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Salam O Allah Milena Viva

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la Vida oofos Amina Amina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Wherever the Colima Yokota Rufus de la

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serda colloquialism respected brothers and sisters We begin by praising Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala sending salutations upon our beloved nivia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Last week we made mentioned that Muharram is part of the sacred months minha arbeiten home. And we also said that the most significant of those days in Muharram is the day of Ashura the 10th day of Muharram. And there are many reasons with regard to its

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significance. One of the aspects was before the fast of Ramadan

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fasting on the 10th of Muharram was for us. And now via Karim Salah when he was Salam used to fast with great emphasis upon the 10th of Muharram. After

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the fuzzier and

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Rosa of Ramadan and fasting became for us in Ramadan, the fuzzier and the obligatory nature of fasting more than 10th of Muharram was cancelled. But it still remains a very Mubarak empresa de therefore now via cream sauce limited who have a fast on the 10th of Muharram. It is hope that Allah Allah will forgive his sins and minor sins of the past year, and of the coming year, and also navia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he came to know that the Jews of Medina were fasting on one day because of the deliverance of masala salat wa salam from the tyranny of fear out. Nivea creme sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then made mention that next year, how will either keep fast the day

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before or the day after, so that there is no imitation, even in our DNA matters. And of course, many significant events took place, and part of those significant events. One of them was the aspect of moosari Salatu was Salam been delivered from the tyranny of Iran.

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And another aspect with regard to another important and significant event that took place on the 10th of Muharram. One of them was that New Orleans Salatu was Salam

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ship came to settle on the Mount of God, and Allah subhanho wa Taala had granted him salvation, so the day of Ashura is a significant day. Another aspect of its significance is that maybe a cream sauce limited, whoever is

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generous to his family on the 10th of Muharram, Allah subhanho wa Taala will grant him an increase in Allah will be generous to him throughout the year. And they are Allah who have said that they practice upon it and they found in evidence this is what happened if you are generous to your family on this day, and there is no particular limitation. Be generous in a way and don't make it formal. Just be generous in giving your family something be generous to them in giving them and Allah subhanho wa Taala inshallah will be generous to you for the rest of the year. Another important aspect with regard to the day of Ashura is the fact that Allah subhanahu wa taala had chosen this

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day and this blessed day for the martyrdom of the grandson of our beloved navia Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam as it was saying that he allowed Rancho and here we have to make mention, and we are saying it from the very outset, that Ashura and the 10th of Muharram is not significant because he was saying that he allowed that iron was Shahada to place on the day and the reason why we saying that is nebia Karim saw Salah mentioned his significance and virtue well before the martyrdom of Hussein the villalta know he used to keep fast on the tape before who said that he was martyred. So it is not significant because of Hussein does he allow that and who shahadat however, perhaps it is

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like this, that Allah tala chose the day for the martyrdom of azucena the ultra no Allah tala chose a Mubarak and bless the day for the martyrdom of us Hussein that he allowed. And while we made mention of this fact, that Ashura is not significant because Hussein was made Shahada, although that was a very great event in our history. A tremendous

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event incident that left behind upon us a great lesson. And of course, it was a very sad and tragic event that is always place but Ashura

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He's not something that is in any way. blessed because of this incident. Maybe LeClair chose this day for the macro Hussein, the viola terrano. Let us today because of this fact that he was martyred, let us speak about his life. And what is also amazing is that today when we ever we speak about Hussein that he alone, and I know, we remember him more for his martyrdom. And of course, it is undoubtedly a great event event in the sense that Allah tala had raised him. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has kept his love. Allah has kept his sacrifice in the heart of every believer. And whenever we read about it up till this day, although there are centuries that have passed, there is

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still a great deal of sadness over the tragic events. You know, this is something that will always remain with anyone who is close to nebbia cream sauce, him and his family. However, we only don't remember who saying that he allowed Ron who because of his martyrdom, we also need to take lessons from his Mubarak impressive life who say that he allowed and was born on Shabbat on the fourth year after his dream. Well, he really allowed I know initially called him herb, and let me occur himself Allahu alayhi wa sallam change it to Hussein, Nivea creme de la silla made the way it is made mentioned in the books of Hadith. Kappa Shane nebia Karim salsola made two sheep and he started for

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the Akiko officer Hussain levy Allahu taala. And who may be a cream sauce lamb had great love for Hassan Hussein the the Allahu anhu one day nebia Kareem sawston was walking with a two grandchildren of nebia Kareem saw cillum on his shoulder, and someone can say Dr. Ursula, you love Hassan Hussein so much in the maker himself said yes, I love them. And Allah loves those who love them. And Allah dislikes those who dislike them. Respected listeners. Love for Hassan Hassan Hussein is part of our Eman in teachings. Whoever loves them and loves them. Whoever dislikes them, Allah dislikes them. There is a famous incident. That Navy aquarium Sinhala when he was selling was on the member. And

