Friday Jumuah Khutbah – October 30, 2020

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in Alexandria

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when women show me unforeseen

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men young

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woman you

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some more and he he was he was an interesting

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we'll see kamada see the Tacoma

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Rahman r Maggie Jasmine

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in a while How can our

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brothers and sisters, what we see happening around worlds especially that which is happening within France and the reaction by all the Muslims around the world, we are reminded of the importance of turning back to a boss accountable.

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In verse number five, the students will hate you must have points

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what's the kind of guy that says

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very short, very simple, very sweet person

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in a nutshell.

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Also camera data says surely

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which is affirming for us before we get into what

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we need to know the camera is reminding us that this is the truth. This will happen and this is the truth. In just a couple of seconds. He also kind of addresses surely we will be sufficient for you against those who are walking

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against their mockery. And so my brothers and sisters when we think of this, first of all with what's happening in France, the message that is being sent out is a wasum cowboy time is sufficient for us.

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If what is sufficient for us, then that brings us back to our topic in our series, the names of a Muslim.

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This week we are supposed to and we will cover

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very briefly inshallah, due to the time, but the importance of recognizing the mercy of a loss of capital that is coming to us, that the mercy of a boss that has abandoned us. And with all that we see happening around the world, it's important for us to reset ourselves with our bosses.

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People can go out and get angry.

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People can go out and say things and do things and write things about things.

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And there's certain things that are good, which are encouraged. And there are certain things that people will do that are useless, pointless, and in fact, making it even more hard for them to sense.

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What we need to know to know and to learn and understand

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is going to allow us to kind of avoid our will defend some of our values.

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I've also had a way to have a look defend the honor of the Muslims, that will also kind of went to Allah will protect this for me is think of as mentioned in the Quran.

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In fact, he says

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it is with the mercy of a loss kind of one to four, he is the one who provides this, this mercy to us. It is his mercy that you provide.

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So, there's a message,

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there's a waiting, there's a strategy

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to deal with everything that we are dealt with, from the meaning of life on this earth. Until

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have we learned about the island for

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any of

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our brothers and sisters have profits on a long lead us sending them engines that are most capable and has 100 parts.

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the mercy of our data can be divided into 100 parts basically think of it as 100% of the mercy of a boss accountable at

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1% of that one part of it is for up here on earth.

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And that one part is sufficient for the humans for the gym for the animals for the insects, as the law teaches us. And with about 1% of mercy from a loss of kindness.

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We see the animals taking care of their little children, right taking care of the younger animals, we see the parents, the adults looking after their children and so on and so forth. And everything that is needed for every run of the creation of a bot to taking care of that one parts of mercy.

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And he continues to say some

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99 parts of the last cowboy tag is mercy

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reserved for his servants on the Day of Resurrection. 99 is reserved. So that goes to show us the magnitude of the mercy of apostle.

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And then the last idea that we will take for today and

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there were some of the prisoners of war that we're gathering and from among them was a woman. And

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some of them they notice this woman, she's a mother, she's running around looking for her child amongst the people in the crowd. She's running around looking and searching for her child. He finds this child she takes the child she holds it tight and she squeezes it against her. Feeling that sense of comfort. I found my child, she then begins to give milk to the child and the profits on the love it turns to this

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moment ask them such an important question. Do you think that this mother would ever throw her child into a fire?

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Do you ever think that this mother would throw her child into a fire? And of course we all know the answer because we'll have an 11 by a wall they take an oath Viola. She would never throw her child into a fight.

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What does the Prophet

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say after that? He tells us that a wall is more kind to

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Service, a loss of heaven, which is more kind to those who worship and

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then this mother is

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also can with animal protect this team

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or loss of habitat and will protect the worshippers.

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Sometimes a mother with that child or a father with his child will let the child go and play on the monkey bars and watch them fall and get hurt. Sometimes a child in their growth needs to make mistakes are needs to go through hardship and roughness and toughness in order to develop themselves into a better, stronger person.

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This is what we see happening to us as a movement around the world. We are in a time where we need to strengthen ourselves. So strengthen your connection with a law

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and at the mercy of a loss

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will come for people never harm and never let them delete those who harm accept them. It is goodness for that lever. And we know that the creaking of a farm is forgiveness of our sins. So imagine the hardships that people go through in life. No doubt none of us likes to go through hardships but it is a must.

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We ask

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Allah for his mercy.

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A lot more.

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A lot more things that he

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wants to make it easy for us

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to forgive the mistakes that we've made that are linked to our personal lives.

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colossal candidates added to strengthen, to allow us to connect with him to dedicate more time, more time, more time, more time in fasting or time in South Africa more time in everything that is good. That brings us closer to Allah as diligent as the most accountable Italians remove the hardships of the Muslims around the world to make this pandemic go away. So we can shoulder to shoulder foot to foot rope. That's the lesson to have mercy upon us is doors blessings, the doors of his doors have mercy upon every single one of us

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in the body of

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Just as a reminder going out with the timing for tomorrow

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for next week, so please do

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register for the beginning we will be beginning the first one and

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also as a very quick reminder on your lease to be generous in your donations. We got the approval for the entrance and the exit way of our parking lot.

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And the entrance exit of mustard which will increase the apartment capacity by about 70 to 80 cars and also allow for three row or three lanes to go in and out to chop down that very easily.

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be enough

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send me out.

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Send them around a

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Once again

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years ago, we need to talk about $60,000