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Mufti Menk
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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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Smilla he will Hamdulillah he was salat wa salam ala Abdullah he Rasulullah Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine,

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my beloved brothers, my sisters, we have commenced the year 1444 from the Hijra of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. And it's been just about two weeks.

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Many people talk about New Year's resolutions. Now we need to know that in Islam, every time you do a bad deed, you must resolve to stop it. You must regret it. You must ask Allah's forgiveness. And you must resolve you must have that firm intention, this, I'm not going to do it again, it was not good enough. Don't wait for an occasion to make a resolution. The same applies when you do a good deed, you must be so happy that you resolve within yourself, I'm going to maintain this and build on it. So the bad is eradicated slowly but surely or instantly, and the good is increased by the will of Allah Almighty.

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Such there's that as the days pass, you become a person who has improved yourself, both as a Muslim as a believer in Allah subhanho wa taala, as a follower of the Prophet Muhammad May peace be upon him. And as a human being at large, you become a much more pleasant person. People enjoy interacting with you, because you've become conscious of the little things you were not conscious about when you were young. And this is why we say yes, we don't wait for a moment that might come somewhere down the year in order for us to repent or turn to Allah. If I'm planning to go for Hajj next year. It doesn't mean I hold on and wait without repenting for the entire year because I am hoping to go you

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may never go, who knows.

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Each time something bad is done by us, we must immediately pick up the pieces. If we've done the bad again, or a third time, it does not mean that you now lose hope in the Mercy of Allah, you make a resolve again, resolution once again. No, I'm not going to be I know it's the third time I'm doing this. But I promise within myself, I promise Allah, I'm not going to do it. I promise myself, I'm a believer.

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My brothers and sisters, the years are passing. If you've noticed what I've noticed, 2019 came I'm talking of the Gregorian calendar. And now when we write 2020 It seems like just yesterday, when we write 2021 It seems like early on this morning, right? And when we say 2022 It's like, oh, we're already there. Just like when we're writing 1444 Adri Do you realize, life and life goes on. Life goes on.

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The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, has taught us to seize opportunities that are in front of us, but the problem with men, we don't notice the opportunities. You have a golden chance to do something, what are you doing snoring sleeping, the chance came and it went. If it was a business deal, you're going to literally regret because people will tell you you're a fool. There was something dangling right in front of your face. All you needed to do was to pick the fruit and you couldn't do that you were busy sleeping, it was an opportunity. But what about when it comes to something spiritual connected to Allah, people may never remind you. This is why the Prophet

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Muhammad peace be upon him seized all opportunities to remind us that listen, in life, they will be situations that you must make the most of they may never come back. They may never come back. So let's go through one Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam narrated by Abdullah ibn Abbas Radi Allahu Anhu Ummah, where he says, the Prophet peace be upon him said if attending Hamsun Kubla hums it's a very common narration it's known by a lot of people repeated often. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says, sees five opportunities before they're lost, before they're overtaken by another five situations. This is a reminder from the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

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to all of us. Guess what he starts with?

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Well, to make it interesting, you know, you're born when you're born, obviously, you're being taught by your family members and so on. As you mature and you become a teenager. You develop energies you start questioning, which is healthy, and you're looking for answers. You'd better look for answers in the right places. May Allah grant us goodness because if you look in the wrong places,

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Perhaps it might contaminate that mind of yours. And it might be a long drive in the wilderness before you actually come back to what is correct. If at all, you're favored by Allah, may Allah Almighty protect all of us. So as you're growing, what do you notice the energies? There comes a time when most youngsters feel that you know what, I am the most important person here. That's teenage problem. Sometimes you feel you know, I'm the most handsome be everyone should. All the attention should focus around me and it's me and the other people or by the way, for as long as I'm surviving. That's it. Everything's okay. They must do their own thing. Yes, that's just a little bit

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of teenage years, when you think you're the most important guy ever, right? Quickly, you need to start looking at others. You need to start using those energies in the right direction. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has told us that the pens are lifted and the angels begin to write at the age of puberty, your good deeds, your bad deeds, you're responsible, you are responsible. It's not bad. I mean, my book is being authored right now and so is yours. For as long as they're still writing in that book, I can chop and change and add and subtract because I have repentance, forgiveness, I can turn to Allah I can and so on. May Allah grant me the opportunity to write a

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beautiful book and all of us so that when we hand our books back to Allah Almighty or when he actually hands them to us, we're proud of what we see or we're not so embarrassed. May Allah grant us goodness, may He forgive our shortcomings.