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when the VA Kareem soskin was an a member. He saw his two grandchildren coming and they were stumbling and they were coming in the merger and they're running towards the grandfather. himself swim couldn't bear it. He got out from the member. He hugged them and he embraced them. He brought them close to him. And he said Allah has spoken the truth in them amaru como una Dooku fitna that your wealth and your children are a trial for you. And then let me a cream sauce them said they are the cause of making a person a coward. They are the cause of making person miser becoming a miser because of his love for children. Therefore, Natalie said our children and our grandchildren are

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thrilled for us.

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There is the one amazing incident into Bharani You know, one day Marwan who was the halifa and the governor of Medina of the time, he came to Abu huraira, viola Otranto, and Sarah Herrera Why do you love a sudden Hussein so much? You don't give any significance to us, the way you love us and Hussein Herrera was lying down. When Marwan said this he caught up and he said Marwan Be careful. I know nebbia cream sauce lamb love for these two people. I was once in an expedition and Hassan Hussein was small and they were crying and maybe a cream sauce lamb went to the tender Fatima and said where are my children crying? And as a Fatima said they are they are thirsty there is no water

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available. Hello Bora Vera said Marwan ice cream sauce lamb take out his tongue. And he told his two grandchildren to suck on the tongue to satisfy and to satiate and to make it easy with regard to the thirst that they were experiencing Marwan What are you talking to me about Saddam Hussein? This was a lump of Nivea cream sauce psyllium head for them. Maybe a Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to say Hussein who Mineo and Amina Hussein high impact of Hussein Hussein is part of me.

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And Allah loves the person who loves us Hussein but the ultra No, when the two used to stand together, it looks like you could see maybe a cream sauce from the upper portion of Hazzard hasn't it allowed his body resemble maybe a cream sauce from the lower portion of Hussein that he allowed to resemble maybe a cream sauce from the way he he used to. To walk it resembles maybe a crimson Allahu Allahu sallam. He was young, when the via cream sauces and passed away.

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He was seven years of age when nebia krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam passed away and mentioned is made that despite him being young, he related the Hadith via cream sauce Islam, despite his young age, one Hadith it comes in the books of Hadith that

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related from Al Hussein that he allowed to who the beggar has a right. The beggar has a right even if he comes by a horse

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a beggar comes to you with a horse and you sit with his parents so wealthy, he says got certain amount of right try and help him wherever you can. And maybe a criminal lawyer cylinder, head of special interest with regard to the upbringing of other hacernos in Toronto. On one occasion, maybe a cream sauce psyllium came into the house, it was a fatty Mattila Nana, and maybe a cream so Allahu Allah wa sallam so there was an expensive curtain, which was not there previously. And then he saw that there were bracelets upon the hens silver bracelet, I think it was on the hands of acid Hussein, via Kareem SummerSlam walked away from there. Has it Fatima Sana via cream sauce lamb

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coming, saw him going away? Send someone couldn't find out why Why didn't my father come in? Why did he go? Let me occur himself said oh my daughter. We are not those who are given to a luxurious way of living. Let me a cream sauce lamb took the curtain away, took the bracelets away. They were crying. He took it away. He told someone go and sell these bracelets and get an ordinary ivory bracelet, which was much less in value than the original bracelet. But this is how Nivea creams are slim made out of these great people. And that's why they turned out to be whom they work. And even this was something that not only that nebbia screams the loudest films time even afterwards. This

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however, Ekrem had such great respect and love for hazard has a new saying. an expensive shawl was brought to a worker via low drama. And when that expensive shawl was brought as a co worker of the lotto gave it to say that he allowed Rancho Mirage de la during this time, used to give Hassan Hussein the same stipend that he used to give the people who took part in the Battle of whether the highest stipend put them in the elite class in terms of getting stipend from the battle man. This was more of the ultimate such tremendous love for the Huisman, the viola Otranto in his time, there was initially great prosperity and

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I'm rushing through this whole thing because I have got 2022 minutes, you know, and you can't say much so I'm just giving you a glimpse of the life of Hussein but he allowed initially there was great prosperity in the time of osmangazi Allahu terrano. US Embassy Rahmatullah. It said, I witness the arrow of season out with mandovi allow travel daily announcement used to be made on behalf of the halifa Come come to collect your stipends come and collect butter and honey from the bagel man. And the people used to come sometimes you say we got enough we don't need. And this was a prosperity and the Baraka in a time of Monrovia Allahu anhu. How could the enemies of Islam See this? They

