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The importance of worship and staying true to one's values and beliefs is discussed, including the importance of renewing emails and avoiding wasting time in difficult situations. The speaker emphasizes the need for serious worship and a healthy mindset, as well as the importance of not wasting time in difficult situations. The speaker also provides lessons on the importance of morality and avoiding mistakes, and encourages individuals to act like their brother in law.

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In a few minutes in sha Allah, my brothers in Islam, let me share with you any I begin by saying, you know, like every task in life that one finishes, if you had a task in life and you finished it, you learn a lot of lessons from it. Whether it's a business transaction you had with someone, whether it's a lovely matter, it took a few weeks a few days to resolve, you learn a lot from tasks in life.

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And also as Muslims were supposed to reflect on our worship

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all the times and see what can we learn what lessons what life lessons do we learn from our worship, and we have just finished one of the greatest months in the Islamic calendar. And that is the month of Ramadan. It was a love month of fasting, a long month of solar selected totally alone The month of reciting the Quran and making drama with the loss of habitat, you realize that a person's life changes in home alone, altogether from the very beginning of the day, until the end of the day life changes in Ramadan. People get into this routine from the very first few days. And people love it because Muslims love it.

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But we finished Ramadan now. And the question is, what did we learn from

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one of the one of the life lessons that we learned from Ramadan? That is supposed to continue with us after?

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And I'm going to share with you in four points what we learned from Rama, number one, number one first lesson we learned from Ramadan is the importance of worship, the importance of worship in the life of a believer and then worship. Worship is the actual root and life of a believer this is this is his life, it's worship. Why do I say this that no, I shall be a loved one. When she described in the VESA Lavoie that he will send them during the last 10 nights of Ramadan. She said

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that in his arsenal during the last 10 nights of Ramadan, he brought the knife to life he brought it to life. How did you bring it to life by wash by remaining awake the entire night worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala. Therefore what brought his night to life worship. Without worship, a person is dead, because that's opposite the life. Without worship, a person is dead motionless. Nothing here in the heart, it'll be dead, there wouldn't be any effect. It wouldn't connect with its monsters. The whole time isn't the first lesson we learned from blah, blah, blah, that worship is a pathway in life, where I shall be alone in another hobby. She described the Marisa Lavalle your symptoms first

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moment of the day. And the last moment of the day. Imagine nice.

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Every day he slept and he woke up.

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What was the first thing he did? In the first moment of the day he woke up? And what was the last thing he did in the last moment of the day when he went to sleep? I shall be alive and he describes can either on a minute leave you with

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that individual.

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When he woke up at night, and he got up from his wet bed. What's up? He jumped out of bed. He sprung out of bed. You know like today? Today? How do people wake up? Today you get some rubbing his eyes for the next half a minute. Then maybe on his phone checking what messages he's locked. What did he receive, then sitting on the side of the bed for a few minutes. You know, maybe speaking to his wife for another few minutes. before he's up before he's going to make a relaxed attitude. That was a little muscle a lot while he was when he got up at night. What's up, he jumped out of bed while

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he was in the news that the one who wants to reach a muscle

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can't waste a single second cannot waste a single second. So he jumped out of his bed.

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And the first thing he would do is he will start with his swag which is a great worship. It begin with a swag lemma

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says it is a means to a piece of stick. It is a means that also kind of a dialect is pleased with the server.

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It's a purification for the mouth. And it is a means to earn a loss pleasure and love. This is what he would start off with. And he would say

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tener la.

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This is the first words on his tongue.

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When he woke up, what does it mean? 100 is praising a lot. The you and I you know you say it humbly. When you receive a gift in life, when you see a blessing in your life when your wife finally gives birth

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when something goes wrong

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For your

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because he realizes

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that being given one more day to live is a huge blessing. So the first words he says is

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that he gave us life after he had caused death upon us. That who guaranteed that you deserve to live one more day. You have anything in your records, that proves you deserve to live one more day even

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realizes and acknowledges that he doesn't deserve another day.

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So he realizes this is a blessing and a blessing and a favor and a grand gift from Allah for heat and how does he think a lot for this day, he jumps out a bit straighter, swag, strength or sled

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allows him to pay off the night and he proves

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Next, the first moment in the life of the day of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. What's the last moment in the day?

