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The Battle of Badr _Which of the leaders of Quraysh insisted on fighting the Muslims at Badr? What did Allah do to comfort and prepare the Muslims before the battle? What is the status of the Muslims who fought at Badr compared to the rest of the believers? In this session, we talk about how the Muslims succeeded against all odds by trusting Allah, doing everything in their power, and asking for His help through duaa. Risalah: Reflections from the Prophet’s Life is a 21-part lecture series by Majed Mahmoud, released daily throughout Ramadan 2020.

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Bismillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah and he was he was sending. We begin once again by the mentioning of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to send his peace and his blessings upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Thank you all. Here for coming back to your seats. I also noticed there's a brother assigned for the door. So my grant agenda. And now let me be the first person that goes to agenda with a private asset and there's a first group May Allah make use of that group I mean, so with that being said, brothers and sisters, we stopped the last time of a revelation. That never happened before. This was the first time such command was revealed that now

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you can fight back those who fight you now that you can push back against the ones who oppressed you. No one will negate that no one has issues with that. That's just the norm especially now focus with me. May Allah grant you Jenna, because in these sessions, this one next one and some of Medina, some people will have a field day cutting parts of the video posting online Look what he's preaching this and that. So we asked a lot to grant a strength and wisdom say I mean, so we talk about things of that sort about fighting, etc. and being physical. This was a time where there's a Muslim state, Muslim ruler, there's a leadership level, they are no longer a minority that have no leader in a way

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no nation, unlike Mecca, they were a minority. We are more now like Mecca or Medina. Are we more like at the senior the believers there or Medina were more like Mecca and as a senior in a way much more than Medina. So we cannot apply some rules at our time. Now that they are to be deleted, no to stay until there's a time where they are to be applied. That's how things work. May Allah protect us.

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But we will learn so much inshallah from what will happen very soon. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam brothers and sisters. He hears he hears about a caravan for Abu sufian a trade caravan who is Abu Sofia unexplained Abu Sofia is one of the top top enemies and leaders of courage. He took part in the oppression he took part in the torture of the believers. He was fully approving of this. Brothers and sisters Abu Sufyan is coming from North down south, from north from a sham to Syria today approximately two back to Mecca. What does that mean when he goes south he has to pass by with city Medina. So when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and I say civilizing them we gotta say

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Salaam Salaam as much as we can inshallah. So he hears about that. And he tells his companions, this is very important. He tells his companions have Abu Sophia. This is Abu Sufyan and his trade caravan. Let's go and take over the enemy. Perhaps Allah will stole the blessings on us. And he also said I want to whoever is ready right now to go with me. We're not waiting for no one. So it's either you're ready or you're not. So the believers some of them were ready right here they got Whatever, let's say body armor they got their weapon they got their ride. Some companion said oh prophet of Allah, can I just go like pick up my stuff? It's like a quite a distance few minutes or

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so or whatever the case may be. The Prophet said law No, only the ones who are what? Ready. The process of selling is not anticipating a full fledged war. That's what's the expectation ready. The expectation, the process lm and the team members, the companions will come to the trade caravan trade caravan who does not have a large number of security guards. They're not equipped for war. So they will come scare them away. Abu sufian scare him away, then take over some of that wealth. This may be our portion of what they were robbed off all these past 13 plus years. A plan plan. The private side send them How was the condition of the Muslims 20% of the army of the believers were

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from the refugees, the immigrants that came from Makkah. And 80% of them were from the supporters those who lived we're in Medina fantastic. A total of approximately 317 Muslims, and how were their rides and equipment. Very, very humble. They really humble but they took the means. What was the case three men for every camel. A lot of work about three men for every camel. That's how few rides they had. So you're telling me

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They're walking towards them. Some of them Yes. Did the Prophet have his own rights? No, he did not. He shared his rights. Who were the two other brothers who were the two blesseds brothers. I live in Abu Talib and Abu Baba may Allah be pleased by both of them. The Prophet sallallahu two sets of Guru Baba sit and Annie and they take turns. When the prophet SAW Selim was sitting on the camel, his time was up, he needs now to switch with the next person. I Lee and no Baba agreed that let's pass our churn and keep it without profit. So we will walk the entire way. Let the profit sit the whole way and it will set up. So when the turn came to an end, ie Abu Baba said all prophets of Allah,

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stay on the camels stay in the camel, we will walk. The prophet SAW Selim said to them two things. Number one, he says none of you two are stronger than me and can handle walking a lot. Yes, basically, you may be younger, but you're not stronger. You have to appreciate this is a battle, right? But we take lessons and there's lesson after lesson. Every point we can extract something. Every word the processor says you can get fruits from it. Yes. When do I take from it? There's a lot that can be taken. How old is that processor? lamb? How old about 55 years old? And he's telling people a lot younger than him. I'm perhaps stronger than you. Right? Yes, a lot less than, but this