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couldn't see it. So they created dissension. They created fitna and when they created fitna, they were amongst those people who created the fitna and they laid siege on the house of horsemen that the ultra, ultra villatoro Hassan and Hussein that he allowed to be on guard to protect and be the bodyguard of the ultra No, as it has done numerous loutra who used to say, if Boothman gave us the permission, we would have fought against those rebels in the moon, African and the hypocrites, but who's gonna be allowed to say, keeps all my children I don't want to be the first to shed the blood of Muslims, even if they were calling themselves Muslims. They are they are apparently Muslims. I

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don't want to be the first to shed blood of the oma. And therefore, we said despite our wanting to who smother the ultra toallas mix ever, don't don't shed blood until they one day came from the back of the house. And they came in the market

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as seen with bodyguards, they were standing there in front, in literally allowing them to stay in every aspect in every aspect. You know,

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as a leader we allow whatever the Battle of German the Battle of Safina has an assassin Hussein or the ultra know in the forefront, with the Father. And at that particular time when the father passed on.

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You know, we find that as an ultra ultra who gave advice to his children, which is recorded in the books of history. What beautiful advice he gave unto his sons. One of them he told them on his deathbed, a little villalpando called faster and Hussein the viola said, I urge you to fear Allah and do not seek worldly luxury, even if it becomes available to you. To not weep for anything that you have lost of worldly gains, speak the truth, show compassion to the orphans help the destitute and strive for the after. This was some of the parting advice. I literally allowed him to give because it Hussein Hussein after he was dead, and he was destined to become a martyr. So this was

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has it a certain Hussain villalta News and time in the time of the halifa thereafter, as an assembly Allahu Turan who made peace

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Wi Fi allowed I know he gave over his right of traffic to hazard muawiya and as a mahavihara, viola Toronto thereafter became the halifa. And contrary to perceptions, there was a cordial relationship between hazard mahavihara viola, Toronto and Hassanein on one occasion, as a Mahavira Viola Tran who gave them 200,000 dirhams as a stipend as a gift, most of it they used in giving it to the poor as that who saying that we allow that on who was extremely generous Sahaba say that one day a person came to the door who say that he allowed to know he had taken out 200 grams to give to his family and the beggar came at the door and who said that the ultimate total the seven Kimber? He said I've

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taken it out my for my family. I feel ashamed now to give it to the family after this beggar has come give it to him. Give it to him. Abdullah bin Zayed and I think it is Abdullah bin Zayed he makes mentioned he says that I one day was gone for Hajj. I one day was gone for Hajj. When I saw Hazrat Hussain that the Allahu taala who pouring water for people from the well of Zamzam. And he was pouring water for the people of you know the who judge he was giving them some some water and he was pouring for them until the time of Azzam came when the time said he had a solid answer, as far as I will say that the lotto said, Oh, who judge Now give me permission to go and perform Salah I

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will come back after Santa. He performed 2500 foot despite having the best of convenience. He performed 2500 on foot. This was as I was saying, we allow such great such great qualities he had. And the Sahaba loved him so much as Abu huraira the ultra one day, they had gone for a genocide, they were coming back who seemed to be allowed to run who was very tired. So he set at one place. And wherever the Allahu Allahu

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Allahu taala, who saw him, he came to wipe away the dust from his feet. And he started, you know, pressing the legs and who saved me a lot of people say, oh, boo Herrera, what are you doing? And I will say if the people knew your virtue and status, they would have carried you on their shoulders, they would have carried you on their shoulders. And then of course, came the situation. And of course, we don't have the time maybe one day inshallah we will make mention, after a while, we already allowed him and became halifa has it who said that he allowed Tran who took you know took up residence in Madina munawwara then they after when while we are at the ultra mahavihara de la Tomita

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Sahabi. And we do not talk about the Sahaba as a mahavihara villalta, which saw the civil strife that have taken place after the martyrdom of Monrovia loutra No, the Civil War for the Battle of the camel, the Battle of German, the Battle of Safin all of that he had seen that. So he wanted to create some form of stability because his reign was full of stability. So he appointed yazeed as his hanifa. And when he appointed yazeed as his halifa. then most of the people did make bet, but two of them in particular, some of them were reluctant two of them in particular Abdullah bin Zubair, and as a Hussein Viola otaku, they did not make that. And the governor of Marina called them to come in,

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tell them to take bet By that time, they said, We will tell you the morning what to do. And in the night,