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So he says Shabaab, aka Kabbalah Hara MC sees the opportunity of the fact that you are young, youthful, energetic, within the age of youth, before you become old. Wow. That's the first one he started with. Because when you're young, you forget everything and everyone, it's you. And that's it. The world must rotate around you your time, your schedule, you need to make the money, you need to get the job, you need to sleep, you need to do that. No, that's not what life is all about. It's all about every one of us. We're together in it. You live with people make life easy for them. Be considerate, pick up after you sample. Don't just throw things you want to eat, pick up your plate,

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help with the dishes, do something you were a part of creating the mess. Don't leave it for others. Just because you have a position or you have money or whatever else you may have does not give you the right to lose your character and conduct. It doesn't give you the right to start saying what you want become conscious of how you make others feel by your words. You're young young people are energetic, they want to punch everyone they want to pick a fight with everyone. Be careful. Be careful. Here is the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him saying, contain those energies, use them in the right direction, do something constructive. You'd rather learn things you'd rather help society

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community you'd rather become a person who's being known as he grows up as a good man, a good woman, a good person. May Allah grant us goodness. You're known by Allah Almighty as a person who is trying his best or one who is trying her best to obey the instructions of Allah. It's not easy, at times, to fulfill the obligations that Allah has placed on our shoulders. It's a challenge. But that's what life is all about. Keep going. Don't give up. Allah knows your weakness. Allah knows you're weak. But Allah wants you to keep trying don't give up. Don't ever think I've got this bad habit. It's just not leaving me. Keep trying a day will come when inshallah you will quit it. Be strong. Learn

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to develop yourself. The power

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that you'd like to show is needed to be used within yourself to overcome your own weaknesses. You need more energy to control temper, then you actually need to vent it and punch someone. That's why the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says ladyship lays a shoddy Dooby Sarathi in NEMA Shadie to let the Yummly kunafa who are in the hub.

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A powerful person is not one who can punch up others and out wrestled and that's not power. That's just what everyone else would probably do. The real strength is the one who can control himself when he's angry. Allahu Akbar. And that's why when Allah describes himself, you know what he says? Allah says, He is all able, yet forgiving. Allah Aziz Allah for He is powerful. He can wipe out whatever he wants, but he's still forgiving. He knows. Imagine someone comes in you know that you've been dreaming every single day and they want to swear you you just look at them and laugh and walk away. That was energetic. That was actually very, very powerful. What you did

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But now to try and think I've got big muscles slept this guy one and sort the problem out that's not what it was. Engage them in discussion. Use the youth that you the youthfulness that you have the strength, the energies that you have in the right direction.

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And Allah will open your door so my beloved youth, you have energies come down, use them in sha Allah in the right direction, because the day will come You will regret it. Just the other day, someone sent a photograph of some members of our community beloved members, may Allah give them Jana those who have passed away. And I was looking at this little photograph, some of you might have seen it. And some of the uncles they looked younger than their grandchildren today, and they've passed on and they're gone. But you can see the similarity in features.

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And then you think to yourself, it was just a click of a finger. And guess what time has passed. Before you know it. 60 years are gone. SubhanAllah 70 years are gone.

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It wasn't worth

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wasting your energies when you were young. Come on, you're young. We need you, society, community, the nation the Ummah, the world needs you. You may be someone tomorrow whom the entire globe will celebrate as a person who's benefited not just mankind, but beyond. May Allah Almighty grant us ease. So the first part of that hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says seize the opportunity of your young age, your youthfulness your energies, before it's overtaken by old age, before it goes away. The very next part of the Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam speaks about your health, before it is overtaken by what? Before it is overtaken by sickness. Many times we are

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healthy, we don't realize until a limb goes until sickness overtakes us, we can no longer do the things we used to do. Or we were able to Subhanallah it's worse if you say I cannot do the things I wished I could have. When I was younger, I had the energy I didn't know that's why we have a reminder such as this one to say you have the energy do it properly. Whether it is your prayer, whether it is whatever else it may be. Community service community service in Islam is something that many people don't speak about.

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It is part of your belief in Allah to take from your wealth and go and look for poor people or those who don't have what you have and give it to them. It's a pillar of your faith. You're not a Muslim, if you don't do that community service without it you cannot be a believer. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him Says law you may know or had to come into your head but the FE man you hit Bulleen FC none of you can be considered true believers until you love for you your brothers what you love for yourself. Meaning you wish it for them you will help them you will try with them. Whatever you want for yourself whatever however you want people to treat you you treat others whatever you wish

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for yourself you help them achieve it. Today, let me explain what goes on man earns and Masha Allah may Allah grant us goodness in our earnings. But when we cross 10 million 15 million what happens to man? What happens to man, he wants everything for himself and he wants to continue to 100 million and a billion and then he wants to be known as a billionaire. If being a billionaire came with helping the rest, mashallah, congratulations, if part of your work is the charity, that is not just two and a half percent, two and a half percent belongs to Allah, we want to know what came from you yourself beyond the two and a half.