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comes to show you how he took care of his body. He ate healthy. He was conscious about his diet. When he wrote Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, out of all the containers in the world. This is a container. Right? There are other containers. Out of all the containers in the world. The West the worst, the worst container to fill is your stomach. That's why he said and now we learn whether it's the experience or science, I was reading an article from a diet dietitian from MD Anderson, saying how when you eat so much and you overeat, your stomach size expands. I actually never knew that now it makes sense. Like how did I was able to eat this now I know, Mama forgive us. I mean, we

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are not allowed to change our diet habits. So when you eat so much the stomach expands and the research says and the organs are being pushed the lungs skinny to eat. Okay, okay, and the heart don't matter, right? Just kick it away. What about the time when or whatever the case may be? I understand this go away, right? The whole thing and then you expand the science shows that you become sleepy, you become drowsy and it says the word sluggish. You can tell that's not my word. Right? It says the word sluggish. And it just messes up your sleep as well. We Allah forgive us and protect us. So the Prophet advises you, don't you ever overeat? And don't you fill your stomach with

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food? May Allah grant us wisdom and being able to appreciate things and so he says, I am stronger than the both of you. You guys are not stronger than me. The second thing he said, and I am not in any lesser need of the reward. You guys want to walk to get the reward of helping the Prophet. I do want to get the reward of helping my companions. I also want the reward to walk through the battle and the Justin be fair. And look how the player seldom who is promised Jenna, he still sought avenues for reward. So if this was the case of the one who's guaranteed Jenna, he does not belittle an opportunity of a good deed. Then what about you and I? Yes or no. But honestly prioritize things.

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May Allah grant us wisdom, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, look what he said. And then one time was walking. He saw a tree branch on the ground. He looked at the tree branch, he picked it up so that people don't trip from it Do not fall because of it. He picked it up. No one recognized him. Perhaps no one saw him except Allah. What was the reward of the tree branch that many people walk by and really that reward? I'm gonna go do this and go to do that instead. The Prophet said Allah thanked him for that. A lot granted him Jenna because of that. A lot of work. Do not be little any opportunity of good deed and make sure you prioritize things. I mean, by that, I mean, like grant

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this wisdom. So this is what he said and they continued their journey. Now, Abu sufian the enemy the leader of the caravan, he is aware that the Muslims are now on the hunt against him because he's also waging war. So he sends his scouts brothers and sisters and the enemy's reaction they hear the demonic

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friends are coming their way. Oh boy. Abu Sufyan gets shocked. They're coming to a location called better better is where there is a well water well, many times people go through during their trips to drink water from it. So most likely Abu Sufyan will pass by that location. Once Abu sufian hears the Muslims are coming, he sends What are Warner to Mecca. Go talk to people of Mecca that I need help so that Warner comes to Mecca tells the rice Come on Latina Allah tema what is that your trade tell them I don't know if you'll make it or not the Muslims are coming to attack it. Who spoke the Pharaoh of Ahmed Mohammed, the Pharaoh of the Prophet Mohammed says an era was

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the worst, the most evil of booj booj said

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go protect your caravan. So we focused on the caravan I was a VM doesn't matter where the money right protect the caravan, your money, your wealth. So they all got suited our brothers and sisters and they got all ready for a full fledged war by the armor, horses, camels etc. Now I was a fan and he was intelligent in terms of fighting techniques in terms of the mapping and his scouts and his network skills. He was able to do what to bypass the Muslims. So the Muslims were here I was a fan is coming down south does not want to meet them. So it comes down south finds his way bypasses the believers and then he comes to where Mecca on his way after he bypassed and dodged away from the

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Muslims. He sent what he sent Abu Sufyan a message to the army of police. The army of police with Abu Jen is underway. Correct. So now she says no, no, no, you're all set. We're all good. caravan is safe. Your money is safe. I'm coming back. So the army said that's awesome. There's no need to fight. They want to go back there to spoke

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abou Jan.

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Said I swear to God, we're not going back. Why is that? When you care about your money, it's back. Because I swear to God, we're not going back. Abu Jamal insists to fighting the Muslims. He said I swear to God, we're not going back we will go to better and we will do whatever we got to do. We will have a feast and celebrate and this these words. And he said we'll go there and have food and stuff and he said we let the ladies go ahead and sing and we will enjoy our nights. So all that can No Don't you ever miss with us? Of course. So all the other can know to think twice before facing us. How much of the army was convinced how influential Abuja the majority of the army stayed behind

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you Allah forgive us and protect us. May Allah make us people have influenced that which is positive but not negative. Brothers and sisters upon this. The prophet SAW Selim also has his scouts yes or no. And he got the news. What was the news? Two things. The caravan is gone. Croatia is coming to kill you on the process and is not ready for war. What does he do? The Prophet seeks counsel and advice from the companions. He says as she rally

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old brothers or believers or people give me advice. What should we do? We are 317 three men sharing a camel hardly have any body armor out of the whole army there's only a one horse which is belonging to that. So just to give you a feel just an example. It's like a someone has a car. so old, so slow, that check engine light is on the tires barely had any air. And then some guy with the fastest newest car wants to raise.

