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Religious Vs Non-Religious Atheist Violence: A leading atheist Sam Harris who goes around with his time attempting to educate people as a self-proclaimed expert on Islam while only helping to foster fear and hate of Islam and Muslims by deceiving people spreading mistruths, misinformation and lies get’s debunked in this episode.

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keepin it real, real Sally key

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show. greetings of peace. Welcome to the de show. You hear the term Islam, radical Islam Muslim terrorists. So I brought someone who doesn't only look like a Muslim, but he's a Muslim to answer this question.

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You, Africa, how are you doing? I'm the lamb fine president from the IRF. Yeah. Let's get let's get right into it. Have you turned this term is being thrown around constantly, rather, say took this beautiful word, submit submission to the will of the Creator.

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Islam summed up in one word, Islam, to acquire peace by doing what Jesus did. Moses did Abraham and all the messengers of God, submit your will entirely to the Creator of the heavens and earth. And that's how you get peace from owner peace, Thunder with one word Islam. Can you put radical in front of Islam? It's very upset to do that, because you already define what is Islam Islam means peace, or submitting in peace. Not to say radical Islam is like saying radical peace. And that sounds, it's just very upset to use those words. Yeah. So that's actually a radical piece. How could it be radical peace? Okay. Yeah. So we take just the same way could would you say we don't say radical

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Christianity? Yes, of course, we shouldn't know that. to, to put Christianity into the frame of radicalism is not just because Christians, some of them, even if a majority of them do something wrong. Suppose if 95% of Christians become radicals, still, you cannot call it radical Christianity, because all the 95% hypothetically can be wrong, practicing wrong Christianity. So I mean, a religion is to be just by the Scripture. Religion is to be judged by the person who introduced the Scripture. So if I want to understand Christianity, I would look at Jesus Christ would peace be upon him, his life, his teachings, the same way I would do with Moses, my peace be upon him. And the

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same, it has to be done with Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. And if someone is to quote out of context, you can do it from everywhere you can do it from the religious scholars from the Scripture, you can do it from the Constitution of the world, you can do it from the leaders and their speeches, when they give it an interest of nationalism for national security. And you can just pick up a statement out of context to say that this guy is a radical, this guy is an extremist, this guy is a terrorist. And without a second thought, there may be so many out of context coats that can be picked up to prove that Trump is a terrorist. And I don't think that's right to do. That's not right

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to do. Now, you see this happening, you see have such a beautiful way of life. You know, this whole concept, this whole religion, I said, Look, I have someone who not only looks like a Muslim is a Muslim and how Muslim doesn't necessarily look like we don't love Praise be to God. Yeah. A Muslim is simply one who submits to the will of God. So he could be Chinese. You're actually from where you from? I'm from India, India. But yeah, but not all Muslims are from from India, right? Absolutely. Yeah. Same thing. You're looking at myself here. So we have yourself myself Muslim, and I'm saying come to the Muslims to learn about Islam, what people are propagating. Some people there are a lot

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of great people out there who see past this, they see past, you know, this smokescreen this, this nonsense that's been put out there. But what people are trying to propagate some many of the haters, because Islamophobia is a quarter of a million plus annual business, people are making money, throwing dirt on Islam, I know. So what do you say when people are saying no, no. Islam is what actually makes people turns people into, you know, there's this, there's this version of Islam, this part of Islam that makes people radical, what do you have to say to that?

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Basically, Edie if you have heard about a report that was published in Times Magazine, that was in 16th, appraisal 1979. And the report, it said that 60,000 books were written against Islam. And what was the time period from the time period 1800 to 19 150. So it's like, beginning 19th century, till the mid of 20th century. Now, if you just calculate that it would mean 60,006, zero 60,000 books, that would mean more than one book was published against Islam per day, in that period of 150 years. And where was it published? It was mostly published in the western community. So unfortunately, the innocent people of the Western world, the common population, the common citizen, the layman here,

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when he learned Islam, he learned it through these books. So now that Islamophobia is a reaction to the dishonest propaganda that was done through these books, to defame Islam to malign

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Islam, because the think tanks of the time these litterateur. writers, they knew that if there can be any challenge to their stupid behavior in the society, of fooling the masses, enslaving them economically, again, bringing them back as their own slaves to do what they wish to do, of a very unjust capitalist economy. The only challenge could be Islam. So before Islam could reach through scriptures, before Muslims could represent Islam in this beautiful world, they made sure that the monsters here are already ignorant about slop, or have a wrong judgment about Islam. And that is how you find the Islamophobia growing here. And that's not stopping. There are so many other books still

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Let's go to this clip. There's gentlemen, who's out there. And he seems to be like a self proclaimed scholar of Islam and expert of Islam. And we're gonna see what you have to say. Let's go to this clip. I am not a Muslim. I'm not any religion at all. But it bothered me when you were talking about Islam being not a religion of peace.

