Dr Hakim Quick – An Islamic Look at the Crusaders 6

Abdullah Hakim Quick
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So Allah subhanaw taala manifested through the life of Salahuddin Rahim Allah, He manifested the example of Islam. It is hard for us, but we need to go back in history and realize that over 90 years there was no oven in Jerusalem. There was no Juma. They use the masjid for their horses and their pigs.

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When was poured in the masjids. So the evil spirit that we see today, it happened before, and it will continue to happen until the Day of Resurrection. What is our response? The response of Salahuddin who in 1187, took the city and he entered the city on the day of mirage. He ended on the day of Mirage in the Juba and the Juma was established, and the Muslims felt the presence of Allah subhanaw taala and realized that natural law he is corrib the help of Allah is close, it is not far away, that it is for us to repair ourself. Repeat repair ourselves, go back to our actions, our own personal actions. And secondly, Salahuddin Rahim Allah did then work with the faith,

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one of the lines of our faith, are we worshiping people? Are we making Gods out of our leaders? Are we making a god of the out of the prophets of Salaam, the prophet peace be upon on his deathbed, he pulled back the covers, and he said, the curse of Allah La McCullough. sada taco guca Buddha and ba em massage it. The curse of Allah is on the Christians and the Jews who took the graves of their profits as houses of worship. He said, don't worship me when I go, don't do to me what they did Teresa Elisa, don't torture me.

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And so we need to strengthen our lines of faith. connect ourselves with Allah subhanaw taala and then work in unity with the Muslims. Even if we don't fully agree with each other, still embrace your brother. Embrace your system. We may disagree on some points. But that's your brother that's a Muslim.

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His life is worth it is

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it the Muslims are suffering in China, I suffer. If they are suffering and Philistine I am supposed to suffer. But they are suffering in the Sudan. I am supposed to suffer if they are suffering in Khayelitsha, anywhere, we are all supposed to feel that suffering. This is the example of Salahuddin he struggled until the last breath in his body.

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And he showed the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. But justice, Justice has to be established. So we need to respond to what is going on and to prepare our children and our children's children for a long struggle. Because an evil spirit has come over the People of the Book. It has come over people who claim that they follow messengers of Allah subhanaw taala so we need to take that stand. Remember the example of Salahuddin Rahim Allah and continue to go forward and forward and forward until either Allah gives us victory, or he gives us paradise. May Allah subhanaw taala clean and purify muscle Aqsa from the fields of the yahood May Allah subhanaw taala clean Afghanistan and Iraq

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and all of the lands from the filth of the cafe door. And may Allah subhanaw taala give us the strength to take a stand in our own life and to stand up for La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah saw Salam and May Allah make this our last word that the kalama would be our last word. That would be our best words under the law would forgive us for we know not what we do. akula Callie has a law stock for law Li walakum wa salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Part 6

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