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What should we do? What's your advice? What's the plan? A worker stands up and says motivational remarks were with you and so on and so forth. The progress and appreciated that and you know workers sat down, but the Prophet kept the floor open. Why would he do that? No one is raising their hands. No one is speaking up. So it seems everybody agrees to what Abu Bakr is saying correct. He says people come on. I want suggestions that I see why they come on top. who stands up Omar Omar said Yasser Allah and he gave him encouraging remarks meaning Go ahead, do your thing with you. We are with you. Appreciate that. Omar sits down. I see you I know you're not

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so companions, perhaps thinking maybe the province.

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hear more. So and that stands up, he says, All prophets of Allah,

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do what you see best to do. Meaning basically go to war. I and the believers will not tell you what the children of Israel, he said to Moses, who will not tell you that the children of Israel, they told Moses when there is a battle, just like this almost that shouldn't have Israel said to Moses in half an hour buka katella. And

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they said to Moses, you and your Lord, go fight, we're waiting right here till you're done. And that said, we will not say that we say, go You and your Lord and fight and we will beat your left and right.

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And if you had to go all the way to Yemen, he entered the location in Yemen, we will go all the way there to Yemen, if that way takes the profits appreciate that very much. And that sat down. I see you give me advice.

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So sad even while he says, it seems that you want to hear from us? Or can it explain what do you mean us and who's them and what's going on? I'll be back your alma mater that were from Mecca.

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No one from the original residents of Medina spoke yet so Sajid from the 80%, who spoke was that 20% and the Prophet wants to know and he thought it was solemn, because when the supporters in Medina, they gave the pledge of allegiance to support the Prophet, the way they protect their wives, their children, their own selves, did not say even outside Medina, so the coverage was city wide, not nationwide.

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So the Prophet wants to hear from them. So sad said, I think you want to hear from us. The Prophet said exactly. He said, that's exactly who I want to hear from what they say about this. He says, well, all prophets of Allah, we know that what you say is nothing but the ultimate truth. And we know that was God who sent you to us. As a result of these testimonies. We believe in you and we hear what you say and we obey all prophets of Allah is what it takes for the mission to be accomplished is for us. And for you to jump into the ocean and dive and cross the ocean. We will all dive into the ocean and go after you met the hunters. I mean, not not one of us and 80% now one of

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us of the supporters will leave you behind, oh prophet of Allah. We're not fearful of the battle tomorrow. No way. Rather, we are truthful to our words, we will fight the enemy with absolute carriage, perhaps a prophet of Allah, Allah will help us in a way that will make you happy tomorrow. So either Baraka Tila, with Allah blessings proceed or sola, do what you see is best. The Prophet was happy, the prophet was rejoice. May Allah grant us steadfastness and strength and you know, I mean, we do love the process and like, you see what he said, I pray that Allah will help you in a way that will make you happy. ever thought of that? Do we have a deed in our books of deeds, that

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when we see our profit on the Day of Judgment, jasola I did this that that makes you happy? Are you like that? brothers and sisters? Can we do something like that in sha Allah, may Allah grant you peace and be able to establish a good deed in your life? Say, I mean, such a good deed, such a good deed that when the Prophet sees it, he's so proud of you. May Allah allow us to see a lot where he is also pleased with us. I mean, I mean, so the Prophet says, be optimistic, be optimistic and nuts March, Allah subhana wa tada has promised me victory. Brothers and sisters that also alessa sanlam. Now is headed to better what was better again, what's the better?

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The better and what was the well, it's correct. That was the area. So the product sentiment, the believers, what happens, they arrive to better once they arrive to better they find to have the enemy there. So they run, run, run, run, run and try to capture them both the enemy, so one of them fled away, and one of them they grabbed. So they asked him what coming home How big is the army? How big is the army of courage?

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He says they're huge. And they're so prepared. Because so angry they beat him up to give us a number like Brother Why is it where's the gentleness? Okay, sure. I'll give you a disclaimer inshallah. So we proceed with the momentum, Shaolin. If we stop, it's okay. What's happening here, this is war. Right now we are in stage, not a four there's macam Tao nakum jihad. There's a stage of jihad, jihad.

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Like war, okay nice struggle, the Jihad straight up which also means struggle. And there is the stage of what was the advice that our gentleness Fair enough? The stage of Dawa is what? kindness in your speech? gentleness with your approach, right? I know a little Hasina. Correct. Moosa Elisa was in the stage of Dawa Pharaoh, the worst man to walk on Earth a lot to Moses and speak to Pharaoh, the one who says, I am God, and he's torturing people, and killing babies. Allah tells him, speak to him gently and be very basically watchful over the words that you choose. didn't tell him punch him in the face, right? Even though he would love that perhaps to happen, right? But that's Macondo. And

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that's where we're at. Right? What I'm talking about now in this battle is macom, jihad. What does Allah say? gentleness, gentleness, what? This is war, right? You're gonna go battle with the brothers of Sharla. And the sisters that join this is battle. You know, Allah says, The zoo via the harsh This is war, we have to be able to be able to understand these things and not use that excitement and apply it here. This is my hope and optimism, inshallah, we use the energy that when we hear these things, we transfer it to hear how it's made love with that with Dawa, become motivated, you want to do something, you want to help the people, you want to help your community.