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Mohammed was very peaceful man. No, he wasn't he is he well,

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and he had a great respect for women. his wives were given a great deal of power over him. And have you been reading Karen Armstrong is that well, no, I read tech is not he was a conquering warlord who spread the faith with the sword quite successfully. So you can see he's the woman who's she doesn't seem like she belongs to any religion. But she's saying that Prophet Mohammed was a peaceful man. And then he questions What did you listen to Karen Armstrong, who's an academic, you know, well researched historian. And there's, there's a great, that's a great reference point. Also for someone who wants to know more of the history. And it looks like she did her homework. But then he talks

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about, you know, as

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the problem I'm at peace be upon him being a a warlord. And what how would you respond to him?

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See, basically, as far as this guy is concerned, I'm very sure he has ever tried to read the Koran, or the history of Islam from the right sources. And I don't know I mean, listening to him. It's nothing new that am listening. Being in this field, we have been listening a lot of debaters. A lot of critics of Islam, cynics of Islam, a lot of anti Islamic politicians, running their show are running their business. And in our time, the easiest way to become popular is speak against Islam and Muslims. And you have the whole media backing you for that. Unfortunately, the mainstream media, not the whole media, because this itself didn't show is a media source. So I would not blame whole

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media. But still, the main stream media generally begs the person who speaks Islam very easily. So this guy is getting that publicity. That's what I feel. And I'm very sure he has not sat down properly with real type Muslims, that who should counter him in the right perspective. And as far as Prophet Muhammad's a lawless alum, radicalizing or something is concerned. You know, I mean, the great people in the line of cannon strong in our contemporary times. You look at Bernard Shaw, you look at Gandhi, who was our freedom, national hero. That's a good point guns. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, India back in 1920. He says that it's very upset to believe that Islam was spread by sword. He

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starts praising Prophet Muhammad, for his characters for his morals. And he says the way he had devoted his life towards his people, and his self sacrifice, his striving towards his goal and his mission without a compromise, and the way the people around him, they devoted themselves to him, though, so that he he says, this was the main power of Islam and not the sword at all. You look at Thomas Carlyle, in his book heroes and hero worship. I mean, these are historians who have studied history. This guy, I'm very sure what is he has he studied? Once he says, I'm an atheist, somewhere, he goes on to support Jesus. And now he is being a bigotry. I mean, on one side is talking about

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Prophet Moses and he doesn't understand that Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam when he came, how many words did he participate in? How many people did he kill by his word? He doesn't even know that historically, the soul of more Muslim it killed only one enemy. Can you imagine that? How many words did he participate in? How many people were killed? A lot of wars that took place at the time of profit moments. I have a background to it. Yeah, and those backgrounds am a very sure this guy has never studied chalk talk rook before we go to break. Someone might say What do you mean? Just one one.

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Use you said that only one person was killed by his sword. Yes elaborate on this, I mean, see if a battle is fought, and if he is a person who is too interested to be violent and kill enemies, he should have killed hundreds of them 1000s of them, but then you find that only one person is killed through his sword. That means he is not a warlord. But as one testifies about prophet bombers, Islam, Allah testifies in the Quran in Surah Surah number 27 vamos a la ilaha illAllah amin, we did not send you but as a mercy to the entire universe. And Mercy is that the people who are innocent, should be given mercy and forgiveness. And the people who are criminals shall be dealt with justice.

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So now if some criminal is being dealt with justice, that is not being a warlord. If American national security is defended, by attacking the enemies of America by going for war with the enemies of America, you are not going to call the Americans or warlords, you're going to say that defending the national security and if it is done in the just cause then it's a just war. Yeah. So that is how the history of Islam goes with Prophet moslem. His words were just wars and look at the teachings. You study Polamalu, the subject in which you study about wars, and you come to understand that there are different categories of wars and all the wars that the prophets alone is on fought for just war

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just wars. Yes. It wasn't like he was going picking on people. Absolutely not. Absolutely not. I mean, this is what the callinan song, you either that historian, they test Gandhi that's interesting about God, we're gonna go to break but he after he was finished reading the biography of Muhammad, he was sad. He

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said, Why would he that's I mean, for an intellectual thinking about he was known for his nonviolent protest. Absolutely. Why would he be sad? And why would he be talking about appraising a violent war? Lord? May Allah forbid doesn't make sense. Does that make sense? We're making sense of it all through truth. Because you're talking you're getting to know the Muslims make the human connection. We'll be right back with more God Willing don't go anywhere.

