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Lesson 70 – Chapter 18-24 Hadith 319-325

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Nevertheless solidaridad assumed he will get him and my birth father with a villa humulus shade line of a genius midnight. for him. Probably slightly slightly were silly memory of that Emily Sony of Coco Lee probenecid nerima good. I will help Bob 90 that gave her to handle her elbow Bill had you

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gave her how to hit loose she will assume your hand she will put on the forearm who and her elbow the menstruating woman will have g of her jewelry grotty and have ombre, meaning if she is menstruating, and she's supposed to enter the state of Islam because she's going with a group of people and it's time to enter the ihram for Hajj then what is she supposed to do? She's supposed to anything different issues supposed to leave anything out. How is her assuming of Islam going to be different from that of others? What does she have to do? What doesn't I have no boo Caden, Colorado's and Alessandro Caden and admission she have on earth whether or not a shuttle pilot, she

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said calendula unobvious, or Allahu alayhi wa sallam if he had to deal with are we left with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in hospital with our Femina, so from us was men who had novembre The one who assumed their home for Umrah, meaning First they wanted to perform rumba then come out of the state of a farm and then when the day of hydro would come, then they would put on Iran for Hajj woman Nam and Allah Mahajan. And some of us we assumed around 400, meaning they went in order to perform Hajj directly, without coming out of the state of Islam in the middle for the Magna Carta, so then we advanced towards Makkah, and then when we reach there, we performed or modificado

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said, My mama bear and rotten, whoever assumed a harem of Roma while I'm up but he did not bring the heavy the sacrificial animal, then what should he do for you, then he should become hollow, meaning you should come out of the state of Islam. In other words, when they reached Makkah, the people who had intended to perform Umrah they performed ombre after that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever did not bring the howdy did not bring the sacrificial animal what should they do? They should come out of the state of Iran, woman or Hama Burma?

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And whoever put on the harm of Burma, meaning they intended to do Umbra first, but they also brought along with them the Howdy, then what should they do? fella Hello, then he should not come out of the state of Iran had the until you hit Lebanon he had he he becomes Hello. After the national the sacrifice the slaughter of his howdy of a sacrificial animal. In other words, he will come out of the state of Iran after when, after hedge. So basically, two types of hedge they include ombre. Which one are they the mature and get on. So those doing tomato, they have a gap in the middle, meaning they come out of the state of a farm and when the hatch begins, they go back in all right,

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and they do not bring along with them. The sacrificial animal when you go from here, you don't take the animal with you. The second type is Iran, which is that you join Irma and Hutch in one arm and you take your sacrificial animal with you. This could be weeks before the actual head. This could be a few days before the actual hatch even. But the point is that there is no coming out of your home in the middle. So this is what the prophet sallallahu Sallam said and those who are not doing normally when will they put on their home? Those who are doing only a fraud. When will they put on the home on the day of Hajj comes in right? Woman Hala Mahajan, falutin Maha Joe and whoever is

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intended only had done he should complete his hedge audits. I shall deliver on her she said for him. So I began my help. I was menstruating at that time, then I continued to menstruate for them as well, and I did not stop meaning I continued to menstruate. Hi, Ellen, I remained how you had that until can Are you more alpha until it was the day off. And basically the chance of removal was gone because she had intended to perform when I'm only 11. And I did not enter the state of Iran except for that aroma, meaning her intention when she was going to Makkah was one of them. And now the chances are I was gone for another interview. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so the Prophet sallallahu

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Sallam commanded me and Uncle Dora see that I undo my head, meaning my hair will anti-ship and that I comb my hair, what oh Hillary had done and that I entered the state of HUD only what a true color camera and I leave my camera, meaning the aroma that I had intended, he told me to leave that now and instead just enter the state of your home change my Nia for us do that. So I did that I took my bath. And this bath was which one after her head was over, for Farrell to Delica had to Haji until I completed my hedge for Bertha Murray. I've done a beaver clean so he sent with me, man, my brother, the son of Abu Bakar, Mr. Ronnie and he commanded me and Altamira that I performed my alma McKenna.

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I'm lucky in place of my ombre Minato Noreen from the tannery, meaning this rumor was not mandatory on her. But because she had intended earlier she really wanted to she was crying. She was really sad about it. This is what the prophet SAW was them gave her a chance to go and perform. And but basically, what do we learn from this Hadees that if a woman has to switch her Nia, of Hajj, because it's such a reason, then she just needs to switch her nia. That's it, she doesn't need to do anything special. She doesn't need to go out of the harem. She doesn't need to anything special, she just needs to switch her intention. That's it. babic ballon Mahela it very badly. What is it valmy,

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the advancing the coming the approaching? So the approach of my head of menstruation What is it? What does it mean? return? So the coming and going? In other words, when does hailed actually begin? And when does it actually end? What are the signs that the halo has begun? And what are the signs that the halo has finished winning? How is it determined? When is a woman supposed to stop praying? And when is she supposed to start praying again, because many times women are in confusion. They don't know if their head has actually begun. So they are sometimes praying, sometimes not praying, they're in a state of doubt. And when their bleeding is over, even then they're not sure whether

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they're halos gone or not. So they continue to pray or they delay the Salah until they are completely sure. So how is it to be determined, because you see every Salah is for

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the only solid that you're exempt from is that which comes at a time when you are in your head. So a woman has to be very sure about this, that Okay, now my head has begun and now my head has ended because this is a matter of obligations. Now, for many women determining This is a little challenging. Why? Because their hair begins with sofa and it ends with sofa what is sofa color discharge, yellowish discharge, meaning before the bleeding actually begins, they have spotting, or they have colored discharge, unusual discharge. And once the bleeding ends, it doesn't completely go away, they still have colored discharge like a pinkish discharge or a brownish discharge, or a

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really dark yellow unusually colored discharge. So this keeps them in a state of confusion. And this is why the question is that, is the sufferer considered whether or not this is a problem? Basically that sofa? Is it halal or not? Now, remember that there are many opinions concerning this issue, there are at least five opinions concerning this issue. And I'll tell you the one that's most common or most acceptable by the majority of the scholars, and that is that sofa, meaning the color discharge, which is in the time of health, which isn't the time of health. That is considered hype, meaning if a woman regularly menstruating for seven days, for example. And the thing is that at the

