Daood Butt – Names of Allah Al-Waasi

Daood Butt
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said I'm ready to walk you over to counsel

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Allahu Akbar Allah

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me Nina Hi

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I Shall I add one

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in hamdulillah Muhammadu monastery you know what is still federal whenever we will be learned even surely and fusina woman say er Dr Molina my ESP Lagu fella OB Lana warmer you Berlin further the

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pedestrian will

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in LA more wider moolah Cherie Keller wanna shadow and Mohammed unnamable who are soon some Allah already he was only he was so happy he was Salim taslim and Kathy are

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rebuildable who see Komodo FCB top over here as our gel come up all along with some Hannover winter Allah vanderloo bilLahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Yaga you have nurse in Telugu rapa como la de Caulerpa MINDEF Singh Wahida Wirkkala come in has Jaha forbath Amin humare, Jan and Kathy are one is

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what tabula let eaters know Luna V will or harm in Allah can RNA con rocky Eva, my brothers and sisters, I'm going to requests that you move towards the front and fill in any gaps that are just immediately in front of you. So if you find an empty spot, just move forward in sha Allah. Let's try to

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use our space wisely to Zakouma local Chiron and then you can just be seated.

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Today we learn about another one of the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala Adam, that I feel is really really important for us to discuss throughout this month of Ramadan.

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The name of Allah so agenda we will cover is a last year

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I was here

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the vast one, the one who is most VAs encompassing everything

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and Allah subhanho wa Taala as a worse era. We see that even in the

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The life we live in this space we're given like the space within the massage as well. We don't have that much space, we are limited and Allah subhanaw taala is not limited. And so even when we come closer together to try to fill in the gaps, we can learn about the names of Allah subhanho wa taala, even in that and be reminded that Allah is Allah said that we are meant to be squeezed. We are meant to feel a little bit of pressure and tension or tightness in our lives. Because Allah subhanaw taala is I was here. Now this name of Allah, Allah was here, the vast one comes in the Quran multiple times you will see it in many places in the Quran.

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Allah subhanahu wa Jalla is and was here, sir, is of course vast in his attributes, and in his descriptions, anything to do with Allah, that you could think of you think of it in abundance, you think of his forgiveness in abundance, you think of Allah subhanho wa Taala as you know, being great, do you think of him being really great, not just great, but supreme, and so vast in every aspect, all of His Names, all of his attributes, all the descriptions that you could think of with that are related to Allah subhanho wa Taala and what is connected to him. And even when it comes to praising Allah subhana wa Tada. We can't praise Allah enough.

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And we can't praise Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, as best as we expect to or as best as we want to. And therefore we look towards the example of how Allah praises himself.

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And we do that. So for example, Allah Subhana Allah says Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen ur Rahman Al Rahim, Maliki Ahmed Dean. We don't know how to praise Allah better than the ways he has praised himself. And so that shows that because he's so vast, we really don't know how or what to say when we are praising Allah subhana wa we praise him as he praises himself. And that is the best way to praise Allah subhanho wa taala. Now Allah subhanaw taala is a lessor and vast in every aspect, when you think of his might, he is extremely mighty. When you think of his authority, or his kingship, Allah subhanaw taala is vast in authority. He looks after everything Allah is looking after. For

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example, if we think of our own selves, right, think of ourselves first, especially as a husband, right? You might be a husband, or even more a father, who you now have someone else and others to look after. Right? You're looking after yourself financially, physically, spiritually, educationally, mentally, you know, you're looking after food, clothing, shelter, transportation, safety, so many things that you're looking after for yourself.

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And then you have to look after that for your spouse. And then you have to look after that for your children. And included in that we're looking after our parents and included in that we're looking after our siblings and included in that we're looking after our neighbors and included in that we're looking after our children. And so when you think of it, the responsibility that falls on the shoulders of every single believer, man or woman is huge. But Allah subhanho wa taala, in his kingship is vast.

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He's looking after everything. And more than we can even think of the beating of the heart, the pain in the body. The sights in the eyes, the hearing in the ears, the taste on the tongue, the smell in the nose, right? The discomfort you know, sometimes when you take a shower and you go to sleep and your hair's a bit damp and you wake up in your hair, you know changed its hairline or the natural, you know, way that you typically comb your hair, you feel a little bit discomfort, Allah is looking after everything, everything, even the way the hair is growing. And when the hair stops growing, and when the nails grow, and how much they're going to grow. Allah subhanaw taala is looking after

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everything things we can't even think of.

