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O Turner of the Hearts, keep our hearts firm on Your religion.


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of removing negative marks on one's body to improve one's health. They share four ways to improve one's health, including removing marks, working on one's heart, and rebuilding one's attitude. The speaker also talks about the dangerous nature of restroom visits and the potential for shadowing and mocking people.
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If I were to ask you, what's your most valuable, most expensive possession? What would you say? Your half a million dollar home, your car, your diamond ring, maybe your savings account? The reality of the matter is, it's actually none of those. It's the Oregon so intricately protected within your chest behind your rib cage. Why is it so valuable? Because Allah does not look at your outwardly appearance or your wealth, but rather he looks at your heart and your actions. As the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a lot already created your physical appearance with beauty. Look at how Allah can insert a V s and e to claim Indeed, we created humans in the best form. Allah

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doesn't ask us to worry about outwardly figures because he already made you beautiful. What he does mention is for us to focus on and to work on the purity of our hearts.

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inshallah I wanted to share with you four ways to beautify your heart for your Lord. One, remove any signs of hypocrisy. The Prophet told us that there are four signs that we need to watch out for that are signs of hypocrites, one, whenever they are entrusted, they betray that trust. Look into your heart Do you betray your trust to when they speak they lie? Ask yourself, do I lie or mislead people? Three, whenever they make a covenant, they're treacherous. Ask yourself do you break your promises? And for whenever they argue they are loud and mean and obscene? Ask yourself when you're upset or argue Do you blow up and scream and curse and terrorize those around you? Number two, erase

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any atoms of arrogance from your heart. One of the greatest diseases of the heart is Cuban arrogance. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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the one who even has an Adam's weight of arrogance in their heart will not go to Paradise. Why is it so dangerous? Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it was and he defined arrogance for us when he said arrogance is to turn away from the truth when it's given to you and to look down upon people. So be humble. Don't judge anyone. Think about it. What was one of the blazes mistakes that led him to be expelled from gender. He said I'm better than him. You created me from fire and created him from clay. mm ashara Lee, who's a great scholar from Egypt. He used to give a halaqa every Friday, and it was aired on TV and about 7 million people would watch upon the law. One day

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when he was leaving his halakhah he got into this car. And the people who are attending his halaqa at the masjid came outside and pick up his car and they started chanting and praising him. After they put his car down. He told his driver to stop at the nearest Masjid on the way home. And then he told the driver to wait outside. He went inside to the masjid and started cleaning the bathroom. The 75 year old scholar is cleaning the bathroom. Now those of you who have been to Muslim countries know that public restrooms at the massage are really really dirty. While he was cleaning, a man walked into the restroom and he found the chef scrubbing the toilets. And the man says Pamela Sheila

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shadow me, what are you doing? How come you're doing this? And he said I was sitting in the masjid. And I started to have thoughts to creep in my heart that you're a great scholar. So I wanted to remove this feeling of arrogance from my heart. This panel

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has to