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delight needs to bear and we're saying that the allow time left for Makkah. And when they left for Makkah, they remain at that particular place. And at that particular time, when they came to Makkah, the people of Kufa started writing letters to them. And they wrote many, many letters come here, we will assist you. So we'll save the viola who decided to go and when he decided to go, the people they pleaded with him, until he

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pleaded with him that don't go the people who have Kufa with those who did not even remain loyal with your father, why are you going to them? And who sent the theological said, look at the great amount of letters. They have called me. It's my responsibility to respond. Abdullayev Nomura live near past I've done I've never said, Oh, my, you know, if it wasn't against dignity, I would have by forced, I would have prevented you from going. But the question can come up into the mind of people. Why is it that despite the telling of the people that don't go, why did we simply allow them to go? Well, there are different reasons. One of it was that you know, Sahaba were much the heads, they had

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the qualification of applying the mind and reaching conclusions. And based upon that he regarded his reasoning and he had is correct. He wanted to go because they were calling him and he felt they would be for the betterment of the Ummah, if things did not work out as he had attended intended, or the way the letters apparently gave the impression that they would do so and they would have that obviously it is not the fault of us.

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To say that he alone, I know that things did not work out according to how we had intended. Now why did he say that he allowed the man who refused to give back there are many reasons. One of it, he did not approve of the precedent of appointing one's own son as a halifa. And as an A, as it will become a norm as it happened thereafter. And none other than roof terrace our club is made mentioned with regard to that wasn't the reasons why he did not pledge allegiance, and other was of the view that it moved away from the blesser traditions of the whole of Ira shinin. Therefore, he did not do so. But when he came to, and of course, I'm going to have to conclude because it's coming to the

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end. But of course, you know, at the end of the day, we all know that this is something that was pre decided, let me occur himself. silom had made mention, it is made mentioned as a farmer of the lotto no one day came to me saying that he allowed thrown to the vehicle himself, and said, Oh, my father, bequests something for Hassan Hussein, bequests something for us and Hussein, in Libya, cream sauce lamb said, her son will have my leadership and my dignity. Hussein will have my generosity and my courage, has said will have my leadership and my dignity. Hussein will have my generosity and my courage. And of course, who Mr. Murphy Ultron has made mentioned that nebia Kareem Allahu alayhi wa

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sallam had told her, an angel entered the house upon me, he had never entered on it before. And he said to me, the son of yours will say he will be healed. And if you wish, I can show you the soil from the earth where he will be killed. And he took out soil that was red in color. So maybe a creme de la when he was solemn. And above all, maybe Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to choose wanted to choose who say maybe allow for shahadat, now, my dad moved to a lesson supplemental Allah used to say maybe a cream sauce will make one and what was the dua that Allah Allah hope that I must be killed in the path of Allah, I must be martyred in the path of Allah then I must be brought back to

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life, then I must be market then I must be brought back to life. venomized mata three times in my studies to say that the martyrdom of Hussein that he allowed, I know was in a small way of fulfillment of the draft.

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And then, of course, the whole incident happened. He Allah what can we say the people of Kufa turned against the commitment they have given? They turned against the commitment they have given and this is something that has been made mentioned that all you know, is a rabbit in Rama to lolly, he has made mentioned with regard to it, that when he saw the people of Kufa crying after the martyrdom, he was amongst those who are still saved. He said, Why are you crying? You are the ones who betrayed my father and now you are crying.

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What can we say with regard to the whole tragic event of Karbala? You know, maybe

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Muslim has made mention of it. There were 72 people that were there show that did not come for fight. He had come because the people of Kufa had called him and they turned against him. And who are the people who are killed out of that 72 six where the children have literally allowed to wear who said that he allowed to own children. Three were the children of Hassan Hassan have he allowed for were the children of Vitaly that the cousins of Hazzard who say may be allowed and I know what a tragic event time is elapsed, when there was a small child that was on the lap of Hussein that the ultimo and arrow came to pierce that child and was saying that he allowed time he cried and he

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lifted his hands towards the heaven and said, Oh Allah now you become happy. You Allah we do not know the reasons why you have protests situation upon us. Now you become happy, happy. He was so steadfast, he never must one salad even in such a time. Never must once that zenobia loutra sister was crying, and when she was crying, as Hussein will be allowed to run with such steadfastness. Oh my sister Don't try

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to In conclusion, what can we say? It is such a tragic event that still makes us set up till this day. The only one thing I will conclude with whenever our resolve with regard to Deen becomes weak.

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Whenever we become weak, which are human beings, we become weak. The incident of Hussein the Allahu anhu must inspire and strengthen us in terms of remaining steadfast upon the commands of Allah.