his week slaves weeks when he ever had and the other the Adam did you not promise me that you would not ask me for anything else. And he because I know you're alive. But I asked you anything as a loss of head of what's ahead at that, excuse him. And now he will be brought close to the tree. And now many draws close to it. He'll start to hear the voices of atherogenic the voices of the people of Paradise and he will not be able to contain himself because this is where the gates of general right. So you cannot hear the voices of the inhabitants of genda frolicking and making very in the lofty garden of the maker. So Anna Boyd's add

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he will cry out. Yeah, Allah

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admit me

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lots of headwinds, either adverse signal you haven't had the most sign up and what will make you stop asking

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And then Allah subhanho wa Taala is asking will please you, if I were to give you the equivalent of this world of dunya

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and as much again, so double the equivalent of donia

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got this man.

00:25:23--> 00:25:28

He was stupefied. He'd be astounded, because he asked for,

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you know, entry into the garden and here or here Allah Subhana Allah

00:25:34--> 00:25:37

at the mercy of the lions image and look at the infinite

00:25:38--> 00:25:40

and sheer mercy of our makers.

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How dare we transgress the limits of this mess? If we're not, how dare we this obey Him idea problem existence, and how they are we? Yes into the nature of men to make mistakes. But how do we stay away from him arrogantly? How dare we drift away for too long? How dare we wage war against him? How dare we question? How dare we entertain doubts in regards to him? So

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this man will be astounded. And he'll cry a lot. Are you making fun of me when you are a bit irony but you are the Lord of the worlds. And at this juncture, even though the last one for the night of the heady, he smiles broadly. And he says he looks at the people around him and he asks them, he does that. Why don't you ask me why I'm smiling. And then the people around him are asked to give him a suit. Why are you smiling? too? He responds. This is exactly how the Messenger of Allah said I love it when you send them smile.

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And then we all ask the messenger Why are you smiling Yasuda? Why you smiling a messenger of Allah. And then he sent a loved one even even send them said because the Lord of all worlds open Ireland he will smile. When he says when when when the man when the slave of his says you're making fun of me a lot. The Lord of all workers will smile and say I am not making fun of you. But I am able I'm able to do whatever I want.

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This is the mercy of Allah subhana wa, and it has turned to him so we are so badly in need of the mercy of allies division that does not drift away from him. So Hamlet Allah just turned to him our man Abrahim the Most Merciful seeking forgiveness, seeking His forgiveness and seeking His mercy. With that I conclude this video i look forward to talking to you all in another video. So inshallah Allah zakon the hair salon

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