Ebrahim Bham – Virtue Of Trade & Earning Pure Sustenance

Ebrahim Bham
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And hamdulillah

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at hamdu lillahi Wa Wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva

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la hora de Rahim

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Rasulullah Amina

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Mohammed Abu Salim

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columna Vu sur Allahu Allah He was alum tabula hora de Faria to model for Eva hokum, Alcala alayhi salatu wa sallam, my dear respected elders and brothers. It is regarded to be part of human instinct for a person to strive for his needs, and for the needs of his dependents and his family. Everyone regards it to be part and parcel of the instinct and needs of a human being. Islam has gone one step further. Islamic said not only is it a human need, Islam has made it a religious obligation. To care and to earn a living for yourself and your dependents is not something that is only part of your needs. It is a religious obligation. Therefore, Navy aquariums Allahu Allahu wa sallam it said in a

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hadith de la Mola, halali for Eva to battle for Iraq. The acquiring of Allah risk is a for Eva, it is a religious obligation. On Am I have said it is worth it for you to earn a living for yourself and for those who are dependent upon you. For example, if you are going to get married, it is compulsory for you to have the means to look after your wife. That is a compulsion. It is compulsory for you to have the means to look after yourself and to look after the needs of your dependence. And Allah has made it part of our religious obligation. Insanity, karate metallicum sub caste a dunya or qasmi halakhic kita. lash keeper poor cautious curtain. Nikita hamara Dena Rosie C'mon eco mal Toka

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for Eva karate ahead. I made mentioned that it is a compulsion upon the men. Allah has not made it compulsory for the woman to care for her own needs. Allah has not made it compulsory for the woman to fend for her own needs. Allah has made the nearest male relative that responsible for that particular responsibility in this in earning a halaal risk in earning pure sustenance, in earning your needs, in that there is dignity. There is dignity of a human being in earning salaries. Therefore, one of the great tragedies of our country is that there is such a great rate of unemployment. I made mention of it several weeks back 29% 6.7 million people in South Africa

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unemployed, the app the left of dignity, in earning a halaal risk. There is dignity. nebia Karim Allahu alayhi wa sallam it said in a hadith that one day a person came to the bakery in Sausalito and he came to beg but maybe occur in a lot of them gave him something and he came again then they'll be occurring sauceless told him and then the academy sauce them said this dunya is very very green. You can go and keep on asking for people. But for you to go into the jungle to cut hood and to come sell that would which is very difficult. Obviously people would know that type of manual labor is involved in that is better than for you to when asked from people is better than to go and

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beg from people. lol comonomer zakharova him ah shucks, Bajaj kcca mannequin Whoa, a glove la banda de la better yet a Wanaka Cocker on Kokomo palatka. Market NACA basedon. It is better for him to do so. It is better for him to go and cut good and to come and sell it in the market then to go and ask some people to go and beg from people. And therefore, no matter what type of profession you are involved in as long as it is not around, it is permissible and in that there is dignity we must never look down upon any profession. Sometimes there are people who are doing different sometimes they are electrician sometimes there are plumbers, electricians and plumbers are more busier than

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even a neurosurgeon on a Columbus truck. There was an Edward repperton we repair what your husband's fixed. We repair what your husband's fix as well to fix it. Now he couldn't come right so you call the plumber. Anyway, they said about SLE Salatu was Salam just to show you what respect there is in earning a salary as an ESL, so that was Salam one day so a person making about it. So inshallah inshallah

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wassalam said, What are you doing? He said I'm making about it. What do you do this all the time? Yes. He said who is looking after your needs? How do you eat? He say my brother is working in the field, and he cares for me. So he Salli salatu wa sallam said, Your brother is a greater Abbot than you.

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Your Your brother is a greater worshiper in New

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Mexico Dhaka gentle Majid, me Baraka Tunica upkeep, Tamaki Baraka tamera by Johanna mo conquer como se data to easily select wassalam nikka keyaki by upset berker Avenue. He's a great Armenian is a greater worship and is a greater pious person then you doubt la Salatu was Salam ate from Libya, Karim sauce himself, ma Kala

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hieromonk yaku lemon Amalia de no person has earned a better this than earning from his own hands and as a doubt Elisa that was Sam used to earn from his own hands and kondalilla and that's why we find amongst them the Alamo salatu wa sallam they used to they used to do work and they used to have professions and they used to earn risk through the means of the profession and through the means of the effort. To these made mention that hazard. doubter has an anomaly salat wa salam, capybara, or Capri buena camcopter de

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la Torre salon used to do farming.

