Daood Butt – Essential Fiqh Class – Sunday August 8, 2021

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various examples of Allah Subhana's control, including the use of alcohol and "has" in title, the "we" in culture, and the importance of fasting during Easter. They also touch on the use of "we" in the culture and the importance of respecting others. The conversation ends with a mention of a woman in a pharmacy.
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on and what this means now they walk in here and Uranus in takoma

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park coming up Sema

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in Houma region and Kathy.

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Brothers and sisters, today we will learn about the name of a muscle Carnival want to add a call here and we will tie it in with an alcohol. So not a bad idea, but I will call here and I will,

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I will call here is the dominance of masukkan with Allah is the dominant one as in before him, all of the creation humans, tyrants, Muslims, non Muslims, animals, plants, everything submits to Allah Subhana what Allah and he prevails over all his creation. So every single thing submits to other body

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of the hub is an emphasis of the name of Bahia. Oprah How is the one who made everything

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submit to Him.

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Everything is made by a wall and from the makeup of everything is that it submits to Allah subhanho wa Taala over here and over here is the one that we

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he submits to. And so the these names go hand in hand. One emphasizes the other Allah Subhana. Allah says in the Quran or whoever call him who felt very dirty, he was called Hakeem or Fabio. And so the name of call him comes in the Quran two times, and how it comes in six times, okay, it comes into four and six times. So you'll see these two names, eight times in the plan. They describe multiple aspects of the oneness of Allah subhana wa Adana, which, of course in the hook, but I really don't have time to get into, we see that our heart breaks up into six sub categories or six things that will also pan with Allah uses his name, alcohol to describe and to explain, to show his power, his

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might, but also the submission of his creation to him. So let's take a few examples in sha Allah to Allah of how everything submits to us.

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First of all, as we grow older, we start to see white hair showing up in our beard or on our head, whether we are male or female, it doesn't matter. Every single one of us, we start to notice as we get older, that our body starts to change. And a simple sign of us aging is that our hair changes color.

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Can we stop that? No. Are we in control of that? No, we can even try it by dining our hair a certain color. And then a day or two later, when we start to see as the hair grows, while it's still coming out white, we can't stop it. The hair on our face or our head or anywhere on our body is in submission to haha

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the wrinkles that we see on our body happening without our own desire for it, despite us trying to stop the wrinkles, despite us trying to stop the pain in our knees and in our back. Despite us trying to stop aging. We can't because our body is a sign of Oklahoma, that everything submits to Allah and he created ourselves and everything to submit to Him, including one who is a tyrant which we'll get into in a moment in sha Allah have to add another example could be the weather how many times throughout this week that we see the weather forecasts say that we're supposed to have rain and it didn't rain, and then we're supposed to have thunderstorms and we didn't have a thunderstorm.

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And then we saw more rain and no rain came because even the weather whereas some might say Mother Nature is as Muslims we don't say Mother Nature. We say Allah controls the nature. He is in charge of project Oprah ha Jabbar and Aziz he is in charge of the weather. So how creates everything to submit to Him. And we submit to a wall as well knowing that we can try to go against Allah Subhana Allah, but we will never succeed. Another example could be the baby that a mother becomes pregnant with even before that a mother or a wife might try to become pregnant. And for years and years and years, this couple is trying to have a baby and they cannot have a baby. That is from the power of

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him that he has not decreed for it to happen. As we learned last week with Roger, he did not decree for it to happen yet. But when it does happen, then that child is not choosing its gender. It is developing in its form according to how Obi has described for it to be couldn't find a * and a last example that will take a long time in order to save time is the example the fit or element that I want to end the example of Musa alayhis salam in our own tried to control Moosa I need to set up our own tried to control his people, but failed, those who are closest to him from amongst the magician's. Those who advised him his advisors, they tried to they he tried to control them, but

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they went against him because within them they understood that fear alone is not a law. And I will call him a baja is the one who we submit to So as an example, we will see more of that in the second half of equipment in sha Allah to Allah aku locally Hello. So for the law, first of all, number one

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company logging in

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allowed people to be in the Sunday what was suddenly more than 100 Kenyan. And they have Posada to attend with us later on now that my brothers and my sisters

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we are in the month of Mahabharata.