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Another common thing is that it's religion. So this atheists who's out there, man? Yeah, um, how is the likes? Yeah, they forget about all of the, you know, wars that were done, you know, by

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people who are supposedly communist atheists. And you can talk about the millions massives people who were killed. But what do you say to this question? When I'm in religions, artists, I'm very, very surprised that a lot of educated people who are with good academic background, even they have this misconception, they think that religion is the main sole source for all the wars in the world for all the chaos in the world. But as I told you, polym ology is the study about wars. Now, when you study that, the top five wars in the name of religion, they start the top, the top of the line, they say it's the war that was fought in the Holy Roman Empire. And that was, that is known in the

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world today as the 30 Years War between 16 118 to 16 138. So this was the war, they say, which was 30 Years War, and this was fought in the name of religion. The second is the French holy war. The third is the Crusades. And the fourth is the Sudanese Civil War. The fifth is the Lebanese Civil War. So of the top wars, according to the experts studying wars, they say in the name of religion in the world, these are the top five wars, what do I mean by top five wars? So they say based on the loss of human lives, these are the top five wars and the lowest estimate of the people killed in these top five wars in the name of religion in human history. They say it is 7 million, 7 million

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people killed. There is the lowest estimate, and the highest estimate is 20 point 7 million people killed. I say, Man, okay, that's fine. Five wars in the name of religion, the top most wars, and how many people according to the highest estimate is 20 point 7 million. Okay.

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Let's come to some wars that were not fought in the name of religion

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to begin with World War One, it was not in the name of religion who fought it. No Muslim in world there, there is no jihad in it. There is no Holy Quran in one. There is no slogan called Allahu Akbar in World War One. How many people killed? According to one estimate about 21 million people? According to another estimate, it may be more than 30 million people. What about World War Two? The number of human lives lost in World War Two are recorded in the Guinness Book of World Record. How many 50 million human lives in those human lives? This is minus the soldiers losing their lives. who fought it Muslims? No, no Muslim country was involved in it. No Muslim country initiated it. There

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was no sole interest of Islamic Jihad in it. What about the Russian Civil War? How many Jews were killed in it? millions of Jews? What about the pogrom? which started in Russia? in Kazakhstan? A program is a term a Russian term used when innocent Jews were killed in rites. What about that killing shot city of Germany that 91 Jews were killed? 7000 synagogues were burned down. Can you imagine that it who was burning them down? That is my question. The Muslims are doing it. Oh, you people were doing it. And they were not religious people, the atheists. What about the French Revolution? So these were considered atheist? Yes, absolutely. I mean, no religion. But what about

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the French Revolution? It was not in the name of religion. It was against religion. I mean, so many Christians were prosecuted in it. So many churches were pulled down. So many cross signs were pulled down. It was a crime to show a cross sign in France in time. So I'm saying all this was done by atheists. How many people did you kill? Not in the name of religion, but in the name of materialistic world? Albania?

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in Albania in Albania, you find that this country for the past about 100 years, was ruled by a communist regime. And article 37 of Albania. It says it's a country that promotes atheism for a progressive world. And we all know what happened in Albania. How many innocent lives were killed in Albania. But nobody talks about it. This was what is the name of religion? The war in Vietnam did not happen in the name of religion, Vietnam. Yeah. It was not in the name of religion, the Vietnam War. And what about the war that took place when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were born? Was it religion in mood? No. And what happened in Iraq in 2003? We all know if you hear the President Trump

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administration has selected Michael Flynn as the national security adviser for Mr. Trump. And Michael Flynn, was the chief of Pentagon for about two years, and he was into intelligence services in the army. And on a public interview platform. He says he admits it was a big blunder. Big blunder invading Iraq in 2003. What about Nixon? Nixon is the person who has interviewed Saddam Hussein several times, under US Army, he was a former CIA officer, and he has come up with his book. Now, he has written a whole book and his discussions with Saddam Hussein. He says it was a very serious error.