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He says that

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he was in the mood see to her just before he is going to close his eyes and just about just about he sleeps. He says to him

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in 91

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He says, Oh, I

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love to sleep. He says my eyes they take a risk. They close they sleep. But my heart doesn't sleep. My heart doesn't sleep huts connected with a large social meeting and Marisa levada. usnm he sleeps upon a pure intention, upon a good intention. He sleeps upon the colon is part of who he sleeps upon. They know the thicket that you're supposed to say before you sleep. That's how he sleeps on the lower body. So his heart remains a week doesn't sleep. Well, unfortunately, today, the situation today, people today

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Not only are I sleep I have sleeps as well before the I

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how by we're thinking reclining. What are we going to do tomorrow? What kind of work we're going to attend to tomorrow? How am I going to respond to this person tomorrow? What am I going to write up tomorrow? How am I going to quit this job tomorrow? How am I going to go to work tomorrow? You're thinking about these things?

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You have an entire life of worship, you skipped over?

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You seem to be so

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what's the difference? Today,

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getting people back into this, they used to wake up for selected officials for the night prayers with no alarm. There was no alarm. He can get your iPhone out and put an alarm and set it to multiple levels. That option wasn't available. The heart would wake him up, then

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it would wake him up. Today, an alarm and two alarms and three alarms and snooze and press and people still sleeping through solid

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and don't see a big deal. It doesn't matter. Hello, whenever I wake up, I pray that because the heart was asleep, it did not sleep upon a correct and a sincere and a good pure intention. This is why I tested us with this

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for we need to understand blah, blah blah was teaching us that worship is a way of life. You need to be serious in your worship for

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the best of you. Right now we're sitting who's the best among us.

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He says mum

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the one who lived a long life, but not

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Well Hassan Amato and his deeds during these days that he lived with perfected were good. He looked after his worship, he was concerned with his worship to Allah subhanho wa Taala. My brothers and he said, here in this country we live in LA social has given us so many blessings, too many blessings. You can't even count you can't even even if you set the calculate them you cannot allow

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law he led to the count the blessings of a law you cannot match them.

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You will come to a total buy. Why am I saying this sort of the law so he tells us about people that he gave so much. He said

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law is warning and this is a lot to do from these people.

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When he gave them from his blessings, he gave them help. People now in the hospital, they didn't have the

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enjoying right now. He gave them health. He gave them time he gave them money. He gave them work. He gave them as partners he gave them children.

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He gave the peace you live in a country that for peace and security. Sure is there anything more of these

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Blessings to enjoy. What did the How did this person respond to these laws? Oh, God says

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they became stingy does that mean? Meaning they became stingy concerning their time for most.

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They became stingy with a lot of time. A lot of soldiers tells them to engage in worship. I don't have time. I don't have time.

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How? How can a person really say to a lot, I didn't have time for God, I didn't have time for the budget.

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But now things are totally different. I don't have time to come from

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time to come to solo. I'm back into routine for about

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two hours on Facebook, you spend Where did you get these two hours for two hours of WhatsApp every day when you get

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to our surfing and rubbish? Where did you get these hours from the time

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look into the tail into your phone into the log into screen time. It will expose you judge yourself now before a lot of judges you will get this time we come to the last 15 minutes you don't have to come to silicon.

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And the reality is empty today is that it was empty. It's not like it was in the days of

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you're supposed to let him know about the importance of why she came out of

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What gave him so much so that you can give back a muscle much instead

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they became stingy they turned away

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interested in

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what happened as a result?

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with me I can we

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call them liars. He didn't have time.

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This is the biggest lesson you're supposed to learn.

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So you can understand why you're supposed to continue in your work and not fall back

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to your system. He says in the event

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that he then it wears tears and it weakens inside of one of you

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tears and it weakens inside your heart.

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The man is like water continuously you need to drink it's not something you're given in class. That's it you're guaranteed for the rest of your life. Up and down up and down. Now after the body dives down you're supposed to recognize this but you know why we don't recognize it. What have you tells us why we don't recognize it. Because he said

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it weakens inside of you then introduce ourselves is

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that even wears and tears just like clothing just like your dress wears and tears entails. The problem is the addresses on the outside. You know if I was to wear this for another street every day, by the end of that year, something will repeal there'll be discoloring here probably the button would come off. I don't know because it's a dress you're wearing obviously. But you realize people see you

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What's this embarrassment? Go buy a new dress for this

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event that was intense and weekends. Who's gonna point that out to you? No one other than yourself because fish Oh, come inside. This is a disaster.

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It gets destroyed. So what are we supposed to do? These at the end gives you a solution. He says first unusual didn't imagine if you follow Beco ask

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that he renews the event in your heart. This is the solution that you're supposed to find ways to renew the email.

