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So if you could stay on

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a sheet Yes, I am

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Mr. Steve.

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Steve Good

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to see you want to meet up as always What did you say I didn't hear you

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want to

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discuss certain issues?

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Yes. So I'm here almost every prayer Fridays are busy but if you want some time on the weekend, maybe Sunday after the home

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office on here

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I can laughter after summer.

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adopt restroom

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you us

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in the hamdulillah monastery

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whenever we learn really truly and fusina women psyche at the marina but you have to be in love with a

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woman you blame

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mama you can punish

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some more of a URL early he was he was an industry when we can heal. Are you going to the wall? We'll see. Come on. FCB Come over here.

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Come on baba baba Sousa Hana more data than the Ruby learning in a shape on your body. This means

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that walking yeah yohannes in 10

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minutes, Sima

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wahala coming

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with me to manager and carry on when he's a double model editor.

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In the wall, how can I lay

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my brothers and sisters today we learned about the name of a muscle cannaboids Allah and heavy

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and unhealthy. So we know very well. What a half is, is when we say that someone is a copy of the Quran. They are not only someone who has memorized the Quran, but they are someone who preserves and protects the Quran. And so I have for you the name of Allah.

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cannaboids Allah is the one who protects and preserves the heavens, the sky is the earth. And he looks after all of their functions, and unhappy he also is the one who records everything that happens throughout all of the creation, including, and most, especially us as human beings. so unhappy. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, what a bouquet I couldn't be shaking Have you that your Lord is upon everything, preserving it, protecting it. So how does this apply to us? Let's look at the first part in short, a long time. So the name of Allah is broken down into two parts. The first part is that I have these records, the deeds of all of the human beings, all of the creation, everything

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that happens, that moves is all being recorded and has already been written. And I have these knows every single thing as well. So he knows what we are going to say. And he knows what we do say, he knows what we intend to do. And he knows what we end up doing. He knows what we are thinking, he knows what we are feeling. He knows our actions where we go, and where we

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hide from others, or what we hide from others. And he is aware of everything. And so not only is he aware, but he preserves that think of it as

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a simple example for us to try and understand it's not equating or saying that this is equal to a loss of data, whether you love or it's not. But in order for us to try and understand Think of it as a hard disk, that is recording everything on your Google timeline. When you go to your phone, and you check your timeline, and you say where was I on January 6 2018. And you open it up, and it shows you exactly where you were, who you were with, or how long you stayed in that place at that position, and how you got there, and where you went after that. And the rest of time as well as reported there. And so unhappy is is not just aware of what we're doing and where we're going. He is

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preserving and protecting all of that. And so that's one thing that we need to keep in mind that all of what we do will not come up bukan as CEO, or mazzucato. China does not forget any of what we do, where we go. And what's happening, that preservation that

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you think of the 3.5

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floppy disk that we used to use back in the day, our children have no idea what we're talking about, right, the 3.5 floppy disks that you would put in your computer back in the day. And then we got larger ones. And then we got CDs and DVDs and blu ray. And then we got little USB, you know, USB, whatever you will call there are

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some drives, right? And so kind of I see some of the children looking around at their parents thinking What is this? We don't know what he's talking about? This doesn't make any sense. Those things that we had recorded if you had pictures on a 3.5 floppy disk? Where are those pictures today? Can you access them, you might need to go and find a computer or buy something in order to be able to use that drive and to receive or take out those pictures. But now, as time goes on, we don't use that anymore. So what happened in the past may be lost but with a month Nothing is lost. Everything is preserved. Everything is protected. Everything is being kept in record. And almost

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kind of what China has angels we've recorded. We know very well but what's happening to Allah says we're in April Mila you been here on

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TV and

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on the angels, what's kanatal appoints Kelvin Cathy been to write down the good and to write down the bad and to preserve all of the details of our lives so that when we stand before us on the Day of Judgment, we will have to give accounts for our money or Buddha probably stole from us.

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also send me more I'm gonna be heavy in LA Posada massage.

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So that was the first part of unhappier trying to understand his name trying to understand it.

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qualities, try to understand our Creator, that nothing goes without the knowledge of a law. And he preserves and protects everything. The second part of understanding and heavier is that he is protecting and looking after the earth, and the skies, the heavens. Everything that happens on earth is being looked after by a wall. The sun doesn't bump into the moon, like there's a traffic jam in the sky.

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The skies don't fall down upon us, as Allah tells us, he's holding them up for us.