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Two and a half is a duty if you don't, you're accountable to Allah. What about more than that comes from you. We've spoken about this in the past, whatever it may be, but do something you know, Allah knows you help this one, that one this one that so many people pass away. And this is a good piece of information.

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And then you find out they were helping so many others in community and society no one knew. And guess what everything comes to a halt because the person passed on? Well, at least the prayers don't come to a halt. So seize the opportunity of your

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health. Before it's overtaken, do something good. Like I said, when Allah has given you when Allah has given you in fact, that's the next part of the Hadith. We've already touched on it. Seize the opportunity of your wealth before poverty overtakes you because everything that comes from Allah is limited. It comes in this world with a limit. When Allah gave you life, it's limited. Allah gave you health. It's limited. Allah gave you wealth. It's limited. Allah gave you free time. It's limited. Allah gave you life. It's limited. Those are the five things limited, which means it's coming to an end. Don't be

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Food, watch the others there theirs has already come to an end. What about mine and yours?

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Come on, we can do better. My brothers, my sisters, the next time you spend on yourself on something, thank Allah

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thank Allah and together with that gratitude.

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Think about someone who doesn't have make an intention, shall I'm going to take out a little portion, and perhaps give it to others. Say for example, you go out to a restaurant and so on just the left overs, leave them in such a way that you can package them and perhaps serve them to a person who might be on the street. You don't know it would do more for that little boy in the center of the road than your entire meal did for you. Even though you spent more money.

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We don't realize this, that reward being a Muslim or not. It's irrelevant. This is humanity. We're talking about human kind there is a humanitarian need. And Allah creates the poor, not because he wants to punish them. For many reasons, one of them is to test you and I who, who come to know them who see them who come across them. That was the test of yours.

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That little child who messes up the window of your beautiful vehicle by semi sucking it while you are actually driving. You know what? How you react to the child. The angels are riding it. You know he did wrong but he never he didn't know any better. Hands were messy. And he came you just washed your car spending 20 bucks washing your car and next thing this guy comes with his fingerprints. Can I please have one? Whatever banana or whatever. You know what?

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Say a good word.

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Give them something or go away silently, but you have no excuse.

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To hurt them.

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surah Taha we read it all the time. What does Allah say there? Allah says, what a must. In love Allah Tang, have you heard the verse, right? It means the beggar beggar the one who's asking, don't ever rebuke Allahu Akbar. There we go. Because when you rebuke a beggar, it's written. And the worst part of it is, it will come back, it will bother you somehow, some way that the little banana you were meant to give perhaps, or just a good word, perhaps something big might happen in your life. That was such a big loss. You didn't know it came because Allah was so upset with what you did. Don't these are human beings, the tables could have turned they may turn with the with the

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generations of ours. May Allah not make that happen. When you're not here. What might happen to your great grandchildren may be May Allah not let that happen. But it's worth thinking about.

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So seize the opportunity of your wealth before poverty overtakes you and it will.

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Do you know there is a verse of the Quran

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that every time I read, I get so happy I mean, so many verses, but one in particular, where Allah speaks about hellfire, and he says, who is going to be protected from it?

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Let's listen to the verse. Allah says was that you John Jason

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a levy you t man whom yet as

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the one who will be saved from hellfire is the one who's conscious of Allah, the One who used to constantly give his wealth in charity. That means that I can save myself from hellfire by giving by giving today people are ready to give a bribe to save themselves from something. You know what I'm talking about here. We ready to give whatever depending on how big it is. Allah says Wallahi when it comes to the Day of Judgment is no bribery. Allah says those who are doomed, they will want to give the whole world and whatever is in it and double off it Allah says it's not going to be accepted. But while you're alive, it's not a bribery. It's actually just preparation for that day. Oh Allah,

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you gave me 100 I gave two and a half was the Zika of it. But I gave another five. Yeah, Allah excepted from me. Allah says you know those people who are conscious of us, they developed a good relationship with us, and they gave others from what we gave them, they will be protected from hellfire.

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You see, I want to tell you something very interesting. All of us are gifted in different ways. But everyone is gifted without a doubt. Some of us it's easier for us to constantly pray and pray so much. Some of us we read a lot of Quran some of us some of us can't do as much in that regard. But Allah has given you wealth Come on, you can earn your paradise through a billion different avenues earn it. It's not just one path straight like this. It's one huge highway with so many different lanes. That's what it is.