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That's a renewal of email. Attend to

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attend the lesson. Attend the lesson once a week it renews the man.

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Come to select

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15 minutes

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and continue. These are ways in how you renew the event. Memorize

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memorize one of the problems or is it only for a lot of people to memorize it is for all of us. That easy.

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When a week recharges renew the event.

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Otherwise you're just gonna die. didn't do anything to it in the first huge lesson we learned

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is that worship is a way of life, but just about a way of life,

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that if you continue in your worship, you learned that lesson. Lesson number two.

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We learn that repentance is a way of life, to repent to Allah, on a consistent basis is a way of life repentance. Repentance is not only for sinners. Repentance is for everyone. The law socially says woman limited to

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those who do not ask a law for Toba did wrongdoers should be repenting every every moment a lot so he gave us

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and he legislated for a specific way The first thing originate from, you know, the first thing is the domain itself. First thing 30 days is a domain in itself. That's why I'm saying the biggest lesson you learn off is that repentance is a way of life how we stolen How is fasting October

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when Allah subhanho wa Taala created Adam in the paradise. He allowed him to roam in the paradise freely and eat anything he wants, except for one tree eventually dragged around until he got into the street. And he tasted and he ate from the street Adam Alexandra, that was a sin. And as a result because of the sin, which was consuming something as a result

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took him from Paradise to a life of misery on Earth. See, this is the effect of sins. And this is just the sin of eating something.

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He went from Paradise to a life of misery and worrying tests and trials and depression and distress. This is the world we live we live but then Allah subhanho wa Taala Li legislated for every nation fasting as your biggest sin that took you from the paradise to Earth was because you ate something so fast. Fast as a tober from what you ate.

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And this is just eating imagine legit eating the people's money unlawfully

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imagine cheating people in business imagine eating your brother's flesh when you back by and you curse them you swear you slander Imagine that. But just eating something from the tree which has nothing to do with anyone it's just the thing that affects me It got us out of the paradise

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and we were given days to fast from that and if it continues continuous

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how much worse is it when you eat someone's money and in so much flesh? Problem is a normal

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way of life

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is a way of life everyday you make

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everyday you can put your day with adobo

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or you believe was speaking to believers get into your true your claim that you're a believer.

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Save yourself and your family from a fire but the question is how do I save myself and my family from the fire? What's the best way possible to after he says yeah, you know

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you're looking for a means to save yourself and your family from the fire.

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You believe make

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absolute sense Ito everyday you sleep a policy. So that was the takeaway is that you're in good shape when you meet

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everyday day was the fact that you fasted that there was a total mix, the faster that he was adobo for 30 days you're making dollar continuously whether you're aware of it or not, was accepted as a total. And this is why in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam legislated that alpha Ramadan in this month of Shabbat we first six days. Because when you first six days, we form a bar. It's equal to as though you have fasted an entire IE. So that when you stand before law, so there is a possibility that you fasted every day of your life, from your cities. What it is, it's like you fasted every day of your life and fasting is a repentance like you have repented for every day of your life. Don't

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waste this opportunity, which continues. third lesson we learned from Obama is the second last lesson.

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It will move on

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duty during the last 10 days. There was a special worship in the last 10 days 10 nights. That was the worship of decaf tea. You're familiar with what they think of is sleeping

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Imagine 10 days and 10 nights difficult. That's why not a lot of people don't

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sacrifice everything, even your family or your children, sitting the budget, eat whatever the budget provides, it's tough. Showing the facilities that the budget provides for you. People went out of the way.

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But a lot of people did. But now at the end of the period of it, the gap has finished. What do we learn from it? You know, there's something better than advocate,

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advocate. And this is one of the lessons we learned from Obama wouldn't have you solomani He will send them he said, when an ami can leave, he has written

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an article for females he has

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said that for me, to walk with my brother, to assist him in the difficulty he has in life is much better and more beloved to me, than to perform

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in an industry that number one for one month.

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Just to walk with your brother and his sister in his need, not necessarily resolving afraid. That's just the reward you accompanied in your walk with him. He tried your best. It's better than making and performing a ticket for one month in the midst of that novel. How much is it going to cost you to take a ticket now? Go to Medina. Sit in the masjid for one month, organize your food organize whatever it is you have to how much is it gonna cost a lot. All of that. And it's still in its reward, it would equal to just walk in with your brother to assist him. It teaches us that we look after

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30 days we prayed next to each other, we stood next to each other. We broke up fast together. And then all of a sudden you don't know your brother is

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assisting your brother in law can eat any religious needs. needs. You know someone that is in a difficult situation. financial difficulty.