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And he used to fix up the clouds has it New Orleans Salatu was Salam aleikum

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wa sallam was a carpenter has Idris le Salatu was Salam. ala Sita has a recently Serato Salam was a tailor Lama modified McAfee lo que en Yato lo que hace Amata Jessica calm kurta in our vocabulary, but enough people who who do the hair of people and who are tailors and amberleigh they are fulfilling the suit. Recently salatu salam

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ala Salam used to do Mamma mia Karim ser Allahu alayhi wa sallam said in one Hadith, there is not a nebby koyasan Mineta genuine a bacteria nature why there is no nobody who did not look after sheep and goats of people. So Saba said jasola. What about you, so they'll be occurring source them said, I also looked after the sheep of the Quraysh for a certain amount of money. So where is this that we feel that we have lack of dignity for a person to work with the number of Allah worth? The number of Allah subhana wa Tada. And he's made mentioned that every one of the most of the eyeshadow Bashara, the 10 Sahaba, who are given the glad tidings of gentlemen, most of them What are yours most of them

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were people who did business. So in this is our dignity for us to strive to earn 100 risk, and in this particular matter, being independent through the means of your striving to honor this is a very great honor. It's a very great honor. As a member of the Allahu taala who used to say I would not prefer to die in a position I would not prefer to die in a position that while I am buying and selling for the sake of my family, I would not like to die in a position but I am in a race for my family. As a woman I'm a fermata came a madnani chata

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came up neighbor chakulia risk risk and Alcala snow. So in that is definitely occurring salsa mess taught us that was a lamattina behavioral economic wasn't enough before the requirements what you and I must make it part of our daily doors are not suffice for my needs to the needs of Allah Allah. Allah. Allah Allah instead of Haram, Ronnie before the common Silva and Allah through your grace, make me independent of human being. Lobo similar to Karen, don't make me dependent upon any human being. Don't make me in such a way that I am dependent upon any human being. So in this there is dignity in this there is a respect and honor and seeking halaal risk and searching for it is an

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obligation, such an obligation that Allah subhanho wa Taala on the day of Tiamat. Amongst the five questions Allah subhanho wa Taala will ask us on the day of Tiamat two of the questions two of the questions will be to do what risk

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Pan salomaa say asadmin dorsa well Johanna Mariska barmera How did you run your wealth? And how did you spend your wealth, Abner risk he has in

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Africa, how did you earn your wealth and how did you in this particular way and every particular aspect of risk is Mubarak and bless it may be a criminal law he was solemn, one day so a person whose hand wasn't

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You know, very rough because of manual labor. And then we are carrying a lot while he was selling, you know, his state and said, why is this hands rough? He said you have a soul I do manual labor, now via courier

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What am I saying wasn't only kissing the hands of that person who was doing this manual labor, he was kissing the hands of every person who strives to another risk and he is making effort and he is striving even if his efforts in doing that, Alka cebo habibollah than me saw some said, a person who strives to earn a halaal risk, he is delivered to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. While all of that is permissible, all of this is permissible. Our Allah said that there are certain types of halaal risk earning analysis which has more benefit and it is more rewarding and it is edited advantages. One of them is for example, farming never occur inshallah Allah wa sallam has encouraged

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farming and via criminal law, Hollywood cinema has encouraged trading business

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has, by and large our communities people who are the people who are in this particular gathering many of us not all of us, but many of them are people who are tigers, you know, people have even said he will not allow the day of chiamato to ask us where you want to go. He said please send me the way I can do business with a judge and metacharacters send me their way I can do business but there is great amount of you know, wisdom in there in Edina via creamy sauce limited 90% of risk law is kept in business. Nowhere is at risk and laterality jarick. maraca 90% of risk so you would say fine, Allah has given a lot of Baraka in trading. Even the people who give Chanda even the people

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who give donations by and large you find the people who give donations are the people who are traders. May Allah subhanaw taala preserve the wealth that they can use it correctly

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because they are professionals Alhamdulillah by and large Allah tala keep the professionals also happy but they don't give as much as what the judges give. They don't give as much as how much the traders give them. Perhaps there is a reason for it and I escaped 90% of risk in trade. And nine the Holy Quran in surah Masami has made mention of the people who go out in the path of Allah together with those who go out in trade.

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una una una de la una una fiesta de la and La makes mention of the people who go out here to the buena

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de la those who go out and travel for the sake of trade.