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And this is a month where we find within it a special day, a day that was actually compulsory to fast on prior to the month of Ramadan being made compulsory. When the fasting of the month of Ramadan became compulsory, the Muslims used to fast a compulsory fast on the 10th of Ramadan.

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But when Ramadan became compulsory, too fast, they stopped that compulsory fasting of the 10th of Muharram. And it became an optional fast. Why we see that in the migration of the prophets of Allah and that you are sending them from Mecca to Medina. When he arrived in Medina, he saw that the Jewish were fasting on the 10th of Muharram. And he inquired through them with them. Why is it that you fast on this day? And their answer their response to him was this was the day that that Moosa was rented victory over their own.

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And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells the Sahaba of your mother I'm home national, I will be more than home for who we are more deserving. We have more rights over Moosa than they do so fast on that day. And this is why fasting is, is encouraged on the day of Ashura, the day of the 10th of Muharram, which coincides with Thursday of next week in sha Allah. Now, as Muslims in order to differentiate ourselves from the Jewish, the prophets of Allah, either you or somebody mentioned that if I am alive next year, then we shall fast on the ninth of Mahabharata as well in order to differentiate the Muslim Ummah, from the Jewish so that we will fast on the ninth and the 10th, to

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not coincide with an exact thing that is being done by the Jewish and if someone is unable to pass on the ninth and the 10th, then it is encouraged to pass on the 10th and the 11th of Muharram. But seeing as the 11th will be next Friday, we would encourage that we fast on the Thursday and the Wednesday and the Thursday. However, if someone is going too fast, and they forget, or they miss it, then you could make up that day, the extra day on that Friday, because it's not a regular thing that we do. Now, what is the reward of fasting, the reward of fasting is expiation. Forgiveness of the sins of the previous year, as the prophet SAW along with it with some of them tells us inside a

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Muslim, that fasting on the 10th of Mahatma is forgiveness of our sins from the year that just passed the previous year. So the reward is great, my brothers and sisters, and remember that this is a month where the Prophet sallallahu I that he was sending them says the most rewarding, right, the most virtuous fasting after the month of Ramadan is a last month

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Muharram it is the month of Muharram this month belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala Of course all of the months are a creation of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and so this month belongs to him. Now how do we tie this in with alcohol? I would call him well Allah so can we to Allah made us submit to Him, we are to submit to Allah so in this month we should try to submit to Allah Subhana Allah in fasting because a lot defeated

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I shouldn't say a lot of course defeats everything nothing has power over him but Allah granted the power to Moosa to defeat that our own how by simply submitting to a muscle power avoid data almost it has set up and how long it has synaptic was submit to a loss of Kanagawa to Allah and what do we see happening a lot took care of their own showing him that Allah is a hog and Moosa is simply to submit to a law and in the end what happens even fit our own submitted to

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even fit our own submitted to either call him

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but it was too late for him. So my brothers and sisters Keep in mind, the story of mossadegh is set up is one that we can use to remember the name of a muscle Carnival and Diana will call him and I will hop along muscle the rider and

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Majeed. Although rider and

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Majeed along with Finland are welcome now also know along with Erica has eg you know what are you hoping either mean along with a couple salicaria walking in your walk this may be easy for us to submit to you and know that you and you alone are worthy of our submission all along. Please make us humble hours.

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to each other volunteers to those who come and those who come to the volunteers but we are all together a community none of us is better than the other except in Tacoma and we need must respect to one another. So yeah, I'll make it easy for us to respect one another yellow please make it easy for us to remove any hatred or ill feelings towards each other yellow please do not allow a beautiful time of Juma and to destroy our hearts and to make us have hatred for your house or for others that are here with it within us within a month please make it easy for us to do what is right to always and to be a means of spreading this Deen and to take action in ways that are beneficial

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and good and positive according to the some that are more common some of what he was sending them in the lineup will be what he talked about weigh in and if you were

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around for a while here from the room we are sitting down from political monument

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the pharmacy Sala

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in Florida

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let's make sure your cell phones are on silent

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on the wall

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same old

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same old way.

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Second of all

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right, we move on.

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Where are they

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