Challenges facing us in South Africa and our response

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah Mallanna me be about the

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Mater vadoma de la casa de kitabi

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rajim is smilla rahmanir rahim masala cocoon fie sakara columna caminada mousseline,

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mo miskeen, Sara followed

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by the respected elders and brothers. Allah subhanho wa Taala has granted us all the great fortune of being part of the mouth our beloved Livia Karim sin Allahu alayhi wa sallam to be part of this coma is a very great privilege and a very, very great honor.

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In the icon tumhara Metin project leanness says align the Holy Quran, you are the best of whom it's the best of people that Allah tala has created

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in Jammu Kashmir. It is a hadith fitna via Karim sauce alum when he recited this, I had said unto him, 30 Muna serpina oma and Accra Maha wa hokum icon, it will not be a cream sauce from recited this ayah he said, You are the culmination of many people of the past many moments, you are the most virtuous of all the previous moments. Part of the greatness of this oma is that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given great rewards for the deeds that this oma performs. Elena Quran says Mandela de la casa Hashanah, who is there who will give a good loan to Allah, Allah tala refers to our insignificant deeds as a loan to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala sometimes

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says man jabil has sanity fellow who has to unfairly harm whoever does have one right yes deed, Allah will multiply 10 times. Then in another Hyatt masala Dena roofie Sabina la casa Leah patina, unbuttered savasana bill. The gist of this is to give one cent in charity Allah multiplies it 700 times. And sometimes Allah Allah says in the manual for sabi Luna jerrabomberra hyssop Allah will reward those who persevere upon the commands of Allah, reward that cannot be counted.

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Part of the virtue of this rumor is that nebia cream sauce limited in the law was an Almighty Allah.

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Allah has wiped away the deeds of this oma which is done on the basis of forgetfulness and mistake. You do something on the basis of forgetfulness and a mistake. Allah subhanho wa Taala wipes it away.

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This oma will come in is come last but despite it coming last, in the words of the Hadith as baboon the hula religion, it will go first into janma by coming last, the soma has an added benefit in that its shortcomings will not be mentioned in front of the omens of the past. For example, the Quran tells us about the shortcomings of the metropolis, Willa Medina,

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Kalia como la hamanako, Manila.

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Why not an apostle makira will mean

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to the city of meridian we century salat wa salam. And he told us to his people worship only one Allah to not be dishonest in business dealings. They fault and shortcoming. They were just on us in business dealings. Allah destroyed them because of that. So because we came last Allah will not reveal our faults in front of anyone. In short, this Ouma has tremendous virtue and blessings to be part of this is an honor. And many times people will say yeah, but this

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Wilma, we talking about the people of the past the Sahaba the Tabby? No, no. The via Kareem

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has specifically mentioned that every portion of the oma till the Day of Judgment is fortunate. In one Hadith Livia Crenshaw Solomon said methylome mata Mata Mata. The example of this oma is like the example of rain. layer three hiren layer three.

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In a rain you don't know which portion is more beneficial, the beginning of the rain or the end of the rain. The Soma is like that. You don't know which one is more beneficial. The beginning part of the oma the beginning or the end part of the Nivea cream sauce lemma said in a hadith a Muslim

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tuber lumen Rani wahama Nabil congratulations be upon that person who sees me and brings a man upon me and brothers listen to this portion of the Hadith witchy mama Medina humble coats, tuber Saba Moroccan Lima Lamia Ronnie wireman Abby, seven times congratulations be upon the one who hasn't seen me and brought him on board me. Brothers you and I fall into that category is a prophet of Allah has congratulated us seven times. We have not seen the Prophet but yet we have brought him on upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So this woman is like that, my dear respect of others, and part of this woman that we have to keep in mind that nivia Karim Allah Allah He was Selim strove

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tremendously to make this oma one oma nebia cream sauce from strove tremendously to make this oma one oma in the expedition of masala bunny masala, there was an argument that broke up between two individuals, but because these two individuals were from two different cities, they call people from their own kind to help them. So one of them said, Oh, people come and help me. The other one said, Oh, people of Medina come and help me the way sometimes you and I will call upon our cronies, our friends in our arguments with one another. And when the reoccurring saw seven came to hear about this, that people were calling one another on the basis of the background, maybe a criminal law

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while he was selling, what did he say? He said, leave the slogan. It is a slogan that smells it has an odor. I didn't bring you into the mud on the basis that you come from Makkah, you come from Medina, you come from this tribe, you come from the tribe. I brought you into one oma in the words of a very great scholar, the son of mine, Allah subhanaw taala, Allah who used to say, this oma will be formed. When 1000s of nations and units and tribes and people from different persuasions, they come together on the common vision of the Kalam Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, and the oneness and the beauty of Islam. He say whoever in his words, whoever considers a particular area, and a particular

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nation or a particular group to be his own, and another group of the Ummah to be a strange one. And beyond the fall of Islam, he has harmed the benefit of Islam and the benefit of the ummah. And when we realize that this is one oma, then what we need to be doing is this, that there will be a natural diversion of labor.