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Opportunity Sevilla Allah makes mention of them together with those who go out in the past of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So going out for trade by and large those who go for trade go to China, Allah tala keep them also preserved in sha Allah and make him go for the right reasons. So anyway, this is the aspect of Allah has given firstly 90% and now has made mention of trade together with those who go out in the path of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. Mr. Mohammed Rama Talalay just to give you the example of how Mubarak embraces it is has remained Muhammad Rasul Allah was once asked that, Mr. Mohammed Why don't you write a book on piety? Why don't you write a book on piety? So Mr. Mallika

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Imam Muhammad Rasul Allah said, I have written a book on trade, we have a follows that he has become pious, wherever follows that he will become pious, because the, the criteria and the test of piety is not in the masjid. The criteria in the test of piety is, you are in the marketplace, you are in the business and someone comes and tell you here is a deal. But in the deal, there is deception in the deal there is interest. Now, it's so easy for you for the sake of that particular profit, that you forego the commands of Allah, you forego everything. But in this particular way, if you remain steadfast upon the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I will make you pious, not only will

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allow me to pious, maybe a creamy sauce when I said,

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mama, the University Athena was Shahada, the pious trader, the honest trader, the trader with integrity will be with manna bean, he will be with me Allah salatu wa sallam, he will be with acidity, he will be with the Shahada. Now there are four categories, the 1am I have also made mentioned in this idea, it may be a cream sauce, love didn't make mention of the category of the pious. So another line of Quran says, Man Nabeel was said detail was Shahada was Salah him, but in the Hadith nimish also made mention only of three. Why? Because the person or trader who is honest with integrity automatically becomes solid. He automatically becomes solid. Therefore, it's so

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important. There is a great link now. There is a great link between eating healthy

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and doing greatest deeds to youth America Arcosanti. No Hello, Camana. JJ Smith, Sarah burka

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Tap McCarty jarick Mojo for wide hair producer a mini Nivea cream sauce and the guy can know where he said to risk and Latin America. Now after understanding the importance of the Jared which one is is one of the ways of earning a higher risk that has also made mentioned that

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there is a great link between eating and doing righteous deeds. There is a very, very great link in eating Allah and doing righteous deeds. Therefore in the Holy Quran, look at how Allah subhanho wa Taala in fact it is the hadith of our beloved Nivea cream sauce alum. Jocelyn said, Allah subhanho wa Taala commands the believers what he commanded them BLM salat wa salam and Atlanta movement Kelley, where he will come Dr. Han Jo Emilio Salatu was Salam codea Hulu Mina, Tabatha musala eat from the halaal things we have provided you with and do righteous deeds who Luminato

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eat right Eat Eat, eat your mama lusatia can do righteous deeds. So what is a great link between the two?

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And therefore it is said that what what is halal now when you said kuruman a bad idea what is that two things? One is your actual food was which you use your wealth to buy must be halal. And you it is everyone's responsibility halaal can or

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cannot do halal Whoa, you suck at Medallia. You sent me that in a it's not the responsibility of Santa Santa is made it easy for you. So it tells you the ingredients for you to able to identify what is halal and haram. But if any other Billa there was no Sangha, then who's responsible, then you wouldn't be the oldest one responsibility to go and see and as the people who have what product you are buying, whether it is halal or not. So, one responsibility is to see what you are eating the products that you are buying.

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And the second is the wealth which you are buying your needs. That is solid.

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That is therefore this is also and I'm telling you to not eat Hello, you will find it very difficult to do it. caminata but what Amano salia and I have said and body that has been nurtured by haram either by haram food or either buy food that is purchased with haram wealth will find it very difficult to do righteous deeds

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do haram

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tanco Johanna or Nick come Karna bought Bari bought cassava. That is why some of the times you find people who find it very difficult to do like is this. Perhaps one of the reasons is your food is haram. Your identity is haram your income is haram. How can you do it as the day after shadow cuddle Gilani used to say the way a person earns his money, I know how he's going to spend it.

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Just rasa waka Mata which

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is called Geneva Sakura. You earn it in a Halloween you will spend it in a Halloween and if you don't earn it in the Halloween you will see your money will also get wasted.

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when you go and visit Imam Shafi Rahmatullah alayhi wa

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rahmatullah Lee used to speak very highly about

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Metallica, Metallica, my student is so pious, he is so great. So when he came the daughters of Imam Shafi Rahmatullah Allah said, Our father speaks so highly about him.