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I mean, you attack the country, you destroy a country, its population. You displace the whole system existing there. You kill millions of people there. I'm asking, did America do this in the name of religion? Absolutely not. So this is all not done in the name of religion. So don't blame religion for all this stuff. Religion, very less. This is what polymer ology study says, you look at all these events, and you will find that it will not Muslims involved, it was not gr. Neither was any other religion involved. These were done by those people who did not actually support religion or believe in a religion as a problem. Yeah. What do you think you mentioned, Michael Flynn, who was

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appointed by the new Trump upcoming, upcoming president, what do you think now with the new president, Donald Trump, and this individual who he appointed, who is quoted as saying, it's like cancer? I've gone through cancer in my own life. So it's like, Islam is a cancer? Yeah, I understand. So basically, why did this happen? Because most of the time when you hear these people, they had some personal experiences. Flynn, he very clearly says that he has interviewed a lot of terrorists from Taliban and Al Qaeda on public media platform there. When he was interviewed on the public media platform. He has been very honest to say that he has done this. And when he was again

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and again, asked by the anchor, do you believe that Islam is a radical religion? Then he says, it's, it was in a context to say that if the people who are terrorists derive a teaching from Islam from the Holy Scripture, so in that sense, Islam is right

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So I don't blame Flynn for all this but definitely a person of his reputation. A person of his caliber should not have spoken those words. That's not very fair on his part to do that. But then I always feel there is some lacunae in our community, the Muslim community, our representatives, they should have met him, they should have spoken to him, discussed with him. And as far as Trump is concerned, is he no man on earth? Can Do you good or harm you unless and until the Almighty God, Allah doesn't have will, that it happens to you? This is what Allah says in Surah Al Imran surah, number 360. Allah says, Let the believers put complete trust in Allah. if Allah wills to harm you,

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there is none who can prevent the harm from reaching you. If Allah wants to benefit you, there is none who can stop the benefit from reaching you. So the believers we put our trust in Almighty God, Allah subhanaw taala. And that is what is the message on the dollar, the US dollar In God we trust. And I'm very sure, Trump he already said in his public speeches, that he is a practicing Christian, he believes in Christianity. So a person who believes in Jesus Christ may peace be upon him as the Prince of Peace, will not absolutely do anything, which will harm innocent lives, as has been happening in the past few decades. And very sure, let's have a positive vote for him. And this i'm

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not saying because I am in America right now, or because Trump has become the president. My concept has always been, if there is somebody who is very anti Islamic and is propaganda, let's go to him. Let's talk to him. And now that he has become the president of America, as a Muslims believe, we believe that this is because Allah will. So this is the will of Allah subhanaw taala. Now, if this is the will of Allah subhanaw taala let the Muslims put all the trust in Allah, let us have good hopes from Trump. And trust me personally, I feel, personally I feel that insha Allah by Allah will tempt will not harm the Muslim community, but something good is going to come out in the future in

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sha Allah, which was not happening earlier, and what Trump was picking, either it was something a political agenda to come into power, or maybe he did not have the proper information about Islam in the right perspective. Once he gets that through the right people through the right sources, that things will change, and I have good hope in the American system for that inshallah, in the coming days. I think we should pray for Trump. What do you think 100% we should pray Allah subhanaw taala the prophets Allah Allah Islam prayed for Abu Jamal and Omar Eva todos your load Allah and O. And we shall also pray for Trump. For every non Muslim we pray Alhamdulillah we pray Allah subhanaw taala

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guide them to your chosen path.

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I would not say convert them to Islam, I would say Oh Allah guide them to your chosen path, or Almighty God guide them to the chosen path path. And for me that chosen path is Islam. And I'm very sure I really pray from my bottom of the heart that Allah guide turned to the chosen path of Islam. The path that Jesus followed the path that Moses May peace be upon him followed the path that all prophets since the time of ultimate peace be upon him followed, till Jesus Christ may peace be upon him and the same path that Prophet Muhammad Hassan came to complete the teachings through the Quran, as Allah testifies in ceramizer number five at number three, Allah Yama, Kemal tala campina,

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Guatemala to name it. Atlanta alaikum Naima teavana de todo como es la Medina, on this day, we have completed for you your religion, completed our favors upon you and chosen for you Islam, meaning the way of peaceful submission as the way that Allah will exit on Day of Judgment. So I truly pray for transfer that we're gonna let me get one more question in. And that just shows you I mean, if it were people of hate, I mean, why all the love now because when you want the best for someone, look, you pray for him. So we are people, given his great advice to the Muslims to pray for this man that he does the right things that he's just that he's fair that God Almighty guides him and that's 100%