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So if Allah didn't give you an opportunity to do one or

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You were weak in one, Don't be weak in all of them your gift. Some people have a skill teach others you get a reward it's a sadaqa jariya. The hadith the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says one of the things that will remain for you in reward continuously after your death is when you taught someone something good and beneficial, and they continue to teach others generations for as long as that knowledge you delivered is being taught, you will buck the reward even in your grave up to the end.

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So I'm only trying to show you that whatever your gift is given, don't be don't be miserly. Don't want everything for yourself. Remember, there are two primary objectives that Allah has decreed. He wants from us. Number one, worship Allah your maker. Your relationship with him should be solid.

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Number two, the rest of the creatures of the same maker have a beautiful relationship with them. It should be based on goodness and justice. In Allaha, Mirabella de la sunny Allah instruct you to be just and to be kind and to give your relatives and the others give them it's okay. You might not have a good relationship with some of them. Nevermind I'm still going to give that was that was the advice or the instruction that Allah delivered to Abu Bakr Siddiq, Radi Allahu Anhu when someone accused his own daughter, Isha, among many not of the Allahu anha of immorality. He said, I'm never going to give this relative of mine again. And Allah says good people don't do that good. People do

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not say that they keep giving, no matter what they've said. Imagine SubhanAllah. So the first opportunity that we tend to need a reminder regarding is when you're energetic and young sees it before it is overtaken by old age. When you have good health, seize it before sickness overtakes you, when you develop your business and whatever and you have wealth, seize the opportunity

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of the fact that you have the wealth to do a lot of good before you lose that somehow. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us. And then when you have free time, for us, I'm sitting, doing what, please, please limit your Netflix and whatever else it may be limited, your YouTube and whatever else it may be. If it is something really beneficial Alhamdulillah if it is just a social, you're watching this and that if it's not really beneficial. Limited. I'll tell you why time is ticking. You could have used that time in a much better way. All of us need a break. Sometimes. We're not denying that. Some people are so addicted, that they would give up important things without batting

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an eyelid. I'm just sitting here okay, no.

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Remember free time is a gift from Allah. Use it constructively go out and help someone go and visit someone elderly someone's sick relative Wallah, he will talk so many points in the eyes of Allah, you will be surprised. You know, there's a narration where it is said that Allah will tell the son of Adam, I was sick and you didn't visit me and the son of Adam will say how could you be sick when your Lord of the Worlds? And then he will say, didn't you hear of such and such a person who was unwell? Had you visited them? You'd have found me there

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Subhanallah you know, when you boost people's morale, you say don't worry, you will be well, the guy is on his deathbed and you're telling him a miracle shall happen by the will of Allah and you will be okay. That can actually take them out of their sickness because they could perhaps because of the good feeling and the boost, you've given them feel so good that they came out of the sickness. We underestimated is not only about the medication. I mean, the people are saying that with COVID Many people died just because of the fear. They were so scared. They themselves and they were isolated to a degree mankind hasn't seen before. Well, not we haven't.

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And my brothers the last and final point, seize the opportunity of your life before they comes when you won't have it anymore. Number of the Allahu anha used to say,

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when you enter the evening, don't ever think that you're going to get up in the morning.

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And when you get up in the morning, don't ever think that you're going to make it to the evening. Meaning you should just be prepared. You should just be prepared many times. I think when you clock a certain age as you reclaim your bed, do you know what's the DUA the DUA is

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Oh ALLAH in your name, I put my side to sleep. If you take my soul away, in my sleep, have mercy on it. And if you send it back in the morning and allow me to wake up, protect me in the same way you protect your pious slaves. Wow.

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Bismillah Allahu Moussa to Jambi what Becca Alfa in Sector NFC for Villa we're in our CELTA HA HA HA HA behave we can let the tougher to be a badass Salah him that's a prayer the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to make when he used to recline in the evening go to sleep go to bed.

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What does that mean? It means you might not make it up in the morning. Have you made peace with Allah make peace with Allah every morning every evening and I'll tell you what, I started off by speaking about New Year's resolutions and I'm ending off by telling you you should have a daily resolution in fact twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, because as the angels rotate your deeds go up, let's make sure that they go up at least with the repentance Oh ALLAH my day I did good. I did a bit of bad Forgive me, grant me goodness, let tomorrow be a better day. I'm going to use my energies in the right way. Make me a better person such when I close my eyes and meet you.

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Grant me the goodness and make it easy for me in this world as well. Bearing in mind when you make the lives of others easy. Allah makes your life easy. According to Kali ha That was Allah Allahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad

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