Abdul Wahab Saleem – Embracing Quran #09 – Just Ask and You Will Get It

Abdul Wahab Saleem
AI: Summary © The implementation of Islam's "has been warned" policy will not affect individuals, but rather their behavior, including companions of Jana. The video discusses Islam's teachings on vacation, including the use of "has been" and "has been there" to describe feelings and enjoyability, as well as the use of "has been there" in the Arabic language. The importance of recognizing and worshiping one's friend's actions for one's safety and well-being is emphasized. The segment also touches on the use of "has been" and "has been there" in the title of the book, and the use of "has been there" in describing people as "teen" in a way that is not related to the concept of "teen".
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stood out from the left salatu salam ala Rasulillah Welcome back everyone to embracing Quran and we're carrying on with the deceit of the Quran Tafseer Surah Yaseen Allah subhanaw taala says, in US herbal Jannetty Leona fie Shu will infect your home. In a very previous verse, verse number 54 of the surah Allah subhanaw taala talks about a day. He says fell yo Mala Tov Lamone Epson che, on this day no soul shall be oppressed, no soul shall be transgressed upon in any way in any capacity. While to Jonah Ilana, quantum damage alone, and the only compensation that you will be granted and the only reckoning that you will be granted and the only grant that you will be granted is based on your

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actions. So you're not going to be oppressed, you're not going to be transgressed upon, you're not going to be dealt with in a way that is not equitable. Allah subhanaw taala will deal with you in an equitable and honest and adjust way. That's what Allah subhanaw taala saying, and when will that happen that will be on that day failure womb. Now Allah subhanaw taala begins to explain what that day will all be about, and how that day will result at the end of it all. Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about that day. And he gives you two different groups of people. He says in us have a genetic Leah womb, Feng Shui holding 31 On that day, the one that Allah has already described in the

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previous verse, there will be a group of people who are the companions of Jana. So notice Allah subhanaw taala doesn't even refer to them as the people of Janna. They are the companions of Jana. Because when you when you are a companion of someone or something, it's more than just being a person of that you're overhear a companion, as if you spent a lot of time there, as if you've gotten used to that place as if that's your abode. That's something you're completely comfortable with. So people have Janna have already gotten to Jana, and they've gotten comfortable there already. Because Allah subhanaw taala had prepared the agenda to their liking. So they're the companions of the Jana.

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They're not just the people of Jana. They're not just people who will be dwelling in Jana, there are companions of Jana, Elio, and that also means that they will be accompanying Jana here on for a very long time. It's not like, you know, they'll go there, and then they'll have to leave after that whenever you go for our nice big party somewhere or you go on a vacation, you have to depart from the little worldly mini Jana that you've made for yourself on the resort. But here, Allah subhanaw taala is going to describe what we can consider basically a resort. But Allah says these people are the companions of this resort, they're going to stay there, they're not going anywhere in US Habel

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Jannetty, Leone, and on this day, they will be occupied, they will be very busy, they will be getting very busy, and they will be busy in amusement and enjoyment. Now, the verse is basically saying any form of an enjoyment is that which these people will be engaged in. And that's what happens when you go on vacation, you you know, engage yourself in all sorts of enjoyment. So you might be on a quad bike you might go, you know, surfing, you might go do anything, right, so all forms of enjoyment. And the people that are there, they're open to any possibility, but some of the stuff such as even a bass and a bit Masaru they explain that this is referring to sexual

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*, meaning that the people of Ghana will be with their spouses, and they will be engaging in sexual *. Now, this is something that had been missing its roots and also even Abbas had and other people as well. And this is actually a grant of Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment. I know that the topic of * generally is a very taboo topic. But the reality is that the self they engaged in this conversation because they're explaining this verse and saying, on the Day of Judgment, when Allah is describing the people of Jana, having gone to Jana, they're enjoying themselves. And one of the ways to enjoy yourself as a human being is, is engaging yourself in

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sexual *. So that's what Allah subhanaw taala saying over here, that's one of the meanings of this verse. Then Allah continues he says Home was wired to whom fieldly Lal in raw Kiyotaki own them and their spouses. Okay, so Allah has already spoken about the people of Jana and the companions of Jana enjoying themselves Allah will now explain many forms of enjoyments he says homeless why jewel on them and there as watch them and their

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spouses feeling that there will be under shades and shadows, Allah Allah icky Muteki own and they will be on a raw they will be on.

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Firstly, there'll be in shades, you know, when you go to a beach site, and you're literally hanging by the beach

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What's the one thing that you're looking for you're looking for some shade. So Allah subhanaw taala says these people, they got their shades. And on top of that, you have those nice big beach chairs as well. So Allah subhanaw taala says they have couches, and they really hang it on those couches. They are Muteki Ooh, they reclining on these couches completely. La home fee halfback, he had tone.