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beginning for the first day, for a couple of hours, he has color discharge, and then finally the reading begins, then it continues for the next seven days. But on the on the seventh day. It doesn't just end like that. But rather, there is color discharge for one day, because it is within the time of health. This is why it is considered health. But if it's outside the time of health, meaning she's not supposed to be having appeared, but all of a sudden she has some color discharge really dark discharge, then she will not consider to be held. Also one more thing, remember that if it is joined with health, if it is motorcyle with health, meaning she usually has appeared for let's say

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four days, right? But before the actual bleeding before the actual bleeding, she has spotting for one day, it's joined with her It begins with spotting and eventually the breeding begins. And then it's joined with head meaning after the head let's say the breeding is for four days. But after four days, it doesn't just stop but she has discharged for a day, two days three days then that is considered as high as well. So, there are two things basically the time of hire and it should be connected with Haley, it should be Mutasa and also in the man also within the time. Also, there are three states of suffer. Okay, there are three states of this color discharge. One is that it is in

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the time of hype, then obviously it is sometimes in the time of hate. In the middle also it happens that sometimes a woman is having a period all of a sudden it becomes it goes away almost or one day she's only spotting and then the next day again the bleeding continues. So it's still within the time of health. So what is it it is high. Secondly, the second state of suffering is that it is after to have meaning she had her regular period for seven days.

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She saw the signs of cleanliness, meaning clear discharge, she was clean for three days. And then all of a sudden she had some sparkling, it is outside the usual time of health, then what is this, it is not hype, she will ignore it, she will not give any importance to it. The third state of suffer is before hype before, hey, let's say a week before the actual period begins, then again, this is not health. But if it's before the highest, but connected with the hype joined with the head, then it is hype, you understand. So basically, this is a confusing matter, but the woman has to see, she has to see she has to observe that is it joined with the period, if it's joined, then it

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is period is it in the time of the period, then it is period. Likewise, if it's just for a day or two, okay, like after the period, it's just for a day or two, then this is period. But if it is going on and on for five days for 10 days, then she will disregard it. When it's before the hype, then remember, typically, every woman has a regular pattern in the first week of the month isn't in the second week of the month. And you know, especially if you market, it's highly encouraged that you should because then you're not in the state of confusion, then you know that Okay, my period is supposed to begin, do this from now, one day from now, I'm one day early, I'm do this early in three

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days early, then you consider it as hype. But if it's coming a week early, if it's coming five days before, seven days before 10 days before, then you will disregard it. So this is why it's necessary that you are aware of your body of your cycle of your regular pattern. Because otherwise, these issues have become very problematic. For how long does it stop? Just one day. So because it stops in the middle, and for some scholars that that the minimum time of tour, it's actually tougher only because it was not, it's not higher than it's not. But because it's clear in the middle. And this is a regular habit, it's clear in the middle, and then the average cycle is like let's say seven days,

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then they should disregard it. But let's say the women of the family typically mentioned for seven days, for this sister, what happens is the first two days she has spotting one day she's clean the next two days she has spotting, and then she is clean. And then the next few days she's partying, for example. And in this case, what will she do, she will consider that to be held that whole part. Because the scholars also said that if you see for her in the middle of your period, your average cycle seven days, you saw clear discharge in the middle of your period. And you thought you were clean, you thought you were clean. And your period started again, your bleeding started again the

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next day, the following day, then you will disregard that period of golden meaning don't think that your next period has begun or that is the how that has begun. This is actually a continuation of the same period. If the total period of time is like seven days, which is the average number of days that the women in her family ministered for, she will consider to be period. But if adding those days, if it comes up to let's say 10 days, 15 days, and it's more than how much the women of the family men straightforward. So you have to see how much total number of days right when put together.

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So for example, a woman sees that the bleeding has stopped. She's dry, she doesn't see any discharge. But typically her cycle is, let's say seven days on the sixth day she is dry, then she will wait. She should wait. How long can she wait a day up to two days even she should wait? Okay, but because she can have spotting again, again, be familiar with your body with your cycle with your pattern, and you are your best judge. Now day doesn't necessarily mean 24 hours. Okay? So for example, if you get started after the hood, you don't have to wait until a week later after the hood and then you check yourself you could become clean before that as well. You could become clean after

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that. You just have to look at the science.

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But by the time I saw the spotting again, but see, we're hasty in taking the baton. Because if you know that, typically it's a complete day. If it's complete seven days, after seven days I have a complaint then you should wait. Okay, give it some time. You should wait. All right.

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what time of the day they are going to be clean as well. So somebody who has a pattern, then they would see generally Oh, it's always afternoon that I am clean. So for that day we shouldn't hasten in doing it in the morning even if you clean wait till the regular habit time is exactly. We're gonna listen and the women used to meaning the women at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam they used to hear Barcena they would send either a shot at you I shall deliver on how big it was.

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A box it's a kind of a container. So they would send a container to her, see her in it would be alcoves of cotton fields sofa. And on that cotton would be sofa, meaning color discharge. In other words, they would wipe themselves and they wouldn't be able to judge. So what would they do? They would put that in a box and send it to her I shut the door on her and asked her that please tell us does it mean we are clean or not clean? For the Hulu so her response would be let our agenda Don't be hasty. Take your time had the until the Reina you see a subtle Bible and a subtle beta the word pasa has been understood in several ways. But basically a possible VEDA is when a woman wipes again,

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right when a woman wipes again, the cotton or the cloth that she's using, it comes back,

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it comes back white. So meaning when she wipes, it comes back clean. So she would say Wait, take your time until the next time you wipe it comes out clean when comes out clean, and clear and white, then consider yourself to be pure. So for some women, they might feel that it's dry completely, there's nothing. So wait until you actually see the discharge. Because sometimes a discharge would be colored and other times it would be clear. So it's best to wait to see the clear discharge to lead with alika Tara, and by this author by bar she intended by that authority, meaning the state of cleanliness will hide her from the menstruation webinar and it reached ignitors aided me saboten the

