Akram Nadwi – Importance of Islamic Unity

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The history of Islam has impacted society and people are not their own citizens. The speaker discusses the importance of trust and proper behavior in learning from experiences, while also emphasizing the need for change and privacy in workplace settings. Moosa emphasizes the importance of unity and showing proper behavior, as well as privacy and privacy in workplace settings.
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Sometimes if you really if you command and good and fireman, he will create more problem, then don't do it. Like, you know, the story is Mona shefali tanimura, hula, one of the greatest reform in India, once they even can't put one of the city in India, he went to a village, in that village, the UN also new muscles. But what they used to do, they have no inner left alarm ignored for a long time, they used to do nothing, no prayer, no fast, nothing, they will leave to the theater.

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They are basically the people they celebrate are the 10th of Muharram the Shahada person killing a person to work they do, they make something like did a body or carry to bury someone to cut azia. To in that what they do in Islam to albida made to these people said that there's some some older men have come and they said that you could are not Muslim? No, and this and that, and then just get to more autonomy, but will be carried out all the time. How they say, we are not whose motto is no, no, you are Muslim, and you keep piling tassia every time you do this, you keep doing these things are Muslim. They're more autonomy. Kevin, the people said to him that you know, you are the one who our

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guests are with us. And you advise people to have tassia he said reason is because these people don't know from Islam, anything other than the tulcea de la the one lytic, keeping the Muslims, if I removed us yet they're no more Muslim, that that I allowed this understand proper some time, some commanding good forbidding evil, you know, when I'm teaching, I'm a teacher, too, I have to if they're very clear what we died, what, what? Well, in the society, you follow it, you have to use your mind that, you know, my teacher explained to me this, but following him, is it going to help the society or going to harm society, then you have to make your own judgment. That's what it means

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to in the classroom, teachers will teach everything properly, more clearly. But when you apply that implemented, you have to use your own judgment properly. Sometimes what happens is it you know, you make something like that, I just got to break the news to the other committee, that very, very harmful, too far is more likely for a miner to for any bidder, you are not allowed to criticize the data so heavily that people are divided. If we're still really in the most people do

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and, and very severe,

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I have to correct them. If you realize if I correct them, it will make the people into community, then not correct them. Leave that is totally fine for us. I will pass first the trust in you do other things, make them pious one to 10 times further, but you start with that one, they will ask you to leave the mosque and never come you never can do it too good. Too many people don't realize this directly command the good forbidding evil in the mosque and the divided community in new mosque and this keep happening. And that actually how the complaints are clear, you know, really great. Like, you know, one of the things in the hazard,

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the professor lesser combined between a warrant officer in our effort, and between my very Venetia it was the combination of the prayed. And then when he was in Minar, he did combined between the prayers he used to make the play half to two hours a combination, or at least he did half of the prayer during history Minar or three days, he prayed to Raka Raka Anisha to the car that he did.

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When he woke up. He did the same thing. In the minute he will do the prayer half Hadith in Bukhari now the books or DVDs you can find find them. Then when you become qualified the same thing in a manner they used to have prayer. When Oman became qualified, it's the same thing. But then he realized that you know, the so many people from all over the world. If I praise or turaga in these people pray with me and they will go home they say oh, our teachers in hybrid teaching for aka an halifa.

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There must be tulika to demonstrate it kept in my mind his mind is a lovely nurse over established people which can take around the meaning of this, this half prayer to what he did. He bought a house in Makkah. So then he's no more a traveler that he want to show that he and then he started doing the Barefoot for Africa in a manner first time happened by well smarter. Does orbit press for rocker as a forager? He

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will he did. Some companies did not agree among them most of this one about Abdullah Massoud because he is equal to him in party the Nile in order to he became very heavily criticizing This is not right. You should not do this thing did not sooner, you know he whatever. The bigger meta aquiver between Omar the latter between Abdullah Massoud that happened then what time at the prayer game was a man led the parade a lot of drama suit prayed behind him. That people said to him You are the one who beside him dinner right and now you bring binding to he said leaving the Imam for Jesus biters is the way of people a Buddha, we cannot leave the man without the duty of angry believers. We can

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explore the differences. But still we have to change them. I cannot make my own mom PMR to try to understand in this in this very moment. Keeping the duty of the believers is very, very important. Even

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Some time is getting worse some Haram is still keep them in a bucket if once you break it in the new reform can be done because it's so much that when Musa al Islam went to see a lot of hautala and he lived Harun al Islam is halifa olefin if you own or my brother Harun remain my family and my people, and he came to us a hotel. When he left it saw Mary Kim and he made a golf you know, from ornaments from something. And then he said to the people this year God, people start some people started worshipping the calf. And how harmar Islam is asking them not to do but still they did. Musa al Islam came rushing to Allah subhanaw taala to be to Allah smartasset Musa ma de la comida Musa Musa

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why he left your people behind and came to me Russian are ideal to a lake a rabbit. Like all my senses, I came rushing, come happy to please you. I want to meet you as soon as possible came to Alaska, but you don't know in Napa fatahna calmac after you we put your PayPal trial summary came and misled them and made them to worship the cup Musab al Islam, you know, reformer big messenger in you know, turn from the book and come to the people and anger through the Torah and came there and he held the beard on the head of his brother. You know, there's so much How come he scared her realize that he was going to kill him? While Islam said to him yep now Omar, Omar or Sarah by mother

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to take

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him to memory. Why? How long enough so my brother, why is taking so long away? Or son of my mother, mother, tell me the best way to sell my brother. Why you want to say Oh son of my mother. The reason is, because if your brother does something wrong, and you want to punish him, telling me if you're a mother, cause I want to punish him. It's a no leave now because no I'm not going to preach to people. If I could hit my brother, my mother when pin two when she goes tonight punished. When a mother comes. You don't do that in Harper. Now who knows? Nobody can stop Moosa from anger, even and I never allow anyone if I bring a lesson, nothing would work. Mother is not there to only take and

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stop in the name of the Mother Teresa or son of my mother to when he said this. Then Moosa is tough. And then you know he said to her why'd Why did you stop them from washing the calf? What he said Hershey to under hula for luck, the bane of a nice ride. Well, I'm Cody, my fear was that you will say that you divided when Israel division of Bani Israel is so harmful, that he accepted for a while for them to worship, you know, he still remained with him. If we have been with all command, God forbid evil, people worship God, fire them into jihad. No harm is a messenger is a messenger prophet. He remained calm that grand vision the story to make very clear unity of the believer is

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much more important to do he know that evil worshipping the calf is so bad, but Gemma is more important. He waited until moussaka moussaka, he had revelation then he did prophecy whatever you have done to keep in mind distinct learn to properly learn sooner better learn good and bad but when he applied to the society use mind properly don't do something which can create a more problem don't something which can create greed hatred to the people are marinara fun Hey Monica has got a big prosperous procedure not easy sometime Mr. Mr. And Mrs. dava admission, explain to the people second way is to make effort that good continues. The third one is when you take a stick of measurement.

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But third one we don't actually had that time, the time no no more there to always stick with the will to have them on any command of good and affordable and evil which can involve a bigger problem never never do it on anything which can make the community of Muslims A divided never do that. Be with the Muslims make literacy for it. It will be more helpful. Anything that can make me too divided. It is very very Birdman to try to understand this problem.

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