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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the struggles of men in Canada with mental health and racism, including racism and mental health issues. They emphasize the importance of taking action and listening to others' needs, as well as the need for everyone to practice patience and deal with their the hearts of their loved ones. They also mention the importance of learning from others and practicing patience.
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we'll see

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we're gonna come in as

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well, that's ready.

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Canada, are they?

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Brothers and sisters, the

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most common ones are Anna

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Sheree surely testing us

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not only on a monthly basis on a weekly basis on a daily basis, and in fact every single minute tests are

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harder or more challenging for things that men are not aware of many of us were not used to dealing with or didn't expect to have to deal with.

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We see that throughout the week, something

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none of us expected would have happened here. or none of us would have noticed notice at the world not already been standing on their own two feet as human beings standing for justice, standing for what is right, speaking out against injustice is speaking out against what is wrong.

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And we spoke about what happened south of the border. Now that's of course affects us here in Canada as well. In terms of racism, what what we saw was one

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Our Muslim Brothers

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was suffering from mental illness. And his family had called for some assistance, as anytime we would typically call an ambulance, or the hospital, call their doctor. And many of us sitting here I know, this is something that's common in our own families as well. I personally have dealt with it. Many of you have probably dealt with people within your family, relatives, friends, who need help and assistance, we call the hospital we call the paramedics and they get sent to, you know, get some medical attention. What happened to brother he does,

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of course, the father of also kind of want to add, also something that teaches us as human beings, there are mistakes that are being made, there are changes that need to be made within us. And every Friday, almost every single,

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almost every single one of you will mention at the end of their football that I am

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says in the wall here.

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What do you do when

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you're in Drupal seven.

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And when we hear this, and I'm sure for most of us, we memorize this idea. It's an

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idea. It's such a common verse. We've heard it so many times. But the message is so powerful. There's a reason why we decided to we mentioned it every once

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in a while, that's very long, yet we will be back imagine a loss of

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a man's just

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what does it mean to prevent justice,

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if we look at the rest of the economy to enter then says

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he commands justice, he commands grace, as well as being courteous or having courtesy to our close relatives.

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Which means my brothers and sisters that justice is not just something we see we search for out on the streets, it's not something that we try to find any scope and empower others with justice is something we should have within us as well. Our members need to be dealt with.

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Our relatives need to be dealt with in a proper way. And for the most part, I can tell you, my brothers and sisters for the last three or four days, I did not expect to do more than three hours of counseling. And I did more than eight hours of counseling every single day for the last few days. Because of the problems that we are finding,

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because of the issues that we are going through in our own families,

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and especially more so because we are all stuck at home, and wife and father and mother and children together and the frustration coming out and also

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in the

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and to have

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soft spots towards your relatives towards those who are within our homes. And one of the reasons why we find that we are not talking about mental health specifically is out there as a disclaimer, because if we are to generalize everything that would be wrong. If we are talking about those who are not suffering from any kind of mental illness that are

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just coming angry and furious and frustrated because of their current situation and circumstances, it's time to take a

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break. We'll see you in the second part.

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Our brothers and sisters

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life is too difficult. It's because we let it get that way.

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We ourselves reach a point.

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We now know what to do before we reach points. Today's reminder is take a step back and calm down.

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do some exercises and

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go for a one hour conference on the long run.

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He was someone that was very physically active. Many of us work. But we don't do enough of that. We don't do enough exercise.

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And the endorphins are not released within our bodies. and stuff, we feel confused, we feel trapped. We don't know what to do, and we don't know where to go. And most of

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us will

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talk to a friend. take a day off, spend some time with our phones, stay away from social media, let the brain relax. Let the mind be this isn't for everyone else except for those who matter.

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And even more importantly, the basket person sisters.

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Develop a connection of Watson.

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Patients through a connection

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established our prayers. Easy enough.

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We see something amazing. Instead of saying something bad or something that may not be great.

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And it turned into a lots of

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times when you feel great.

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And sisters want to learn every single one of us to remember those in our communities who have passed away. We all know

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so many of us

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who was the founder of our PA school as well as the Institute, his father passed away yesterday

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was in Pakistan, and within as it was fascinating Karachi. So please do remember.

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Remember everyone else as well. Remember your family. Remember your relatives remember close who passed away your grandparents. Very good you we make for our grandparents. We ask

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energy, mental strength and success

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seems to make us

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more efficient. That's what most of

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us to be people of justice, who instilled justice in us.

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practice patience to deal with the hearts of

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those whose hearts are working towards our loved ones. Our neighbors best

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practices tend to get

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Walking up