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The history and importance of human rights are discussed in a series of segments covering various topics including the history of achieving human rights, the implementation of Islam's actions, and the importance of forgiveness. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to fulfill human rights and protect their privacy, while also acknowledging the importance of forgiveness and the use of seal of birth for birth. The segment also touches on the importance of fulfilling human rights and avoiding harm, while also emphasizing the importance of being good to others and not wanting to cause harm.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.

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Wa Salatu was Salam ala Mala Nabi Avada. Allah Milan Habiba the hula hoop metabo Amati wala kita rabada Kitabi. When I say yada yada Shariati, a mugger do follow mobila Human are shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. What would allow wala to Shri Kobe he che Oh meanwhile Edenia Sena will be the Oba while your Tama will Masaki and when God will CORBA well Jerry real CORBA was, we will jump be witness we will set up Sara kala will awesome.

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My dear respected Alma elders and brothers we begin by praising Almighty Allah sending rotations upon our beloved maybe a cream sal Allahu Allah, he was sent sallam. We are all aware that we have a Nikka that will be performed immediately after the talk. And I thought that, on one hand, he would like to speak on something about the niqab. But then, of course, he's also a general audience,

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that perhaps we could keep the topic a little bit more general and more broader. And in this regard, I feel that I would like to speak about what is known in our Sharia is vocal about the rights of human beings. Now, if you look at for vocal about and you translate it into English, you can say that the translation of it is human rights.

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The problem with that translation is that when we talk of human rights, we tend to go in the line of human rights from a political sense. So today we talk everyone talks about human rights in a political sense, the unfortunate part with regard to human rights in a political science sense that it has become a cultural crusade and imperialism. It is a system today, human rights in a political sense, that has created an unjust global systems that allow superpowers to invade lands. But but to perpetrate to perpetrate debt, dump toxic waste in third world countries marginalize morality in really and religion

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with maximum impunity, and minimum accountability. That is human rights in the political sense in today's time, but I don't want to talk about human rights in the political sense. I want to talk about Google about the rights of our fellow human beings on a day to day basis with whom we come into contact with, whether it be our family, whether it be our neighbors, whether it be our colleagues in the business field, whether it be our neighbors, whether it be with people whom we come across on a day to day basis. Now nowadays, because of, you know, social media, our concentration span is very less. And that's the reality one of the harms, together with some of the

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benefits of social media and technology is that our concentration span is very less. So what I do nowadays is I enumerate my points in this particular regard. So I'm going to make mention of some of the points the first point I would like to make mention of we are not humanists when we talk about human rights. We are not humanists who believe that for your salvation, it is enough for you to be a good human being. And many times you find people say, it's enough you are good human being a person who is a good human being is good enough for him to go into Jannah it's enough for him salvation. No, we don't believe in this. We believe that together with the rights of Almighty Allah subhanahu

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wa, rights of human beings, we have to fulfill the rights of Allah Tala first, that is supreme. And until you do not fulfill the rights of Allah, until you don't have Iman, you cannot gain salvation, even if you are Taluk in relationship with people is good. So this is something that we have to keep in mind, maybe a Kareem saw someone was asked about Abdullah bin JSON, who was someone who was very well known for his humaneness, and doing good to people, charitable work, so to say, and someone asked her Sula, would it be saved?

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Maybe a cream sauce Lim said he did not say Allah who must believe he did not ask him that ALLAH for forgiveness. He did not have a man. So until you don't have Eman, all other aspects with regard to human rights will not be sufficient for your salvation until you don't have Iman as a police officer Brahma Talalay in his Marechal Quran under the ayat welcome your Salah Tara Tara for him now hurry was hula Fermina Leila has written some you said it is certain basic principles our old AMA and our pious predecessors have made mentioned I found it so amazing. One of them you said is if you want to

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adorn your appearance.