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And they will also have fruits on top of that. And then what happens when you're at beach at a beach site, you're looking for some nice, tropical fruits as well. So Allah subhanaw taala says don't feed back yet and they've got the fruits as well. One at home man had their own and now this word get their own is so beautiful, because it's very similar to the type of culture that we have today when we're trying to again enjoy ourselves.

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Allah is literally saying and they will get whatever they order as well. Okay? Because there is this level of enjoyment and not having to do the work yourself. You're going out on a beach site and you're under a nice shade and you've got a nice couch and you're reclining and you've got some nice fruits and maybe you're eating those nice grapes and your spouse is feeding it to you. And then Allah says what a homemade that one and if they want more than that they can order whatever they want. Salah I'm on Poland Mirada Rahim. Now Allah subhana wa Tada says, They

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will also be granted beyond all of that. And there's something greater than this, that Salam they will be granted the message of peace by Allah mil Rob Bill Rahim. It will be from their Lord who is ever Merciful. So Allah will also say salam to them on top of all of this. They've been granted the nice reclining chairs. They are on the sunny beach, and they have the recliners that they're resting and they're having their food and they're having their fruits and they're ordering whatever they want. They're with their spouses, they're sexually enjoying themselves, everything is what they want. This is what human beings think about when they think about a vacation. Allah is saying I'm

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giving you a permanent vacation here. Salam on Poland middle Abdul Rahim on top of that, now Allah will say peace it will be a word from your Lord who's ever Merciful as well.

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And that word is Salam. So notice Allah actually says Salaam and that's why we have to also take that trait of Allah and try to embody it within our lives and spread Salaam. The prophets I send them said F Xu salaam wa automaton also lubi Layli oneness with em that Hello janitor be can be Salam. He said that spreads Salaam and that's a Kapha that's a culture that Allah's Prophet SAW Selim wants us to make use to say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Should I not tell you of something that if you were to do you'd begin to love one another of Chu salaam Albania come spread Salam between you even Ibrahim Ali Salam when the angels came to him What does Allah say in the huddle

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Allah He forgot who Salama when they came to him. They said salaam even he replied back What did he say? Called Asana when he also said to them so the prophets say salaam the angel says that Allah or Buddha is at Walter salaam, and that the here and the the greeting of the people of genomics themselves is also set up yet to whom you're gonna who set up the way there'll be greeting on the day when they meet Allah is that they will say Salaam. So we've got to get used to saying Salaam. Now here's another thing as well. Sometimes you know you're feeling lazy and you don't want to write a Salam or Aleikum the whole thing or even when you're speaking, you don't want to say the whole

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thing. If you notice in the Quran, Ibrahim just says salam the angels just say salaam Allah just says salam. So you can actually just say salam it's nothing negligent. It's ideal that you say a set Armonico it's good. It's even better if you go further and say set I'm already como Rahmatullah. It's even better if you complete the whole thing. And you say what about our character who as well said I'm already calling him to Allah Who are Barakatuh Sure. But if you just say salaam it's enough and that's why when Allah says about Ibrahim, if the Hello Ali for Palu Salaam and Carla salaam on Coleman moon karoun The new facility in all of them, they say Carla salah, Al Salam Alikum Moon

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karoun A and to moon corrode. So they say that that LA cone upon you part is already understood from conversation within the Arabic language. If I meet someone, I say to them, salam, they already understand. I mean, said I'm gonna relate to him, obviously. So you don't have to necessarily add that last part. But it is it is good to do. And the reason why I say that is because sometimes you write a message to someone and you're just trying to be quick. You're not trying to cut corners, and you say, Sal a m, and they'll say, Brother, you have to say the whole Salam. Well, the Quran says salam on Polen Mirabell Rahim even Allah is just saying salam, one Kazuyo

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map, a U haul moody Moon

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bees stand apart, become a part depart from one another at UNT moody moon

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or people who happen to be criminals. Now Allah subhanaw taala is taking those people of Jana, and he's telling them, you've got your station I've granted it to you as a station of peace. But then there are other people as well. There are people who happen to be criminals, Allah basically changed the address the whole time, Allah was addressing the people of piety. And now ALLAH is addressing another group of people. And those are the people who are the criminals. He says, You criminals, you gotta move aside now. 1000 Yoma Johan moody Moon, I had a comb. Notice after Allah moves the criminals aside, he doesn't even consider them worthy of being addressed alone. So he addresses all

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of the children of Adam, the criminals and the righteous ones. Because sometimes a person has done so much evil in their life at to you that you don't even want to speak to them, but you also don't want to see them as well. So Allah subhanaw taala is first speaking to the people of Jana. Then he tells the criminals Move aside, you guys have another spot. Then he says, I'm going to speak to you all together. I will speak to you people specifically because you're not worthy of my conversation. He says all of you children of Adam, did I not enjoin upon you? Yeah, Benny Adam, oh Children of Adam, Allah, Buddha che upon that you do not worship Satan. You do not worship che Athan in the hula

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comb. I don't want moonbeam shaytaan happens to be a very severe enemy of yours.

