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We decided to go to the Streets to encourage people to Ask the Muslims about Islam instead of getting their Mis-information from those haters of Islam and Muslims who spread fear, lies, and Hate about Islam misinforming the public and creating major harm and problems in society rather than any good.


AI: Summary © The importance of addressing hate on Islam is highlighted, along with the need for people to be medicated and corrected. The speakers discuss the negative impact of Islam on people's views of religion and the importance of respect for religion. They also touch on the three basic aspects of Islam, including the government, legal system, and actions of the Muslim community. The use of fringe elements in media and the "we" concept is discussed, along with the concept of serving God. The speaker concludes that everything is designed to serve God and serve humanity, leaving the final judgment to God.
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Peace How you guys doing? And guess what we're going

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we're going down town and I got this sign was to sign it. Well you can see right here says Why don't you ask me about Islam? Are you going to hold islamophobes the haters they're getting paid to bash Islam. Why don't you come to the Muslims? Let me ask my friend brother How are you feeling my friend? Yeah salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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So what? What kind of questions do you expect people to ask you? Basically, all the media going doing the rounds with Islamophobic matter and content? A lot of people, they fear Islam. The thing Islam is a religion of hate mongers. It's the Muslim community that is responsible for the problems. So the best way is, via about Islam, and the world will be in peace. And this is something very dangerous. People ask about jihad, about terrorism. So these are the things that really need to be addressed. That's so important and what it says on the sizes, sciences, why don't you ask me? Why I talk about that? How important is it that you, you come to the Muslims to learn and listen to Scott,

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and have a healthy dialogue, come to the mosque, make the human connection? True, very true. I mean, when you're going to ask somebody who is already not believing in Islam, hating Islam, the information you're going to get is wrong information. And these hate mongers against Islam, I call them the hate moguls against Islam, these people, they are actually delivering stuff that is creating more problems on Earth. It's not Islam, it's not the common Muslim who is doing the problems. It's these people who are doing all the problems. Yes, I agree. There may be some Muslims who are not right, and they need to be corrected. We are there to correct them. We need your

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support, and you need our support to correct these people. And these people are not just in the Muslim community, they are there in every community, and every community needs to correct their own people. And people who are the mainstream communities, they need to coordinate with each other, cooperate with each other, and correct these people. So stay tuned, we're gonna be asking the common folk, their questions, ask us ask us what you want to know. And we're happy to answer. Stay tuned. So I'm Nicole, how are you guys doing?

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So we're here.

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And we encourage people to come to us and ask us what we have the sign here with?

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Why don't you ask me about Islam? We'd love for people to engage with us so many misconceptions. And to get through that,

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and we are first

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we got our first

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questioner, how you doing my friend?

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So he just says some Arabic 100 law means all praise to God to the Creator. Many people think we worship a different guy, but the same God that Jesus worship Abraham, Moses, they all submitted to the Creator, not the creation. And many people don't know that. We love Jesus. And we're here to ask answer those questions that you might have.

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Lovely, it's lovely to have this card.

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him on the television, we saw that when the Quran was being recited, he was concentration. Are you

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like to ask any questions that you'd like to ask?

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How do you feel about the refugee?

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How do you feel about the ban on refugees from?

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I think if refugees need help, that they truly need to be given the health

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coverage, they need to be filtered out. But it should not be a total ban, because it would be against humanity. And we all know that the refugee problem has come not because they wanted to leave their home, but because they were forced to leave their home and humanitarian

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Americans will stand together to support them.

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That will not make it a complete ban if you change it someday. I hope so. I mean, I'm pretty sure

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they are human. And

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I hope you're right.

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Good luck. Have a great day. You too. Thank you very much.

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People are asking questions. Why don't you ask a Muslim and if you don't get to ask us here.

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Today you can call us at one 800 662.

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I mean, I would say it's such a big difference. When people when she say when they come actually, there's a lot of self proclaimed scholars, people who are getting paid to bash Islam. Why would you go many people are learning Islam you mentioned before there were 60,000 books written in the past with over 100 years. So people are getting the wrong information. I mean, it just just makes sense. You know, to come to the Muslim, ask the Muslims about Islam. Does that make sense? What do you think? Yeah, that's very true. Because if I want to learn America, I'm not going to go to China, or ask a Chinese about what is America about what is America when I know they are going to speak

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against America? I'm going to come to America to ask an American what is America? So I expect the non Muslims to come to the Muslims, and ask them what is Islam? Don't go to the radicals because when I come to America, I don't go to the tragus and the rapist to ask what is America? I go to the knowledgeable people to ask what is America?

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Tell me about Islam. Yeah.

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It's a way of life where it demands that a man or a woman should submit their will, to the will of the Creator. Smart like that. Yes.

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And a Muslim is defined as a person who willfully submits himself to the God. Smart.

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How do you feel about

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murdering infidels thing? You got? Pass on?

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Old Testament bull*.

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Basically, what I feel is what's happening in the name of religion?

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is violence in the name of religion? Yeah. When unauthorized people take up religion in their own hands. Yeah, it's like a common man taking up the law in their own hands. Right. And that's very wrong. It shouldn't be done. Religions do talk about more. And Islam also, as a political system talks about war, but it does not authorize the common man on the road, to pick up arms and kill infidels. Are this believers. Absolutely not. Right?

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If I if I kill everybody, whom am I going to convey the God? Where did where does this? You mentioned his word infidel? Do we? I mean, where did this originate from? There's no because a lot of people. Yeah, basically, if you see the infidel word is more often used in the Old Testament. But in the Quran, it is about those enemies of God who fight even if those enemies of God Muslims themselves, the Quran says might them, fight them backwards, because like Muhammad and his followers were getting slaughtered

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the Prophet Mohammed

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to migrate from Medina, and you will see a bit of

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coding that when Prophet Muhammad he conquered that Makkah, he did not kill a single person there.

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When he captured mocha, he did not kill anybody. And he in fact, said it's a day of giving forgiveness and mercy to the people. I mean, we, I always tell Jesus Christ

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on the cross,

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Mohammed, all the power.

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disciples wanted to take revenge for the people who made the migrate. He said, No, we are not going to kill anyone. We are going to be general forgiveness. So that is what he did. Unfortunately, it's all media that is playing the game, mostly. Not all the media, some sections of the

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fox news is just just starting. Absolutely, absolutely right. And people like you are needed to come up and defend humanity. Well, I like the way that you are interpreting Islam, it's very peaceful and loving. It's good. I mean, I believe that I would not be a hypocrite to say that Islam doesn't talk about some of our stuff.

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But it talks, for example, when you read surah, number 68 of the Quran, Allah says, Those who do not fight with you, then be good to them, be kind to them. And Allah does not prevent you from being kind towards those non Muslims who don't fight you. It's about those people who are fighting. If suppose somebody attacks America.

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If somebody attacks you, you have all the right to self defense. And that is what Islam says. But unfortunately, if somebody is doing something wrong, it's his problem. For example, most of you this is one of the best cars BMW is one of the best cars, but if they make accident, then we are going to verify whether the person behind the steering had a license or not. If he was right

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without a license, then the problem is not with the car, but it's with the driver. So it's like these Muslims who are doing something without the license to do it, whether they're extremists. Yeah. And I just extremists, Christian or

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Ku Klux Klan here?

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Is it is behind a president. God is disgusting. What's a good name?

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Well, okay, thank you so much. Thank you.

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We're with our friends. We're showing them our sign. This is a sign we had. Why don't you ask me about Islam instead of going to people outside of Islam come to the Muslims to learn about as long as it makes sense. Gregory, what do you think? That's a good point? That's a good point. Because there's so many people talking about Islam. You got some people who do things opposite to Islam who says radicals. It's a very fringe small element. But you got these people going to them as if they represent Islam. That's crazy. But they've forgotten about American hero, Muhammad Ali. Yeah, he was inspired by Islam. And you see all the good he was doing right. So if you guys had to ask any

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question, did you got a couple Muslim? What would you guys ask anything? Anything?

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Any questions? No.

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Yeah. Basically,

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Christian, Muslim, diverse.

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Respect is very important. We spent respect each other respect.

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respect your faith. Did you know that Islam was actually the only non Christian faith which makes it an article of faith to believe in love Jesus, that you can get a one way ticket to the hellfire. If you deny Jesus? If you spill if you speak ill of him. Did you know that?

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You didn't you learn some already. How is that true or why? Yeah, you're absolutely right. I mean, we are the only non Christian community for whom it's an article of faith, to believe and love Jesus as much as we love and believe in Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

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blessings of Allah be upon him. And no Muslim is a Muslim, if he doesn't believe and love Jesus Christ, will peace be upon him. Yeah. In fact, in the Glorious Quran, we have a very high rank for Jesus Christ. I think it is the only difference between the Christian brothers and sisters and the Muslim community is to consider Jesus to be equal to God or God, for the Son of God. And we say no, he is not God is not equal to God is not the Son of God. He's a mighty messenger of God. I mean, like Christians, we adjust to his miracles. He say he gave life to the dead, but by God's permission, and that is what he attests in the Bible to that I cast out devils with the finger of

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God, I cast out spirits with the help of God. So we say he gave life to the dead by Allah's permission. He healed those who are born blind and lepers, but by Allah's permission, we believe that he was born miraculously, to Mother Mary without any male intervention. Unfortunately, a lot of Christians do not believe this today. But we Muslims, we believe that.