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daughter of Zaid, even savage Allahu anhu, she found out that aneesa and that women, he had the owner, they would call for Bill masabi. With lamps meaning in the middle of the night men jofa Lane in the middle of the night, they would call for lamps so that they could they could look at a lottery to the signs of cleanliness. In the middle of the night, they would get up they would wipe themselves to check if they were clean or not. And they would ask for lamps to be led, they would borrow lamps to check if they were clean or not. So when she saw women going to such great lengths trying to figure out if they were clean or not for college. So she said Matt can aneesa Oh, the

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women would not yes, no, no, they will do Heather this the women meaning at the time of the Prophet sort of autism, they would not do this at all. Were arbitrarily in and to criticize them or but from a. So she criticized them that why are you imposing this burden on yourself? The women at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would not do this. So what do we understand from this? You know, considering both of these narrations, but our children are on hand the daughter of zigmond seven? How do you put them together? What do you understand? Don't be extreme relax, just like I shall did on her said, Let Arjuna Don't be hasty. Take your time with you know that your cycle is six complete

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days, seven complete days, then wait until the complete days are over. And then check yourself. Because otherwise I won't would constantly be checking herself and she would be in a lot of difficulty. She'd be waking up in the night, checking herself every hour. And this would make her life difficult for her. Now, what if the woman has to go to sleep? She's not cleaning, but she's spotting and she has a feeling that she might be clean soon. Then what should she do? Should she get up in the middle of the night to check she has to find out if she should bring a shower or not wake up before fudger It depends on the color of discharge the kind of discharge and the regular habit.

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So for example, in the night when she's sleeping, the discharge is there but it's kind of still dark and she knows it's gonna take time. The regular habit is that it takes complete 24 hours. So she knows that most probably she will end sometime in the noon, then she should not wake up refresher. She should not mean make it difficult upon herself. But if she's up anyways, and if she checks just for the satisfaction of her heart, she may do that. But in the middle of the night, not a good idea before fudger Okay, but not in the middle of the night. That in Ramadan. It's challenging. Women want to make sure that they're clean and they want to be clean. But again, they should not make it

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hard on themselves. But again, if you don't have to prefetch it then you don't have to write How does an Abdullah hibben Mohammed Kala had done a subpoena a new chairman and abbyy on our asiata NFlt matter. Binta rehabiliation canister Hello, fat woman Avi hareesh. She used to have is to how the fossa Latina BIA sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said she asked the Prophet Solomon isn't about it for Allah. So he said the early period, this is a vein where they said we'll hayleigh and it is not menstruation for either availability Halo two. So when the halo two period comes further is selected and leave the prayer. were either at birth and when it goes for the city, then take hosel was Sally

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and pray. Now this Hadees is being used as evidence, okay of what evidence or you can say the explanation for determining when the hail begins and when it ends. How how

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We understand from this Hadith, because the prophets are the loudest and basically left it to her to determine when the highest comes and when it and that, when is the bleeding different from his to hell? Meaning when you see those signs when you see those characteristics, when you know that hail has come, the characteristics are there and start praying. But when those signs are gone, when those characteristics are finished, then resume praying. So, basically, it is left to every woman that she has to first of all learn about the signs and the characteristics and secondly, she has to be familiar with herself that what is the usual time off her head and what are their allameh What are

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the signs of her head, and for every woman dilemma may be different. For one woman, it may be spotting before the actual meaning for other women. It may not be sporting but it may be bleeding. So for every woman that I know mother different than she should be familiar with her. Alana,

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that blood of the heart It will salata. A menstruating woman should not make up the prayer meeting. She does not have to make up the missed prayers, all those prayers that she did not get to pray during your head. She's not going to make them up after she becomes clean. Now, we also learned that a menstruating woman does not fast but does she make up the fast? Yes, she does. Why? Because that's what she has been instructed to do. Fast we have to make up the prayers we don't have to make up. But what's the wisdom that making up all of the Miss prayers is more difficult? Right? It is challenging compared to making up the missed fasts that Salah is prescribed in its time. Meaning you

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have to pray a Salah within that time. Fast. What do we learn in the Quran that whoever is not able to make up then for a determined a yarmulke, but for Salah we don't have that option that if you're too busy, don't pray now pray next day. We don't have that option. So there has to be prayed within the given within the specified time. And if a person is not able to okay for a reason that is not excusable. Then he has to make it up. But when a woman leaves Allah in higher than she is excused from Salah. You understand, then she is excused from Salah. She doesn't have to pay those Salah when neither then nor later. She's not obligated to perform the Salah. And remember that fasting are

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that fasting is for Allah and He rewards for it. So the reward of fasting is indeed very great. So it's like out of the mercy of Allah the woman has to make up the fast so that she's not deprived of that reward, that special reward. Also remember that Salah resumes right after a woman becomes pure. But fasting doesn't necessarily unless it's the month of Ramadan. And it's not year round it's only for a month but Salah you start for the time when you're menstruating but then you start praying immediately after so this is the reason why a woman does not make up the missed prayers what Allah job urine what abou sir Eden jabber and I'm sorry, their narrative and in the beside a long video

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Salaam that other salata that such a woman meaning menstruating woman will leave the prayer. Now if a woman left Salah, thinking that she was menstruating.

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But later on, she realized that she was not menstruating. It happens with people, right? irregular periods or sometimes stress or it could be various reasons. A woman is breastfeeding or after childbirth when her period is beginning. It's not that regular, then she thought she was menstruating. But she realized after a couple of hours, the next day that she wasn't menstruating. So what about those prayers that she missed? She does not have to. Why? Because all of the Hadees which tells us that the women who were having is to help her. They came to the prophet SAW a lot. It's an asking, do we leave the prayer like what are we supposed to do? And it's understood that

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they were not praying until then. Which is why they came asking him that should we just stay like this not pray at all. The prophets of Allah did not tell them to make up their prayers. Because when they left prayers at the time that they were leaving their prayers, they were certain that they were menstruating. All right. So basically, if a woman knows me, she believes in her heart that she's menstruating. And because of that, she leaves a prayer. After a day she figures out that no, this was not hailed, then she doesn't have to make them up. All right, you know, but she left the prayer with the understanding that she had hope. This is why we say Robin Allah to Athena in a scenario

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upon and this was a hopper.

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So she doesn't have to make up the prayers because none of the Hadees we learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam instructed the women, but now we have to learn the other side of the story that when do we determine that it is hailed and as a result of that we start leaving the Salah.