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Then first, adorn your inner self adorn your character. Allah will make your appearance glow. Allah will make your appearance beautiful. So you might not even have to spend so much time in grooming. Now men's grooming is also a major, big, big business. And people talk about it how much no billions people are spending in mere men's grooming. What did multisurface Broncolor they say, adorn your character, Allah will put a nude and a glow in your appearance. Then one of the other things he said, correct your relationship with Allah, Allah will correct your relationship with human beings. And many times we find this we don't get along with people maybe perhaps that is a reason. Your

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relationship with Allah is not correct. That is a reason why your relationship with people is not correct. So the first point, which I would like to enumerate and emphasize we are not people who believe in a human this type of approach, you must be a good human being you must be good with human beings is enough to ease emphasis upon it which I will give. But together with that you need human in Allah and you have to fulfill the rights of Allah subhanho wa Taala for salvation. The second point is human rights is part of deen

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and the reason why we have to make mention of it in today's time is we somehow or the other when we talk about deen and we talk about religion, then for us religion is about rituals. It is about our Ibaadat it is about our tahajjud our zikr our Tilawat undoubtedly is important, but what about the rights of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and the rights of human beings? That is an important part of our deen it is such an important part of it. Let me give you one or two examples. All right, the UK they will be deemed for that he can levy or do only a team when I have

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miskeen Have you seen those who deny religion? Now our understanding of Dean would say that those deny religion who do not perform Salah who do not make Zika look odd and that Allah says these are the people who deny religion, but radical Lavinia do only a team who repelled the orphans

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and who do not encourage the feeding of the pure poor. These are the people who deny religion

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who regards the non fulfillment of Google Ebert is denying religion, the way Allah subhanho wa Taala has made mention of it.

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Dr. abrasive Rahmatullah Elisa Khalifa of mana Tammy Rahmatullah Lee I had the opportunity of seeing him but when you're a student, you don't give enough opportunity when you get these opportunities you don't take it was a Greek scholar. So he relates his own insulin he said one day he went to mana Tamarama toulalan His spiritual mentor, and said that the quality of your son which each and every one of us, is supposed to strive towards, what is it and Talmud Allah can Nakata Raphael Lemkin, Tara who finally Allah to worship Allah as if you are seeing Allah and if you can't do that, at least visualize Allah Tala and see you. He said I got the quality in Salat, love to have that

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quality in Salat and someone declaring it professing it. Can you imagine what a great rank and status it is? That person says I got the quality of a salad my number was at my salad. He expected my tongue Rahmatullah to praise him. And he was surprised and what he said bring that quality of your son in your relationship with every human being.

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Now when you deal with a human being think you are seeing Allahu Allah is Seeing you in your relationship with neighbors. This is how we are supposed to keep that this is part of the human rights is not only something that is good, and we make this distinction. When a person is good to human beings, his o'clock is good, his conduct is good. We will never call him pious will say haram monastery. He's a good human being. Why? In Minnelli, you'd rica because Nicola Milele was selling in the hub, a person with good conduct gets the same reward of a person making 100 all night. But do you ever see a person being termed a pious person because of his good can conduct with people?

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Second point, human rights is part of the third human rights and fulfilling the rights of human beings is perhaps I'm not gonna say generally, because the rights of Allah Tala is supreme, but in certain instances is more important than the rights of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala in Behati there's a hadith on the authority as an eyeshadow the Allah or Tron has it maybe a cream sauce some say that these are three kinds. One is which Allah Tala will never forgive in Allah Allah Allah Pharaoh you struck me by the proclamation of Allah. I will not forgive the person who associate partners to Allah. Well, your fellow Medina Valley, Cali, Masha besides that, any other guna and

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certainly if Allah wishes he

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And forgive.

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So the second type of deeds is one Allah won't forgive the second type of these violating the rights of Allah, the rights between you and Allah. And the third is the rights between you and human beings, which Allah Tala proclaims that he will not forgive until the person whom you have wronged he does not forgive you.

