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The challenges faced by Muslim individuals in the face of difficult situations and challenges are discussed, including difficulty in work and reliance on beliefs. The importance of showing one's intentions and control of destiny is emphasized, as well as the need for testing and finding one's own success. The speakers stress the importance of showing compassion and weakness when facing challenges and avoiding becoming like the people they encounter. They also emphasize the need for peace and optimism in the face of conflict, and mention a recent incident where a woman was killed by a man in a car.

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Hungary Latvia iba ilmi Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Mala Libya bada phenomenon to be about them who want to muddy he wanted to tell everybody Kitabi when I said he had about

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a man who fall below him in a shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem went up whenever new military was shoved we fitna, we'll call it Allah has given us a new truck over here Kulu

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hula you've done

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we'll call it Tada.

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Well, but she saw it in either I saw but masiva called who in in LA he were in LA he robbed your own Bacala Tara in a wound, I assume he Rohilla he little komolika Your own

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respective brothers and elders. We begin by praising Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala sending salutations upon our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and all of those who follow him in righteousness and guidance, respected elders and brothers. We are aware that in this world, we are faced with different situations. We are faced with situations of ease and sometimes challenges that come upon us in our life.

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We have read and we have kept abreast with regards to some of the challenges that is faced not only the Muslim community but the entire community here in this country. It is there are challenges in this country there are challenges in other countries as well. We make dua that Allah subhanahu wa taala grants is to people. Allah to Allah grants. Lafayette has a buzzer the Allahu Turon who says that Nabil Karim said Allahu alayhi wa sallam told him Oh Abbas ask Allah to Allah for our fear. Our fear it means is our fear it means well being there is no dua that you can ask of Allah Tala. For anything better than ask Allah Tala for half Yet Allah who may not necessarily call Alpha one Alpha

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one Alpha two demotic Demetri Dini, what dunya will lead me will mean in a minute when Muslim you know well Muslim. So we ask Allah Tala for half year, we ask him that Allah for half yet for the people of this country and other countries in the world. We all have our challenges. Allah subhanho wa Taala has created us and sometimes there are things that happen according to our wombs, according to our wishes, according to our desires. When those things happen, then we think Allah subhanahu wa taala we make sugar to Almighty Allah, we are grateful to Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. We never regard those things to be something that we are entitled to. It is only Allah's grace that He gave

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us any ease. It is only Allah's grace, that he gave us something that was according to our wish. It was not something that we were entitled to. It was not something that you and I we deserved it or it happened because of our acumen. It happened because Allah subhanahu wa taala decided to favor us with it. And sometimes when things happen, which are not in our favor, which are challenging which are difficult, whatever the type of difficulty that come. It is also a test of God Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala then we need to consider why this has come and we need to take steps with regard to it. In understanding why Allah subhana wa Taala brings about challenges. Allah Tala in the Holy

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Quran says when a blue conditionally will theory fitna. I will test you with ease in adversity. Alladhina Yun Futuna fissara Allah Tala makes my ma Sanofi Acharya team intervene in La Santa Ana Harville Barcia you are the rock the Allah whom yet

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so Allah Tala makes mention of this basic principle that Allah Tala visits us with both ease and adversity when ease come it is also a test when difficulty and challenges come. It is also a test Allah Tala has made it sometimes challenges come because to show us the Overlord ship of Allah Tala over us. It comes to show us that we are not in control of our destiny.

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It can be very frightening sometimes when a person thinks that everything happens because of me. Everything happens because of my warmth, my desire, and if everything goes in that way, it could breed pride and arrogance in a person. Allah subhanho wa Taala therefore sometimes brings about situations that are not according to what we plan for maca root Allah, Allah Who halal market in you plan and Allah subhanho wa Taala plans and Allah subhanho wa Taala is the best of best of planners and you know the ultimate who said I love to be the first of all as I recognize my Allah by the failure of my intention I recognize Allah by the failure of my planning I plan and Allah Tala plan

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something and things didn't go my way well who will allow you to falter iBaby Allah is in full control over you. Oh my bondsman says Allah to show you a sign of his authority over you have died

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when the time of your death comes the welfare to rasuna he sends a messenger who never goes against a nautilus commands medical mode, he takes your life he takes your soul whether you are ready to go or not. Whether you want to go or not showing you don't control your destiny. Allah controls your destiny. Sometimes difficulty comes for us to understand the overlordship of Allah Tala upon us. Sometimes it comes to direct and correct us.

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Yes, sometimes Allah Allah brings about difficulty, says Allah Allah in Surah Al Islam means well and with Ethan whom Minella

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Allah Akbar, Allah Tala sometimes make you taste a minor retribution, a minor difficulty prior to the major retribution that will come upon you if you choose the wrong ways. But why does he do so? Under whom Yara Jihoon that you might turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So he does it to direct and correct you. You are taking a path that is dangerous to us spiritually, rectify your ways correct your ways. So Allah Tala brings about a certain degree of retribution upon you to whom you're at your own for you to turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. Sometimes ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala brings about challenges and difficulties in our life. To test us. What are the blue one a combi shade in mineral health, while you're waxing mineral unworthy will unfussy with some Allah, Allah will test you with anxiety, fear, sometimes different challenges, although we always let me say Ya Allah grant us ease we are very weak. Oh Allah You grant us ease but Allah tell

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us sometimes do test people. So sometimes challenges come with the intention of testing us inspecting us, sometimes challenges come to perfect us. Because if there is no perfection, there is no there is no challenges we might not be able to understand. You know the challenges of life we might become proud we might become arrogant challenges brings about within us humility. So Allah Tala brings about challenges upon people for various reasons. I've just given you some of the reasons to show the overlordship and authority of Allah subhanho wa taala. To direct and correct us, to inspect us to perfect us. These are all amongst the reasons why Allah Tala and many times

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challenges contains within it. seeds of greatness. A person doesn't become great when everything goes according to his way. Many times there are challenges you come through those hurdles, you come through those challenges. Allah subhanho wa Taala elevate you. Allah subhanho wa Taala gives you a reflection, Allah Allah gives you a situation of you understanding and coming closer towards Almighty Allah, wavy teller Ibrahim or boo hoo become immersed in fighter mode. Father in Niger. Corinne see mama, we tested Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, and many occasions. He came through the test with flying colors. We granted him greatness and we said, oh Ibrahim in Niger in Oakley Nursey

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mama, we will make you an imam in the leader. Every revered and revealed religion. Reviewers Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu was Salam. And part of the reflection that we have with regard to challenges. My dear respected Brothers is to be sympathetic and kind. When you and I we face challenges, it makes us humble. It makes us reflective. It makes us wanting to be kind and wanting to be considerate to other people. My dear respected brothers days one of the greatest attributes Islam has taught us is called

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Unison compression.

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Yeah hi Aisha maybe a cream sauce from Sidhu, Aisha, you will be tying in Allahu Rafiq bereft. Allah Tala is kind and Allah Tala loves kindness and compassion, respect of others we are living in an amazing world. Sometimes we feel that kindness is weakness. Kindness is not weakness kindness is strength. A weak person can only bet for kindness he cannot dispense with kindness. A weak person can only bet for mercy. A strong person is he who shows kindness to others. He shows mercy to others, be sympathetic, be kind, be helpful to other people with regard to the challenges that they have the VA Kareem Salah while he was still limited, wala Heafy only to have Makana have to fear

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only Allah is in assistance of a human being. As long as he is assisting other people.

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We show assistance. If Allah Allah has given us something, then we show kindness, whatever letter we have, whatever we can do,

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Salam has told us to share and to be helpful to other people. On one occasion he told us Sahaba it is compulsory upon you to give Sen for every joint in your body. So Sahaba said the other sunnah, they felt the way sometimes you and I feel that, you know to give sadaqa and charities only through the means of financial assistance. There are Soula we might not have that amount of wealth, maybe a Kareem saw Selim said what an amazing thing he said. He said, even if you can help someone with wealth, for you to help another person is set up for you to guide another person is set up for you to take the person across the road is Seneca and oh my companions. If you cannot do anything of that

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smile in the face of your next human being in your next face of your next most Muslim brother, that will be a surfer. Now it doesn't cost any money to smile, but then also people find difficult. So even if you smile

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from teachers, whether it be a person of positive virtue, someone who helps people, someone who is a one who shows compassion, kindness, helpful nature to other people, the director himself on one occasion said I saw her person enjoying himself in Jannah. I saw a person enjoying himself in the gardens of Jana, for what for removing the thorns that were in the road that will help bring people moving on death row. Have we ever considered a person going to jail for being helpful to people we associate with great amount of exertion, great amount of effort, great amount of evidence on its place. You in the near term system said I saw a person enjoying himself in Jannah because there was

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something on the road. It was offensive. Here we don't we won't do that. Call the municipality call the authorities. Maybe a crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam said he removed it. I saw him enjoying himself in Jannah. My dear respected brothers, if we cannot do that, at least letter show, some sort of consideration some sort of compassion for people. You know, it is said very beautifully if Allah has blessed you with something more than other people, then don't make your fences and your walls higher. Make your tables longer. When Allah has blessed you with something don't make your walls higher. Keeping yourself aloof from people know, make your tables longer. Go and help people if you

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can help people see me secure Rahmatullah live. The famous Sufi, one day was cold in Baghdad, and he had a small shawl next to him. He didn't use the shawl he started shivering. Some people said sorry, why don't you use the shawl. He said, there are so many poor people in the city, who cannot use the shawl. I cannot go and give each and every one a blanket and a shawl. I will remain without the shawl to be able to share the pain they have to be able to share the difficulty of being in the fall, I cannot give him the blanket. I will stay in this way I was Shiva, just to be able to associate with those people who are in you know somebody shivering in the cold as a woman of the

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Allah who can who in the time of drought in his time of Beloved, He did not have any food that was expensive that the people could not afford. And he started losing weight he became weak. So one day someone came in his 40s and his servants came and they bought meat and said today

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Nila meat is available in the streets of Medina. In the bazaars of Medina, he started eating and then he asked, he said, What is the price of the meat?

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They gave him a certain price. He said can the poor people afford this?

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They said they cannot afford it.

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Take it away, I don't want to have it. Tell me when the poor people can afford the median, I will have it. Maybe you might not be able to reach the fireteam. I do respect to buy this. But it shows us the concept of Islam. Be willing to share the pain of others be willing to share the difficulty of others. That has been the hallmark of the

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wherever Muslims were in the world. Throughout history, you will always find the image such a mark upon the places when they went that they changed the people for the better by the UCLA, by the conduct, by the way they associated with people. There was no Muslim army that went to the Indonesian islands. It was few Muslim businessmen who went with the Aflac with a honesty with integrity with a Indonesia is the country with the greatest amount of Muslims. The same happened in West Africa and many other people, my dear restrictiveness, this has been the hallmark of our community, the hallmark of

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the legacy of this ummah, wherever they went, they made such a positive impact not only upon their own selves, but upon the people whom they are living with, and upon the neighbors, whether they were Muslims or non Muslims. And this is what you and I must strive towards. And of course, the last thing with regard to my, my message today is we are a nation My dear respected brothers, that we never ever become despondent. We never ever become despondent. So I'm just enumerating some of my points for today's Juma message. The first of which is

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why Allah Tala brings about different situations sometimes ease sometimes adversity, and this is part of the test. Why does Allah Allah sometimes bring about challenges and some certain amount of difficulty in our life, I outlined some of the reasons Allah Tala brings about to show us his overlordship to direct and correct us to test and inspect us to, to perfect us. Then afterwards, it also brings about for us to reflect part of reflection is to be able to share whatever Allah has given us to be able to help people and have outlined some of the benefits of helping people from the Sharia. And lastly, I would like to say, we are a nation. We are in Omaha, we are people over

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teaching that teaches us never ever to become despondent.

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Never ever to become despondent in the hula

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It is only the one who does not believe in Allah who becomes despondent, in the Mercy of Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala has taught us that we always will look at the positive aspect. We are optimist by nature, the reoccurring source and I'm told why didn't when he was sending him towards Yemen, as his ambassador as his envoy. And he said Omar Bashir will fit off your sera, sera, Omar's give people good tidings. Give people great ideas. Don't turn them away from religion by hatred and make things easy for people don't make things difficult for people, maybe a cream so Allahu alayhi wa sallam was always an optimist, even with regard to people who is enemies

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and dealt with them in such a way that they change the force of the life in the destiny by the positive attitude of our beloved maybe a dream so Salam humara Viola to set out to come and assassinate me via crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He set out to assassinate himself Selim and while he was setting out to government come and kill them naked himself from Libya carry himself Saddam was making dua, O Allah assist Islam with either Omar bin al Khattab sham one became a Bucha Halal one became Faru

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while he was out to kill me uttering sorcerer maybe saw Salam is making dua for us he died today this is the this is the benefit of optimism. Today the person who set out to assassinate the Prophet he is today buried next to the

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and there is no Muslim who goes to Medina he doesn't make salaam to Libya himself who will not make salaam to Abu Bakr and Omar and he makes salaam to a person who set out to assassinate the nephew of Allah on one occasion, as a Taliban will interview allow Trump to change the

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post of the entire situation of

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the Battle of

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cream sauce and I'm came to Makkah as where is Khalid, he fled Makkah he wasn't even prepared to see you. In the vehicle himself Salam wrote a letter and told his brother to give him his letter. And he said oh call it an intelligent person like you cannot remain ignorant of the beauty of Islam. Khaled read the letter. He said the person who was behind the setback or forehead in which the prophet of Almighty Allah was

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uncle got assassinated and God martyred and he's writing a letter for me to come to Islam. Calif unbeliever the Allah who turned who became a Muslim. This was the optimism of our beloved Nebia Quran Surah Surah that we conclude with one incident I made mention of yesterday, in the centenary of the so called Ceylon Jamia to Allah brothers. We are like people like this, who are people who are helpers of humankind. They were to, you know, Sufis, Shakti came with Buffy. And the other one I think was either fidelity is or perhaps Ibrahim been Adam, one day was 18 years or bryman. Adam Asha, why? Why have you chosen a course of action in your life and give me the reason for it? So he

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said, I'm only making rebonded in the Kaaba. And

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that is my purpose in life. And I'm not going to do to be deterred from this purpose. Or Shakib. Why did you choose this purpose? One day I was traveling, I saw a blind bird on a tree I rested at a place. I saw this blind buddy sit here now who's gonna look after this blind bird, most likely it will be destroyed. I saw another bird coming. And that bird put a worm in the beak in the mouth of the blind bird.

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And I looked at this in amazement, and I made up my mind off, I made up my mind that if Allah can look after a blind bird, he will take care of my worldly needs. I'm going to go make you buy that in the Haram. Allah will take care of my worldly needs. The eldest Sufi, either it was presented in a way, Brian, when Adam is subject to correction, he said, Who shall become disappointed by you? Said why? He said, Why did you choose to be the blind bird?

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Why did you

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choose to be the blind bird? Why didn't you choose to be the bird? That was putting the worm in the beak of the blind bird? Why didn't you choose to be the bird that was helping the blind bird? Why didn't you choose? That is what we do. We look at situations and we try to be as far as possible amongst those who are positive. Those who are helpful, those who are time those who are compassionate, because that is our teachings. That is our legacy. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the topic of making armor upon that legacy. And may Allah Allah grant us the ability to follow the sunnah of our beloved

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to show the beauty of our deen to practice upon it, and to be amongst those who show the beauty of our deen to others. Not only in words, but in practice and in demonstration. But yeah, you will Muslim moon. Yamato Muslim in Itakura work show your Mala G why are we ready? When I'm old Holden who has an odd he che ha in our Adela he ferrata Khurana C'mon higher to dunya wala Khurana Camilla who rule yeah you will arena Ahmed who will Allah He Overton Suha in the La Jolla Luba Jamia Kamal Khan Allahu wa jal in the hula

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Illa Hill Road Akula Polly Heather was tough Allah Holly welcome when he said in Muslim in a first of euro in the who who will have a full run