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You use that energy from the battles to help you with that. Fair enough. May Allah grant us wisdom. So

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he received the man, the witch, the believers caught, he said, yellow so like, this guy is not responding. So the prophet SAW Selim asks him coming home, how big is the army? He says, they're big. They're like really big. But he has like, 300 they're bigger, for sure. So the Prophet asks him,

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how big is their daily meals?

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How many camels do they slaughter a day for their food? He said, they slaughter 10 camels. The Prophet said, each camel feeds 100. So the army has over 1000. And the army is greater than three times the army of the believers, not just quantity, but in terms of the armor quality, and the weapons and the horses and this and that, may Allah protect us and grant us wisdom that believers they know the means. We take them. We have our hearts trust Allah and Victor will come. Brothers and sisters that night, right before better. how nervous would you be the night before the first job interview ever? how nervous would you be when you have a final examination? how nervous would you be

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when you have a very important appointment The next day, sometimes you don't sleep May Allah grant us safe sleep and it'll be silent and peaceful one. The companions were struggling a little bit was struggling with sleep. Tomorrow is not an interview. Tomorrow, they may die tomorrow, they may never see the family no worse tomorrow, they may never see the profit or sell them again. So Allah subhanho wa Taala saw in the believers that they took the means yes, there was no profit across the ocean. They walked all the way to better. They heard the numbers they went away. Did they run? No, they stayed. They know what they have and they stayed. When you take the means. And you trust Allah,

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Allah helps you. So Allah miraculously is Yoshi Kumar was the companion start to feel sleepy.

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How is that sleeping? It may be fine. It says we are getting sleeping, sleeping and all of a sudden it's raining light rain a lot. You know some of us will put on YouTube, the rain sound to you know quiet things down not to have a very nice sleep. This is real arraigns customized for the believers. So they fall asleep. Background rain sound Yala, I leave nebbia thought it says we went under the trees and under other parts too. We can have sleep and

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then he says all of us slept except the Prophet of Allah satsang he stood up under one of under one of the trees and he kept praying to Allah for success. He made the law see how do i is an integral component. You see what are we referring to brothers and sisters? They did the work they walked and they walk the talk all these things but it has to come in place. Whenever you do a project ad What do we do sometimes exam is coming zaka lucky you're outside the exam hall what do you do? You're so nervous reviewing. There's two minutes left any that two minutes will make you get that scholarship. We went through school we know these two minutes mean nothing to an extent right maybe like one

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lucky day. You can put this up

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he studied, he did

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the best overnights type of study throughout the semester. Pas make dua to Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah Al Hamdulillah Allah is Allah Allah Allah. Allah helped me Allah make it easier for me if my parents pleased by me out a lot of know what will happen if a fail y'all cry to Allah do whatever it is battle battle, we learn it. You see how you take that lesson you use it. And that's what it takes me on my grant agenda, I mean a banana mean, and the person that is making dua to Allah for victory. And he says, All a lot of these peoples die, you may possibly never be worshipped on earth again, what he said if these people die, you may possibly never be worshipped again, to

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show the grand companion that showed up amongst the companions was abubaker amongst them was the Roma amongst them was amongst Democrats, none No, No brother, brother. Don't get too excited. rabbit ears, man. I read the Sierra is not there. No, he's there.

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I read the book. He as man stays in Medina, because it says that his wife was sick. Yeah, that's true. He wanted to join the army. But he was advised to stay. So in the sight of Allah He is in the army gets the reward of everyone struggling in the army while he's still at home. He's still at home, caring for a sick wife require a lot of work. And I live in a time that was there and then that and obey the Allah. May Allah grant this was the successful monogamy meeting and it says we all went to sleep. who woke them up?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Prophet on the day of the battle. He says a Salah to Jamia Stein to pray as Salatu jamya pray what darn time what pray what surgeon? Allahu Akbar. I leave me a planet says we woke up and we left from under the trees and under other places and we went to go pray. He think I will let this pass by. There is a battle there's a battle written where they may die. The Prophet did not say Miskin Masaki into burning, tired, exhausted, there's a battle. Let them Miss fragile, it's okay. There's a battle. You wake up for failure. That's how you ended up. You wake up a soldier. That's how you win the battle. And the day you miss federal

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intentionally is the day you lost the battle.

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You have an exam skin, and that will lie some of us as parents, may Allah protect all of us and we all have mistakes. We do these shortcomings. We get our son and daughter used to this. You have an exam. How old are you? They're mature, they're each over purity. It's okay It's okay they have a project Halina REM sleep May Allah forgive you and guide you. Then when they get older, you start calling other people. Watch what the Prophet did and apply it in your life. May Allah forgive us and ease things on us for life. Not so easy. May Allah grant us wisdom, wake up and prefetcher and the operating ledger after Salah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam motivates the believers with

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some beautiful narrations along when you go for Jihad and you fight for the sake of Allah, you get that reward and that reward absolutely amazing. He said, Kuma jannetty. Now

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he's saying that Hades suitable for the occasion. He said go and stand up and head towards paradise for the bulk of the battle. He's saying if you die in the battle, you will go to gardens as wide as the heavens and earth are the companions he says back in the hand. Oh boy. Oh, boy, boy. The pilot awesome says right. What made you say that? Yeah, only he says, I wish to have these gardens as wide as the earth. I wish to have them. The promises are made. You will be one who lives in that Allahu Akbar? How does he know the unseen Allah revealed to him? Brothers and sisters, you'd like one guy who says what am I? Why is it so weird and at hand in life? I have something small. and gentlemen,

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this is too big. Let me illustrate why some people came to me after a lecture one time saying stuff like that. Yes, he realized something. The size of your joy in Jannah is equivalent to the size of your agenda.