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So I think, you know, important thing, there's even a chapter named after his blessing mother in the Yeah. So when people you know, because there's a lot of this hate rhetoric and people are, you know, dividing us Americans dividing humanity with this, spewing this hate you follow me. So we try to bridge this gap to show the commonalities to show the deep, you know, love and respect we have for Jesus, and try to clear up many of these misconceptions false notions that people have, so we invite them to ask the Muslims.

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Go ahead, please, please. Why do certain Muslims fight in the name of jihad? Beautiful, quiet? Did you hear that? Why do certain Muslim fight? Beautiful now we're talking? Good question. Repeat the question so our viewers can can hear what he said. You know, he said that why do Muslims fight in the name of jihad?

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So basically, there are three different aspects to get understanding for this question.

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I forgot your name, brother, what's your name?

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But okay, but there are three basic aspects to this question. Put it this way. A country has got a government and a system and that system has a legal way to fight a war or waging war against its enemies. Am I right? Yes. So jihad in Islam is actually a concept that is to be held by the Muslim government, not by individuals or groups. Like for example, India.

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India has got about 29 states today. And us has got about 50 states tomorrow. I cannot decide that we are going to wage war with Canada, or Mexico or Brazil. It's anytime

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system that will decide that the central government will decide it. So back in India, Gujarat cannot decide we're going to make a war with Pakistan or China, or Telangana, decide that it's the Indian government that will decide that. So similarly, the Islamic aspect of jihad is that the Muslim government will decide if they have to fight of war, which should be a just war, to defend the Muslim community, to defend the practices, which are the fundamentals of the religion of Islam. The second aspect to it is, suppose you are attacked, then every law gives you the right to self defend yourself. So that when we do to self defend myself, to self defend my property, my family, that is

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also doing jihad in the way of Allah. And the third one, unfortunately, which today you find a lot of people discussing about is a few fringe elements, who have taken up the law in their own hands. And in the name of religion, they have taken up to violence and extremism, just like every other religion has these elements. Like back in India, we have some groups, which in the name of Hinduism, they do think missionary ism doesn't preach that in Myanmar, Buddhism was considered to be a religion of peace and tolerance. But look at what the Buddhists in Myanmar did. But for what the Buddhists in Myanmar did to the Muslims there. You cannot blame the whole of the prism, or the

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teachings of Buddhism. Similarly, when you come to crusades of Christianity, kill millions of people, they came millions of Jews there. So you can take the blame Christianity as a whole. You see if you are a Hindu, or the KKK, for instance,

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the Ku Klux Klan of USA, in the name of Christianity what it does the IRA, the Irish Republican Army, it's a Christian organization, the same way like back in India, we have a mythology by the Mahabharata, right?

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So you see, Mahabharata was a fight in the name of religion against the enemies of God.

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So similarly, when you read the Bible, also, Jesus says in Gospel of Matthew, chapter number 10, verse number 34, take note that I have come up, he says, Not that I have come to spread peace on earth, have not come to spirit peace, but a sword. So that does not testify that Jesus is a terrorist, or he has come to wage wars. But it means if time comes, then we have to be ready to fight the enemies of the God. So in that sense, Islam demands jihad. Unfortunately, some people have mis practiced it. And the mainstream media, like the fox news, they pick up these fringe elements as if to represent them as the whole of the Muslim community. You'll be shocked that the FBI statistics

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for the US as it says after September 11, till date, Muslims were involved only in 5% of the terrorist attacks on American soil, whereas Jews were involved in 6%. And you had more than 42, or 43% of the white supremacists involved in the attacks and the Latinos attacks were more than the Muslims doing it on the American soil.

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If you check, the European Muslims are hardly involved in one or two attacks in entire Europe between 2013 to 2015. But the media has always been wrongly predicting. And they have been purchasing a lot of good by exploiting the wrong information amongst the masses, who are either ignorant about Islam or who are innocent, and they do not have the right knowledge about Islam. So that's the biggest problem actually, I think you you understood it, getting it correlated with Bhagavad Gita and all this. Yeah. So it's not just Islam that has the concept of war. It's all religions that have a concept of war. It's some people misusing it in the name of religion.

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You heard about Dr. Robert Pape.

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Okay, he is from USA. And He is an expert on studying suicide bombing. And he wrote a book dying to win. And it's the central research work for all the government agencies today, whether it's American army, Indian Army, or whoever, on suicide bombing. And in that book, he comes out with a very amazing discovery. He says that more than 50% of the suicide bombings were committed by non Muslims, not by Muslims. And the maximum number of suicide bombings committed in the world are committed by lttp. You heard that group? No.

