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Salam aleikum. Every time we listen to a message shaytan comes to us and makes us think that you know what? Yes, I know a few people who could benefit from this, or I know someone who desperately needs this. We forward it to people. And sometimes we say yes, this is what that guy is doing. And this is what that guy is doing. Without realizing that actually, the message is primarily for me Subhanallah people hear stories about how others are doing something and involved in this and that and gossip and backbiting. And when they hear a lecture about not, you know, not gossiping as a Muslim, not backbiting, they immediately think of names. And SubhanAllah. Those names happen to be

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people whom they know not realizing shaytan is actually diverting your attention to someone else when you need the message to begin with. In no way. Am I saying others don't need it? They probably do. But we need it more at times, and we don't realize it. So people say you should treat everyone well listen to this lecture. But are you treating people? Well, you shouldn't deceive people, are you not deceiving? You shouldn't do this, are you not doing that. And that's why whenever we listen to a message, a verse of the Quran, whatever it may be, remember, initially, it is a message for you to be inspired by to change your life by and at the same time to act upon in the best possible way.

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And then yes, you would like to pass it on to others and so on. But don't fall into the trap of shaitan, where he makes you think that this message is for x, y and Zed and not for me. May Allah subhanahu wa taala strengthen us and help us to work on our own weaknesses in such a way that we don't engage in the lives of others in a negative way. What negative way means is, if you're just going to spread about someone else, and they're bad, and they're evil, you have not helped the situation in any way. You have actually involved in a sin of a different kind. But if you involve positively by firstly praying for them, secondly, reaching out to them in a good way, maybe talking

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to them, communicating with them such that they can solve the matter and so on. These are just some positive ways of dealing with what people may be facing in terms of weakness, and in that way we would help ourselves too. May Allah subhanho wa Taala Bless you all akula Kali hada masala Allahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad