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Meanwhile Ernie he also be here Jim, I know that he always say hi and if you multifocal it, and how do you see a smile he meant to be a veteran of your law who and Huma Barlet. eaten a collection of both Bukhari and Muslim Rachel's by a smart meter worker. Not very often that you have a hadith narrated by her Allah on how Allah that didn't clean the lady

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who has one of the most interesting histories or life stories not just within Islamic heritage or but but in general lady saw so much throughout her life.

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Whether it was before Islam when she accepted Islam as a young lady, her contribution and during the time of Hijra her the circumstances circumstances of her hijab, how she what she did during the during the time of Medina with a profoundly assaulted time with her father, how she lived during the Khilafah Rashida and how she made it to the time of Hajaj and the the the martyr ism of her son Abdullah and his debate, and the Her story is just a very inspiring one and Inshallah, at some point, we'll run a series not after Aisha obviously of of any Sahaba yet or or Muslim women characters in history that I think I think it's I think it's, I think it's something that'll be

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helpful for everybody, honestly, but definitely she's she's a very interesting character, people should know more about her. And she narrates this this hadith within the theme of treating your parents and relatives with excellence is what we're gonna be talking about for the next few weeks. Where she said buddy met earlier on me.

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I mean, Quraysh Well, hey, Alicia, Rika ILAHA de la the alhaja, whom be my mother came to me from Quraysh as a novel as a disbeliever as a Masha, deca, during the treaty that I had the home the Prophet she is referring to the Prophet it assigned to them during the treat of the Prophet alayhi salam had with them.

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So after a Davia when things calm down, people didn't move around. It was like no more war anymore. So it will be you can get up and you can go visit Medina and you're not afraid of anything.

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If you ended it you the person who tried to annihilate the city tried to kill everybody in it during during the time of her debut. He went and entered and didn't kill them, because it was they had there was a treaty of peace people could move around.

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So her mother wasn't seen her in a long time and

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scholars differ whether she shares a mother with a show that was enrollment or if it's someone else they differ on that piece. So we don't know for sure. Most likely it isn't a different mother. That's the that's the majority opinion here. But regardless, there's there's an opinion that says that they have to see mother so she came from Mecca to visit her daughter in Medina. And she was not a believer. She just wanted to visit her daughter. So I as much as for Steph day to rasool Allah so Allah Allah was me. So I went to him and I asked him for a photo do I do a pull to ya rasool Allah. Dini Amin, well, he arrived Heba. I'll say to her, my mother is coming to me she's not Muslim, but I

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hope she will be but she's not coming in. Well, he by means you have some willingness. It doesn't mean that she's coming to accept Islam but I smell is hoping that she has some willingness. Hopefully she'll accept Islam maybe do i He's strict. She's trying to me polish this picture a bit so that she can spend time with her up I'll say No, how do I do I? Strength Do I go and visit her? Do I strengthen their relations ship the kinship relationship with her and call her Salah Holly's like Michelle No, sweetie. Yes, go and perform sitter throw him with with your mother the way you should.

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Because it doesn't matter whether they're believers or disbelievers. And that's of course, not just a prophetic teaching itself. It's obviously a Quranic one before that. Orion talks him and yeah, Hidaka. I learned to Cherie Kirby malaise Aleca be here element to Oklahoma, also a Hebrew Houma dunya maruf. And if they tried to force you to become a mushrik

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if your parents are trying to force you to become Mushrik if they are oppressing you and your faith to try and take away your ability to be a Muslim. Once you become mushrik, then just don't obey them regarding that piece and continue to perform your job I was able to make sure your companionship with them is not always the best it can be.

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So and the reason I'm telling you this hadith is because

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it's not wasn't sure what to do, because her mother was Mochica and the Prophet as Autocentre. Now so you will McKee has nothing to do with her. She's believing this believer you continue to form submit with your whatever. And that's what we're supposed to do with parents who are disbelievers who are enemies of us, within faith. For example, imagine if your parents are practicing Muslims who all they want is for you to be a good Muslim. They said that they when it's the opposite, it kind of it poses the question that if they're if they're majestic, I'm supposed to be the best. What if they're not only Muslim, but all that would make them happy is for me to be the best Muslim I can

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be. Then what relationships should I

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have with them then sounding as if when they're the opposite of that I have to be the best. When it's the opposite of that the Prophet Allah is I'm told her Sunil McKee, then go and strengthen your relationship with your mother go performance to that throw him in BNB spend time with your mother and treat your mother well, whether she's Mr. Khanna has not is not a point here. What if they're the opposite, if they're actually trying to pull you to Allah subhanaw taala they're putting effort into it. And that now now that you've added, you've added reason to be the best you can be with them. And that's, that's, I think, what the point of this hadith, in my mind is at least not smart

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had that wondered if my mother is, from what age what do I do I keep it professional until she accepted my view? Or do I go and be treated as my as I would treat my mother and he said, No, treat her as you would treat your mother, even though she's Mustika. Now, you know, when you have a Muslim mother and Muslim father, and so many people don't by the way, my mother didn't have Muslim father, mother, it's hard. Not an easy thing to do. If you do and the more muslim you are in, the better person you are, the closer to our last hunter that you are, the happier they are for you and the more proud they are of you. This is a huge blessing that we don't even think about. Most of us don't

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even think about this. So you didn't grow up with parents that were pulling you or pushing you in the opposite direction of being a good person. They're actually they were upset with you when you weren't there. If you weren't a good Muslim they would be upset with you so they want you to be a better Muslim or no better is an elusive Nene and to the power of two. Now it's better at times but you have two reasons why you have an extra they gave you They nurtured life into you and now they also are pushing you to be a better person now you have really no choice but to be the best you can be and I feel I feel that that that's what this hadith

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we don't know You don't know for sure. You don't know if her mother for sure accepted Islam or not. Some narrations say that she did some narration say that she didn't we don't know for sure. And I think that's actually the beauty of the story. Inshallah we make dua then inshallah she may accepted Islam and that smell but they did not have a heartbroken with her mother and her son. And they show that she found Jani found that but I think the beauty of the story is that no one really authenticated the narration for us that she did to make this story more meaningful that we don't even know that she did. It's just she she had to be the best teacher with you. She needed to be

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regardless of her mother's faith in her background. As a prime I find that to be very meaningful, but I I tend to believe that she did. I think the baraka that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam would have reached her and she would have made it and shoulder eventually which is what I believe, but Allah Allah, Yahweh is Shakeology, Mustafa Ali him and Hadith smirky, bindi of ubiquitin all the Allahu Anhu ma collet buddy Metalla you owe me manipulation. We're here Marika. Phil I had a lady I had her whom he stuffed at rasool Allah He said Allah Allah use and I'm going to Yasuda Allah dini. Oh, me. Well, he are all Heba alpha, I'll say to her, call us on Allah, Allah you early we sell them

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now I'm slowly sort of Allah is Allah Hi. So I call him honey. Sure, Allah, Allah, Allah and to start with the willingness of Allah was telling him about like, and I'd be you know, have you been 101 early? Yes, I have used my