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sherea Tabata Shariati. amaru favela

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Ragini smilla Rahmanir Rahim.

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Allah is

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Vanessa yaku hire a man woman. What an ISA, Isa inasa

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Rahman Hoon

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Meizu, fossa Kumar, Latina bazoo, Bella

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Sara Hola, hola Zeum

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very respected elders and brothers.

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Last week we started a discussion

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on the rights and responsibilities and the importance of the Islamic brotherhood.

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We spoke about in

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virtually all Muslims are brothers and to one another.

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We spoke about the importance of this brotherhood, that it is not based on ethnicity. It is based on the kalama La ilaha illAllah. He also said it is not only based on women, it is part of human you would recall it recited the Hadith which appears in Buddhahood whenever a cream sauce woman said

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to me no

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you cannot enter into gender until you have human

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up under a man no and you don't have a man until you have love for one another chapter of Luca sub mohabbat Nicaragua aka man Luca money until you don't have love for one another your Eman is not complete. So not only based on Eman It is part of human then we spoke on various aspects with regard to the Islamic brotherhood. Today would like to continue giving other aspects on the rights that we owe to our fellow Muslim Brothers Allah tala in the Holy Quran in the ayah, which I recited in Surah. puja says palatal Meizu amphis. The word used is limbs. limbs means to stab someone to pierce someone means limbs. And yeah, it is meant in the form of do not search out the faults of another

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Muslim. Do not search out the faults of another Muslim, which unfortunately today has become a very good pastime amongst us. You don't search out the faults and look at look at the beauty of the Holy Quran. The Quran says don't search out the force of your own self. No one searches out his own fault. For what it means is that by searching out the faults of others of your Muslim brother, it is like searching out your own faults. Or what what benefit what pleasure Do you get him taking out your own faults. Now that doesn't mean it doesn't in any way mean that we are not supposed to correct what people are doing wrong.

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a movement is a mirror for another believer that we will see your faults and your physical defects in the mirror. You are supposed to show other people the faults.

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You see in a mirror you see your faults in a similar manner you here but the one beautiful aspect in this explanation is that the mirror shows you your physical defects. The money doesn't go and broadcast your defects to other people ever saw your mirror after seeing a mole on your chest. Going to tell the whole world after you have covered the moon with your quota to know this person got a mod on his chest doesn't do that. So when we agreed sawston said

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to another moment, it very beautifully tells him in a loving manner with regard to rectify his ways without going to broadcasting in front of other people as a man Shafi Rahmatullah Allah used to say that we advise your brother in in private is to do him good. And to advise him and disgrace him in public is against the etiquettes of giving our showing people so one of the aspects is when we see someone, we rectify it in a in a in a proper way. And we don't go and broadcast or we don't go out in search of people's faults. And also one very important thing is you must let you own force.

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These children or my children, let you own faults prevent you from searching out the faults of others. And

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pajama Cobra, when you started looking at your own photos and no one else was better, sometimes and there is an Arabic saying.

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We also have got faults and people have got eyes

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So when you start looking over the faults of others, then you also got false people also got eyes, they also take out your false. The problem today we have is, we see a twig, we see a twig in the eyes of our brother when it's brother, but we can see a whole lot in our own eyes, a small seat, but our own our whole whole big thing you won't be able to see that. So, this is something that we we got to keep in mind that our own faults must present or prevent us from seeking out the faults of others. Another very important point in this particular regard is set. When you search out the faults of others, it shows out your temperament more than the faults of the person whom you are

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seeking out. Just keep it let me give you an example cousin Mujahideen, Islam refer to lolly when they gave a talk and he made mention of this, he said see in the earth is good and bad that comes out there all these good Indians it comes out you have beautiful fruit coming out. And you also have debt coming out. Now it depends on your temperament, what you go in search out amongst humans amongst amongst your fruit. If you are good in nature, you will get wholesome fruit, you will get good fruit and vegetables. The swine despite the fact that these fruit and vegetables which are wholesome, doesn't search for that he can search out for the fruit. So it's no fault of the earth

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because the earth throws up good embed, he throws up good embed. In a similar manner human beings have got good embed, it depends on what you set out. If you are good in nature, you are going to search out the good in people. If you are otherwise, then you're going to search on other things in people. There will be someone that said very beautifully a loving person lives in a loving world, a hostile person loves in a hostile world and everyone sees himself in the mirror. So, if you are a loving person,