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So he's vast in that aspect. His mercy, His grace, His perfection, his generosity, his honor, ALLAH SubhanA which Allah is Allah sia and even when you think of this name, Anwar seer, it like flows and covers everything. But let's take some examples. We'll take three examples in sha Allah. Allah Subhana Allah says, What CIRB Galusha in Noreen

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Asada that

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on with regards to the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala what's the Aquila che in their EMA everything falls under the knowledge or in or within the knowledge of Allah Subhana Allah to have everything. There is nothing that goes except that Allah subhanho wa Taala is aware of it. Even the things that we feel at times, no one knows. You know, sometimes you get frustrated and you say no one cares. A lot cares. And who is here, here's

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when you think to yourself, no one understands what I'm going through. No one understands my pain. And a lot of the time it's at the loss of a loved one.

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And we tell ourselves, no one knows what I'm going through a one knows. And this is why it's important for us to turn to Him, especially in the dead of the night.

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In the middle of the night, or even better in the last third of the night, when everyone is cozy in their beds when everyone is sleeping when everyone is saying Alhamdulillah I'm remembering Allah on my pillow. You get up we as believers rise, and we stand before Allah subhana wa Tada and we pray to Him, and we raise our hands and we ask and we beg of Allah Subhana Allah to hat because he knows and if you remember Allah at a time when no one is remembering Allah. Think of the rewards and think of how much you're being singled out. Allah asks the angels which one of my servants is asking from me?

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Which one of my servants is asking from and the angels mentioned us by name to Allah subhana wa Tada. So his knowledge encompasses everything.

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The example of the Mercy of Allah subhana wa jalla wa Rahmatullah USCIRF Ganesha Ye, what are the T what's the hatch coalition?

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The Rama the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala. And like I said, this is the name of Allah that we need throughout this month of Ramadan, the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala is fast. Don't ever think that Allah will not forgive you? Don't ever despair. La Tekna to me Rahmatullah Allah says Don't despair of the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tad, don't think it won't come to you. There is no sin on the face of this earth that Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna is willing to forgive, accept ship. But as believers Alhamdulillah we try our best to stay away from that, which means that everything else other than ship that you can possibly think of.

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And trust me, there's a lot of really bad things out there. Allah subhanaw taala can still forgive you

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and wants to forgive you and asks you to come to him seeking forgiveness. What are meant to us yeah to coalition. Which brings us to the next example. The third example is the example of the forgiveness of Allah subhana which at its mercy is vast. His forgiveness he says enough, Becca was enrolled in a mobile funeral. In North Dakota is your minimum feel very the your Lord is vast is great is all encompassing in his forgiveness. So there's nothing that we should feel shy, to come to a loss of Hannibal with data with hamdulillah it's a blessing that we as Muslims turn to Allah when seeking forgiveness, and we don't turn to someone else. We don't go to someone to confess our sins,

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we go to ALLAH SubhanA, which Allah begging him. And you will, you will know, if you simply sit every single one of us if we sit and think and ponder over the times in our lives, that we've done things that we regret, and how Allah has flipped that completely upside down, how he's taking it away from our our memory unless we actively try and find it in our minds, how he has removed it from the memory of those that may have been affected by it, how he's brought love and joy and happiness between you and whoever else we may have harmed. Allah subhanaw taala completely takes care of that for us.

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So never underestimate the power of us here who only had our stuff in law for Sophia was one of our former.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Allah they were too limited in what Sally will sell him or identity he'll get him on a phone so that to Atlanta, Salim America, my brothers and sisters, two more things in shot a lot of data that we'll cover in this second half of the football very, very quickly in VR.

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Every well known to every single one of us is that Allah subhana wa Tada will never test us with something that we are unable to handle. He does not burden His servants with anything that we cannot take that we cannot withstand. And he says law you can leave for long enough son in law was Sarah, this name of Allah Allah was here you'll find it in this in this verse was to haha la you can leave for more who nevsun Illa WUSA, Allah subhanho wa Taala does not burden us with something that we can't handle and he is there to help us and assist us in everything. Nothing is out of his knowledge. So don't ever feel as though life is too difficult. It's meant to be hard. There are

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meant to be challenges. Like I said in the example of us moving forward. When we came closer at the beginning of the football and filled up the gaps. We are meant to feel a little bit of squeezing in our lives, that's normal, but with a little bit of pressure, you'll find that as soon as you walk through the doors as soon as we leave the doors, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada opens the world up to you.