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Okay like you really have to be confident that yes this is how then you leave this one and if you're unsure then ask find out how does it know most of us marine Allah had the Santa Monica had the Santa patata tokara does that anymore other than that a woman called Leah Isha she said to her I shall deliver on her attaches the Donna should dizzy she makeup okay literally to pay back but over here it gives meaning of make up. Donna one of us Aleta her prayers either for her up when she becomes clean. Meaning when she becomes clean from her hail. Should she make up all of the prayers that she missed during her health? So I shall deliver on her she said for her to return empty. Are you a

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hallelujah? In what kind of question are you asking? Are you Hallelujah? Come Nana Hilo Marina Viva La Jolla Salah. We used to menstruate at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, falaya Guru NaVi and you will not come at us with meaning he never commanded us to make up our Miss prayers. Oh call Atlanta or Lulu or she said that we never did this. Now why did she say to her Are you a hallelujah? This word hallelujah. This is Misbah to the city of her rock. Her lot which is by Kufa and a person who was from Kerala was called Harare, or a woman was called hallelujah. And why did I should have known her color? Hallelujah, because there was a group of people known as a whole adage. Okay, the

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whole adage, the first group of them the first faction of them, this is where they were from. They were from the city of huddle Ra. And they were the ones who came against Alibaba. So basically this fitna began from this place. So in other words, I should have been around who was asking, Are you a hottie g? Are you a hijacked woman? Why did she asked her this question because the Hawaii bridge, one of their main principles you can say was that they would follow accept only that which was in the Quran. And any explanation that was given by the sooner they would not accept.

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Okay, it doesn't mean that they would reject this or not completely react to Hades, but any explanation of the Quran that we find from the Hadees from the sooner they will not accept it. Now in the Quran, we learned that Salah is mandatory. When it's mandatory, it means that if you miss it, then you have to make up. But what explains to us that if a woman is menstruating, she does not pray, she doesn't have to make up the prayers what explains that was the summer so the summer gave this understanding. So the Hawaiians rejected it.

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You understand they rejected it, which is why they believe that if a person commits, for example, a major sin, then he has become a cafe, and he should be killed. This is why they came against the companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well, accusing them that they have become a foul. So anyway, this was one of their main principles. So this woman asked, do we have to make up the prayers? Now this was a thing that was unheard of. It was understood because this is what the prophets are a lot of them thought the companions that when a woman does not pray in her head, she does not make them up. Yes, it's not mentioned the Quran, but where do we understand this from, from

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the Sunnah. So if she's asking about this, so I should have said that are your huria meaning what kind of question are you asking?

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Why are you asking this? Why are you creating fitna by raising such a question when the sunlight is so clear? Why are you creating doubts about it? So it is clear therefore that a menstruating woman does not have to make up the prayers. After Haley's over Yes, that women have to pray within height as well. Not that Miss Upsala forehead again, same thing that they reject this kind of thing, right? They reject us on those people who reject us on even today. believe the same thing. menstruating women pray, they pray even during their head right not miss prayers, but they pray meaning they don't even leave their Salah during the head. Basically, this is the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala

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that we don't have to make up the prayers. And besides, this was his armor his his hokum that we have menstruation. So he exempt us from doing it. So I think this reason for me prevails over everything else. It's an assertion that, uh, no, the moral high up we're happy to be here sleeping with a menstruating woman who is wearing her clothes, which clods see out over here doesn't mean the normal clothes, but it refers to the special clothes that are worn for periods meaning the class that is worn, the fat that is worn in order to collect the menstrual blood. So while she is wearing that, meaning that that cloth will have blood on it, that menstrual pad, whether it's disposable or

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what, whatever is going to have blood on it. Right. So kind of

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Person touch woman who's basically touching something creepy. Like her body's touching a filthy piece of cloth. Of course. Okay because then a gesture is not in the body. Then adjust says we're only on that cloth only in that area only in that blood and that's it. Had the sorry the blue hubsan color had the center shavano and you're here and Abby Sarah matar and Dana Bub nutty abhi Sara Mata Hadassah to masala Mata Khalid Susana, she said to her daughter, Zainab bint Avi Salim. So she narrated to her that Hippo and Mr. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam film humidity we have read this earlier fansler to for college to inhale for has to see ability for the bees to her sakala li

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and St. Paul to Nam Pagani colony marhofer hamidah Allah to hide the Sidney Jenna she said that and she also told me meaning on Salah method and an abuse of the lava to send them Can you believe that he will kiss her will who will saw him while he will be fasting Welcome to Dr. scileanna. And she said that I would take a bath no one of us are allowed to send them with the prophets Allah sent him in, in in Word from a single bucket mineral Geneva from Genova so basically in this hadith we see that she was wearing her menstrual cloth, and she lay down with the profits of autism in that state. So there's absolutely no harm in this. That Monica hada

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The one who took the herbal Haley, the clouds for help Siwa other than Cod, the clouds of purification, meaning a person who keeps separate clothes for health, meaning they don't wear those clothes regularly. They only put them on in the time of their health. Is this permissible? Yes, it is permissible. Can you say it's better? Yeah, why not? Because it gives you peace of mind. You know, a woman is relaxed and she knows that her clothes are clean. Absolutely. But if she's not able to keep separate clothes for hailed and I don't mean the whole outfit, okay? Because these days you have disposable pads. Just a few decades ago, women we're using reusable, okay, that are washable

00:32:09--> 00:32:49

this like diapers before? Even today, people wear washable ones. But these days washable diapers are like unheard of. And if somebody's using them, people think that they're doing something very strange. But anyway, if a woman keeps separate menstrual pads like that, is that okay? Yes, it is. Because it's possible that other times she doesn't need the menstrual pad but she needs to wear it because of heavy discharge for example. Then Can she put that on? Yes, she can. That if a woman has separate underwear for her hailed she's kept it for her health time but outside of that if she intends to wear it can she wear she can as long as it's clean. Hat doesn't Mr. Other blue footballer