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There will be a natural division of labor, there will be a different aspect of people going into different professions. The need of the hour if we regard ourself as one, irrespective of the class, category, nation type that we belong to, to be able to forge a common vision between people of different persuasions and different coatings. Let me add cream sauce, acknowledge that people were in different callings, and he still took work from people. He made them feel part of the Ummah, by them contributing according to their needs, according to the skills like for example in one classroom said,

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Madiba knows most about halleran Haram. zdP Shabbat knows the most about the laws of inheritance.

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niqab, the one who is the carrier of this miles wave nikka Hasani sabich he used to compose poetry defending Islam and the Muslims now via cream sauce from from his nipple. Cream sauces are made to offer his

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hero Hello, kudos, Allah help him with Jabra he'll To do what? To compose poetry because that was a skill. In today's time, a journalist who writes in defense of Islam and Muslims will be in that case.

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He will be under the dwarf Nivea cream sauce.

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So what use your skills to be able to benefit the team and to be able to benefit the offer that you belong to. Obviously, to be part of this room is such a great privilege. But what are you and I are doing to be able to fulfill the responsibility that comes with it privilege, no matter what you are, you can play a role to make this Kumar great.

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You know, there are people who have come from if I gave this example of

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a very wealthy companion. And recently there was an article, and I just like to share this with you there was an article that was written in one of the Arab countries in a magazine where they looked at the historical

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background of what occurred,

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who left behind in this state. And they took what how much wealth he had, what is narrated in the history books about the wealth that he had left behind, and they counted it in form of dinars. The debt was a current currency of the time, and they looked at how much dinars he left behind in this estate. And one dinner was equivalent to one 4.356 4.365 grams of gold. How much he left behind was that amount of gold when they counted it in today's value. It worked out to $528 billion.

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He left behind a legacy of wealth, but he used that wealth for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Bill Gates in December 2016. He is not that we say that he's dead, but just to make a comparison, he left his status or whatever wealthier or $75 billion, seven times more wealthier than that. But yet, once a minion has said

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that there were 700 camels that came into Madina munawwara Laden was good enough and there was quite a commotion. People came to tell us that this is an old goods coming into Medina.

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So moving in, said nebbia, creamy sauce limit spoken the truth after a man will go to Jelena but he will go crawling into Jelena because you will have to give his app and account for all his wealth. So when he came to know he came running in and he said,

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Yes, I've heard what's a way out, given a path of Allah.

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bear witness, this can tired goods that have come in 700 camels laden with good I've given it out to the poor.

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So brothers, whatever it is, we have to do this and part of and parcel of this is we sometimes overstate our differences. Yes, we belong to particular Muslim hunter groups. But beyond that we belong to an oma. We must not overstate our differences, by making the differences of our 50 years differences that it impacts upon the unity and the beauty and the oneness and the vision of this. And unfortunately, we are doing this much to the detriment of the of the oneness and the greatness of this coma. You know, this has been beautiful incident. Imam Shafi Ramadan is one of our great scholars, one of the four schools one of the demands of the four schools of thought. One day he was

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giving a lesson. When one of his students, Eunice Denali, differed with him in the argument and in the debate, he got angry and he left the class and he left the masjid. So when he left the masjid Imam Shafi Ramadan, I didn't say anything. But after Isha in the darkness of the night, he went to go knock on his door.

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And you know, CPR, he was sitting in his house and he said, Who is it at the door? He said Mohammed bin Idris. So the only Mohammed miniseries was from Shafi that he knew, so he wasn't sure when you open up the door, his toys will stand at his door. And they said, Eunice, we agree upon so many things. Now, one aspect that we disagree, does it mean that you will get angry with one another and will not speak to one another? Where do we get this particular aspect that in the basis of some disagreement, we start cutting ourselves off from one another, the prophet of Allah subhanho wa Taala never worked in a particular way.

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You know, in the Battle of ohada It is very well known that would have been happy with us. He has

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he attacked me saw serum, and maybe a cream sauce was wounded and the Sahaba felt that Muslim was martyred and then they came upon the via cream sauce. And they saw that they were he was still alive. And some of us are seeing the condition of Nevis. Awesome. They said Yasser Allah. Now custom look at what they have done you and navy Academy saw Selim lifted his hands into our and the Sahaba fell that way.

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Now, he will curse them because they will also angry they will also human with human emotions. And he lifted his hands into it said, Hello.