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you can see that in Amara you will see the loving aspect of people and if you are hostile, and if you are aggressive and you are an enemy of your own self, then you only go and see the same thing. So the mirror depicts your own situation. So there is no so when you seek out the faults of other people in reality, it takes out your own temperament. Then, this look at this Imam Hassan Ali has written extensively on the rights and responsibility of Muslim Brotherhood. And he quotes the statement of

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what a beautiful statement he said that a Muna fick searches out for the force of the believers and it searches out for excuses in among other believers, it will repeat that he said

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he has made mention of this, that no meaning no, Nokia, Bahama calacatta

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a billionaire searches out for excuses in the behavior of the Muslim, whereas I'm gonna fix citizens who fall to the Muslims. That is such an important economic cream sauce then that said, Let the

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Muslim don't go and search out the force of your Muslim brother. Because wherever he goes out in search of his photo of his Muslim brother, Allah will go and search out for his faults and Ramallah searches out for your false Allah subhanho wa Taala will disgrace you even if you remain in the confines of your own home. So one of the aspects that we got to keep in mind is that don't go out in search of your own Muslim Brothers false.

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There is after searching out don't go and disclose the force of a Muslim brother. Although it is related, but it is a separate right that you owe to Muslim brother in his Buddhism, which is the Kitab of Damiani, risotto salami or cream sauce lament the pious person. These one blog that is very amazing.

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Where the highest among the words they used to make was, Oh Allah, I seek refuge from such a friend. I seek refuge from such a friend as a Buddhist monk tawanda

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rasa tanasha Berger konkona Serato PC coming up on mirror

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to support Docker bata. If he sees any good in me, he covers it. He doesn't tell anyone. And if he sees any faults in mines, he goes in to everyone else. So this is an aspect where the pie is used to make dua for protection.

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Such a friend, when he says good in me, he buries it. And he says bad he was intent everyone

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Even Kasama to lolly is made mention of a very amazing thing when the authority of La salatu salam, now among ghazali A Jihad with Mahmoud at any time it was Ali II raise with him this and I will read the word Guna will translate to you he said Abu Ali, the brother uma casa de la tulisan una apne bikey Wofford kawaki Nakia he spoke about the death of him because Ali said further kena muscavado after fudger una casa Mata he took his coffin, or who say a cooperator for Maya. He took his coffin upon his eyes, and he said bachata hickmott mehari Kalia Sarita slim hum, hey, I'm ready to go in the presence of my master who scabbard later, he went to go and rest, or to Louis further Cuba

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cuckoo, john McCallum. And after further, he passed away. This was the death of human because Alhamdulillah no ordinary person

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said one day he sallallahu wasallam asked his disciples, He said, If your brother is sleeping, and he's sleeping in the open, and the happy sleeping opened is a wind that comes and uncovers his clothes, you might be wearing a loom whatever. So you uncover his clothes, and his private parts became exposed. The wind uncovered his private parts. So even he said, he said was Ross's disciples, what will you do? He said, He will cover his private parts. So he said his services and no you don't cover his private parts, you leave it open. So his disciple said, he said, Listen, what do you mean? He said, I mean that in this situation, when you see your brother with a wind has uncovered his

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private parts, you will cover it, you won't leave it open, or you won't keep it open. So he said, Why don't you use the same example, that when you see the false of your Muslim brother, why do you tell other people

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the same example it is like when your brother's favorite pass becomes exposed, you don't cover it you leave it open, as a example of going to coin speak about what the false of your Muslim brother in front of other other situations. Then another aspect is, forgive the false of your Muslim brother, Ibrahim and viola Turan who

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have a memorable and the family has made mentioned he said, Don't cut off ties with your Muslim brother when he commits a sin in Mongolia Antonia is made mention of this. Don't cut off ties with your Muslim Brothers when he commits a sin because perhaps the next day he will repent.

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Don't cut off doesn't mean you justify the wrongs that he has done. But you don't cut off ties with your Muslim brother when he commits a sin. You go and explain to him because next day he might repent. He marked in both Imam Hassan Ali is also made mention of this concern. And multisurface Antonelli has made mention of this incident, as rumor of your mouth and who came to know about a person who we knew who had taken to alcohol. So you

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wrote him a letter. And in this letter, even because Ellie has an edit tweet that this particular person was in Syria, so was a woman wrote him a letter from Medina told him to Syria medical Quran hasn't made mention of this. But he and Lou said he was in Syria. So as I wrote him a letter, and in there he wrote in the beginning is of surah hammam surah hoffa. hammington zero kita Viva La Isla De Lima freedom be tabula rasa de acaba, de toda la Ilaha. He told the person taking the letter, give it to him when he's sober when he's not drunk. And tell me back What is his response? The person when, when he was sober, gave him the letter. He read the letter, and he started crying.