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He is a group of Tamil liberation, Tamil Tigers Eelam, that's the name of the group that was fighting in Sri Lanka. And most of the people who were a part of that group, or rather 99.9% of the people involved in that group, but those who would call themselves

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The Hindus and dying to win the book it says more than 50% of the attacks by non Muslims maximum by LTT. So, unfortunately, many people do not do that. And he says that he studied why people take to suicide bombing. And he says more than 90% of the cases of suicide bombing, were not in the name of religion, but it were a reaction to foreign occupation on their lands.

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That is his research. And it's a recent book for a lot of agencies today.

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So the question is, the purpose of life? So, one is to, to live, to live life, is that right? Greg to live life path, weapons, to live life is true, but everything that's alive on this earth, yeah, is to survive, you

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know, but things to fall into that abundant that, you know, that umbrella, but I mean, you know, you can't get past the fact that

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we have to live you have to survive, you know, and

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sometimes go to conferences about different things. I often make this example and I ask people to observe

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the different things around us, for instance, to watch, if someone's wearing on their hand, the iPhone iPad, that they use the keys in their pocket, I usually challenge people to observe and look around them and to find anything that they can see touch feel, that doesn't have a purpose, that they're the keys that they use daily.

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As a purpose, the jacket, they were has a purpose, the shoe laces on their shoes have a purpose, than I usually ask people to also look at the person who's utilizing these things, and to ask themselves for what because everything is serving has been made to serve us in one way or another is the right someone you make those things, material things to serve us. All right? But what about the human being for what purpose has he or she been ultimately created? For? If we come to the realization that design indicates a designer, and behind this whole mass universe, and everything in it has been precisely tuned, it has all the elements, everything we need to function to survive? But

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now the human being? Who's the most intricate from all these things? What is he created for? Right? What are we what is our main purpose?

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And what is your What is your response to your own question? So? Well, the the response from the Islamic view, and Islam is simply an Arabic word, which means submission to the will of God. But in the definition of the word comes, the answer is that just like human beings create things to serve God Almighty, the creator, the same creator, who created Jesus, Moses, Abraham, the creator, who created the sun and the moon, and everything in this universe, he created the human being, to serve and to worship Him. Now that means everything that God loves, God loves that you help. Those who are pressed God loves that you feed the poor God, love. These are a means to the ultimate goal under the

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umbrella of worship. So everything that God loves, and you do it, because a lot of times people will confuse the means with the ultimate goal. So everything you do,

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that God loves, is an act of worship, right? And everything you you stay away from,

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that God has prohibited out of his ultimate knowledge and wisdom. That's an act of worship. So that is what we believe the ultimate purpose of life is to serve God, and to obey Him. And by doing everything that God loves, that's an act of worship, and staying away from everything and then everything is laid out we have in Islam, we have the verbatim Word of God would be the Quran and it talks about, you know, all of the basics of worshiping God alone. That's the first and primary thing not to set up partners with God to only worship the Creator. And you see this you'll see like, what's beautiful

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is that when you when you when you look at throughout time, you see God out of His love, he sent messengers he didn't leave us in the dark and all of these messengers, they didn't come with different religions, they all came with the same religion the same way of life, which was submit yourself to the Creator.

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And don't worship the creation that has always been the same same as Jesus brought it Abraham brought it no abroad and all the other messengers they all called human beings to to, to, to direct their worship to the one creator and not to worship a stick of stone, a human being a man or a woman is saying the messenger right? And then they came with guidance. You know how how to nice meet you My friend. All right, let's get the car check out check out the program. Yeah. Yo.

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How do you see

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Buying in, in the language? How do we say buy?

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Okay, take care.

00:25:14--> 00:25:15

So that that would be,

00:25:16--> 00:25:49

that would be the answer to the question to worship God and serve God. And one of the things of serving God is, is serving humanity being in the service of humanity. You know, this is something that is the cross, knowing that also this life is a test, we're here for a short amount of time. And every human being is going to be accountable for what they did in this life, right. And then, at the end, we believe there's a day of judgment, and the final judgment is left to God. And that it wouldn't be it would be unfair if God didn't send messengers didn't send guidance. And then from there

00:25:51--> 00:25:53

the wonderful words of paradise

00:25:54--> 00:26:02

for the criminals of the world, those people who set up partners, we've got those who rejected who, the Hitler's of the world, they'll be brought to account.

00:26:05--> 00:26:20

You know, that? Did you know that over 30 to 40% of the the original, I would say the natives of America, the original Americans, if you want to say we're actually African Americans, the Muslims, they were Muslim. Did you know that? Quinta contae

00:26:21--> 00:26:33

if you look if America African Americans, they look into the roots, you'll see that you know in Africa you come you have Islam has it's a there's a rich history in Islam, very rich history. When you look at like you ever watched the roots, Quinta contae

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You know, he would say Allah, he was he would call on God and this is because

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