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The size of your happiness and joy in general, is equivalent to your assets in general. So when you go to for a dose, and then that's the x absolute greatest, that's how happy you will be. The M says the lowest level and gender lowest level and gender they pass by their assets. This is my house. This is this these are my rivers. Yes, this is my terracotta. This is this it takes them 1000 years.

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That's the minimum and the elite. They're the ones who see Allah day and night May Allah make us of the elite. So Ahmed says, I wish and the Prophet says you will be amongst them. Brothers and sisters. That process assignment assembles the army assembly line up, line up straight line.

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Right. So right.

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Maybe the enemies laughing

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Yes or No? Okay, these people one guy standing just has a small knife. Right? And they hardly have any animals. Some people have no body armor.

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Who do these kids? Right? Right? When do these people, these people, the greatest generation ever they know we will do what we can that's the equation of success. What is it? You do what you can remember the example of the car will check the fluids check what fluid against the Corvettes check the fluids? Why is that check engine light is on try to fix it. Well, we'll help you out. I take my part, I do whatever I can. And the rest is Allah subhanaw taala. They lined up brothers and sisters that are seldom had like an arrow like a stick, making sure everything's in line and line and line. Then you have one companion who is offline have the line. So the process is still here. So what so

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what, so you probably did this, then someone's like,

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oh Jenny, you hurt me. The companion.

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You hurt me out of law.

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You are a prophet who is just Allah sent you with justice. And I was told that you know ahead for a

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This is a battle. Is this an offensive ally authentic? For some reason. So what

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made his clothing in a way that is skin off his stomach is shown.

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And that's where the profit struck solid in the process and undo what someone else do. This is an army book. You read about this? We're about to get killed. Right? Well, there were some other people may do the vasila. He lifted his shirt. He said, hit me back.

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How do you think the 317 field?

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Right? He says, Go for it. Then so what drops on his knees? He hugs the prophet SAW Selim and he kisses his stomach.

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The Prophet said what are you doing?

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The hamelech Allah.

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He said oh prophet of Allah. You see what we are facing armies 1000 plus horses armor. And I don't know if I'll ever see you again. And the last thing if I never see you again, the last thing I would wish for is that my skin touches your skin. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allows you the products and engender that we hand have a handshake with him. We embrace him and we hang out with me. So when this happened, the prophets I send them prayed for who? For Surat. He prayed for him. You know what he told them? Next is stoia salad lineup salad. Right? That was good. Now line up taking the means like, you know what? Yes. No line up. That's Alibaba. Tila. Brothers and sisters in the prophets. I

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send them provide the the army. What? with instructions, some of them he said, when you shoot with the arrows wait until they come. And when you shoot, shoot with the intention that you will hit, meaning we have very few arrows.

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Not enough for the war. Can you believe that? We have just a few bullets. That's all we have. So when you want to shoot, just make sure it's like a shot that there's a big chance someone's gonna get hit by the listen. He also said when we fight I don't want no one to go in front of me. I want to be the one who leads a lot of work cover

00:33:45--> 00:34:27

letter says that Yes, he did have his operation room in the back of the army trying to tactic things out and work things out as well. And he gave him the instructions and the hurt and the obeyed. What's next? What would be one of the last things that Prophet does you have to all know by now? Make da You see that? You see that? Make dua because you do everything you can alone. Take the wheel from there right yeah, Allah lead the way from your yard take care of our affairs has been along with me lucky. He needs to Allah O Allah grant me what you're promised Yama, Grant me what you promised. Or unlike grant me what you promised. He made so much so that his shawl he had like a

00:34:27--> 00:34:52

jacket or coat that fell on the floor. That's how desperate he was. It was this high, very high that you can see the product under arm. Then he saw that. The Sahaba saw that they were so moved at the level of desperation. So look. So this grabs the show, boots on the prophets shoulders, gives him a hug from the back. He says jasola I think you made enough.

