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never wanted

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to see

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many of

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when I said

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when I said to

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some Walmart Hey, you URL

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and you

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will see from what I've seen.

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So check

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that out

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shame on me.

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well done.

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My brothers and sisters, as we learned last week the importance of fasting on the 10th day of March, which is also known as the day of our store. We learned that it is the day that the profits on Walmart encouraged us to fast as it was the day that the Jewish would fast

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during the fact that

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was saved from their own life.

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And so the day of Asheville on the 10th of May, is to all those who are fasting today

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to make it easy day of fasting for you.

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And those who will be fasting tomorrow or maybe even the day after as well because that is too fast not only on the 10th, but to be different than the Jewish and to pass on the ninth and the 10th or the 10th and the 11th.

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And if someone is unable to that they fasten a knife and the reward for that as the province in the long run.

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Since his forgiveness of our sins for the previous year, that was in a nutshell what football developments. This week we look at the pain,

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we are in one of the secret months, and almost kind of went to adolescence.

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Yo, what's

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also kind of mentions that this calendar year that we have is 12 months.

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So 12 months is something that was already written from us.

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And from those 12 months, four of them are considered more secrets that we know that we have other months that are secret for their own specific reasons, for example, for example alone.

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But then we also see that also can lead to elevations that these four months are sacred, and the province

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points out.

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feature one. And Roger.

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Three good ones are side by side, that is a few months later. And so what is so important why, why these months? First of all, we see what the hell is encouraging us to do something specific within these months. He says,

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says that is the true religion.

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What is the true religion? And we'll get to that.

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And then dimensions, so throughout long hair cells during those months,

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what does that mean?

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These ones are

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going to add it in. One more and more forbidden from embarking upon battles going and finding. This is the type of reflection This is the time where you never have to reset. And we noticed that throughout our Deen in different times throughout the year. There are times when we are encouraged to reset like a Friday tour, we reset ourselves for the week on resets us for the year resets us for our life. As a new performer. You come back after a completed as yummy when others as though you returned

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from that house like it was the day your mother gave birth to you know, we're free of all the sins that were committed in the past, you have a clean slate. But you're also kind of reminding us that the cathedral people will now ask these questions. Why does a lot choose these four months throughout the year? as sacred? What? What's the purpose? Why? You answer that?

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Sometimes we don't need an answer

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that will directly answer the question that is being asked.

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The answer can be this was chosen by one and that is the true religion. And that is the way it is to be false. That's the way I've also kind of wanted it to be and that's how it will be and I wrote down a few questions to remind myself of what sometimes people will ask people will ask questions about these months. Why these four months people will ask what is it that almost kind of attitudes for me to have less inheritance than my brother or to have less inheritance that my child

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why that interview? Sometimes people will ask why is it that Muslims tend to eat this food and

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eat this and that

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thinking why can't I wear certain clothing Why do I have to wear clothing that

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that is a way

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for us to live. That is the best way to be and that is the way that we

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will take the next part that I am in the second half of this

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in the next little parts of the item, we're not going to take the entire verse, just the next little portion, lots of kind of words.

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So do not long yourselves within

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these months, as I mentioned is a time for us to regain our level of piety

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where we recognize the things that we are falling short in, for example, this will be our parents is one, it's a sin. It is disobedience, also cannabinoids.

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And we have to be very careful of it. In fact, that was mentioned the most important thing that we need to be careful of that we need to be careful.

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In this shoot,

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that ship is the worst of the worst of the types of disobedience that we can ever embark upon. What is ship chimp is worshiping with

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another partner, or to feel more trust in something else, other than a loss of cannabinoids add to feel like I am safe within my home, when the doors are locked, as opposed to unsafe within my home, if the window is broken, for whatever reason, also can protect us I am safe, whether it is locked or not, I'm safe.

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And so my daughters and sisters, we need to first of all, be careful of worshiping other than a Muslim, or trusting and putting our faith in something for someone else other than

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that's the first thing that we can see here. But also the profits of the company advised

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me, it tells us Be careful of who are out of the room. What's

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he careful of, you know the sequence for the invocation of those who are being oppressed.

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Because the drama, oppressed

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there is no barrier between that person and foremost.

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So do not oppress others do not harm others. And a few examples that I wrote down of things that we think

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are as I mentioned, first of all, secondly, our parents, obedience to our parents in what they asked from us, that coincides with what

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is permitted. anytime they asked us to go against them. That's the only time that we ignore them. But other than that, we are to be respectful to our parents. Another thing my brothers and sisters, and this is important for those of us that our parents, our children,

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our children, it's a mistake on our part, if we do not provide a proper education, appropriate Islamic upbringing, if we do not spend time with them, if we do not feed them the correct types of foods, if we do not sit with them, if we do not smile at them, if we do not touch them in ways that are permitted as if they're

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our children.

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They have rights as well. And that is that if we are going to treat our children in ways that we do not deserve to treat, another thing that goes the sisters not praying in congregation, we have the ability to how many of us can come and pray in congregation that we refuse to because we're busy watching, you know, half of the NBA season or the last half of the NHL playoffs or we're busy is whatever's going on in our lives. How many times do we have the opportunity to reach out to us and we refuse to do so.

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Another example my brothers and sisters is not helping before our time with our wealth with our resources

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and advising someone who we know is doing something wrong, but we refuse to advise them.

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You see your own brother, your sister, your best friend, your spouse, your child, your parents.

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committing sins when we refuse to correct them. I'm not saying pick the fights and start a battle between friends. correction, advice, a deal.

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Our Deen is advice. It's, it's something we have to do.

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Other examples

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I can go on and on.

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But we all know it means surrounding ourselves

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with addresses, not only ourselves within us points, it's a time to reset time to ask

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for forgiveness and a beautiful opportunity is given to us

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in lessons

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of us regardless the ability to do the best we can to follow

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ourselves, our mistakes and our faults and flaws

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to strengthen us and to grant us the ability to do what is right and to stay away from us wrong and to get us

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ourselves and our friends and our relatives

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I will do what I'm doing while you speak to me.

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I have been trying to find some information. Okay. See in Iran when you talk about just curious about this information right