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So a little bit of hardship for a little bit of time, throughout the very short clip that we listened to in the Salah. Afterwards, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada opens up the world to us and we feel happy. And lastly, my brothers and sisters, when Ramadan comes around, and we feel like it's getting too difficult to continue in the Riba we feel like it's too hard. We feel like I can't keep up with all the other Muslims that it seems like they're all going to the masjid and they're all praying all night long and they're all fasting and they're all reading a Joseph the Quran today and they're all doing this other kinds of and they're all everyone's doing everything and you feel to yourself like

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what what's wrong with me? Why am I so weak that I can't do what everyone else is doing? Remember Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, For at number two well LUFA Mojo law, wherever you turn, you will find Allah subhanho wa Taala waiting ready for you to give him in some type of a rebound. So don't feel as though when you're tired and you're exhausted and you're taking a nap, but you are falling short and you are like the person in the community who is unable to give no lay down, take a break, get some rest. But just move your tongue and do some vicar as you're laying down.

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Any little good deed any little action that you try to give to Allah Subhana Allah for his sake and his sake alone. Allah subhanho wa Taala accepts and rewards abundantly. So don't think you have to go way out of your your comfort zone are way out of what you're able to do, and burn out. And this is the time throughout the month of Ramadan that most people burn out, nearing the middle 10 days of the month. So my brothers and sisters turn to Allah as you can, as best as you can. And don't criticize those who you see finally coming to the masjid. You hear this people saying Oh finally you came to the masjid. Right? Oh, now we see you. We see you during Ramadan. We don't see you

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throughout the year, and Hamdulillah we see them Alhamdulillah there in the masjid. Alhamdulillah they're turning to Allah, why criticize that? Embrace it, encourage it, motivate them and motivate yourself. Think to yourself Subhanallah and ever thought that this sometimes we think to ourselves, a relative of ours a friend. You think to yourself because of what they've done in their lives. You'd never see them in the masjid and then you find them in the masjid. So it makes you wonder the drastic change that they've made the drastic sacrifice they've made to come to Allah subhanaw taala Have I made that?

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Find the weakness in you don't find the weakness in someone else. Find the weakness inside of ourselves and turn to Allah with strength. Seek motivation from our brothers and sisters who we see turning to Allah even if it's throughout the month of Ramadan, and then we don't see them again. Hamdulillah we encourage to continue, but find the motivation for ourselves in what's happening in the month of Ramadan.

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We conclude by sending decent blessings upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran that he and his angels do in Raha one murder in Quetta, we also Lunarlon Debbie, you hold any terminal saltwater you are certainly more just leave and what was funny was telling me about account so you know what, Amina Mohammed right earlier somebody was sending a long as Islam only was seen a lot more often than our hometown was up now we're having our Vatican FET and you know, with neon al but I mean, a lot of metacarpal Minervini. Shut on Mubarak. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, from a marketing

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Allah please make it easy for us to come to you throughout this month of Ramadan with whatever little actions or great actions that we can do. Allah Please grant us the strength to be able to continue to contribute towards worshiping you day and night. Alba please make us from amongst those that even within Emerson

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We are sleeping in your a god worshipping you going to sleep in the ways that are shown to us through the sun that Muhammad Sallallahu either you are setting them down Allah please have mercy on the entire Ummah yeah Allah all those that are suffering and struggling and going through hardship in different parts of the world. We asked you and we beg for you to remove the hardship from upon them you know Allah Please grant us to all those that are suffering and struggling yeah Allah we have food we have water we have drinks we have tastes and flavors that we enjoy every single night. Now Allah there are so so many souls so many human beings and worshipers of yours that don't even go

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to bed that don't have rice that don't have even the taste of grain and sand to go to sleep with at night. Yeah Allah we know very well that there are people that are mixing sand and soil in with flour in order to make some bread to feed themselves and feed their family young love these make it easy for us to feed them with the fruits and with the flavors and the foods that we enjoy throughout the month of Ramadan and nearby living in the line where we likely will so anyway even for Bowie and new Thrasher even one category belly yarns are from Lila contessa Corona with Kalani of Coco with the ruble yesterday Lakhan political Allahu Akbar Allah

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the level that

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I should do a line item,

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line item I should run Muhammad

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Muhammad was over last week

Friday Jumuah Khutbah – April 8, 2022

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