00:34:53--> 00:35:00

I think is sufficient. I think it's sufficient. Allah will fulfill his promise to you. Then the person, sisters, the

00:35:00--> 00:35:46

Brothers and sisters within the army of the believers are waiting. And then there's something going on with the enemy. What is going on? One of the enemy seeks to stop the war before it starts. What's his name? altogether? idea? Oh, it's about one of the elite and the leaders of the enemy. He is talking. When In summary, he's saying this makes no sense. What in the world are we doing? Meaning These are some family members. What in the world can these people do to us? That's how confident he was that he will be tomorrow. He said makes no sense. You know why say guys? He's a leader. He's a leader. He said you know what, I think we should not start that war. I think which is ending right

00:35:46--> 00:36:11

here. Let's all go back home and blame it on me just keep saying or today is a coward to say that Germanotta blame me go to Mecca what happened are both scared the leader those go back this is blamed on me. But you all know I'm not a coward. Right. who heard that? The Pharaoh Abu Jang. He says I swear to god if someone said that other than you out of knocked him out.

00:36:12--> 00:36:21

He said that you're a coward. You are a real coward. You are terrified to your core you're shaken from the inside

00:36:22--> 00:36:37

out by got so angry outbursts that I will show you who's the coward or you who all what you care about is food drink entertainment and sleep. I will show you tonight. Today who's the coward me are you? And guess what?

00:36:39--> 00:36:45

went from one thing to stop the war to the one who starts the war.

00:36:47--> 00:37:18

And this happens to us in our time and a gesture No. Remember, learn applying. A guy is driving well light happened to me. And the guy next to me. Says bro, you got this car. It was a rental. Breathe in breathe out. Okay, expensive car driving. And he says bro race this car race this car. I'm like, well, it's not right. But raise this boy you got this car. Come on race this car and the other car was like a Camaro or whatever going very fast. Race this car. I'm like, well, you're scared because this is a rental. But you don't have insurance.

00:37:20--> 00:37:25

And we went right? This was the we were younger. And a few days ago anyways.

00:37:28--> 00:38:09

Neela forgive us. Forgive us. Yes. That was long, long time ago. Okay. So then we did that. Okay, so this one happens. Sometimes it happened here in lifetime. Okay. And this is not something I'm proud of. Something that is lousy of me. That's a horrible story. That's so horrible example. Horrible. Well lie it is. We smile. We laugh and hamdulillah. May Allah grant this gentleman, that this would have been a story where you all cried? Perhaps, or the family of the one whom I could have killed in that driving, but have cried yes or no. We could have raced and the car would have flipped. And all of us would say Oh, he passed away. How? Don't worry about it. No. How? Drag Racing. What a shame.

00:38:10--> 00:38:12

What a shame. Yes or no.

00:38:13--> 00:38:17

So this happens, what happens that happens to you. Come on, it's okay to bro. Take a

00:38:18--> 00:38:24

good one path one pathway to get cancer one path? He goes. Right.

00:38:26--> 00:39:07

Right. Take that secret. Just one Puppy was gonna die really you really believe was one of the package. And you go all out. And now what happened to adults imagine youngsters? Right? Maybe a bit overzealous. Now my greatest wisdom say I mean, we learn from the battle. Brothers and sisters. As you guys noticed, we hardly ever talk about battles, yes or no, especially in our climate. We need to change that. We're so proud of this. Completely proud of this. We can learn so much of it one line a lot. I swear by Allah, what I am. What I did not cover is a lot more 510 times more than what I'm covering. We see that so many Allah loves to learn the life of the presidency. I mean, let's go.

00:39:08--> 00:39:08


00:39:09--> 00:39:33

he calls upon his sibling shade that calls upon his son and when it look what he does, he brings his brother and son and they go and that's how that battle usually starts. It starts with a dual three on three one on one then it is like a momentum build up. Then you go all out. So then he says give me three from you. Three from the supporters Medina, they come

00:39:34--> 00:39:59

for you guys. They say we are people from Medina. is like with all due respect, and respect. I don't want you I love family. I want people I want people who left us I want blood, sugar and children evil May Allah protect us. So they go back. The guy says yeah, Mohammad Abbas then x and give us someone equivalent to us. The Prophet says Get up or Aveda

00:40:00--> 00:40:33

There are Hamza Yarra Valley when they get up off from Mecca they're walking towards Bathsheba Valley as they get closer up there says Who is this Hamza says it's me you don't mess around with Hamza he says it's me or they just say this Neo VEDA he says now we're talking Bring it on. So who fought who as you can see here what about our data? Say that fight fight Hamza and then wait for it and there might be different narratives that will proceed or they the struggle or two but struck Aveda both got injured. The first one got injured so that both of them

00:40:34--> 00:41:11

Hamza and Annie right away were able to kill the enemy. And when they were done, they joined Aveda, assisted him and then they were able to finish who then they carried Aveda and the wood all the way to the army. And then he placed them to friend to be treated so on and so forth. Brothers and sisters and the battle begins. The battle begins. The amendment was the instructions. When they come when they come closer start shooting the arrow to the panic. No instructions we hear and we obey you might panic no Listen, listen to the Prophet, listen.

00:41:13--> 00:41:25

was waiting an hour for something interesting. He says we were standing. And the guy next to me very young man that one of the youngest beginners in the battle. He gets the Assign he wants to talk to me.

00:41:26--> 00:41:46

Uncle Uncle says yes, a man says to himself to us. I really did not feel comfortable here because the next to me were younger people beginners. And usually if you fight as they die, all three of the enemy will come to me say I wish I was in a different spot. But he says the younger guy says I'm sorry, what do you want? He said, Where's

00:41:48--> 00:41:50

that train? shot?

