Ammar Alshukry – Until I See You – Prophetic Praise Arabic-English Mashup With Mohamed Abbas

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people, including a woman named Hope and a woman named Miss, who are embarrassed of being called by their mother. They express their fear and disbelief about the situation and encourage others to share their stories.
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You're the best person I've ever known. The best friend I've never met. Your sincerity to me is blinding enough to completely canvass the world with drapes that read respect, on love protects while creating a window for me to zoom in on the important things, but those are the things that I forget or neglect, I will do better.

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Or sued Allah he

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will be honeyed who

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su lalong sa the V and honey green

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thumb jetted them on this V who mme to calorie only for

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a fee and the whole or fee millennium the whole man has to

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your ummah is fine not because of me or mine or wounds that heal was time those who have died for $1 sign but because of promises divine, so we feel like we're at our worst and our sadness will cause our hearts to burst. It feels like there are times when there are angels within our lines, or hovering over squares a chance of freedom in the air and though tyrants may step on our necks we smile for history has always been on our side. Yours is an OMA that simply does not die.

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Who look

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or maybe

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led to

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a Medallia Who is

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the girl to Mohammed and Sir

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to move

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up in the sea.

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I'm sorry for my weakness. For every time I've been ashamed of your game and as someone to call me for not knowing enough about you to defend when they drew cartoons or accused me with the most heinous of accusations of not getting over my distaste or eating away they were all meant to put you on the big screen so I can know something about you.

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Little burger Mel Gibson or Johnny Depp might somehow be able to recreate the twinkle in your eye or a beautiful bead of sweat as a scaffold on your forehead frantically fighting gravity not wanting to fall off your body thinking of sea by gravity and smile at body

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boss and if he would smile at me the fall is Mohammed don't say don't go Navy new 30 God

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won't be more Mohamed don't say.

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have you told me to meet you at that pool. So on that day, I hope and pray that I will see you through the crowd. I know angels.

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I hope to recognize it's no angels. I will crowd the companions to get access to your vision I will obey my thirst by quenching from your hand and so that day my thirst I will pray from your house Dad and I will do my part holding I will and from spreading as my feet are holding the earth who are able to Raja

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Hobie will levy to

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thought if I make it I cry at the thought of seeing fry no worse than it used to be from the crowd on occasion you know just to

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touch on your snack. You see my messenger of Allah has always existed between the curves and dots of the Arabic alphabet. So

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between this

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3d And wherever other

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dimension that hereafter brings wisdom overboard of senses I will follow the rock with your shadow being altered it that his description did not do justice and tell my mother I show how we heard her story or how you passed away on their chin and her just over and over and over again made us cry every single time because whoever suffered any disaster that was made every single level suffered before our souls flesh after the entry at earth that was without suffering emerge was recognized as entering an earth that was without you this this guy even recognizes anymore

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well a German woman gurnam daco

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looming gallon deli Miss

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I will sit in the shade of your smile

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and we'll ask you your story directly to your mouth as we sip on ice Cory directly hamburgers are embarrassed of asking you for mine because I never did anything right asked me for mine because other people never did anything right then. If you let other than loving I would love that for a hug if you let me. I would love for a hug.

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Eden hobby boo hoo Oh god.

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You're needy

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who do needy either

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y'all you

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