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out of the love now, real quick. Before we go, we're out of time, people see the Middle East, and that's where all the conflict, you know, is happening and the Muslim majority countries are upside down. It should be this you know, that's why Muslims are backward. It's Islam is backward, it's violent, what would you say? So basically, Eddie to begin with. I wanted to add one more point before I conclude the last part of the answer. There is a very major misconception that American population has a majority of the atheists. That's not true. The government system is not an atheist government system. The very statement of the dollar In God We Trust is an indication that the system

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itself believes in a God. It is the duty of the Muslims living in America to introduce the true God to them. There is no God but Allah, that is the message that we need to introduce to them. We need to introduce to them that Muhammad Islam is the messenger to humanity to entire universe. Muhammad Rasul Allah is the messenger not for me, alone to the Muslims alone but to mankind when you say Allah, many people that like what an Allah but then Jesus say hello

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Ha, isn't this something Christian Christians and Jews who's Arabic speaking they weren't used the word alone Encyclopedia Britannica it says that the most convenient word that the Jews and Christians who were Coptic Jews and Christians, Arab Jews and Christians, used for Almighty God was only Allah they had no other option for that. Would this be like the Christian so they can like understand better this is like the father, like for we don't say that. Yeah, but for them like you know that the father would this is the god

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they would say the Father, the Father,

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Jesus Christ and Moses, my peace be upon him. The father was a common term used by a lot of people to refer to the Almighty God, it was never in the literal sense. So in that sense, we don't share because it's been taken as a little

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slump, change it to from a banner, it became Rabbana. Lord now, Lord, Rama, Lord, Lord, so from our father, he became in Arabic It is a burner, our Father, so Allah made it robina no more abana only Rabbana because of all the confusion of Jesus being literal Son, God having and you know, the Gallup survey, Gallup is a big survey organization in the United States of America. The Gallup survey for 2016 it says 81% of Americans adhere to religion, one or the other religion 81% meaning the people in America believe in religion, they're not atheists. So it's wrong. Propaganda outside or a wrong belief outside, that there is a vast majority of people who don't believe in a religion that's that

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isn't true. That is what gallops service is then coming to the other point, the Gallup made an extensive survey in 32 Muslim countries, and it came out with a result that 93% of the Muslims in these 32 Muslim countries, they condemned the rejected nine level

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and they condemned every form of suicide bombing from Quran there is no way of supporting suicide bombing. It is the only religious scripture where Allah says in Surah Nisa surah number four at number 29. Do not kill your own life with your own hands, meaning do not commit suicide. No other religious scripture has an equivalent statement. Allah says you cannot commit suicide. So forget suicide bombing, every form of suicide bombing in Islam is haram and what is referred as Salafi scholars of Saudi Arabia. If you go to the top of the line of the scholars share bin bars, who was the Grand Mufti for a very long time. You talk about Nasional Barney, you talk about Simon tshepo

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Simon in Saudi Arabia, the three top most of the line, this strongly condemned suicide bombing. These three scholars they have given fatwa on more than 72 pages, saying that Osama bin Laden and his likes are terrorists, there is no way they have supported this. When it comes to Middle East problems. Robert Pape, when he was studying, Robert Pape has written a book by the name dying to win. He's an expert now and he

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is a terrorist expert specially in suicide bombing. He has written a book the dying to win. And it's a central research book on suicide bombing for agencies to study. He says out of the 315, completed suicide bombings from 19 180 to 2005. More than 90% were committed

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only against foreign occupation as the reason so this is the root cause now, root cause he says the root cause of suicide bombing, if you want to call it why these people are doing some that Islam also conducted the expert on suicide bombing says in his study, he has come across that more than 90% of the suicide bombings were committed, not in the name of religion, but as a result of foreign occupation, on their territory, on their country are on their land. This is what he says. And then he continues to say more than 50% of the suicide bombings were not committed by Muslims. They were committed by non Muslim groups, like lttp, like the IRA, Irish Republican Army, which is a strong

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Christian background, Army, and the peak a group of Turkey, which is a socialist communist group, and not a religious group. These are the three most committing suicide bombings in the world, the timer, tigers, are they also part of this? Of course.