00:32:49--> 00:33:34

or a sham and you're here and a bee sedima are insane above nutty a bee selama on me selama Carla, she said baina NMR and abuso de la video Salaam Mataji. rotten fish Camilla in head to once I was lying with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the blanket in the covers. And I began my head fansler do so I slipped quietly for a hostile seeability and I took my clothes off my head for color. So he said an affinity for cotton arm for Donnie I said yes. And he called me for today or tomorrow who philomela so I went and lie down with him in the blanket again, that she who did have a literary Dany shuddhi. Witnessing, being present, of who and how the menstruating woman were under eating the

00:33:34--> 00:34:20

two AIDS. Meaning a woman who is not praying she's in her head. Should she go to witness their eat prayer? She's not going to perform their eat prayer, obviously. But can she go witness? Yes, she should. Why? Because it's not just their eighth prayer but also what their what was the mean and the supplication. Okay, the DA of the muslimeen were artisanal masala but they should stay away from the fireplace. Now this doorway is also understood as invitation. So other meetings of the Muslims so you can say gatherings where Muslims get together. So for example, a gathering of knowledge, a gathering of knowledge gathering of studying the Quran, then can have a mentoring woman go and

00:34:20--> 00:34:39

participate in that. Can she go and witness that? Yes, she can. She definitely can. Had the Mohammedan who had misalignment on a foreigner Abdul Wahab on YouTube and have settled on he said good No, no, no. We would stop we would forbid our work on our our to our what is the plural of

00:34:40--> 00:35:00

not article but article with a car. That is article the name is from Arctic. Okay, fatal Arctic. Anyway. artica is a young girl who has just begun her health or she is near that stage. She's going to begin her period very soon or she

00:35:00--> 00:35:44

He has just started it or she is of marriageable age. So basically a young girl who has just reached puberty or is reaching puberty recently reached puberty. So they used to stop such girls, such young girls and young Roadrunner, that they should go out fillory then for their eight prayers, they would not let them go. Why? Okay, that they have just started their periods, there might still be learning how to keep themselves clean, or how to keep area clean. And if they're going in that place, and they're negligent, they could do more harm than take benefit, okay, no, but this was after the time of the Prophet sallallahu Salah because such girls were protected in a way that other people will

00:35:44--> 00:36:27

see them, you know, they're ready for marriage that they didn't want everybody seeing them. I mean, unfortunately, these days, it's the exact opposite. That if a woman is of marriageable age, then she is sent out in the world she is sent to gatherings, fully adoring so that she can receive proposals, it was the exact opposite way, in that culture in that tradition, that such girls were not allowed to go out much they were kept inside the house out of hire. Okay, this may be difficult for us to understand, but this was actually out of hire that did it protecting their purity, their chastity that they're clean, no one has seen them, you know, they clean up no one has set their eyes on them,

00:36:28--> 00:37:09

the hidden pearls, exactly hidden pearls, okay, the pure the better. And also, one of the reasons was that, especially after the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, because in his time, the true understanding of higher it was clear to the people. So why was it that soon after the Prophet sallallahu sallam, people went back to this practice, because it was fitting at that time, it was hidden at that time, you know, lots of haylage murder and lots of fighting amongst the people, because of the instability that was in the oma, unfortunately, which 111 it was soon taken care of. But there was instability. So this is one of the reasons why they would not let them go and eat a

00:37:09--> 00:37:53

large gathering public place. So many people are there out of hair, they would not let them go, especially to these occasions. So what happened for other motema? So a woman came, meaning she came to the place where have sour Fenella, so she descended meaning she arrived at a ceremony Hall if you remember the word, the word analysis of this word, what does it mean? That when a traveler, they reach their destination, and then they unpack they undo their baggage, and then the descender, please, right. So this is what the word mesilla means. So she arrived at she stayed at us for the fortress of Benihana. And where was this? This was basically in Basra. This was in Basra. That's

00:37:53--> 00:38:39

where the wedding hall of work. So a woman came to Basra. And this is where have servers for her does that. So this woman who came she narrated on off the her about her sister. What Canada would you look at her and the husband of her sister. So basically this woman came and she's telling the people about her sister, and about her brother in law but her sister's husband, she said my sisters has been working this out of the her lahsa he went to battle minor beistle Allahu alayhi wa sallam with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Cynthia Shara. So 12 battles, this is what he participated with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what kind of optimara who visit him and the sister was, was with him

00:38:39--> 00:39:07

in six, meaning this woman came and she said, my my brother in law participated in 12 battles along with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and my sister she was present in six of them. So basically, she's talking about a couple who was very close to the prophets, a lot of Southern who had spent many years with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had been under his direct instruction. So basically, their understanding of the deen their practices were approved by the prophets of

00:39:09--> 00:39:51

Allah, she would say meaning her sister would say cananda will kill men, we would know that we would treat from the word the word, what does the word mean? cure. So we would treat and Calma Calma florala column, which is jury meaning someone who is wounded. So we would treat the wounded one a Komal murder and we would stand by the by the sick meaning this is why we would go to battle because all the men would be participating in battle every single man was needed to the women were left to take care of the wounded, the injured and the sick. So even though they were men, the women would have to take care of them. For a lot of the so my sister She asked an obeah sallallahu alayhi wa

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

sallam meaning once she asked him is Allah Donna on one of us, but son any harm meaning is there any harm

00:40:00--> 00:40:46

On one of us, either lamea comme le Hajin babban when she does not have a drill bag, what is the drill back, an outer garment that is worn on top of the clothing that a woman wears inside the house. So for example, your upper so is there any harm if a woman does not have a drill bag, a letter that she does not go out? meaning she does not go to their eat prayers. So my sister She asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam this question. So what was his response? Follow he said little miss her, she should make her aware who saw him or to her, her companion, her friend Minjun Bellavia from her Juba. So basically her friend should share her jilbab with her doesn't mean that she should

00:40:46--> 00:41:28

give her extradition back to her. No, she doesn't have an extra one she only has heard about. So what should she do? She should share her gentle vibe with her. So basically like a huge shawl. Right? She should put it on herself. And she should also put it on her friend. And together they should go to their eat prayer. The province of of Alison but not say no, she can go without it. She doesn't have it. She doesn't need to wear it. Nor did he say that she doesn't have to go then. No, both are necessary. She has to go and she has to wear to the back. So what's the option then? borrow from someone that's not possible share with someone. Okay little bit says she should flow. They're