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Now, right Swami Rahmatullah Lee and he says that now this is very important in this sense, the rights of human being is more important than the rights of Allah. Wa Tamra McCullough used to say that oh, well in some PC comark Nicoletta to today is very difficult for a human being to forgive another human being Allah Tala. If you can ask Allah for forgiveness, more than likely Allah will forgive you because Allah Tala is afforded Rahim let up Natoma Rahmatullah never lose hope in the Mercy of Allah, He will forgive all sins. Human being is not so forgiving. So too, for a violation of Allah's rights is easier to get forgiveness, then to get forgiveness for violation of the rights

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of others, which Allah has professed and proclaim you now will not forgive you until the person who you have wronged doesn't forgive you. So you should say my attorney should say Oh, well in some simple math, Nikita, first human being don't forgive another person and even if he forgives it, he keeps a file of it in his memory one day He will tell you after 10 years, remember you did me wrong and I forgive you. Now what type of forgiveness is it that it can still remind you after 10 or 10 years? And Allah tell us forgiveness, a tie womanism become under the umbrella. A person who repents for his guna in front of Allah. It is like he never committed the Guna.

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So this is that's why maybe I criticize him said I said Runa mal mirthless. Do you know is a Papa? Saba Cynthia Rasulullah Papa is one who doesn't have wealth? No, no, no. The real Papa is one who will have so much of Nevada, you will have so much of good deeds so much of Seeker, he will come in front of Allah and Allah will say do you have wrong people? You took people's money.

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You wrongfully took people's money. I must be careful to I'm saying this but anyway, you took people's money, and they afterwards you don't even make any attempt to go to prepay. And then you may hear a lot of people who spoke badly about people, you falsely accuse people, Allah will say that there is no currency, the only currency in the year after will be good deeds. And they Allah subhanho wa Taala will say now you don't have currency to repay, give your good deeds to the person whom we have wronged and he still is gone, the matter is not resolved. Allah will say that person's gonna will come up on your head. So the third thing my dear respective brothers, which we have to

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keep in mind is that this is part of the and someone says is more important than the rights of Allah subhanho wa Taala in this sense, which I've said, we take this for granted. There is a Hadith imagine that was alive, that towards the end of our beloved Libya cream sauce comes life, maybe a cream sauce from one day, what up in Nigeria another week, and maybe the Crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he asked the people if I have done anyone wrong, if I have done anyone wrong, then let people come and take the rights from me which I have done wrong to people. One Sahaba bottom wants to have you by the name of Akasha Have you logged in wondering why it is who say being who they are.

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And perhaps this incident happened two or three times once it happened in the bathroom of brother but Your will Mr. says that one of the Sahaba perhaps Kashia got up and said Jana Salah one day by mistake.

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Your saw touch my death and I was slightly bruised and I was slightly hurt. I want retaliation. We are similar. You did me wrong. I want you to do I want you to repay I want the repayment of debts wrongly. So maybe a cream sauce Simpson Okasha can do the same to me which I've done to you. Instead era Solyndra, when you did it to be I was paid that either they were pushed up. You also remove your quota. Maybe a Kareem saw Selim removed his quota. And Akasha What did he do? He didn't want to take any retaliation. He came in he is maybe acronym SOS limbs body and in particular the seal of nebbia carrying saucer arms prophethood which was between the two shoulder blades of Navy Academy so the

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point is, look at what emphasis nobody saw Slim gave to human rights.