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He said Mira la casa Jeeva. How great is mala? On one hand, he is saying

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he forgives since and yet he is telling me the tone. He's got authority over you up yo peruca Pura casa, they can come sonica power to ram Karna

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although he has cups over you, he is Ram. He started crying. He said, anyway, repent. So when the person came back to mercy Allahu Allahu taala who said, this is the way you rectify the faults of your Muslim brother don't help shaytan over him.

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Don't help shaytan now a person does wrong. You go and you go and even further go and criticize him. What does that what happens when he said my yeto sH kerkyra hokianga brothers just this this incident I don't think we give enough emphasis upon.

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A person came to the Navy of Allah and said allow me to commit Zina.

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Because I want you to listen to this. There is no person in the history of humanity which was more pure, in NW of Allah

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and to such a person, a person come and said, allow me to come and see

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In the visa system said, quote, no minca come close to me come close to

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what the law says, close to me. And after he came close, he said, Will you come and see now with your store? Do you want someone to come and dinner with your mother? Your sister said no, he said, whoever you're gonna come on Xena is also in the same way.

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That is, it is saying with regard to the aspect I'm just making mention of this. When he came, maybe service them didn't throw him away. He said he wouldn't come close to me. Come close to this is the way with regard to how we are supposed brothers be among the rights and the rights and responsibility of Muslim Brotherhood. Be good to everyone. He say be good to everyone whether they are wealthy or not wealthy.

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China, Mr. Hoyer? No sabka saath barakato make good to everyone then he says other warm was equal to Al Hamdulillah. If he's worth your hunger, you have given goodness to a person who is worth it.

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But let's look at what he says.

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if you are not worried he is not worth you or that person is not worth your good. You are worthy of dispensing of good. You are worthy of dispensing of good. So be good to everyone. Then God has I would conclude with this if I get a chance. I might just err on few other responsibilities in the coming Juma. You see we have this I don't know where do we have

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this type of mindset that has come in within the oma that Mata Ki Hoon a Kalia Johanna kissy kiss at bath nakara massage serious Reiki Casa zerah miljoner we have the situation that part of being in turquoise you must stay away from people don't talk to people have a serious demeanor via creme de la creme de la creme Allah Allah, Allah Allah, He is no good in a person when he is not friendly to people and people are friendly to him. He is no good in a person who's because hear me.

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He has made mention of the incident and the saying of him has an algebra Viola hotaru. He said Allah be allowed and who says the inmates of jahannam will say the inmates of jaaneman will say we had no friends.

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The inmates of janome will say one of the reasons why we are here we had no good friends. Because of that. These we have no intercessor we had no friends. So there is no point in a person when he's not friendly with people people are friendly with him. Even after Ramadan, he said this beautiful aspect where he said, he said when they something that gives you pleasure, and you do not become happy than you are.

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If there is something that is supposed to give you say, let me just read the first portion of the saying he said if there is something that arouses your anger and you don't get angry, he says that you are Muslim, and is something that is supposed to give you pleasure and you don't get pleasure. You say you are a devil. so in this situation where people feel that because I'm taqwa I mustn't speak to people, I must stay away from people. That is not part of what our Sharia has taught us. So these are some of the aspects of the rights and responsibilities of brotherhood. Another one I want to conclude very quickly with our llama

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said make dua for your brother. To do for your brother in his absence is very quickly accepted Allah.

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Allah tala.

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When you make our for your brother who is in your absence, Allah Allah makes accepts it very quickly. And then another aspect is said make dua for a person who has passed on your brother who has passed on make dua for him. That is so beautiful. He say a person who is after he has passed on. He He is like a drowning person searching for something to touch on to to be able to save himself. He said a dying a person who has died. He is as anxious for your

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the way a dying person is anxious for something to cling upon. May Allah subhanaw taala give you a topic of understanding the rights and responsibilities of our Muslim Brotherhood and making Amala Polly