00:41:28--> 00:42:10

basically sorry, but we're her companion should minja babby her? Well, Tasha Delilah, and she should witness the good what Darwin muslimeen. And there are other believers, meaning she should be present at that gathering. Why should she be deprived of the goodness? Because if you think about it, at eight eaters performed in an open space, and everyone is supposed to come? Women, children, young old men, everyone is supposed to come and it's supposed to be performed in congregation. They're supposed to be there as well. Right? And we know that when people are worshipping Allah subhanaw taala, collectively, and what happens? the mercy of Allah descends on them. Unless forgiveness

00:42:10--> 00:42:51

descends on them, his special blessings descend on them. So when Allah blessings His mercy is descending on those people, then why should she be deprived of it? Just because she doesn't have a little bag? Or just because she's menstruating? She should not be deprived of it. She should still go. Well, especially Hydra without without muslimeen fellow mapa de moto maratea now hafsa she's narrating that when Omar Otto yes she came meaning she came to Basra. So basically her sister came. Remember that woman who? Who was talking about her sister. So who was her sister? Omar Thea. She's talking about Omar Lee. All right, and her husband. So when Omar Alia herself came to Basra soil to

00:42:51--> 00:43:38

her house, I said I asked her myself and he she confirmed. Look at the research. She said to her, I asked her a Samaritan Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Did you hear the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say this? Or that? She said b a b now, May my father be sacrificed now? Yes, I did hear what can it and it was her habit who's more likely that let us go through she would not mention the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the corporate b2b, except that you would say, b2b May my father be sacrificed. Samir, to who? Yoku, she said, I heard him saying yehudah article where there were two who do that are the menstruating girls were the ones who do the wet, sort of that and Hadoop sort of hidden,

00:43:39--> 00:44:21

meaning those who are concealed and hidden in the house, they're not allowed to go out, even such girls, they should go out. Or she said I will our word people the word Hadoop, or she said darwaza who are the latter who do they should go out while we are doing also the menstruating women, all of them should go out for what for their eighth prayer while he or she had an inhaler, and they should witness the good without without meaning and the other believers were attends the loo and should stay away who alaria Buddha menstruating women from where and masala the purpose, meaning the menstruating women should just stay away from the prayer place. Why? Because they're not praying. So

00:44:21--> 00:44:59

why should they be in the middle of the prayer place? Because Firstly, it will be awkward for them that they're sitting in the middle and people are standing around them praying. Secondly, they will be disrupting the the rows so they should stay away from their other half so to have said she said for Colton. So I said I think the menstruating women even they should go to the read prayer for Allah to maratea she said Elisa Tasha Dorado further work another worker doesn't menstruating woman not witness out of a meeting if she goes for hutches there. If she goes to her, she's doing everything except for the law. So if she can do that, she can also go to a place of prayer where

00:45:00--> 00:45:31

People are praying Salat three. So in this hadith what do we see that a menstruating woman should go to the place where he has been performed, even though she's not going to pray Salah, but still she can benefit from that gathering. Because you know that after the eight Salah is the hot part, right? So if there is learning in this, then she will meet people, she should feel a need as well. And you see there's no need without the insula. Many times what happens, people go perform their youth prayer, they have some fun, they come back home and they go to sleep.

00:45:32--> 00:46:07

Or then they go to work. So what is it then? It's the prayer. That's the main celebration. So a woman should go and benefit from that. Also, we see from this that other gatherings where people get together other gatherings of benefit a woman should also go there, which is why we see that at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, women would go to his mandalas you know his medallists, where he would be teaching he would be reciting the Quran, they would go and be present at these gatherings and outside of how they will go pray in congregation in the masjid, they will also participate in jihad, they would pray they would go for Juma they would praise the star. So that

00:46:07--> 00:46:41

also of course, so therefore we see that it is liked it is preferred for women to participate in community acts of worship are such activities. It is preferred for her that she should be an active member of the society, she should know what's going on in the community. But unfortunately, women are so kept away from this that they have no idea what's going on. Like she goes out of the house only when she's being buried. Either that or this concept of higher for the young girls, and also the extreme leader that some men have for their women that they don't want them to be exposed to anyone. They don't want anyone to see them. Even if they're covered head to toe, they don't want

00:46:41--> 00:47:29

them to be seen. Yes, it's good to have lira. But it should not be such that a woman has been deprived of the goodness, that if she has an opportunity to learn something, to worship Allah to benefit from a gathering, then she's not allowed to just because of the leader of the men of her family. This is a freedom of women. Bab either How about the Sharon Salah, the healing when a woman menstrual rates in a month? How many periods selesa halen three periods, meaning a woman has three periods in one month, when I use a double and what should be confirmed meaning what should be accepted as true? What does this mean to confirm the truthfulness. So what should be confirmed from

00:47:29--> 00:48:09

who from a NASA or from the women, meaning if a woman says I have had three periods in one month, I have one period in one month, whatever claim a woman makes concerning her period, what kind of a claim should be accepted, what kind of a claim should be considered true, fill highly concerning the halo one family and the pregnancy. If a woman says something concerning her Halo or something concerning her pregnancy, then what kind of claims should be accepted female young Keanu in that which is possible mental health of health, without the light Allah because of the statement of a loss of panel data, whether your healer hoonah, it is not permissible for them and you have to know

00:48:09--> 00:48:58

moholoholo fear of harming another they conceal that which Allah has created in their rooms, meaning this ayah proves to us that when it comes to the matters of haled when it comes to the matters of pregnancy, then a woman's word is going to be accepted. Because in this Iowa do we see it is not permissible for them to conceal, which means that it is necessary for them to let it be known to the whole world. No to those who need to know for example, the husband, for example, the judge, so when it is mandatory for them to let it be known, that means their word will be accepted. Understand, because if her word was not taken, then she would not be left to tell others. So her word is going

00:48:58--> 00:49:41

to be accepted concerning whatever she says about her beard about her pregnancy. But what if a woman says something really religious, but sometimes girls, what do they say I have my period. They have the period one weekend, and then you see them two weeks later, I have my period. Are you praying? No. I have a beard. Are you praying? No, I haven't always they have their period. So should the parents just say okay, you have your period, you have your period. So basically a woman's word has to be accepted for when if a woman says something that's unheard of that's unreal, then will her word be accepted? No. You can't. You won't. There's basically a story behind this issue. Either how