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Hola. Hola give Hidayat to my people for their ignorant, maybe a cream sauce, the waiter to bring people together. So we have to be one too much my dear respect of others. And of course we know that we are also facing challenges in our country beyond what the political situation is which I don't want to comment. We have made comments wherever needed and we have an STD on this regard. I have a one important point that I would just like to bring about, we must bear in mind that it is part and parcel of our religion, that together with our body, we take a very firm, firm role and be active in terms of social justice nebia Kareem sama Hollywood cinema was in the forefront perceive the

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betterment and the welfare of the community in which he lived in a cross the fate spectrum across the community

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was always in the forefront with regard to this. Sometimes we make this very great mistake. And I would like to refer to the ayat which I recited in the football, you know, we make this mistake, if I wouldn't be bothered, and I'm reading my salad, you feel that I'm not supposed to be active in the field of social justice. Whereas on the other hand, those who are in the field of social justice they feel that we do not need to make you buy that notice this higher than I want each and everyone to go home with this is in the back of their minds. masala comfy soccer. And now we'll ask the people of Johanna, why are you in jahannam

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and listen to the reply lahmacun middle Mr. Lee, when

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we did not perform salat, and we cannot feed the poor.

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We is this dichotomy that if I'm reading numbers, I'm not supposed to be feeding the poor. Oh, and I'm feeding the poor, I'm not supposed to be reading

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the Quranic if people will be in jahannam, because of a lack in both this aspect. They did not read namaz and they did not encourage the feeding of the poor. Social Justice is such an important aspect. One day, the time of our beloved.

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There was prisoners of war that came. And during the pause of those prisoners of war, there was a very influential woman by the hierarchy of the tribes in in Arabia. But she was the daughter of heart in Tai Chi, in Arabic literature in Arabic poetry. He's been used as an example for generosity, although he did not seem to be a cream sauce and don't accept Islam. Right. He was before the time of Navy Academy.

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So the doctor came in front of Navy Academy saw serum and said, Oh, Mohammed, Muslim at that time, I urge you to treat me with respect and honor.

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Because I'm an influential person of my tribe. And my father was happy to die. My father was at the time, who used to behave generously with people who used to free slaves used to feed the poor, and he never ever rejected a beggar. And let me agree with

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him said, I will treat you with respect and honor. Because these are attributes which every believer is supposed to have these attributes of the medieval Nivea cream sauce, and then after one two days set, she must be released and said go I'll feed you. She says yes, Mama, tell me what about my people. I can't go without my people been fried. Shrimp sausage said go, I have fried you because of the generosity of your father, can you are too Daughter of your father, I have freed your tribe because of your generosity. She goes back home and she brings out a brother

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and system into the presence of such a great person and they both accept Islam. This is social justice. For us to think that this is not part of Islam is so unfortunate. And away from all the politics made the respect of others, we have a role to play in this regard. We we can make such a great contribution to play a role in this and our our religion is throughout history have always been in the forefront. We need to be able to play that role even more. One of the things that gave me great satisfaction, that during the funeral of you know Muhammad Petra, when one person from the political field, he got up and said here was a person who was who was in corruptible

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and he belonged from our community. And for someone to say, in a in an arena where people by and large are corrupt. He was incorruptible, which shows the role that you and I are supposed to play wherever we are, especially in the environment with a non Muslim

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Be incorruptible, be honest, be one who is full of integrity. That will be the responsibility that we owe to our Deen, this beautiful aroma that we are privileged to be part of as a jeweler, that she was the one who became, you know, obsessed in love for that Yusuf alayhi salatu salam, very famous incident and I will come to this incident and we all know the incident and when the woman of the city came to know and said that you are obsessed in love with a slave, your own slave, your husband slave. So what did she do? For nama Samia, democracy in

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Malaysia Nova Terra Luna mata wakulla wahida 10 min hoonah siquiera. She called them she gave him something to cut and she put a knife in each and every one of those woman's hands. And she toloza Yusuf alayhi salatu wa sallam come in front of them when they have their to be able to cut the fruit for llama, no

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idea when, when they saw use of the fingers, and they said hash Allah in Maharashtra, por la isla Zim. This is not a human being in a manner.

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This looks like an angel. So when they objected to her obsession, she didn't reply to the objections what she did. She brought the object of the criticism in front of people and they were taken aback. When people objected our religion. Don't we have more confidence in our religion than what I had on the beauty of Yusuf Ali Salaam. The Deen of Islam is more beautiful than the beauty of Yusuf alayhi salatu wa sallam, when zulekha could bring the beauty of Yusuf alayhi salatu salam, to put a stop to the objection and criticism of people. Why can't we show the values of our Deen to those people who objected and said are you objecting? This is our de la isla de they will say in whether

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these are angels in an environment of corruption, look at how they are living. That is that is a challenge that is there for us today in this particular environment that we are living in. And of course as part of this particular type of challenge and responsibility. Next week inshallah there will also be the HTML which will take place which is part and parcel of showing the beauty of Islam and giving Dawa. It is part and parcel. It is one of the many type of activities and one of the many type of responsibilities that is within us to be able to play our role with regard to be in proper use of our beloved Nivea cream, so Sonam we want to enjoy the privilege that let us take up the

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for the steady