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The clouds don't come and hit the ground and shake it and break it. They follow through with the command of Allah. The earth provides water for us provides oxygen for us provides food and nutrition for us through growing up produce, and to whatever animals walk this earth. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and Javi is looking after this perfect and beautiful planet that you and I might think we contribute towards Yes, we do. But ultimately it is Allah who's taking care of everything. And so when we look after this world, Allah preserves it even more for us. And when we destroy this world, Allah makes it such that its destruction harms us. so unhappy is taking care of everything that

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happens around us. in unison, the decrease in the level

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of muscle can which is also mentioned some of the things on this earth that he is protecting, not only the skies and the earth, but within this earth. Allah has given us and granted us the program. And he says that he is the one who preserves and protects discipline. How many times have people tried to distort the Quran, like the Bible was distorted or changed or you know, misinterpreted? How many times were many of the books of the past changed yet before and has yet to be changed and will never be changed? Because Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, in the neck, Lunas zelner dechra were in the moolah happy that he brought it down, and he is the one who protects it. And how does he protect

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it by many, many, many ways. First of all, the half of the book and in fact even before the half of the book are low hanging fruit, it's being protected and preserved, it was written then was can we had it preserved it through the angels God knows the Quran then was given to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and to us as human beings and we preservative protected, some of us know similar to 30 others know that it's okay for found out a book of the US How do you feel some of us are happy, and I know from the beginning until the end, and Allah subhanho wa Taala uses us not only to preserve the words of the Quran, but as Muslims, even if we haven't memorized the old Quran, because

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we read it and we learn it and we are taught it, we may not be a hafted but as Muslims and as meaning as believers, we live according to the Quran. So Allah is preserving before and through us in our submission to Allah in following through with the plan. Now the this aspect of unhappy of the world, the skies and everything in between Allah Subhana Allah breaks this up into two different parts. Now, there's the general aspect of preservation, for example, air food, water, which we've touched upon, and then there's this specific, which is specific to the believer.

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And happy is looks after you and I,

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as believers who

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worry about the finances, we worry about the family, we worry about life we worry about parents, we worry about children, we worry about school, we learn about grades we worry about, you know all the things that that affect us in life. But we know that if we submit to Allah,

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in our Salah, in our fasting in our zecca in our Hajj in all the aspects of the deen that Allah Subhana Allah said to us through Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when we submit to a wall, a wall takes care of everything else.

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You worry about work and you work hard to get money alone will make it such that there's markup and earnings. We worry about food, am I going to be hungry at the end of the day, Allah makes it such that a neighbor brings you food to eat. We worry about safety and security and shelter and health, health care and Allah makes it so that somehow we receive what is due for us. That is the power of heavy

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So use this table for what to call upon him whenever we are in need.

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We conclude by sending Peace and blessings upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam as a loss of counterterrorism in the law

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of saloon and that Lily yeah you are learning to Allah you are sending notice Lena a lot Muslim yourself Sallam are very sad you know and you know the guy that he was somebody or something along those exam Are you sleeping a lot more than our our should never have you know, a lot more than a few did in our DNA Allah but Allah, Allah

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Allah saw the higher upon walking in your conference make it easy for us to submit to you in the ways that you showed us through the brand and some of them are 100 some of our and even some of them Yeah, well please make us forward. Those who preserve this deed and act upon it in the ways that you've shown us to the sooner Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah please make it easy for us to be from amongst those who memorize the Quran and learn as much as we can from it and implement it in our lives and teach it to others elbow peacemakers from amongst those who preserve and protect our children upon Vietnam and Islam. Ultimately, you are the one who will preserve and protect them

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whether through our lives or after we left this world. Yeah, well please keep our children upon email. All of these keep our children upon this elbow, please make it easy for them to be exemplary individuals and people who show the strength of Islam through their actions, their words and their submission to you. You're welcome to make it easy for you for us to follow through with what the prophet SAW the longer it was some of the shoulders which is the best way of life to get through this world and to transition in practice the highest levels of Paradise have been in the body a little bit I'm really excited about waiting

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for the room.

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this picture is so called

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here what we need

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to do

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Sydney on the road

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every year

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so here on the wall

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sent out on a forklift

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the center

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Okay, so if I could just request everyone to just stick around for one minute inshallah we do have our MP out of Vancouver in here will address us just for a minute. And we do welcome you Sorry I probably become the tree.

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So I'm I can't thank you very much

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thanks to see everyone feel on time iccm August challenges, I don't have much to say hello. And I just want to acknowledge the Muslim Masjid community was the first to step up over the past two years. It's extraordinarily challenging time during COVID-19. I want to thank you for your generosity, and your eagerness to support each other and various other communities here in Milton has been extraordinary. And it's been the honor and privilege of my life to serve during this very challenging time. I know that you have

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a decision to make in the coming weeks, and I don't take your support for granted. Two years ago, we made a big change here. And I'm grateful for that. But I want you to know that I'm here to earn your support by knocking on your door chatting with you and your family and answering your questions. And I also like to say that in the past parliament, I was given the privilege of being the Parliamentary Secretary for diversity inclusion,

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which allowed me to work on all of our federal government's anti racism initiatives, including organizing, organizing Canada's first ever summit to combat Islamophobia. Just about a month and a half ago, that work is just beginning. We are tabling anti hate legislation as soon as we're back in Parliament, and fighting Islamophobia, discrimination and racism of all times is a top priority for me if I get back to Ottawa, and if I'm fortunate enough to be reelected, you can count on me to stand up for your family and our community here in Middleton, to ensure that that work is ongoing. We need to invest in mental health, we need to invest in support for communities need to invest in

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services and programs to ensure that

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everybody is taken care. So thank you for the opportunity to speak please don't ever hesitate to reach out if I can be of service or to answer any of your questions. Thank you very much.

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Just like worth one minute.

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30 Yeah.

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Set out