00:41:52--> 00:42:06

He said your uncle, or you heard the T cause pain to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I swear to God, the moment I seem I will attack him I will fight him until one of us dies.

00:42:08--> 00:42:16

He says the one next to me to my left is in there as if they don't want the other two here to get the reward of Abuja has killing Uncle Uncle.

00:42:21--> 00:42:23

He said, What do you

00:42:24--> 00:42:24


00:42:26--> 00:42:33

So then he said, I heard that he heard the product seller, and I want to go tackle this guy.

00:42:34--> 00:42:34

You will

00:42:36--> 00:42:54

hear him up. You might not believe that a man I want to go beat him up for what he did to the seller until one of us dies. This because the times that we live in things may be taken out of context to try to address that a little bit. Some may cut this and say look what he's doing to the youth. Yes, I want you to be motivated by this.

00:42:55--> 00:43:40

One was the son of Africa and otherwise he was a Jew might be motivated, use that energy and go saying I want to give power to that enemy today. You see that? I want to talk to them gently. I want to write letters to them. I want to be able to talk about Islam. I want to be able to use that energy no fighting because we are in stage of Dawa not stage of what say together so the camera can hear not the stage of fighting, not the stage of zachman lahia Media right? Fair enough. So now says this excitement. He says I would not want to switch to my spot No more lies, right. Brothers and sisters, the armies coming the armies coming there closer now the arrows start to shoot towards the

00:43:40--> 00:43:46

enemy and they're fighting and they're fighting a lower mortality. phenomenal job that

00:43:47--> 00:44:32

I live in. The disbelievers are shocked like how is this happening? How are we losing? How are they more motivation motivated than us? How is that possible? They're dying and dying one after the other until up the rough man by now who does his spot? Boo Jen. She tells the next one is fine. Abuja is right there. And they went as fast as Falcons to go find out who's the one who is so strong, so big the Prophet prayed for his guidance, how influential is he sees these two younger beginners coming? Well, why they may be beginners but the one who is helping them is Allah. They are knowing they come and they start with a fight Abu jihad, a crema the son of a child comes to help out and both were

00:44:32--> 00:45:00

able to kill a booj Allahu Akbar, you're hearing it today. You might not feel it like they're believers. You know what this Abu Jihad mean that he's dead? You know, what does that mean? After 15 plus years of torture, the last two years during Medina of all what he did to the believers of the Abu Jihad one thing to step up and crush the head of the Prophet. Remember, Buddha had the one who enticed the people to choke the prophet to

00:45:00--> 00:45:37

Death remember, total throws a waste of the camel on the Prophet while he's praying, remember Abuja after all the corruption, Abuja has the one who made this war continue yes or no, he's now death by two younger men. They went to the prophet to celebrate for the sake of Allah. Allah we killed Abu Jamal. The Prophet was happy. The other guy said, No, no, I killed him. No, no, I killed them competing for reward. So the Prophet said, you clean your swords. They said no. So they showed the sword of the Prophet he said both of you killed double jack, Allah will cover the font.

00:45:39--> 00:45:41

One of the companions that killed

00:45:43--> 00:46:29

a man who said, and oh boy, oh boy, he got killed by hamdulillah believers are winning brothers and sisters with Elijah has dying, the enemy is still fighting. Allah saw the support Allah saw that means being taken. Now what happened? A strong wave of wind appear the enemies still large, the enemies still effective. I live in every thought says one very strong wave of wind came. Then the next one came stronger than the first one something I've never seen before. Then a third wave game. What in the world is that? The prophets I send them and he saw that. He says Giacomo masa victory has come. These are angels that Allah sent from the heavens to help us out and will lie Allah will

00:46:29--> 00:47:10

send help to you. But when we are real men and women that take the means is with me. No help is coming away. Don't complain about that. Until you do the work and you put the effort. Allah's help will be right on the way in sha Allah, the angels they come when narration says a companion was fighting with someone. All of a sudden, the guy just thought that was that there was an angel who fought on his behalf. Allahu Akbar, another companion says I was running after one of the enemy. All of a sudden I heard someone saying to them, hi, zoom. Go ahead. Hi, Zoo zoo. Go ahead. I assume a guy on a horse coming and killing the enemy. So this companion says what just who's What's this? He

00:47:10--> 00:47:55

went to the Prophet. He had also a lot like I'm seeing things like what a guy says, presume The Prophet said, you have said the truth. That was an angel from the third heaven a low. How do you think they feel Allah subhana wa, Allah fulfill this promise a lot promised you work hard, I'll give you victory. That's what Allah said. And the Muslims were victorious one after the other until the enemy fled away. Abu jihad is dead, or Tibet is dead. And they're all gone back to Mecca. The first one to arrive to Mecca the first one. They said so how was the battle? What happened? He said, a vagina skilled or Tibet skilled whom I am the head of the one who tortured the land got killed.