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They are the ones lttp. Yeah, it's a secular secular group. They're a secular Group, a secular? Absolutely. And if you find individually, you will find in LTT a lot of the people who say we are Hindus, but I know Hinduism, of course, does not promote violence in this form of suicide bombing. Absolutely not. Yeah. So these people, they are not Muslims. And this is what Robert page says. And the other astonishing thing that has been found out on American soil by Gallup survey and other surveys that by the FBI

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The report says from since 911, till date, the Muslims were involved only in 6% of terrorist attacks

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5% by the communists, six 7% by the Jews 43% and 24% by the Latinos and the white supremacist groups. Yeah. So why did the Muslims do it? Even on the American soil? So what's happening in the Middle East? We all know who started the problem From where did it start, when it comes to ISIS is is, I think this is the first time ever in the recent past. You saw all the Muslim scholars from all Muslim groups coming together, unanimously condemning ISIS saying they have nothing to do with Islam. And we have been very, very vocal about it. When you meet a non Muslim on the road. No, you should speak about it. Where does he want us to speak, put a earphone in his on his ears and say,

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Look, ISIS as a terrorist on what do you expect? We have been doing it? So many scholars have done it on the mainstream channels, they have done it. Nobody has ever supported ISIS. ISIS is a bloody terrorist organization. I say don't call it an Islamic State. call it an insane State of Iraq and Syria. It has nothing to do with Islam. It is open condemnation given to them. So the problem there How did it happen? Michael Flynn again on the public side for me admits he admits that ICL

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was not a creation by its own, but it was a result of some other thing. He there are intelligence experts from CIA and Pentagon, who had earlier said that the Abu Ghraib prisons in Iraq, they weren't as the University of terrorism.

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It's not the Muslim saying this. So but then why is it that people don't count on this? We say America is popular in the world for its justice system. People love America and I have been to America, this is my fifth visit to America. The first time I came here, I was called by the US State Department. I was apprehensive to come to America. But once I came here, meeting the people here, I always tell him public talks, I have never never met people more kind than the American population, the non Muslim population of America, the common population, the lovely people, the thing is, we need to reach out to them to give the right message. And they need to understand that Islam is not a

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threat to them. There are millions of Muslims living in America, out of the millions, how many maybe terrorists, not even 100? Not even 100 kidding. Imagine that figure

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potential terrorists. On the basis of potential terrorists, you can't keep arresting every innocent person and the conviction rate. If you look at the conviction rate in the UK, only, only 12% of the people who are arrested for terrorism charges were convicted, not more literal person meaning in other words, 88% were left by the court. Their cases were dismissed. There were no charges on them of terrorism, just because they were not involved in it. But what about de getting arrested and being publicized as terrorists only because you failed they were a terrorist so you made them a terrorist in other words now yeah well we got a lot of things cleared cleared up it's not the

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Islamic State is the insane would you say insane state of state and we also quoted the terrorist expert Dr. Pape we talked about if you want to know why these rat these these terrorists are being created. They're not being created by Islam absolutely bombed people up from 40,000 feet up 10,000 miles away. No people in the wedding's they're hanging out what would you I mean, you're gonna end up producing these mad insane individuals again Islam condemns it is not condoned by Islam is condemned, but we can see the root cause unfortunate part Edie along with this is that a lot of people have started saying the Muslims because they are afraid against the system, the system I do

00:33:54--> 00:33:58

something to them, therefore they are condemning terrorism. I swear by Allah.

00:33:59--> 00:34:38

I swear by a lot of Muslims doesn't do that. Maybe few people do that way. But as a whole, this is the book we read. How can we after reading a book we says you cannot kill an innocent life even think of killing innocent people. After the Quran the Muslims give first preference to Saudi Bukhari, the book which has the compilation of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad Allah Islam. You read al Bukhari, volume number four, three, number 3014 2016, and Sahih. Muslim volume number five is number 4547. And 4548. The prophets of Allah Islam said in the battlefield, you will not touch women and children.

00:34:39--> 00:34:59

Is this terrorism? Is this the statement of a warlord knows Billa the prophet SAW some says in Sahih, Muslim, volume number five and this number 4541 and 4542, narrated by Ayesha Mallory please with her. His beloved wife she said the prophets of Allah Islam said never wish to initiate a war.

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

But if the war is imposed upon you, then don't turn your back. The Prophet is saying don't initiate a war. Is this the escapement of a warlord? No, I say, Man, you are insane. You are a cynic. You're a critic who needs some treatment, some psychological treatment. All right, that's it for this episode of the deen show doesn't stop there. If you still have some questions, call us one. 800 662 Islam Remember, we're here every week for you. Trying to answer those questions, those misconceptions. Subscribe if you haven't already. Thank you for being on the show so much. Thank you Johanna and we started with peace and we have a peace, peace, boo. So I'm like slowly