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I heard my assembler camera I'm clearly seeing towards the end of hazard Matangi Rahmatullah Lee's life. He did the same thing. He printed

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he printed

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some posters and small leaflets in different colors, asking for the same thing. So the third point I've made mentioned human rights in certain times and certain instances is more important than the rights of Allah. The fourth thing will Am I have written that Allah Tala will take account of violation of human rights the way he takes account of violation of Allah's rights. Within Reach Salat, Allah will take a turn from you. You have not fulfilled the rights of others. I'm not sure what Allah will take account of your deeds. You know, we in our student days

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there was a

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student, you know, and he used to be amazed. He used to be physically challenged, used to walk with his hands, used to walk with his hands. And then afterwards, you know, then technology came so he had a motorized wheelchair. So he wrote a tab on his head, but he was a very good speaker. So in one of his speeches I read, you know, he said an amazing thing. You said, one of the Persian kings, who was known for his justice, one day invaded a LAN and they took over the land. He was just his soldiers in the people who are under him or not. So just so they went to the house of an old lady, and they slaughtered the cow of that lady, and the animals of that lady, and they had a path into

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this time, they said they had a bride. So we finished that. And for them, it was nothing. They were the invading force, they were the conquering force. But for the lady, it was a great thing, because it was a sole means of income. She used to take the milk and sell them. So she found it very difficult. Someone told her and said that the thing is a very just person going meet the thing and tell him what had happened. She said, we are going to meet the thing. Someone told her that the thing is coming at a particular place where he has to cross a bridge, go and meet him there, go and stand there. He's supposed to come because he's supposed to use that bridge to go from one place to

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the other. She went and she waited and when the thing came,

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she told him the situation and then she told him an amazing thing. She said you sought me out now on this bridge.

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Otherwise, I will catch you on the bridge of the after.

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Either you sought me out now I was getting pulsera.

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So this the fourth thing we made mention is Allah will take account of violation of human rights the way you take account of violation of rights of Allah, because of the moral Nash Shabbir Ahmed whose money he was the alum from Joban, the first person to raise the flag of Pakistan in Karachi.

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Some reason why we support Pakistan anyway, what am I saying is that Russia will lose money. Rahul Ali was the first person he wrote a commentary on Sunni Muslim, faithful Muslim. And this is the exact words which he has written. The person who severs family relationship, do not assist and help his relatives causes difficulty to neighbors and other people. Searches for forcing people to oxygen behave elegantly, will not enter Jannah even if his salad and Easter's be in zikr or abandoned,

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he will not enter Jannah even if his Sonata is seated in the budget is abundance. This is the word of a great Mahadevi.

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The fourth thing that I would like to make mentioned it is amazing. To the extent Allah has gone to speak about the rights of human beings. Sometimes when you think about it, then we talk about what other people are talking of human rights it pales into insignificance in the highest whichever recited Allah, Allah speaks about a category of people that you must fulfill their rights also, what's up bill Jim, do you know what sacking people jump means a person whom you are together for a short period of time you are sitting with a person in a budget for a short period of time set in a manner that you don't give him inconvenience. You sitting with a person in the airplane for five six

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hours Johnny C tweeted to fulfill his rights also, Allah has gone to this extent that even a person with whom you are for a short period of time portfolios rights.

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Look at how I mean sometimes you amaze in in familia certified as a shepherd he doesn't want as a Teresa Brompton mentioned the best of charity. I wonder if it ever crosses our mind. The best of charity is to look after your daughter

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or your sister who has been separated who regards that as part of Diem. For daughter has been trapped or sudden she's become a widow sister has become adult, the best of charity more than giving in other to other organization is to look after your daughter and sister in such a situation.

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As a navy attorney, Mr Allahu alayhi wa sallam, after the teacher of the Allahu Taala you passed away. Whenever there was a sheep slaughtered in his house, maybe aquarium sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam used to keep a portion of the meat and give it to the friends of his departed wife.

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Now to be good to your wife when she's alive is is something you can understand.

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That wife passes away and you keep a portion of the meat for the friends of your wife who passed away many years ago, which which culture teaches and teaches you that right? Maybe a dream so awesome said if you want to fulfill the rights of your parents, keep good with the friends of your parents, which culture and deal teaches you that particular type of rights of human beings. So my dear respect to others

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First thing that we have made mentioned is look at the extent to which Allah has gone and our deen is going to fulfill the rights of human beings 60 And this is very important also, that our Allah has made mentioned that the first thing with regard to human rights were you afraid when Allah unforseeable autonomy emphasis or give right, fulfill the rights of others. Even if difficulty comes to a lot, that is the highest form of fulfilling the rights of others.