00:47:55--> 00:48:19

Shaban and Robbie. I got killed. So one of the people the son of the leader who did not join the battle, he said this guy lost his mind. It's not It's not possible. It's not logical in any way, shape or form, never seen in history. How is that possible? So that he said his name was suffering even omiya. He said, Tell this guy who came with a soft one. Maybe he died.

00:48:20--> 00:48:54

So they asked him so Okay, and what happened to someone he said, so far is right here. And I saw his dad and brother getting killed, could not comprehend. How is that possible? brothers and sisters were believers day three days in the battlefield. And before they left, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke to the dead people from koresh. He did not call them name by name. He called them full name by full name. He says Dr. rotavator robbia. Your Shaban Rania Yahushua Nishan

00:48:56--> 00:49:02

have you now are you now wishing you listen to me and to Allah?

00:49:03--> 00:49:50

Do you not wish that you obeyed me and Allah? I pray to Allah that you don't have to face regrets in the afterlife. May Allah make us regret in this life for all the sins we committed. Because regret now helps regret that hurts. Regret now helps regrets then hurts the spoken. Then the Prophet says do not wish that you listened. How many times our parents taught us do this, which is right how many times our teachers taught us that which is right how many times that our Imams and scholars taught us that which is right. We pray to Allah that we are don't get told in the grave or afterlife do not wish that you listened to Allah forgive us and guide us say I mean. So then he said the second

00:49:50--> 00:50:00

statement. First one do you not wish that you obeyed Allah and His Messenger then look what he says two more parts. He says as for us the problem

00:50:00--> 00:50:22

Promise of our Lord has been fulfilled. While promise if we work hard, we do everything we can plus trust a lot equals victory. A lot promise scheme, we are content happy and in tranquility. Then the last party tool that that people now know the companions are what like what is happening?

00:50:23--> 00:51:11

Like you're talking to the people who are dressed. Then the Prophet said, As for you, or dent Quraysh Abuja, have you seen what Allah promised, of punishment of now being tortured, this comes to prove once again, there is punishment before resurrection. You see that? Do you not see what Allah has promised that you will see if you disbelieve in this obey almost says, Your rasulillah you're talking to dead bodies that have no souls in them. He says Yama. These deaf people hear me as clear as you. But the only thing that you stop the owner and young Tucano chemical, but they cannot respond to me. Me Allah forgive us and grant us guidance. And I mean, when the believers brothers

00:51:11--> 00:51:52

and sisters, grabbed some of the prisoners of war home, they were able to chain up about 70 of them did not kill them. They were able just to lock him up. And they went back all the way to Medina. People in Medina did not believe they weren't. Even the Muslims like real like, I know, I know. I looked into everything, but we actually won. We could not someone came, I believe or came, says we want and they said, okay, the generation says, we did not believe until we saw the army coming. No, until we saw the army coming with the prisoners of war. And that he is the guy that tortured you we got him back in Mecca. Can you imagine that? He knows wisdom of the one who threw that film from the

00:51:52--> 00:52:09

Prophet. Remember? He's there? Beside he could not handle and there's nothing wrong with and he finished prisoner of war in prison The Prisoner of your prison? No. And the Prophet did not comment against that this is war. It's fine. alone. Right? he cracked a llama back.

00:52:11--> 00:52:13

What will we do to the prisoners of war?

00:52:14--> 00:52:51

You have to get ransom Someone has to pay for your freedom, the amount of money. There was a lot of discussion happening. That was the end action plan. So some had to pay some family members came from Mecca. Here's the money for this guy, my relative? Yeah, so the payment has gone. Come here. You know, you loser, come here. Okay, you cost us all that stress and money. And he didn't even do anything come here. Right? Right. And whatever they said, and maybe I'm being being very gentle, by the way, right? And then what about the people who have no relatives who can pay off their freedom? their freedom comes in a payment and what sort teach Muslim children how to write

00:52:52--> 00:53:41

the importance of education once again, may Allah allow us to be people who are able to read and write and people who are able to read and write the Quran. And Allah allow us to be able to read it, apply it and understand them, you know, but I mean, brothers and sisters jabril Ali Salaam comes to the prophets, Allah setting them up, says, Your Mohammed, what is the status of the believers who participated in better? What's their status in your eyes? He said, the ones who showed up to better have muslimeen they are the best Muslims. And by the way, when the war of gains came, the prophet gave a share of the war to who to a snag but not fan and the people were wanted to show up by some

00:53:41--> 00:54:21

obstacle, perhaps game and earth man was among the very few companions who stayed in Medina, yet was given a shear because remember, he stayed behind just because his wife is the daughter of the Prophet lamb was sick. So then the Prophet says these people came are the best believers. Jabra says and the angels who showed up are the best angels. One of the greatest men that joined now brothers and sisters, we want to talk about something that heals the wounds. I know you have some wounds of sitting and sweating that yes, he was spoke about data. That's okay. There is a little bit of sweat, some story to heal the wounds of war. One of the single men they were single, okay was being pushed

00:54:21--> 00:54:29

to get married, that he did not have much money. Who is that man? Who is he getting to propose to the French after the break in Charlotte?