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Tips to Manage Anxiety_ Self Compassion

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The speaker discusses the importance of self compassion and how it can be used to overcome negative emotions. They stress that humans are not perfect, but they can learn from mistakes and that perfection belongs to a las panips alone. The speaker also talks about a person named Adam and how his actions have made him valued and respected.

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way we can build self compassion is by working on our self talk. So when we notice ourselves, saying negative things to ourselves, we stop them and we challenge them. And we counter them with something positive, something compassionate, something kind, something gentle, something loving, right? And don't say anything to yourself that you wouldn't say to your best friend.

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You know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam actually advised us not to belittle ourselves. So don't be so hard on yourself. And remember, we're all humans, and we were all created to make mistakes. We're actually wired that way. The prophet SAW some actually said, in authentic hadith, every child of Adam makes mistakes, but the best of those who make mistakes, what

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rectify their mistakes, they repent. And so we were never meant to be perfect. Allah xpadder did not create us like the angels, we were created to make mistakes. Understanding that is a part of self compassion, and understanding that all humans including yourself, are not perfect. And that perfection belongs to a las panatela alone. That's nothing that's not something that we can ever achieve. That's not something that Allah even asks us for. It's panela.

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And remembering that you are so loved, you are so valuable to Allah subhanaw taala. I have a question for you all. Has anybody been to the Kaaba?

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I know a lot of you have because you're my hedge buddies.

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Has anyone ever heard or could you imagine yourself in front of the camera? Or have you ever heard someone of someone who went to the cabin said, You're ugly? You're stupid.

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You're worthless.

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No, right?

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You can't even fathom that. Why? Because the capital is so sacred.

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So beautiful.

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Look at what the prophet SAW Selim said.

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They've been high bass reports, that once the Prophet says I was looking at the Kava, and he said, How great are you? How great is your sanctity? Yet, the believer has a greater sanctity to Allah than you.

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span Allah. Verily, Allah subhanho wa Taala sanctified you once. And verily, Allah XPath has sanctified the believer three times in this life,

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sanctified his life, his wealth, and not to assume anything negative about him.

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You're more beloved to Allah than the Kaaba. You're more sacred to Allah than the Kaaba.

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Right? So if you wouldn't say it to the garba don't say it to yourself.

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And every time you think that negative thought, stop yourself and say when I say this to the camera,

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Allah does not love that.

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What can I say? That's my loving. I'm a beloved creation to Allah, Allah created me himself.

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Right? Allah adequate agenda for me.

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Less pattern, he created my father Adam, out of honor and respect and dignity, he ordered all of his other creations to make such

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a law. And the one that did it became what? cursed. So

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be gentle with yourself. Right? The prophet SAW sample that he you know, he was the most beloved person to him. So when I read a Hadith, where the prophet SAW I'm speaking to her Isha. I believe that Hadith is pretty heavy. Because when you love someone, you tell them what most important things right? And so he said, Oh, Aisha.

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Allah is gentle, and he loves gentleness and everything

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and your thing, so be gentle with yourself.