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You fulfill the rights of others even if difficulty comes along even at your own expense, you prefer the rights of others. Even if difficulty comes along. Then the second stage is do good to others the way you want your life.

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If you are not a believer until you will love for others what you love for yourself. And then the last there is nothing lesser than that. Don't cause harm to others.

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Maybe a cream sauce and said there are 70 Odd branches have been the highest is Karim Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah imata to other three, the lowest form of Imam is to remove an offensive item which is on the road of the Muslims are in human human beings. The lowest form of humanity is no lower form of human than that. If you can remove something that is on the road, which is used and is a cause of inconvenience, it's the lowest form of humanity. Imam Ghazali Rama Talalay has written that and looked into this I've also you know, related a lot in his balance. There are three types of animals one animal which only harms people, right like scorpion etc. Whenever it gets

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an opportunity we'll have one animal that we benefit from Wainer Leconfield anomala zebra to stay comfy mommy Murphy Bertoni you get milk from the cow, etc, honey from the beat, and there is another type of animal which neither benefits no harm. Imam Ghazali Rahmatullah Lee writes, oh, human beings, you are shuffled Masuka try and be like that animal, you are supposed to be better than that animal. And you are better than animals try and be like that animals, they benefit people. And if you can't be like that don't be like the second one that harms at least be like that animal that has not benefited does not have.

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So these are six points, which I've made mentioned with regard to the aspect of human rights. Now, coming back in this last two, three minutes, how does this particular aspect How does it come into what we are going to be doing which is Nica I always make mention with regard with my dear respective weathers, is that is sometimes amazing. We look at all of these beautiful teachings that we feel is out is outside the house and is not for the people who are inside the house. We are supposed to have these qualities first for people in our house before we do it for other people.

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Has it I shouldn't be allowed Amanda relates how Nebia creams are seldom used to get up for tahajjud. But the Hello Baba Raider, aka local barber wader used to open the door of the room gently close the door gently and we can take a cursor if you need to do it. No loudly. The love is as large a motor Harardhere on a vehicle themselves and they will not have objected. I challenge everyone here. Does anyone think about if I come late at night? And the way I opened the door? Whether it has an impact upon my sleeping wife or not?

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Does anyone ever feel about it? Has anyone ever felt that it is part of the lettuces should not have maybe I cream sauces or machete?

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No, we are amongst the ones you know they say whenever you see, you know a man opening up the door of the car, you know then you must remember he's not doing it for his wife the car is new.

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So now we use this particular aspect.

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They say that time makes love pass. When you in love, love makes time pass and time makes love pass. So time makes love pass the love and the romanticism that you're going to have in the early stages of your marital life. It will pass what will sustain a marriage is the qualities of which I've made mention of

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Yes, initially they will be loved. And of course it is good Nivea cream sauce. Lemon said I've never seen anything that gives rise to the love between two individuals, the way Nica does, and we must We must celebrate that. No don't become so Sophia said no that is not part of it. It is part of the by all means go and have a good time maybe a cream sauce Lim has made mentioned as part of one of the things of this dunya which has been approved and love to Allah subhanho wa Taala is to be able to spend quality time with your wife to be able to play with your wife. And these are the words in the Hadith. So don't skimp on that also.

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But at the same time while those particular aspects will be there. And of course, the very nature of humankind. Is that what the passing of time maybe those particular feelings might come less? It is these qualities. Fulfilling the rights of others didn't consider it being sure that you will you show

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If you don't have anyone that will sustain a marriage ALLAH given a topic of understanding what our field our

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ultimate we will ask them the capacities to come through inshallah