Daood Butt – Friday Jumuah Khutbah – September 11, 2020

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of honesty and truthfulness in protecting one's rights and bringing events to the world. They also touch on the impact of recent events on Muslims, including the implementation of shoulder shoulder bills and the migration to their city. The speakers stress the need for small examples to show the truth and emphasize the importance of honesty in protecting one's own rights and bringing events to the world. Finally, they touch on the acceptance of their philosophy and how they made people aware of their suffering.
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Whenever we learn

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to sing

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when you

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want to learn

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when I say

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some of

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you are

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not alone we'll see

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in a shape on

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was gonna come in

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we're gonna reach

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my brothers and sisters, the profits of a Walmart he was said in an authentic hadith is narrated to us.

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He says

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a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when you have seen that honesty is lost, that waits for the Day of Judgment, wait for the outcome. So, the profits of the one where it was something was asked what

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what is meant by this? What do you mean by when honesty is lost, then the day of judgment will come as in you will see that they're coming with the day objects which will happen very quickly. And so, the profits are lower and ecosystem sense, either

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way, the fundamentals.

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He responds to this

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and he tells them,

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when authority is given to those who do not deserve it, then wish to be

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as in the end of time is

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what is this indicating to us veterans and sisters, the importance of honesty, the importance of being truthful, the importance of not only being honest with human beings, but being honest with the loss of cannabinoids. Being honest with oneself, being honest with ourselves, with our,

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with our, with our

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even honest with our dealings and spending and earning, be honest with every single element and aspect of our lives knowing fully well.

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So honesty within itself is not simply just being honest to another human being. It is respecting every aspect of being a human being. And instead,

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knowing that the time will come, we'll have to get an answer to what we have to what we have brought forth for more

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than once when we were talking about what's the importance of honesty, why is that significant? Today, I want us to take another example. And it's the example of Jaguar in a vehicle. For those of you who remember the story of the migration to our city, when the Sahaba migrated to the SR, which is known as Ethiopia,

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was speaking or communicating with an adjuster, Nick is the one who was put in charge, he was the king of their land. And it was also a very well known Christian geographer, he

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was explaining to him the disease of the Arabs in traditional times, and how they came out of Gemini from a time of ignorance to a time of goodness. And he was put in a very difficult situation for those of you who know the story, you know very well.

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Well, he quoted verses from Swan, ammonia.

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And that hit the heart or penetrated the hearts of an objection. To the extent that even though he didn't submit and accept or embrace itself, at that point in time, he was sympathetic towards those things, because of the respect to money. Um,

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what was the importance of that lesson is honesty.

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Even if, even if

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he could have said something else, to twist the story, or to say something about the voyage, or to say something bad about cruciform, he chose not to. And he spoke the truth. And he quoted.

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And he stood firm, believing

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up with random women's rights and what is true.

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Brothers and sisters, honesty is a part of our lives every single moment of the day, as we'll see in the second part of this football.

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Coming to the

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my brothers and sisters, on the topic of honesty, Today is September 11. Our children who might be less than 20 years old, or even 25 years old, have no idea what September 11th really means or how it impacted us, regardless of where we lived on earth. And I was having this discussion earlier today with my wife, and she was like, okay, it's been 19 years, maybe we shouldn't talk about September.

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As in, don't just forget about it, but maybe bring something new, something relevant. When I told her he said every single Muslim was affected by this incident, every single Muslim was targeted for years after that. Every single Muslim felt as though the world was crumbling or squeezing them and they felt like something was wrong,

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especially those who were here in this part of the world. And I remember specifically, after September 11, I got accepted to go studying Medina. And every single time that I was flying back and forth between Canada and Medina, somewhere along the line, I would get saltwater.

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And the question

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gets us, right, and they start questioning you and asking you things. And I remember the importance of honesty, the importance of speaking the truth, because the truth will always prevail. It will always come out it will always be known to human beings. And I've also kind of how to protect those who are truthful to themselves.

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And so my brothers and sisters, in teaching our children the importance of honesty. You'll see how today Muslims have proven themselves, not that we needed to, but because we stuck to our principles, we did what was great. We didn't abandon a lot we didn't abandon the sooner we didn't abandon. We didn't abandon

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ways we stuck to what we knew was right to what was true of us to show us and show the world who we truly are.

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But it starts with small examples.

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How many times are we at home in the rooms?

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Our children answer is, and a parent says to their child, just tell them.

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That's not being honest. And so why?

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How many times does that happen when someone rings the doorbell, and we don't want to open the door to them. And sometimes the parents will

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let them go in.

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How many times when people tried to reach out to us for something and we make an excuse, so we'd like to say, I'm sorry, at this point in time, I can't help you know, I'm financially strapped, whereas we're planning to go and spend a lot of

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our children see how dishonest we are with ourselves. And if we don't change ourselves, they will embrace that way of life.

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And that means embracing this.

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And that it's okay to lie.

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And it's okay to tell us and it's okay to make other people think something differently about us continue to see, we ask a lot of

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Peace and blessings.

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as you

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to forgive us of our sins to make us from amongst those that are honest and truthful, to be a shining example to the rest of society. But first and foremost, our children, ask the most kindly open our hearts to what is true, to be honest with a lot, to be honest with ourselves, to be honest with

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you, as to what's coming down is protect us from harm from being labeled in a negative way. And it's what happens when we know the truth.

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So most of all those that are suffering and struggling with different parts of the world, especially again, many people have forgotten our Muslim brothers and sisters in that part of the world. Who are the people who helped when the prophet SAW

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again, reaching out the city of these brothers and sisters without forgetting them and ask them

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to help them throughout these floods and difficult times.

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East all those that are suffering around the world, regardless of the country, regardless of the region, regardless of the language and the culture that we have. This philosophy was added to the protection food and an English display

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for the year after.

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registration is still open next weekend

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