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Allah is telling you Satan is an enemy. Allah does that many, many times in the Quran. Allah also tells us he says that in the shaytaan, Allah Kuma dune

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for who who I do what he says shaytaan is your enemy, you should act as if shaytaan is your enemy, you should recognize shaytaan for who he is, she thought Sometimes he comes to you as a friend, but you have to understand them to be your enemy. Once you know your enemy, then you can do what it requires for you to protect yourself from the enemy. And that's why it's very important for you to recognize for your friends from your phone for ima and takuna. Actually, we have been fairly firm in Korea theme in Samini. We're in Footlight, if anyone has any I do want at the pika what the terpene is. And without global update the famous quote from budworm JC says that either you be my my friend,

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honestly, for in my takuna. Okay, this may happen. Either you become my brother, honestly and clearly. So I know the good and the bad, I know that you're my friend or you're not, or you clearly become my enemy, so that I leave you and you leave me. Because if you're in that middle ground where you don't recognize whether the person before us, your friend or your enemy, you don't know if he's trying to help you, or you don't know if he's trying to cut you off. Allah is telling you and he's the most honest of all speakers. Allah is saying shaytaan is your enemy. And he's not only saying that he's enjoying it upon humankind, that realize that shaitan is your enemy, guys, you've got to

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take him as your enemy, what any Bodoni has our Serato Mr. Team, and you have to worship me, that's also one of the injunctions of Allah upon humanity, that you worship me and not shaytaan how they'll set auto Mr. Team, that is the correct path. That is the right path. That is the way to go. That's the direction that you've got to take. That happens to be the way I want you to be. You've got to worship me and not say a thought, you know, there's people who actually worship say, Shavon, meaning they literally call themselves worshiper of worshipers of shaytaan Satanists, right. But then there are people who worships Shavon, without even knowing they're worshipping Him, because they obey him

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over Allah. And that's really a form of worship, because Allah has given you commandments, and someone else has come in giving you something else. And you end up accepting what he has to say, and you leave what Allah has to say. But then there's something even more severe, where you literally say I am, in fact, a Satanists. And there's a lot of people today who happen to be Satanists. And throughout centuries, there were people who would say that I've sold myself to Shavon. So Allah subhanaw taala says, Welaka, herbal lemon come jubaland cathedra there are a lot of people in humanity that is made go astray.

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And he says G buildin kathira. And the scholars of the FSI, they said gibril means GEMA. But the reason why the word gibril is used so that you're giving similarly to a juggler. Okay? And gibril a basically means a group of people, but a group of people are so large in quantity, that it's as if they're like a mountain. It's like when we when we say truckloads of things. So the Arabs they use the word gibril to refer to a large amount of people, as in a mountain of people.

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Oh, so ALLAH says that shaytaan has literally made led astray mountains of people. I fell into Karnataka alone. Weren't you people who had any intellect when shaytaan was making you go astray, had he he Jahannam this right here is that Jahannam

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because the people of jedna are already in Jana at that point in Nels habit Jannetty Leone the people are the companions of Jana are already today in Jana. So now the people of hellfire are standing right before the Hellfire so Allah says this is that Yharnam and let the quantum to add on the one that you were promised it'll slow one young that's it guys. You've got to enter it and when you enter it, you're gonna burn they're in slowly, you're literally means to burn. So it's not just enter it's going to burn. A yo Bhima quantum tech for rune. Go burn Darren today because of everything that you used to do by just believing in God.

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And not only by disbelieving God, you go in there and burn because of what you used to disbelieve in and also by what you used to disbelieve in so there are disbelieving in the fire and Allah says that very fire that you are disbelieving in it go there to burn in it. That's it be Mikoto because of which, and by which you used to disbelieve in

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Illuminati Mohalla for him. Today, Allah subhanaw taala will seal their faces. And we'll talk more about the seething and how the Day of Judgment plays out. And how all of the trials and tribulations of the Day of Judgment occur for people of hellfire and what Allah subhanaw taala has to say about that in the very next episode but in the light to Allah. Allah hunting for listening on some Allahu Allah say Ed Nam Hamedan what other early he was so happy to hear Jemaine

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