00:49:41--> 00:49:59

that fish out in salata halen Once there was a woman and her husband, they had a problem. So basically, there was a case of divorce, and their case was brought to our little girl. And she said that my husband gave me divorce. And since he pronounced the luck, I have had

00:50:00--> 00:50:38

three periods. Okay, since then how much time has gone by only one month? So three periods in one month. So really helped me learn who he said to Sheree. Actually, who was present over there, he said, equally been a homer judge between them. So he said, Oh, leader of the year is how can I when you are here, meaning how am I supposed to make a judgement? You were supposed to make the decision concerning them? So he said, No, no, you do it. So should they he said, that the statement shall we'll learn later in the web, that if she brings evidence from the close women who are to her that it is possible for a woman to have three periods in one month, then we'll accept her claim. But if

00:50:38--> 00:51:21

no one testifies to this, then we will not accept her claim, you understand? So basically, we see that there are three kinds of claims that a woman can make concerning her periods concerning her pregnancy. One claim is, you know, when she claims something about her head, that is very much possible. She says, I had, I have one beard, in a month, I went straight once a month, I menstruate for eight days, I went straight for 10 days, I went straight for 12 days, I went straight for four days for three days for two days, this is what acceptable, it's normal. So in this case, her word will be accepted as is. But if she says something unusual, like for example, she says that she has

00:51:21--> 00:51:23

had three periods in one month,

00:51:24--> 00:52:08

then in this case, she has to bring evidence, what evidence we learn about that, that the women of that community will testify that yes, this is possible, or, for example, a medical report a medical doctor, you know, they say that, yes, this is possible, evidence is needed. The third kind of a claim is that which is unheard of meaning it's not real. It's not possible. So for example, a woman says, I had three periods in 10 days. Right? The woman says, Yeah, yeah, I had my period. Last week, for three days, you know, I took a bath and started praying. And then I started my period again, for three days. And then I took a bath, I became clean for two days, and I start my period again. So

00:52:08--> 00:52:14

this is my third period of the month. So in this case, will her word be accepted? No, it won't be accepted.

00:52:15--> 00:52:29

All right. Now, when it comes to her Salah her cm, that's her responsibility. You cannot force her to pray, you cannot force her to pass this is her responsibility. But when it comes to legal issues, like,

00:52:30--> 00:52:53

like divorce, then in that case, obviously, the judge has to see now the judge has the right to accept or reject, you understand? based on whether that claim is acceptable, or unusual, or impossible. Alright, so there's three kinds of claims. Now with regards to this issue, three periods in one month, will such a claim be accepted or not?

00:52:54--> 00:53:36

evidence is needed. Okay, because it's kind of possible, but it's very unusual. But the thing is that many scholars have said that there's a minimum number of days of health and minimum number of days of bush. So for example, for health, the minimum number of days is one, a woman may have her period only for one day, it's possible. But the minimum duration of the state of purity between periods, according to some scholars is 10 days, according to others is 13 days, according to others is five days according to others is three. Because he in the matter of it, that's a very serious issue, a woman may be lying, I've had my three periods. She wants to get away, but she hasn't had

00:53:36--> 00:54:16

her three periods. And if the judge says, Okay, if he accepts her claim, and the husband doesn't have the right to take her back, see what I mean. And if the husband was intending to take her back, but she keeps saying, I have my period I my period I am a period in that time, the time is over, then in that case, the marriage is finished. in regular period, or unusual period. Okay, so this topic is not is to hold on, because remember is to how the bleeding is different, the characteristics are different. This topic this Bab deals with, you can say irregular periods, or periods that come too quickly, there's very less time of talk between them. So this is what this

00:54:16--> 00:54:54

topic deals with unusual frequency that for some women, it's 15 days, within 15 years, they have another period for other women, it's 20 days for other women, it's three months. Sometimes it's because of various reasons that you know, the frequency is unusual. So in that case, what should be done. So in the case where it's like this, that it's coming too soon, then in that case, what should be done. Evidence is needed where you've got to honor a lien Why should I have and it is reported as mentioned from earlier, why should that anymore atone This is what the incident is referring to that if a woman just be by Jonathan, if she comes with a clear evidence, member quantity earlier from

00:54:54--> 00:54:59

butanna of her, I heard from her family, and what does butanna refer to the house the closely related

00:55:00--> 00:55:45

Members, right? So close women of her family of the community. If they say women and these women are men, men from those who your body whose Deen is is approved off meaning they are practicing women, they are known for their truthfulness and their honesty. Their Deen is accepted. And they say that uninhabitable Earth and fishermen, that a woman can menstruate thrice in a month, then so difficult, then her claim will be confirmed, it will be accepted. So you understand. Now these people don't have to say that, yes, she did have a beard and we saw no, the testimony that they're giving is that yes, it is possible for a woman to menstruate twice in a month in our family. Yes, this happened to

00:55:45--> 00:56:32

our grandmother, yes, this happened to our aunt, no people say this right, this happened to our distant cousin. So it will be accepted. But if no one confirms, then in that case, it will not be accepted that claim will be rejected. All right. And likewise, if there's medical evidence, that proves the possibility of such an occurrence, then the woman's game will be accepted. But if medically It is impossible, then such a team will be rejected. Well, Colorado and Otto said Accra O'Hare mechanics. Now another issue, that irregular frequency whatever. So he said UCLA across Florida or Kuru, Kuru, remember the meaning of Kuru there are two meanings right? One is the period

00:56:32--> 00:56:59

of purity, and the other is the actual hype. So, her period of purity or her hailed will be mechanics will be as they were before. In other words, her past menstrual veteran will be taken into account will be called Abraham and Ibrahim in a hurry, he said the same thing that her periods will be what they were before. So basically, some scholars, they did not specify a minimum or maximum duration of Hadith. Or

00:57:01--> 00:57:42

some scholars said that no, if she says one day after then her halos begun, it's just three days ahead. There's no other scholars said that no, it's not about the minimum number of days off the hood of hail. This will be judged based on the order of the woman the habit of the woman, the usual pattern, that typically What's her habit? How often does she menstruate for how long how frequently, her habit will be taken into consideration. They said that the periods are what they have been meaning her previous pattern, so her habit will be observed. So if she menstruating for more or less days than the minimum maximum, then it will be considered her high. Meaning For example, She has