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Doesn't mean he goes he goes money goes to me. adonia goes someone once I was in a in a lesson. And someone asked the question, he said

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to a chef that was teaching us he goes can we ever compete with a Sahaba? Or be like them or better? He said, Are you ready to get up now and give your money to the brother next?

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Then sit down talk tell the companions well? Do you want to you want to compete with them? Do

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you tell him

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build the community? help your community pull out somebody

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he's holding like this.

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He couldn't even pull it out of him.

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He didn't even pay on time.

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What's his attitude? When you want an agenda $100 you can give to someone in need. What

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do you want the paradise it's gonna cost me 100 bucks.

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This is what it's teaching us we look after each other.

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And then the best part of that Huggies at the end of it.

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He says woman Mashallah he he has

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a young

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Yamato sudak them

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and we have worked with his brother to assist him in the difficulty and he solved the very

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last question will will make his foot for the day of judgment when he stands on the soil on a day to Zulu knock them when the feets will be shaking on that day when the legs will be shaking from terror and falling straight into Janna winter Allah has given you focus also you walk on it like there's nothing to worry about. Why? Because one day in this world the life you plan to go all out in helping a brother in his name.

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I'm gonna go all out I'm gonna help him in who

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keeps me firmness when I walked out so I look left and right people are dropping people are shaking when I'm walking in I decided to help on what is it helping your brother in assisting people have debts on their back? It's the biggest problem and worry in their life. What Allah has given you so much. It wasn't difficult for you to say oh look after you finish.

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Now just preserve your lead so you can meet a lot of social and final lesson we learned my brothers in this level we conclude with this.

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One of the biggest lessons you can learn is we see a loss of power what is generosity upon us. Camila we get to know a lot social generosity.

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A lot give us a night that is

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worth more than 1000 months in worship? God?

00:25:05--> 00:25:08

He loves generosity Oh, we didn't even ask for it.

00:25:09--> 00:25:32

We didn't even ask for it. I was looking after our religious matters, our matters of worship. philosophy was so generous with us in our matters of worship, which is the most important thing you have in life. What do you do you assume that you will be much more generous with you in matters of both the life that are ridiculous, that are nothing

00:25:33--> 00:25:35

like gave this to anyone who wants

00:25:36--> 00:25:45

to worship anything. There's people sitting among us now that Allah has added into the good deeds account, a lifetime of worship,

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generous government.

00:25:51--> 00:26:05

Even in the US for most generosity upon you, we all sorted. The Knights in the days didn't go to waste. But then they didn't go to waste. Gave us not two times, three times 1000 month

00:26:06--> 00:26:15

journey, something that cannot be calculated. This is why I don't like reading is equal to 83.3. What are you doing? What are you calculating?

00:26:18--> 00:26:22

you're calculating exactly what a lot is giving you better than that.

00:26:24--> 00:26:26

You don't have to sit down and calculate what he's given you.

00:26:27--> 00:26:32

Don't worry about reserves, can you make a tally about your sins?

00:26:34--> 00:26:41

Have you asked repentance and Toba from each and every single one of them? Have you taken someone's right unlawfully or give it back? That

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was generous. This is why I shall be a love on her. She says

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she says I'll be alone.

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ask for everything the sheets are asking for she's on WhatsApp. It's a shoelace. Ask a love for everything. Even if it's a shoelace. We can even any. In the past. When people wanted salt in their food, they would ask the last

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piece she said Why? She said for in no elimu your civil law. Let me

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ask a law for everything even if it's a shoelace. Because if a man doesn't make it possible, no one will make it possible at the end of story. If a lot doesn't make it possible, and he doesn't grant your request, no one will be able to do anything for you.

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I was generous. You want something ask along then run to the people first. It's good luck to the people who ask for assistance take by means no problems. But ultimately your relationship with the Lord must be bigger than anything. Ask him when you're in a problem you ask a lot. So

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you know sorry. He said when he ended up in the belly of the whale. He can imagine that it's like the bottom of darkness. Pitch Black in his life. He reached rock bottom in his life.

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No one had the means to help him. He didn't have the means to help him. ownself

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he made it

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mean he wasn't worried about his problem. He was worried about his relationship with Allah as a result of law safety. He asked what asked him he has asked him to relieve you from your burdens from your worries. I'll give you

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every Muslim dreams to be

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imposed versus destiny.