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Let us test him, right. So they tested him they had a particular method of testing him the next morning when Mr. Muhammad Muhammad Ali when they told him Shafi mom said Our Father, Shafi, you said, Mr. Muhammad, Muhammad is very pious. He is your favorite student. We didn't find him to be pious said why don't you find it to be pious? He said, after Isha, we left water for him to make his own. Right in his room. The next morning, we went to go and see, we found that the wazoo water was not used to calculate love. What does it mean? First of all, he didn't get a photo. Then he does this. Of course, it was a sign of piety in those days, and then he read for them, but maybe he did

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forget what it was.

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So imaam Shafi Rahmatullah to ask him how many humble What is the meaning of this? So I'm happy Ramadan. coolala given answer, what a beautiful answer, he said, Oh man, we'll start I've always heard that these Baraka in halal food, these blessings in halal food, so I said we are going to get a more better halal food then at the house of metastatic so I eat enough more than what I normally eat because I knew that is going to be halal. He said that the Baraka of that particular halal food was such after Isha when I sat down, I started contemplating about Quran and Hadith. I learned so many Messiah that normally I didn't know which I had, you know, difficulty in understanding because

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The halal food it opened up my mind and I could understand the Quran and Hadith better. And I spent the entire night contemplating in the Quran and Hadith. So I made the hashtag salad and future salad with the virtue of

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the burqa. The Shadow the ultimate came to occur in salsa what Allah tala ah Allah Jelani booster Java dot jasola. Make dua to Almighty Allah. Allah Allah make me Mustafa Buddha What did whatever do I make Allah will accept what it could be a cream sauce them tell him yes add a tip mata macusa Java dot o sir eat halaal Allah will accept all your doors. Oh sad. It allows allow and accept all your doors. And maybe according to the law Hollywood silom gave the other side that if you're earning is haram, maybe a creamy sauce from said about a traveler who goes out far for traveling. And he comes at a place where he has no food. He is in difficulty. He's a stranger in a foreign land. And he he

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is in a situation that he asked

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for foreign land. I'm a stranger, I'm helpless. You normally help people who are helpless. And the baker himself alone as Adam said, Melba suhara suhara suhara

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but he's getting his harem. He's drinking his around his clothes is from haraam sources, where will ally accept his blood? So there is a great link between what has been accepted and righteous deeds and what we are eating and what we are consuming. And then of course, and you know, normally our we have always been very, very carefully man because Allah, Allah says, When a man used to go out in his style, for work, the woman who was to say, the woman used to say, Fear Allah and only breed Allah in the house, don't bring Haram. We don't want to have luxuries it was the time today they will do the same. We don't want luxuries we will bear poverty but we don't want to eat Haram. masala

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said the woman used to tell the men the husbands when you go out fear Allah don't bring more wealth.

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We will stay without food but we won't eat ham.

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So maybe a cream sauce at a time will come when people don't worry whether they eating.

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So my dear respect for others this is a very important point is a different aspect that may be occurring. Jocelyn has also made mention with regard to attachment. The traders had a very important role in Islamic history. Jocelyn said Rahim Allah will happen.

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Da Allah have mercy upon a trader who is skyland lenient and compassionate to his customers. One person, a trader, when in Africa, the Hadith Sahih Muslim Hadith that Allah will ask him and said, What good deeds you brought. He said, I have got no good deeds. I didn't do much the bother. I didn't do but I was a trader, I was very compassionate to my customers. I was very compassionate. I gave them discount. I gave them goods. Sometimes they paid me sometimes they were delayed, I accepted it. And that Allah will tell him, you did kindness to my Panda, to my bondsmen to my slaves, it is more worthy that I do be kind to you the way you are kindly to my Panda and my

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bondsman and myself as go, I forgiven you.

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Traders were also the means of establishing Islam in Indonesia, in Central Africa, go and see the history, you will find traders who are the people who spread Islam. So you who are doing trade, you have a very great responsibility. People's interaction is not what the people who are sitting on the member, non Muslims don't interact with the people who are sitting on the member, they interact with traders. So Allah subhanho wa Taala made the respect of others. This is a very important issue. I have just kept it brief. The importance of halal, the dignity of Allah, the respect and the honor of Allah, staying away from Haram, and all of that. Obviously, we haven't been able to cover all the

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aspects, but I hope in this particular short, brief time, we have been able to cater and speak about the importance of unintentional risk the dignity with regard to it and staying away from harm.

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