00:57:42--> 00:58:29

held for one day, for one day and night, this is her regular habit every month, this is what she has done that will be considered her Hey, likewise, if she has had for three days, and in the middle, she's clean for 10 days, always This is her habit always then this she's clean 15 days she's clean in the middle, then that will be accepted as her other. So basically, you have to know what your habit is, what your cycle is, every woman has to know. And where it is not possible to determine her usual habit because it's always been very unpredictable. Then in that case, what will be seen the usual habit of the women in her family Okay, the big fan of her family. Well, Colorado and Arthur

00:58:29--> 00:59:18

set a halo Yeoman. The hail is gentlemen minimum one day in a home Sasha to a maximum of 15 days. This is the opinion of the member had been handled as well as Rama Shafi that the minimum is of one day maximum is 15 days if it goes past 15 days it is not held it will be considered is to hold and if it comes even for one day, one day of the month, she has bleeding then it will be considered her height, if that is her habit. Okay, if that is her habit? No hanifa he said the maximum duration of beard is 10 days. But the majority of the scholars the other schools of thought they said it is 15 days. Now, the fact is that there is no text of the Quran or Sunnah that mentions the maximum number

00:59:18--> 00:59:22

of days or the minimum number of days of hailed or after

00:59:23--> 00:59:59

why every woman is different, isn't it? And every stage of life is different. As a young girl, a woman may have very irregular periods, but as she grows older, her periods may become different, right? So every woman is different. She's even, I mean, he was asked, Is there a definite number of days for the minimum or maximum length of periods? And he replied, there is no definite number of days for the minimum or maximum length of menses because Allah subhanaw taala says yes, a Luna Guardian Maria Paul, who are other artisans of Nyssa filmer Hilde Mahela is what? As long as it is my hate could be one day could be five days could be 10 days could be 15 days.

01:00:00--> 01:00:40

As long as the woman knows that it is her Marine, then it is very mahube. You understand? So that is what Mohit is there is no minimum or maximum. Yes, sometimes a woman can have twice a month. It's possible, right? It's possible that her next period came too soon. Now some people they specified that there has to be a minimum of 10 days in the middle minimum of two weeks in the middle, a minimum of three weeks in the middle, but the fact is that there is no minimum in the middle. Well, Kalamata moon or an OBE, Sal took no serious he said, I asked, even sitting at about a woman who sees blood burn the career after her purity, meaning she became clean, and she saw blood, within how

01:00:40--> 01:01:24

many days becomes at the end within five days, meaning she became clean after her periods, and five days after she saw blood again. So five days of thought, and her hive began again. So is that how Allah He said, Anissa, Allah will be there. Women are more annoying than that, meaning a woman knows herself best. Now, based on this incident, and the statement, many scholars, they said that if a woman has five days of purity in the middle, even that can be for her meaning that's acceptable. In other words, if she begins a period, five days after her previous period, they will be considered period and not as to how long this was even even me as well, that if a woman has appeared seven

01:01:24--> 01:02:06

days, let's say, five days, she's clean, she starts appeared again, she starts bleeding, again, that reading is not as to how long it is held, as long as it has the characteristics of health, as long as it has the characteristics of health, if it has the characteristics, then it has had some scholars said that no, it has to be 13 days. But again, there's no specification. So because of this reason, what should be done characteristics have to be observed, or there has to be observed these two things clear. So when it comes to irregular periods, what are you going to do them? If it has the characteristics, then it will be period. If it's exceeding 15 days, let's say a woman started

01:02:06--> 01:02:49

reappeared 15 days, it's not ending, then it is as to how the if it's just spotting color discharge, then in that case, it is not period. Why? Because it doesn't have the characteristics of high remember the characteristics, the color, the smell, the consistency, we will learn about that, that if a woman has her head, she becomes clean. And after some time she see some spotting, like it was discussed earlier so far, right? She sees some spotting color discharge, or even a spot of blood, or even a clot for example, then in that case, she will disregard it. We will learn about the report of Omar Leia where she said that they didn't give any importance to such spots. Why? Because it could

01:02:49--> 01:03:03

be leftover uterine lining that was not shared properly. But because it came after the purity, the usual habit, okay, it's outside of the usual habit, that's why it will be disregarded. Okay, but let's say

01:03:04--> 01:03:45

a woman had her period for seven days, she became clean for five days for 10 days for seven days. And what happened she started bleeding again. And that bleeding is not like a nosebleed. that reading is like period, it's not just spotting, its actual bleeding, then that will be considered her hype. And if it's more than one day, definitely held, meaning 15 days she's constantly bleeding. After 15 days, again, she's bleeding then she has to take a bath and start praying. And if she continues to bleed, she will regard that as is to help. I was just reading with all of these, these we read that you know the importance of women of noting down and being careful about your beards.

01:03:46--> 01:04:21

And because she has to pray salah and because we have studied previously that you know the nuts in the and you know it means that it shows me that the right of the husband there's so many things you should know yourself for young girls especially if they have to, you know whether young or old it doesn't matter honestly, you have to record you have to record and once you start recording you will become familiar with yourself and if there's a problem, very irregular then you need help. You need to go to the doctor and when you go to the doctor the doctor will ask you when did you last have your period for how many days so if you don't have an answer, they can't help you much they will

01:04:21--> 01:04:59

have to observe you. It doesn't just affect your deen it affects your body it affects your health. Infertility affects the relationship with the husband as well. So women should be very careful with regards to this. have done a lot of new Abuja in color Henderson Abu sametha Carlos America shanbhag naroda water pot a lot only Abby, r&r Asia and Nevada Binta Abby who batian Sarah Latina via SATA la who already who was sending them a pilot, I should have put over on her narrative that Fatima the daughter of her baby she asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam saying that in need was to hell bufala upou i have is to harbor and I do not become clean. For other salata.

01:05:00--> 01:05:25

Then should I leave the prayer for color so he said law No, in Nevada indeed that is just inner when I can there is Sonata but leave the prayer control a young the amount of days and let the country the heaviness in which you habitually have your help fee her in it so matassini then take a bath was Sally and pray. It's a practical loan would be handy condition to allow it

01:05:27--> 01:05:29

to be like a Solomonic order with the library.